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No thanks, i'm perfectly happy defecting to the Tau

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Indeed brother, indeed

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That better just be a bald Guevesa or I'm going to choke a bitch.

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it's just a bald gue'vesa. Look at the file name

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Was anyone else strongly reminded of Pic Related?

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a disheveled Tau sympathizer is all you are

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at least I wont die before I turn 30

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*despises you*

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I'd rather join the Inquisition. See the universe in ways most citizens can't imagine, be the unspoken hero of worlds you never heard of, screw sororitas, kill people for having the wrong beliefs, be at the mercy of a ruthless inquisitor
Sure one of the good things is incredibly unlikely and most of the things you see will be horrifying, but still it beats dying 12 hours into war you barely understand

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rolled 1, 6, 8 = 15

Actually. Yes. Yes you will.

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Face it, you'll all be conscripted and killed within a week.

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