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that's really fucking hot...

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Structural weakness after less than a year.

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Drive me closer, I wish to hit them with my sword!

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Eldar = elves in space = elves = legal rape toys

so thus Eldar = legal rape toys.

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They are fleshy, perfect for your bony Eldar asses.

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You know what makes an even better chair?


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i've seen that glass before...

It's supposed to be Wrath, or Vanity. I can't remember which.

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It's not rape if it's an elf.

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When the fuck did we come to consensus, again?

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No, my girlfriend won't shut up.

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What is this traced from? Pretty sure I saw it without the eldar symbols.

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try sit on this motherfucker, xeno...

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>right to left contained within left to right
Who fucked that up?

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it's always been like this.

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been like this for a looooong time but we came to consensus a few months back on /tg/ to shut all the elf loving fags up

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So, when is it not rape if it's a gnome?

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Wait, wait.

>40k porn.
>Eldar isn't the one being raped.
>No /d/ grade fetish

What the fuck?

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seems like your the only one that has figured out my game. All these idiots are on about elf rape when it's the human being made slave...also, no /d/ material...weird ain't it?

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I dunno, it's /d/ enough, just not crazy /d/.

You've got bondage, piercings(and not small ones) humiliation, very light body modification(the hair), an unusual and fairly large object going into what I'd guess is her ass and slavery.

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>Mark of the Slaanesh


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How do you drink form that without poking out your eye or slitting your throar?

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there's no slaanesh...

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I don't get who the blonde girl is supposed to be.

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god damn you dawn of war, if only you made farseers old men like they're suppose to be

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Why does there have to be anything to get?

It's awesome and fap worthy. Nothing else matters.

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>implying that it's a farseer in the OP pic.

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God damn you for venting some air into the stale, testosterone-laden, piss-smelling dark shithole that was GW fandom before DoW.

You know DoW saved GW from bankrupcy, right?

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Some Imperium woman. Most likely an SoB because that's how 40k pron works.

Craftworld symbol, not Slaanesh.

I'm also offended by how round that Eldar is. Hideous butchering of the fluff.

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But she has a blood angel tattoo? Why? Is she a female spess mahreen? An inquisitor? A guardswoman? A sister of battle?

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All the canon work has eldar being more prone to committing rape, they are all sociopaths by our human standard anyway.

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Sorry, too busy raping your wife and kid while your busy fighting those ghastly orks.

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>>10991056lol i lurv space night elves

boobies lol!!

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>>10991074Sorry, too busy raping orks while busy fighting those ghastly wife and kids

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One of the dark eldar characters with the stupid name is "voluptuous" and lellith aint bad.

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>hello i am a troll

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Looks more like an Inquisition =][= in that winged symbol than the blood angel one. So SoB or Inquisitor. Or some other Inquisitiorial agent.

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I have to say the giant buttplug is my favorite part. Or dildo. Hard to tell from this angle

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Holy shit that eldar has DAT ASS

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>>10991100dicks in my ass! I love it!

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welcome to people ignoring eldar fluff and projecting the generic view of elves on them

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Herp Derp.

Eldar in the DoW franchise are beyond retarded.

In DoW 2 their army consists of WEAPONS PLATAFORM EVERYWEHRE

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Bindings made out of metal? Not psycho-reactive metaplastic or wraithbone? What is this shit.

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Say. We have plenty of Tau/Sisters rapefics/pics. Not enough done *to* the Eldar...why *is* that anyway?

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what about the Eldar Ways? inhibiting desires and shit except in special, determined circumstances?

Well, perhaps there's a Rapist-Way for crafties?

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>>10991152In DoW 2 their army consists of WEAPONS PLATAFORM EVERYWEHRE

don't you know? Eldar are known for bunkering in with heavy weapons platforms, fortifying immovable positions with guns and manpower.

You have to be careful of being flanked and outmaneuvered though, they are not known for speed.

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So you'd become like...an exarch of rape?

...what WOULD you name a raping aspect temple?

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There are 777 rapes to perfect in the lifepath of the rapist. All must be carried out with exceptional care and precision. It is important to keep your emotions under control while practising the art, lest you draw the agents of She Who Thirsts into your step.

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And space marines have a heavy reliance on scouts- not just for being their main close combat counter, but to perform the rituals of repair on damaged vehicles as well.

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my biggest gripe with DoW1 was the really ugly farseer models, glad they fired that artist. At least the one in DoW2 resembles a farseer.

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They are still terrible people, I think I remember reading of one in an old white-dwarf or outdated codex joining a path and abandoning a person that was cared about with out any consideration.

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>>10991199...what WOULD you name a raping aspect temple?

Dark Rapers

"Rape is something that can be as precise as a scalpel and committed from range, no matter the distance one is never safe from rape"

Maugan Rape of the Dark Rapers

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So the Rapist Temple is one of the most elitist and badass Temples, since its followers are more likely to meet damnation, pretty much like the Warp Spiders...

I want to become an Exarch of the Temple of... let's say the Lubricious Octopus

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the guy was on the road of becoming an Exarch, in the end he goes to war without giving a shit about his lover

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>>10991241Maugan Rape

he once an entire bio-titan
in half!

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The Slithery Tentacle

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I wanted "rape spiders"

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Exactly my point, craftworlders have no more concern for things outside themselves than the dark eldar do, they just keep themselves restrained for selfish reasoning.
They don't even differ from the dark eldar that much in their morality. Vect has the same sort of empathy and concern for the fate of the eldar as Eldrad did.

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Actually, this makes me wonder, how do people generally deal with slavery in tabletop RPGs.

I mean, when your character is captured and becomes a slave.

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Craftworld Eldar who haven't experienced killing yet feel empathy for all living things to

Dark Eldar delight in causing pain to everything

Though CWE get used to murder very easily, and are surprised by how little it bothers them.

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We keep our fetishes out of roleplaying.

You should too.

Don't be "that" guy

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The hell?

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we dunno whether the blue fluid is blood or sperm.

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Why not?

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I was just curious as to why there was a tiny faptau in her hands.

>> No.10991546

Maybe she's huge rather than him being tiny?

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Maybe he got caught... and well, draw your own conclusions of what happend.

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Captured Eldar Farseer tricks a female inquisitor into her own bindings!

>> No.10991584

rape aspect warrior sketched out:

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Oh lawdy.

>> No.10991607


How else would she shove him inside her Eldar crystal-spike-lined vagina?

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Still good for stupid sexy Banshee/Farseer being auctioned off to highest bidder. :3

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rolled 39 = 39

Looks like they buy their clothes the same place as Vect.

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Captain Angelos wants that...

>> No.10991671

So they really are dark elves in space?

>> No.10991717

yep, would be nice to convert them, using corsairs bits+dire avengers bitz+guitar stringz.

>> No.10991719


Captain Angelos, not till Macha gets laid.

>> No.10991730

>Sorry Captain Angelos


>> No.10991756


Than he will pray to the Emprah for other pointy eared xenos ass for now.

>> No.10991780


Sure, just turn around a- SURPISE MOUTH PURGE!

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can some1 tell me why taldeer has this stupid dot on her head?

>> No.10991860

Source on the OP for the love of Ishtar.

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Not just now.

>> No.10991903

Yes, all children of Babalon want da sauce!

>> No.10991926

YES! betch deserves scourging and purging!

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Banshee ass?

>> No.10992005

yesss! Moar stupid sexy banshee dat ass!

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Nope! We will have boring bland flat-chested Farseer instead.

>> No.10992118

Eldar have tongues like cats.

>> No.10992123

fi! I mock your cockblock and will draw it myself!

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Proceed, i can wait.

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Up yours Idranel

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Delicious Macha

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Screw female farseers they are useless, they can't accomplish anything and are full of fail.

Failure one (Macha) ; Her Idiocy and stubbornness resulted in the release and escape of the bound greater demon.

Failure two (Taldeer) : According to /tg/ canon she fell in love with an imperial assassin and abandoned her mission ,However the game canon says she either died on Kronus by the marines hands or was captured and shipped off to the inquisition.

Failure three (Careys): A depraved lesbian yearned for the touch of Taldeer and was a tactical idiot ,she lost to a demoralized and underequipped IG army ,and by her defeat an ancient eldar stronghold dating back to the war in heaven including all the artifacts in it was destroyed by imperial hands.

Failure four (Idranel) :Lacking in both physical form and mentality she is the princess of failure , her campaign to weaken the imperial defenses and allow the nids to feast on the world was idiotic at best , even after the space marines have shown their ability to beat back the nids and were on verge of victory she still continued her campaign of stupidity intell it got her killed ,even if she was successful and doomed all three planets to be devoured by the nids it would only result in a tragic failure still ,it was found out recently that Typhon Primaris one of three worlds has an ancient crashed eldar craftworld buried under its surface ,meaning even if she successed she would have doomed an entire ccraftworld of eldar souls to be devoured by the nids.


On the other hand we hand the male farseers pinnacle of success and win.

The prime example is Eldrad whos accomplishments are too many to be named and his vision has saved countless eldar lives.

Even when he saw his own death he did not cower from it and died fighting for the lives of his kin.

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>> No.10992226


B-b-but... i tryed my best...

>> No.10992234

In short i want farseers that can do something ,not just be good to look at like some decorated furniture!

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>> No.10992249

It seems like these guys are the only ones getting shit done around here....

>> No.10992263


It's what they are best at.

>> No.10992276

You source for female farseer failure are all dawn of war games.
Of course they will fail, the campaigns have always been canonically won by humans in those games.

>> No.10992297

>Typhon Primaris one of three worlds has an ancient crashed eldar craftworld buried under its surface

Where is this from? I'm curious.

>> No.10992310

Taldeer did get the canon win in winter assault though.

>> No.10992313

Isn't the female farseer from GW codex canon supported by a wrath lord body guard and very competent.

>> No.10992315

And according to /tg/ canon they all got fucked by a human afterwards. Sexually.

>> No.10992322

Enjoy the new Farseer uniform

>> No.10992356

for some reason I like Derosa better than any of the farseers in DoW games.

>> No.10992372

Do we have any good ones of Elfdar in the hands of Slaaneshi cultists? They tend to spend too much time molesting Sisters, otherwise...

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>> No.10992390

Because she is awesome and one of the rare 40k character trying to do what's right instead of blindly following faith/pulsions/orders/etc

>> No.10992393

Dow 2 : Chaos rising.

The eldar just begun unearthing its treasures.

Also one of the warlocks said that Idranel vision still lives.

What could he mean hmmm...

Also check out this article :


>> No.10992403

She's nobledark as opposed to grimdark, in other words.

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>> No.10992418

I have that doujin.

>> No.10992420

and she looks decent as well, to say the least.
too bad we see only her head.

>> No.10992425

Iyanna Arienal may not be pretty but she is competent.

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>> No.10992438

She's also lesbiandark and grimflatchestedwhorefetish

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>> No.10992469

...where is this pic from?
I like Tau girls.

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>> No.10992492

I think she is okay

>> No.10992512


So, let me see.

The more human a Farseer looks the more they fail?

>> No.10992530

You know how our retarded people look off, theirs do too.

>> No.10992541

So humans are retarded eldar, makes sense

>> No.10992544

Wouldn't that mean that >>10990552 is in full grade spacker territory then?

>> No.10992580

More like full-grade spanker territory. Dat Ass.

>> No.10992608

And the Eldar are retarded Orks.

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>> No.10992616


Don't we still require sauce?

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>> No.10992670

This thread is really making me want to learn how to draw. :\

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>> No.10992821

have another bite of it

>> No.10992833


It is worthy of my eldar folder, good work.

>> No.10992863

Go for it.
Try "loomis" and "drawing from the right side of the brain" should be pdfs on rs.

>> No.10992937

then, you might enjoy dat as well

>> No.10992971

>Not enough done *to* the Eldar...why *is* that anyway?

There was that one where through various contrivances one Eldar girl ends up drinking her sister's breast-milk direct from the source.

>> No.10993145

>implying that if DoW had had male farseers they would have won


>> No.10993203


I do... now to add that to my collection.

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>> No.10993294



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>> No.10993360

...Is that a broom sticking out of her ass?

>> No.10993376


the warlock dude in DoW2 seems cool though

even when he loses he's like "meh, drinks are on me"

>> No.10993383


Wouldnt you like to know?

>> No.10993392

lol, wut?

>> No.10993491

this reminds me of an old drawfaggotry suggestion involving Macha, Dark Eldar sharpies, pooper and RIP AND TEAR!

Shall I proceed?

>> No.10993526


Please do

>> No.10993527


Taldeer won in Winter Assault.

>> No.10993548

Nah brah, I'm pretty sure the IG won mission 4, trapping her on the other side of the force field.

>> No.10993581


>> No.10993595


Not my pooper!

>> No.10993701

It's not like xenos are people or anything. More furniture.

>> No.10993724

If you photoshop out the wineglass it looks like the Eldar chick is having the worst period ever.

>> No.10993733


>> No.10993755

Not even Eldrad could defeat the mighty Blood Ravens!

>> No.10993772

I thought hes dead?

>> No.10993788

>>>implying that if DoW had had male farseers they would have won

and male Scorpions

>> No.10993804


possibly, but rumors say his essence may still lie within soulstones

>> No.10993820



>> No.10993826

Yes, the pooper. Now & forever.

>> No.10993855

What if that was a GIF that blinked?

>> No.10993908

hmmm, Eldar under male leadership...

Yriel- Chaos hunter, former king of pirates, saved Iyanden as both fleet admiral and fighting in the thick of melee.

Maugan Ra- Saved his childhood home from the Eye, split a bio-titan in half.

Eldrad- innumerable victories, him and his warlocks trashed Abaddon in hand to hand combat.
Also lead Scorpions and Dragons in the rescue of Mephistons.

>> No.10993928

I could even add some goatse...

>> No.10993929


man what the fuck was up with DoW's models and dick sucking lips

>> No.10993936

Now that's just not fair at all. You can't use fucking Eldrad as the prime example of male farseers, that's like saying female politicians suck because of Hillary Clinton and Nanci Pelosi but all male politicians are awesome because of Teddy Roosevelt.

You can't use the single greatest individual of a group as indicative of the entire group.

>> No.10993971

What do ya mean?

>> No.10993972

I think it's more shitty writers are more likely to use titseers in their stories.

>> No.10993998



But leave this one's pretty little mouth intact

>> No.10994059

>> No.10994067

Oh god I just got a mental image of Vect talking to Bald and doing the "you got a pretty mouth boy" line from Deliverance.

>> No.10994116

>>10994067Angelos exited the drop pod. The woods did not look familiar to him, it must have been blown off course. "Steel rehnn?" he wondered quizzically where his men were. Straining his ears, he tought he heard the sound of an alien stringed instrument being plucked.

>> No.10994126

sharpies in progress, goatse or not?

>> No.10994200

The kind anon >>10993908 has given us good examples of Eldar male competence.

Its my opinion that female Eldar be barred from the farseer path and be kept on the craftworld and given other proper duties such as tending to the craftworlds food supply.

and if they really wanted to get involved enlist them in the banshee path ,at least they can be useful there, prancing around and distracting the enemies with their tight armor.

>> No.10994270

''Gabriel seems to have a mysterious bond with the Eldar of Biel-Tan, particularly that of Farseer Macha. Despite the condemnation and even threats from his fellow commanders, the Inquisition, Adepta Sororitas, and even from his own friend Isador Akios, Gabriel was stubborn in his attempts to assist the Eldar and Macha. The Harlequins of Arcadia refer to him as "Gabriel of the Hidden Heart," and see him as a symbol of hope for the Eldar in the form of a human''
Oh Gabriel you dog you!

>> No.10994353

>Human is only bound with shackles
>Eldar are elves, and therefore pussies
>Eldar in OP pic is sitting on the human
>Human is not secured to the floor in any way.
>Human rolls slightly, throws the eldar off, chokes her with the shackles, then stabs her with that glass.

Good end

>> No.10994376

>> No.10994405


No lesbian sex? Not good end.

>> No.10994407

>Orks came and rape everyone.

Now is a good end

>> No.10994433

Why do they call us monkeys? do they have monkeys in eldar-land?

>> No.10994467

Fine, then the Sisters of battle show up to rescue their inquisitor, however, due to Eldar warp shitdickery, their boltguns fire vibrators.

Entire craftworld turns into lesbian orgy.

>> No.10994485


Good end.


Fucktarded wordplay by GW.

>> No.10994491

Mon'keigh is just the Eldar word for human. It's only "coincidence" that it sounds like monkey. (coincidence being in quotes because while the eldar didnt do it on purpose, the writers did)

>> No.10994554

Oh GW. What goofs

>> No.10994592

>> No.10994616


>Breaks down door


>> No.10994619

Actually, no. It's an insult applied to every other species the eldar regard as below them.

>> No.10994638

sharpies still in progress, it will be great or it will suck hard...

>> No.10994739



Shoot everybody!

>> No.10994899

>> No.10995007


I'm confiscating these female Xenos.
Alright ladies into the shuttle, no pushing.

...Are you following me on my days off?
>shifty eyes

I was simply taking the Xeno female in for interrogation... If that's what you were wondering.

>> No.10995053


I shall be watching...

>> No.10995089


...Alright. Now if you'll excuse me I've got to take these ladies down to the Inquisitor for processing. I hope you don't have any more back there... Because I'm totally not bothering to check. Nope.

Alright ladies no sudden moves. Or I might have to shoot you with my "gun."

>> No.10995111


You "missed" one.


>> No.10995140


it refers to one of their enemies in the war in heaven era of things I think

it only came around in 3e when they needed to make the eldar sound more retarded

>> No.10995176

Vidicare, he never changes...

>> No.10995192

That reminds me of Demien van Cope's artwork.

His Deviantart username is;

>> No.10995268

>> No.10995398

Last one from me, im off to get shit done.

>> No.10995420

And his Hentai-Foundry is just Demien.

>> No.10995470


>> No.10995496


>> No.10995519


>> No.10995566

That is the most horrifyingly detailed sex device I've ever seen.

>> No.10995594

Your statement pleases me deeply, I am glad my drawings are appreciated by my public.

>> No.10995601

Yup, that's him

>> No.10995622


>> No.10995631



That device almost looks Gigeresque.

>> No.10995648

"Inquisitor Irina Bjorkman as Eldar from Biel Tan "special guest".
My friend's characters"

>> No.10995666

So, you know who drew the OP?

>> No.10995682


It's been written in the thread.

>> No.10995740

What, >>10995192 and >>10995420?

>> No.10995784


Yes. If you try that, you will find this picture as the latest one.

As if by magic!

>> No.10995807

Shitting dicknipples. I saw "reminds me of" and assumed it wasn't him.

>> No.10995821


It's not like he's done anything else /tg/-related.

>> No.10995858

where the fuck is the commissar?

>> No.10995878

Elfdars make good fleshlights.


>> No.10995912

or good experiment subjects >>10995470

>> No.10995924

Haven't the eldar learned their lesson (slaanesh, the fall, etc)??????????

>> No.10995937



>> No.10995981


The commissar is in the other room.

Filled with dildoes.

>> No.10996002


Im back, what do you want?


Dont make me shoot you.

>> No.10996020

As far as i know in WH40k its the human females who crave eldar cawk

>> No.10996178

This. In canon, Eldar dudes manage to father children with females not even of their own race, they're that potent.

>> No.10996211

but human women are ugly.

>> No.10996239

Old invalid canon.

Nowadays, Eldar need to fuck on certain times over a long time to get babies.

Something about multiple DNA strands and multiple different types of Eldar sperm.

So no more Space Half-elves.

However, Eldar get off getting their ears touched. That's canon.

Dozens of acolytes in DH have tortured poor Eldar by fondling their ears.

>> No.10996241


I wouldnt say that.

>> No.10996283

and they also poop crystal

>> No.10996289

>Implying Xenology is valid fluff
>Implying even if it was, it's not full of mistakes thanks to it being in universe and contradicting several main GW publications
>Implying GW didn't say everything they have printed is canon
>Implying that a Black Library book takes precedence over main rules/fluff thanks to the former >implying

>> No.10996316

LOL, do you think Xenology is a valid publication?

>> No.10996345

just to tell that the RIP and TEAR drawing is done and already posted

>> No.10996865



>> No.10996884

Wouldn't this instantly make her a dark eldar?

>> No.10996932

It's just as valid as every other Black Library book. The BL themselves stated that everything they do is considered canon - if two things contradict one another, then consider them two versions of the same story/legend, differing depending upon who's 'telling the story', and you can pick and choose what you want to believe.

>> No.10996955

...that looks new to me. Does Steveman have a new gallery somewhere, after Hartists went down?

>> No.10997054

Xenology is more valid as canon than Old Trader is.

>> No.10997247

Hentai Foundry

>> No.10997800

>> No.11001122


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