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So, I know there are no girl-Orks in 40k, but how come you never see them in Fantasy?

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girl orks? they're like orks with fewer teef?

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Because they don't fit the standard mold of sterotypical 'fantasy' beautiful.

I like the greenies.

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because you touch yourself at night

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Because they've got no time for love

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Orcs is made for fightin', even da wimmin.

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Because there are no female orcs in Fantasy.

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because fantasy orcs reproduce the same was 40k orks do.

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Don't project your deficiencies onto Orks, sir.

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Aren't fantasy orcs fungus like 40k orks?

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damn it I meant ways

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That's silly. Why does GW hate green womens so much?

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>how come you never see them in Fantasy?

By your selective capitalisation I infer that you mean Warhammer Fantasy, in which case the answer is retconned in 40k's spore reproduction to WFB Orcs and Goblin in the last iteration of their army book.

Historically I think the assumption was that hideous orc females existed somewhere in breeding pits surrounded by litters of children, much like Skaven and Beastmen. Effectively women only exist in Warhammer when they're murderous de-sexed amazons.

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It makes orcs better, there no loving, raping, romancing or babies, only war.

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That's ok for 40k, but the spore reproduction and programmed racial memory feels too scifi for WFB and I'd rather they'd stayed more conventional humanoids.

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rolled 39 = 39


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Because they all look like this, OP.

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Well I think your taste are boring and you probably want green women.

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Explains quite a few things about the customer base, sadly.

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Screw this, I'm going to make some orc women in Sims 3.

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But...but I touch myself during the day. Does that count?

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Good things.

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>Effectively women only exist in Warhammer when they're murderous de-sexed amazons.

See: Witch Elves, Howling Banshees, Sisters of Battle, Sisters of Sigmar, the Everqueen's Maiden Guard, House Escher, the literal Amazons that may or may not still be around...

Nobody is incidentally female. You've got to be part of some super-elite squadron of Hot Babes That Know Kung Fu And Will Kick You In The Balls

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Nothing, they are perfectly suited for WoW or 4ed.

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>Effectively women only exist in Warhammer when they're murderous de-sexed amazons.
Sisters of Sigmar say go fuck yourself.

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If you're into being surrounded by nothing but sweaty woman-hating dudes, then yeah.

Good things.

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Orks have always I believe reproduce by shedding spores, and growing fungally. Orcs use to have females that the males would go and mate every so often, however that was retcon because it was stupid. Now the reason you only see male Skaven is because females are huge monsterous creatures that only there to breed more Skaven. They are fed warpstone and drugs to keep them docile and to make sure they can birth huge litters non stop.

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Yes women are generally useless in war unless they are an elite outlier.

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What about fanatical warrior nuns does not say murderous and de-sexed to you?

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Non-orc greenskin babes are the hottest.

Look at Grunty, she's a beauty, she's far prettier than Tooty.

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You don't see any girl orcs in WH Fantasy for the exact same reason you don't see any girl orks in WH 40k. Same species, different game systems, different army-book/codex.

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I surprised that game considered Tooty hot to begin with.


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People who need female miniatures to whack off to are infinitely creepier than war nerds that expect at least a tad bit of gritty realism in their high fantasy.

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>They are fed warpstone and drugs to keep them docile and to make sure they can birth huge litters non stop.

This one is particularly offensive just for how gratuitous and pointless it is. Like they can invent a race of scheming rat scientists but it would be going too far for the females to have any role in society beyond the grudgingly-acknowledged need to breed more.

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Blood bowl has the only one. This is also the model that explains why there are no others.

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>gritty realism

>all-male non-homoerotic sentient life evolving from spores that acts retarded, smashes shit, and talks in cockney


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make your own!!

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Same reason you never see orc children.

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So it's like being on 4chan?

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You understand that the Skaven are bastards among a setting full of bastards, right? They're up there with the Dark Eldar on the not-very-nice scale of prickishness. Worse, probably.

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Does... does it have to be pregnant?

I really don't want it to be pregnant.

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more likley than competent female soldiers fielded in any number in a pre-modern combat.

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Sorta, more like being on /b/, /v/, /adv/ or /a/.

/c/ doesn't hate women and /s/ likes women.

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you left out /tg/ on the first part

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you all forget why there are no female orks in GW stuff...... they have teeth at both ends why do you think orks fight so much

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because GW is really homoerotic. i mean look at all the new man nipples in the new range for that most fabulous of chapters, the blood angels.

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Your virgin angst could power a thousand suns.

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agreed, pregnancy is a total boner kill

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That is the point, skaven are the most characteristicly evil Saturday morning cartoon villains taken to 11, they are a race made by a daemon and an embodiment of greed and selfish ambition.

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>/s/ likes women.
If I could dig out that old macro about /s/'s standards for women (anything not white/asian = shit) I'd post it.

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I prefer the original delicious brown girl

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>I'm unaware of Ork/Orc background and jump to conculusions

Orcs/Orks didn't evolve. They were genetically engineered.

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It hasn't been that way for a couple years. So that opinion is invalid now.

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It ain't gay, it's like a brojob.

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>I'm unaware that genetic engineering doesn't exist in Fantasy.


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Uh, the old ones who made the world.

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i'm glad i'm not the only one who thinks this is super faggoty

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Every time I go to /s/, there's some floppy titted whores all over the place. Mishappen aureole, or huge tits with bluevein all over the place.

Actually, going there just now it seemed okay for the first page.

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Oh yes. And they're much better than Dark Elves at being the real bastards of the setting. I fully expect them to have no concept of empathy and screw each other over at every turn.

But making all the females comatose breeding machines is just. so. pointless. I mean female rats look basically the same as male ones anyway.

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Being green isn't enough to make her an Orc, she has to be huge, muscular, and bald.

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Obviously inspired by greek statues of the ideal warrior, you are just insecure.

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the lack of GSG being posted after that good start is dissapoint

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Did not engineer the orcs. The explanation is that orc spores clung to the ships through which the old ones sailed the realm of chaos. Which is a bit shit, but who really cares about prehistory anyway?

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I never understood why some guys went nuts because the batsuit in the 4th Batman movie had nipples.

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the females are based on naked mole rat queens who do exactly what skaven females do. Only real difference is a mole rat queen has to fight to maintain breeding status.

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Fine, fine.

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Kanami just looks ill in that picture.

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I was under the impression you fapped to /an/, Ed.

Cthulhu still isn't "gritty realism."

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Still very gay.

Not saying this is a bad thing, mind. The adorable homo-eroticism is the only saving grace of space marines.

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They were created using magic by the Slaan or some shit like that.

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You fail at WH backstory.

Old Ones are present in both Fantasy and 40k history. Regardless, the Orks are the result of genetic engineering by the Snotlings (before they were stupid), and it's believed that Ork spores were on Old One ships when they came to whatever planet in the dark reaches of the galaxy that Warhammer Fantasy is on.

Seriously, read the fluff.

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"Near as I can tell, they're *born* pregnant."

(also, sorta appropriate get)

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Yeah, makes them more like the real Spartans of ancient Greece.

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Man, if it all reads like that, I'd rather not.

I'm just glad the guys who wrote the Fantasy backstory didn't write LotR, otherwise the One Ring would've been forged by aliens who created the world because it amused them.

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why does it bother you? It seems exactly in character for skaven, enslave non sentient females into becoming baby machines, horde access so all children are yours, guard her with eunuch slaves.

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You know the rate that Skaven breed at, right? Can you imagine how much their population would explode if they were allowed to freely mingle with the opposite sex? Their society would crumble. For a cold, unfeeling war machine it makes sense.

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Orks... er... Orc spores were aboard the Old One ships. Dead serious. Canon fluff.

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>otherwise the One Ring would've been forged by aliens who created the world because it amused them.


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It doesn't read like that. But it does say that Orc spores were on the Old One's 'vessels' that they use to travel from world to world.

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The Silmarillian aint done no good for nobody

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Still, it seems to mercilessly crush the shit out of a high fantasy environment to claim that spaceship aliens made everything, and not even to put them in the proper guise of gods or something.

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>I'm just glad the guys who wrote the Fantasy backstory didn't write LotR
I sincerely hope you're not implying what I think you're implying.

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It's because alot of people who are involved in such fantasy from the consumer side are convinced orcs represent black people, and they are also racists.

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Their women are already producing at maxim capacity, just with the males competent, paranoid and cruel enough to climb the ladder to get mating access.

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The old ones are practically gods in both setting, their language can rewrite reality when spoken (if it doesn't blow your teeth out or your head apart)

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I don't think it's ever stated outright *what* the Old Ones were. In 40k they're a race of highly-advanced aliens that fought the Necrontyr. In Fantasy they're as Gods to mortals.
Granted, there was a time when 40k and Fantasy were strongly suggested to be in the same universe, but that has long since passed into retcon.

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Then just read the freaking backstory in the main rulebook already. And bear in mind that this was retconned from the previous editions of Fantasy, where Orcs did indeed have females that were just never seend (see blood bowl cheerleaders).

In any case, the whole 'linking' of the systems kinda started with the Necron Codex anyways, where it mentions them fighting the Old Ones.

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Still in the same universe as of liber chaotica, and the campaign that went to albion. There were chainsaws.

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It was never retconned away from that implication. They just began limiting it. It's been basically reduced to the Old Ones arriving in their 'magic' vessels, and Orc spores happening to be onboard.

Besides, technology can easily be seen as 'magic' to those who don't understand it.

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>Besides, technology can easily be seen as 'magic' to those who don't understand it.
You might have to repeat that because /tg/ is really stupid and thickheaded when this point is brought up.

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I wouldn't be surprised if there were female skaven lurking around at the higher levels of skaven society, by virtue of having back-stabbed their way to the top (like every other skaven, naturally) and that no-one's noticed. The particularly important ones may even have some form of immunity in that regard, in that no-one would dare reveal that they're female on pain of something horrible happening to them. On the other hand, skaven science always needs more "volunteers" for their various "breeding" programs, and the right gender isn't necessarily a requirement...

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green ladies?

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Female skaven are just rats like those in the swarm or rat ogres.

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This guy is right. Several of the newer short stories link the two universes quite explicitly, to the point that they say it's the same. In one that I just read a few months ago two Empire professors actually travel to a 40k battlefield

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>In any case, the whole 'linking' of the systems kinda started with the Necron Codex anyways, where it mentions them fighting the Old Ones.
Much earlier. See Slaves to Darkness and Lost and the Damned.

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You're delving into furfag territory. Stop it.

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you are now imagining her saying "When 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not"

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oh god fuck you fuck you fuck you fuck you

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This pic reminds me, did we get an update from that bard X orc marriage GM?

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