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What's the deal with Hersey? And why does it get cross-posted so much?

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Most people posting it are /v/tards whose only frame of reference to 40K is Dawn of War and a man in a red suit with a big black hat shouting That's Heretical after headshotting a Xenos Loving Heretic.

The shit rolled downhill from there.

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Hersey is Hersey. There are many like it, but this one is mine.

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Tastes good.

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"HERESY" is to /tg/ as "THE GAME" is to /b/

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40k fans have shitty senses of humour.

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Protip: It's Heresy, not Hersey. It's a common typo, as Hersey is a trademarked and included in spellcheckers. Try typing it without caps.

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>Try typing it without caps.
Holy shit

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>What's the deal with trolling? And why does it get spammed so much?

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It's a defense mechanism ingrained in humanity to stave off the Chaos. Though it's often misused.

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It's an excuse Drawfags & Shippers use to validate their OTP drawings and fanfics.

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>Implying some of the drawfaggotry to come out of the WH40K universe to be anything other than pure win

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I LOL'd.

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