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Try to build a setting from this image, /tg/.

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It ends with sex.


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It's already been made. DRYH

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This is something I could go without imagining.

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All adults are mysteriously gone. Kids haunted by demonic goats in present-day setting. Turning the light on doesn't kill the goats, so the children have to band together and hide/run.
The game ends if all the children are caught and eaten, or if it dawns and at least one of them survives. Turns out it was a dream, and everyone wakes up alive and well.

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Jesus I thought that was a mass produced Eva.

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Or empty shells of their former selves, devoid of souls or emotions.

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I thought about implementing that or an Edward Scissorhands type mechanism, but I realized it's just goats anyway

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Just play Little Fears.

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Just goats? You know Azazel was a goat forced to carry the burderns of everyone's sins so it could be forced from a city. I don't know about you, but to me that goat looks like it's carrying an awful lot of sin around, and from what I hear that shit never leads to anything good in the long term.

That bitch looks like it's ready to repay humanity what it is owed.

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To elaborate, in the book of Enoch man was found guilty of fornicating with angels, an act which spawned giants and other various horrors prior to Noah's flood. These horrors were, in part, the reason why God chose to drown the earth in the first place: it was the easiest way to be done with both natural and supernatural terrors before beginning anew.

To atone for their wrongdoings, man presente god with two goats. The first they sacrificied to God as an offering. The second they presented alive, to be burdened with the sins man had committed and sent into the wilderness to be devoured by Satan.

What I see in that picture is a goat with foulness and guilt etched into its very skin. It has wandered alone, suffering under the malignity of depravity for centuries and for crimes which it is otherwise ignorant of. Behind that unnatural, elongated neck is nothing but a writhing, indescribable mass of hatred which gropes and strains to claim the souls of wimpering children as they cry for their parents in the night.

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Jesus fuck. Did that goat have a name?

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The name "Azazel" is actually rather shrouded in mystery. It's either the name of the goat or the name of the demon that claimed it while it was wandering around the wilderness. It's from one of the really early myths before they established the war between God and Satan in the religion's history.

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/t/. /g/.

All summer you have been nothing but shit. It's just "tits, tits, tits," and those are the only threads that get any attention.

Then I present, here, the seed for a horror setting and everybody is too busy to get involved. Does a modern campaign where the demons of our acestral religious heritage catch up to us all not sound interesting? Where Tao magics exist and are capable of misaligning the universe into an anguished nightmarescapes? Where Carybdis still lies in wait in the sea, an inescapable trap which makes sea travel a life or death affair even with our current advancements? Where our modern skyscrapers are founded over the ancient and desecrated cities built by demons enslaved by early man?

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Well, you can sure as fuck be sure that Azezel is now added to my DMing notes as a fucking terrifying goat demon.

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That's remarkably like the background fluff of Bliss Stage.

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What you're seeing in that picture is some furfag's goreshit fetish character.
But I appreciate the writing no less.

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Basically, it's a ghost that embodies, for starters, all of the seven deadly sins. But that's just the surface, the goat demon simply embodies spiritually every sin that had ever been committed. I'm picturing a ghost raping an adventurer while strangling a baby in the worst way possible and so on.

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>A fucking normal goat

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Y'know, I was gonna make a write-fagging, but that guy just took it. Well done!

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There's a lot of ways that an ancient goat burdened with every sin imaginable could appear in front of people. Time and space probably don't mean a whole lot to it anymore, and neither does physical form.

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Isn't that a horned sergal, or a synx?

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That's a Synx.

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Google just gives me lots of synx porn when I try to figure out what it is.

You guys are writing about a furry.

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Good sir, I am quite frankly disgusted by your blatant ignorance of the appearance of both Sergals and Synxes.

Your confusion is far from justified. The only feature these two species share is the white fur and twisted grins.

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No, I am pretty sure they're the same thing. The exact. Same. Thing.

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That's fucking stupid.
They're pretty much the same thing.

The only difference is that Synxes have horns.

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Paper Tigers: The world is full of strange spirits that take form using common materials. Investigators have to find and kill them, while most often they hide in some form that looks natural. The first session has a creature that looks like a common four-door sedan. It stalks dark roads with only one car in sight, looking like just another vehicle out in front--until those taillights blink.

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Sirs, they are clearly not the same. Sergals on one hand are far more humanoid than Synxes. On the other hand, Synxes are, as implied earlier in the thread, far more like vaguely anthropomorphic goats. Sergals also have large manes, and far fewer teeth than Synxes.

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They're still practically the same fucking thing. Try harder, faggot.

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Look about the same, sort of how a goose and a swan are the same to anybody with any sense.

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EXCUSE ME but what the FUCK do you have against Synxes?

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You're the bastard child of Sage Freehaven and Kombat Unit.

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A race of invincible anthropomorphic goats.


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They are, good sir, fetish a fetish race meant only to appeal to the depraved and deprived minds of teenage furries.

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And you're a race meant to appeal to the mind of 20-year old Japanese furries. Not a big difference there.

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Isn't that a horned sergal, or a synx?
Ww W.A_nO n[ignOreTHiSHeRE]Ta lk_.sE
oc bzoe w lnahc lnc kmmgw jenff ry kwz b tfrpj

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Oh my. People are actually jealous of me. What a shocker!


Oh really? And what does that make you?

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A wonderful beastman race with considerable amounts of lore.

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where is there info on synxes?

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Troll confirmed.

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Bahah! Of course. You just keep telling yourself that.

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Really? You hurt my feelings.

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Squirrel master race here
Enjoy preparing your anus

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I think the sergal was ok. Looking at the synx is kinda spooky...

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Feh. You're an invincible Mary Sue. You'll probably destroy a few puny hyooman armies to make yourself feel better or some boring bullshit like that.

Really, as far as retarded furry races go, you're just pathetic. So bland and uninteresting, you make even Sergals look intriguing by comparison.

And THAT is saying something.

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Fake Sergalfag is fake, but he plays the part rather well.


Oh God what the fuck is this shit.

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Sounds like nothing a good ol' HFY can't handle.

Because if there is something humans are good at, it's being the scruffy underdog who manages to win against all odds in the end.

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I've never had a game of DRYH that had rape monsters.

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I believe it's "you gonna get".

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What the FUCK is wrong with you people? Oh, I get it. Envy. Of course. What else should I have expected?

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Well, you're not totally a Mary Sue. For one thing, you appear to fail to grasp how to communicate with other sentient beings.

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I fervently concur.

Good sir, I am offended by mistakes such as that. Who else would speak as I do, and use avatars such as mine?

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I don't know what it is, but it makes me deeply uncomfortable for reasons I don't quite understand.

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Sir, your file is misnamed.

I am quite sure you mean "Sergals_broken.jpg"

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Watching furries roleplay tends to do that to people.

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Repressed furfaggotry?

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What word generator do you use?

Or do you just use photoshop? Every time I try to add words to a picture in paint, it ends up looking really shitty.

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Why are you arguing with a sergal clone?

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... I lied. *RAEPRAEPRAEP*

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I've got this fucker statted out as The Drama Llama.

He's a Fae, and an agent of Papa Raven.

Papa Raven likes a good show. The Llama provides.

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Oh, I'm ROFL'ing over here. You might even say I'm LMFAO'ing. Perhaps... ROFLMFAO'ing? *Gasp!*

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I hate these goat things more than the wolfsharks. And that's saying a lot.

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I have an idea for our Sergal friend. Let's do a Google image search, safesearch off, of the words "Synx" and "Sergal", separately. Hmm. Synx nets about three pornographic images on the first page. That COULD be grounds for Synxes being a fetishistic species... but... Oh my. Sergal. What are you doing? How could you do that?

Well, there goes the "wonderful beastman with considerable amounts of lore" theory. I suppose by "lore" he is referring to sick fap material.

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Give it time.

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This is, of course, only a result of the greater popularity of Sergals. Good sir, I believe you should rethink your argument. Sergals are obviously the superior race.

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I'm going to have to agree with this. Sergals can kill you with clay.

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Hah! How much time? Synxes will never be as fetishized as Sergals. Some species are just better than others.


Popular = Good?

Are you saying that TWILIGHT is good?

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I did not say that they are better because they are popular. I explained that there's so much porn because they're popular.

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A shame the two of you must argue like this. Together, you'd work very well together.

Though, Sergals are Cute...

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Right, you? Shutup. Sergalfag is at least polite, if infuriating. You are just infuriating.

Of course, I'd prefer to rip you both in half, but if I had to leave on of you furry bastards around, the sergal is polite.

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Bitches don't even know.

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Here's a Sergalmarine.

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You think you have it bad.

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Sergals can do D'awwwwwwwww... Synxes can't.

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Oh, so you WEREN'T implying that popularity was a contributing factor to the objective superiority of a species! Of course you wouldn't do that. It's a logical fallacy. The fact you had the two ideas in one string at all was pure coincidence, and not a fail on your part, yes?

You're the one who made that "Would you date a dragon" with the Cynder photo, aren't you?

I'm sorry that you lack the maturity to deal with your betters. I'd help you, but that's really something you have to learn on your own.

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Yes we can.

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Dear, give me some credit here... I might be a fur-fan, but even I hate Cynder.

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That looks like a wet sock filled with dough or some other squishy thing. That isn't D'aww causing at all.

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Oh sweet jesus what the hell is that? An anthropomorphic sock?!

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oh wait

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While babies, already digesting meat and the sick/injured are their main food source, they will snarf down small animals that don’t meet the above requirements as well. Here Synx has caught three adult rabbit men who basically sacrificed themselves so the rest of their family could escape. Originally Synx was after their numerous children, but the size of these meaty fellows more then makes up for that loss.

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You may be confused as to what’s going on in this picture, if you are you've never owned a sock I take it? Grab one by the rims and pull down to the middle so it’s half way inside out. ...There ya go <3 What you are seeing isn't an example of a Synx beast regularly eating, this instead is a rare sight. When people get really overenthusiastic about eating a particular meal, they bite their tongue and/or choke. When Synx does it, I am afraid it simply cannot contain itself, literally. It makes perfect sense. It may be a straight line from the mouth to the stomach, but we all know that isn't the shortest distance between two points. The shortest distance is folding one point towards the other. =D All it takes is sucking in their gut and loosening up for their organs and stuff to slip up into their chest and throat; causing their esophagus itself to warp out of the mouth like a blooming flower.. daww <3 It looks like a sea cucumber! This is yet another example of Synx displaying more qualities not normally found in higher life forms.
A side note: Synx's eye has collapsed into a tiny circular pupil. This is something they all do when they are either enraged, or their body is reaching a physical limit of some kind.

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What goes up must come down. Once everything is back inside, including the rabbits, they do what rabbits do best; they curl up in paralyzing terror while pushed together in the confined stretchy meat. Their weight makes sure all of the flipped-out things invert back nicely. They are slowly digested alive in the squishy mass while much of the air Synx horked down with them keeps them barley conscious for the experience. They choke on the foul gases and shiver as the noodle-like walls slide around and through every crevice of their helpless naked bodies, all while soaking in monster vomit! Yummmy yum yum

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Ahh what a lovely Pepto commercial this would make, I can almost see the bottle up at the right hand corner.
Synx’s poisons secret here as well, so the rabbits don’t feel any pain. Its quite marvelous how easy animals give up when they aren't in pain, but alas pain or not being liquefied is quite a horrible experience. Irritation and pain are different, and Synx’s secretions don’t stop that. You’d be surprised just how terrible irritation itself can be, especially if you are being turned into cream cheese. So the rabbits gain unprecedented strength to achieve their last dying struggles! Normally Synx can handle this; It’s food is usually too disabled or young to represent much of a threat, but these where three adults of their species. Synx should have broken or severed their limbs beforehand, or spread the meal out through the day rather then force them down all at once. There is a lesson to be learned here...

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Okokok, you don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here! GTFO! Their determination is rewarded and they are expelled from the belly of the beast. Two are still alive, but those rabbits can expect to live half-lives with crippled mobility and blindness for the rest of their days. This is of course assuming they survive the unimaginable pain coming in a few hours once Synx’s poisons wears off. The fate that awaited them in Synx’s bowels will seem like heaven compared to that... It seems everyone was made of fail to day

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When in predator mode they have to search for the vulnerable and/or small. What is more vulnerable then the young! Yes, everyone eats babies today on the internets, but the Synx monsters do it with style. This doesn't just apply to children, but the unborn as well. They will crawl into the exposed bellies of mothers-to-be and eeeet their unborn but living children. They actually prefer them nice and squishy while basting in birth fluids ಠ_ಠ ...What a charming race, eh? You know the drill, "If it doesn't get all over the place it doesn't belong in your face!".

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This thread is dildos.

>> No.11004812

There are allot of tick and leach-like parasites where Synx comes from so Synx can remove it’s skin and then swallow it. Synx’s stomach deals with the hitchhikers and cleans the skin simultaneously, it’s very convenient!

>> No.11004817

Yea yea yea, blah blah blah, Synxes, Synxes, Synxes.

Delskarken here, Synxes are dildos.

>> No.11004829

I must make one small break in my string of polite posts. Allow me this, /tg/:
Get out of my thread you putrid faggot.

>> No.11004831

need some more rule34

>> No.11004842

Wow, you know what? I have never had to deal with sergal shit as depraved as this, and as >>11004670 so eloquently put it, sergals can do D'aww but Synxes can't.

>> No.11004843

No one cares.
About your fanfiction.
You bitchy faggot.

>> No.11004845

You know, I don't think I've ever heard you swear, or seen you get mad.

Remind me not to do that. Make you mad. Ever.

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Synx has something on it’s skin that resembles the tiny, clear hairs that are along human skin, but blue. These are not hairs, however, even though they feel the same. They can be compared to intestinal villus, and can be quite harmful when active. When they vibrate Synx can seem to ‘melt’ through soft flesh (Muscle, fat, etc). This is because those blue villus can utterly unravel the cells and sticky webbing holding soft flesh together. This effect is especially successful on the more narrow parts of Synx’s body, like the hands, fingers and tail tip. To Synx, it’s like it lives in a world where every other living thing is made out of biscuit dough, and it can move through you as if you were. This ability is a key element in it’s survival because Synx is a parasite. It will use this ability to crawl into the sides and underbellies of large beasts and monsters. It also uses this ability to disable smaller prey. Snipping the right thing inside the body of an animal or humanoid can completely disable it without a mess, while still keeping it alive…

>> No.11004861

Not fanfiction, it's by the guy who invented synxes

>> No.11004883

D'awwww, but I was enjoying it!

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Sergals have never faces depravity in such extremes as this.

The best I can say for you is that it is at least creative depravity.

>> No.11004948

So sorry, "faced".

>> No.11004964

So, what've you been up to, Serg?

>> No.11004970

Guy who made sergals is a voraphile, they're intended to be vore creatures

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Nothing to see here. Move along.

>> No.11005052

You, good sir are comparing voraphilia to the vulgar drivel posted above? That is quite strange.

>> No.11005060

1) Are you still here?
2) WHY?

>> No.11005064

Fucking General Rain up in this shit!

>> No.11005075

Now, see, this guy has a bit of a point.

Voraphile can be... intersting. Weird, but interesting. It's not something I personally like, I've expeirmented with it, looked at some pictures, but, no, not for me. Maybe for some, not for me.

This parasite crap? That's disgusting. Maybe it's how it's presented, but, no.

>> No.11005093

Because I chose to be. Problem, beast?

>> No.11005131

This thread is a little awkward.

Also. This has not been posted yet?

>> No.11005133

Then Jax peeked out the doorway, that same stupid grin plastered on his face.
I frantically waved him to get back to my room! before my mom turned the other way...

>> No.11005176


Your furfaggotry knows no bounds. My shit? Small potatoes compared to you. Dragons? REALLY?

>> No.11005183

I feel like this deserves to be posted. For some unknown reason to me...

>> No.11005191

So - hey you.

Are you new? I have not seen your kind here before.

>> No.11005198

A) Not cynder
B) Not Synxes
C) Fuck you I'm a dragon.

>> No.11005202

Men, we stand here today in the face of heresy and obscenity the likes we have never seen before. We must cleanse this filth from our beloved board. Burn and scald it off, make it so it can never be remembered, Never before, not in the hordes of the barbaric xenos, not in the worst of the black crusades have we seen such disgusting and horrible draw-heresy and write-heresy. We must stop it here men, no matter the cost, we must burn off this thread, call a total exterminatus.

>> No.11005216

Can't you all just go and be furries somewhere else?

>> No.11005230

Exterminatus for heresy.

>> No.11005234


I would love to say that just to piss you off but likely will spell doom for me in the form of "You're a furry!".

I like anthros for their aesthetics.

>> No.11005275

I'll agree on this regard. More range than most human pictures anymore. But, then again, I'm finding furry to be dull too.

>> No.11005311

Whenever I join a thread somehow sergal leaves it.

Must be bad timing, or maybe I am sergal?

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>> No.11005347

I've been meaning to get a drawfag to draw me a sergal. Huh.

And hi, welcome out!

>> No.11005355

Someone needs to turn his avatar into a angry marine.

But so, yeah. Got a response for the last question I had for you or you just gonna post reaction images new fella?

>> No.11005383

Synxes: For those who cannot be bothered to draw anatomy properly.

>> No.11005400

ONly if you ask nicely!

>> No.11005417

Woah, fag furry out of the closet.

Hi there big boy.

>> No.11005427

Hey, I'll draw a sergal for you.

You asked me a question? I wasn't aware.
Oh, that question. I didn't think it was important.

>> No.11005444


You wouldn't happen to be one of the drawfags from /a/'s flockdraw thing last night would you?

>> No.11005507

That's not a sergal, silly... whatever you are.

But it IS cute!

>> No.11005511


>fag furry


>> No.11005602

>> No.11005632

Don't make me laugh like that.

>> No.11006101

Quite frankly, I do not like you LyingAboleth.

>> No.11006932

>Yes, a Synx skeleton is cartilage, but it doesn't resemble a regular skeleton at all; it is a system of wires (not to be confused with a series of tubes). Obviously Synxes are not supported by this, thankfully they are made entirely of a hydrostat. This is the same kind of muscle Octopi have, and if you still don't follow, it is also what your tongue is made of (also worms). Also, where you think you see knee caps, knuckles, etc, is in fact clusters of this muscle. In summery, think of an octopus with something like pipe-cleaners inside it. That is a Synx, and it is the only type of body an animal this large and complex could posses that would still allow it to be parasitic and body-mobile, while still being able to move on regular land. Yes, Synxes are invertebrates.
>As you may have noticed there doesn't seem to be much cranium protection. Phew... thank goodness their brains aren't in there! Technically, this isn't their skull at all, but merely the feeding aperture, with the jaws actually being made up for 4 additional hands. You can somewhat see the bottom ones resembling this with the thumb going toward the back. That is why you always see them doing things like this with their jaws. The 'cupping' or 'shoveling' they do with their jaws is essentially the equivalent of opening a palm.

Apparently the freakish twisting it is entirely proper. I don't know if I should be horrified or impressed.

>> No.11006956

Hey sergal.

Am I you?

>> No.11007148

The artist has stated repeatedly that Synxes are not invincible, and has even confirmed they are equal to or weaker then human beings. Case in point >>11004761 posting one getting it's ass kicked by it's own lunch. That is also why they eat children, because they are so weak they cannot take an adult in a direct attack.

>> No.11007175

Thrack is a creepy faggot. Why do you keep posting pictures of his shitty fetish monsters?

>> No.11007602


>> No.11008160

You just made me imagine 19th century explorers fighting those things with stiff upper lips and Martini-Henry Rifles.

>> No.11010366

FlyingAbscess got told. I see he didn't post again. He must have run off crying to his futa mommy to be comforted with a fresh pair of diapers. Furries are sick.

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