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Wow board is moving fast.

What were the last few posts there?

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Guess they were people turning in!

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Who keeps making these?

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... Oh you

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rolled 27 = 27

All the namefags have given up for the night, dude, just so you know.
I'm one of them. Also rolling for secret things.

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rolled 69 = 69


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Ima go play metro2033

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I thought it was a bit late myself but I too would like to know what the last few things said were.

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Installing that after Saint's row 2 myself.

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rolled 76 = 76

No clue.

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May I hazard guesses as to your name?

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Last thing said:

Oh, I can actually (referencing synapse memory of genestealers)

>opens mouth
'he 'tone ish in 'ere

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I certainly can't stop you.
Also, I rolled terribly.

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When I get money and disk space I am so installing that.

untill the Operation Flashpoint!

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You play OFP? I've gained a bit more respect for you.

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one day mario woke up and decided to take a shit because hey he's mario. so mario went up to yoshi and said "yoshi i want you to be my shitter" and since yoshi was mario's bitch he opened his mouth. mario pulled down his stained briefs and began to shit in yoshi's mouth. yoshi was forbidden to express any emotions but at this moment he was feeling very aroused. TO BE CONTINUED.

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I take it you wouldn't answer if I got them right or wrong?

>> No.10922645

mario's face turned red as he grunted and strained to push his log of shit out of his ass. he farted and little shit particles flew into yoshi's eyes. yoshi's eyes teared up, not from the pain of the shit particles nor from the paint-peeling stench coming from mario's unwashed ass, but from the sheer ecstasy of being mario's shitter. mario noticed this and began to grunt harder, teasing the horny beast. TO BE CONTINUED.

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We are just wrapping up what we already did.

Chances are in just a few you will be the only one posting.

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mario noticed that yoshi was fiddling around with his dino-wiener, which had become quite erect. "stop that this instant" commanded mario, noticing his own 2-incher was growing hard as well. yoshi whined and reluctantly lowered his hands. with a final grunt and a smelly fart, mario's log of shit finally dropped from his ass into yoshi's mouth. TO BE CONTINUED.

>> No.10922666

mario turned around and watched as yoshi chewed the shit log. "eat it bitch. eat it all" said mario. yoshi pretended he hated doing this so much but his throbbing wiener and moans of joy told mario otherwise. "swallow it" ordered mario but yoshi didn't want to swallow it yet. he wanted to savor the shit. "SWALLOW IT RIGHT NOW" screamed mario as he began wang-slapping yoshi across the face. TO BE CONTINUED

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OpFlash is good times

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mario, hands on his hips, thrust his pelvis from side to side across yoshi's face, punishing the naughty dinosaur. "YOU DO WHAT MARIO TELLS YOU" he screamed. after about fourty wang-slaps his wiener started to become sore so he stopped. by now the shit log had gone down yoshi's throat. "eggulate" he ordered. yoshi strained and produced an egg. inside this egg contained what was previously his shit log. mario walked over to his shelf and placed it with the others. he had hundreds possibly thousands of these shit-eggs. he planned to use these against bowser the next time he kidnapped peach.
now there was only one thing left to do. TO BE CONTINUED.

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I think everyone gave up the ghost. What do we use the thread for instead?

>> No.10922695

No. I love this spammer, though, because he's actually breaking the rules and my 4chan filter blocks him out completely.

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mario bent over and pointed his ass at yoshi who immediately knew what to do. he began to use his tongue to clean mario's shitty ass. mario couldn't hold it back. his peener let loose with some "italian ranch dressing." this brought yoshi to an orgasm as well. with both their wieners pleasantly limp and tingling they continued with the cleaning process. "don't forget to thorougly clean the dingleberries from the hairs" mario advised. yoshi obeyed his master. ten minutes later mario decided he was clean and put his clothes back on. now it was luigi's turn with yoshi. TO BE CONTINUED.

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What were you responding to?

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Private planet=Krieg?

>> No.10922788


Could have, at least, waited until I was done with it and tested it.


Finished version, should be more "interesting" now, since it has a different set for strength. Roll your daemon, then roll your attributes.

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Can we make this an awesome thread?


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Okay bored now...

Who in their right might would give the Krieg their own private planet?

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It is quite great.
Loveing the shit out of Dragon Rising, multiplayer is Like Americas Army only non shitty and with vehicles.

Its the Perfect Pace, its not Project Reality slow ( See REAL fucking slow) and its not Bad Company 2 fast, but sufficiently intense. Not to mention people use tactics. Me and my friend were pinned behind a shed and the Platoon commander aw fi to get people to flank the enemy as they suppressed us.


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They let you teach the schola?

>> No.10923140

...how? Civil argument about how to bring down the corrupt institutions of the Imperium and restore the Emperor to full glory?

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>my face

>> No.10923187

Ill play 2033 when I can set it right :v, its quite taxing)

well you were discussing?

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Oddly enough, they happen. Usually takes about thirty to a hundred posts to warm up and get preliminary trolling out of the way.

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Oh yes, I scanned you for the location of that waystone. Turns out it's embedded in the 'thrope's skull. It'll take some cutting to get it out.

You'll need to open your mouth wider.

>> No.10923293

Let's turn in .

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I'm not in character, you wailing bag of daemonette tits.

>> No.10923364

Obviously you weren't.
I just found it fun to say

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Well then, here we go.
>fish hooks mouth open

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Hang on a moment...
>More servo-skulls emerge from medbay, as well as a pair of killdrones. Two servo-skulls attach themselves to either side of Liar's face and clamp his(her) mouth open.

Wider! Come on, I'm sure you've done it before.
>Servo-skull extends medical devices, which look eerily similar to torture implements.

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D'awww, servo skulls.
...i want to set them on fire for some reason.

>I'm sure you've done it before

>> No.10923488


>cringing obviously
>popping noises can be heard as jaw dislocates

>> No.10923498

>Killdrones snap targetters onto Tarvus at this remark.

>> No.10923512

What's going on here?

>> No.10923541

rolled 78 = 78

>Suddenly, sedatives! LOTS of sedatives. Then chainscalpel.
See. I knew you'd done this before.

>Initiating webway portal.

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>> No.10923561

Don't make me get the D.O.D.!

>> No.10923578


You seem to be the only one who knows what he's doing. Can I get a status report?

>> No.10923609


>Done this before

>> No.10923633

Well, let's see. Liar's getting his Eldar body back, Tarvus is playing silly buggers, people have gone to sleep, and Lucky is... um... I don't know, actually.

>Got it! There is a *pop!* as a number of objects emerge from the webway portal. Most of them seem to be armed drones. There is also a tall cylinder, holding the body of a male Eldar in a green fluid. Because weird science is green.

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Final version, not fucking with it any more because it makes a new damn link every time.

Going to make a unisex Slaaneshi Perils now.

>> No.10923663


>groans of pain can be heard from the pressure on the jaw

>> No.10923672

wait.. Karbon is getting his old body back?


> Looks at Eldrad

>> No.10923685

Gonna miss double xenos liar

>> No.10923692

Quick posses the body when the stone is removed!

>> No.10923698


Well, I have no idea what you're doing. Care to clue me in?

>> No.10923701

rolled 1 = 1


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>Shambles into the room
Whats going on now? Whats with the science?

>> No.10923716

Aw great the damn thing picks up as I turn in.

>> No.10923720

No then I"LL become a hive fleet....

>> No.10923730

You jus' mad 'cause I'm stylin' on you.

What are you going to do with his 'thrope?

>> No.10923760

And just who are you?

>> No.10923773

Zoanthrope's going on ice. No you may not have it.

>Support tube drains and opens.Medicae servo-skull opens Eldar scalp to reveal prepared recess.
Liar? You ready for this? There will likely be some disorientation.

>> No.10923790


>makes a gesture with the free hand

>> No.10923808

Hrmm I have ONE last shot at communicating with hive fleet Siren........ Better be quick


>> No.10923813


...You're a corpse. What the hell are you doing out here, Sir?

>> No.10923826

Tarvus. But don't tell anyone.
>notices obvious voxcode

Never said I wanted it.
>pulls up chair

>> No.10923833

rolled 66 = 66

>*Pop!* Removes waystone from zoanthrope. Disables null field on Eldar, implants waystone. Scalp is replaced and sealed.
>Servo-skulls buzz around, doing Medicae-type things.

>> No.10923842

Don't take any notice of him. He's just some homeless psyker guy in painted cardboard armour.

>> No.10923853

rolled 80 = 80


Not dead, long story, tell later

>> No.10923865


Psy projection.

>> No.10923870

Don't listen to him, he's been a confirmed Tzeentchian agent for some time now.

>> No.10923876

It's Halloween! He's pretending he isn't a corpse.

>> No.10923879


>the 'thrope reacts rather after blininking quickly, Biting down on the clamps, breaking them.

>it slowly raises its head, purple blood flowing from its mouth

>otherwise, the rest of it is still restrained

... Oh..

>> No.10923888


Some sort of ominipresence of this human emperor. That, or some silly billy is dillydallying about with the Vox channels.

Latter is more likely since I can hear him too.

>> No.10923890

is it just me or does the emp have a lazy eye in this pic

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>> No.10923901

That must have felt pretty shit, what being ordered around by an eldar like that. I actually have some experience in that field.

Silly, you can't even get your daemons right.

>> No.10923905

Uuuh, should someone do something?

>> No.10923909


And who is this I'm speaking to?

>> No.10923913


>the body twitches lightly, as the circuit picks up

>> No.10923916

its drawn weird

>> No.10923930

needs googly eyes next time

>> No.10923943

Looks like he's raising an eyebrow.
It's brain is locked down I hope.

>> No.10923945


Emprah has a nasty case of hangover right now, he challenged Horus to a drinking battle. So many kegs of strongest booze known, from Eldar wines to Ork Mushroom Beer were emptied that day.

Emprah won, as Horus brain, liver and bladder exploded at the same time, but at what cost. Hangover so bad that he couldn't leave terra after that, he had to be infact installed to the golden dialysis machine.

>> No.10923958

>> No.10923960


I would be entirely justified in murdering you right now.

>> No.10923966

rolled 99 = 99

>Servo-skulls react badly to having clamps broken, attempt to inject more sedative. And Torpor.

>> No.10923969


I-I-I-Interesting... you seem familiar...

>head flows around, under influence of drugs

Haha... He's taught me...much... too.. bad, I couldn't take more

>> No.10923976

Emp may have a vox hooked up to an astropathic reciever nearby for the blanks.

Or the projection may produce sound as well.

>> No.10923983

Guys. The Tyranid thing is awake.

Someone going to tranq it?

>> No.10923986


May, I be of any assistance? I learnt couple tricks from my brothers way back at Obscurus Sector, I can pretty much null out every warp based power he could throw at you.

Or just know ..that thing unconcious.

>> No.10923990

... that sounds awesome because the Golden Palace is actually


just techpriets know SHIT about the transformation process.. aaan I am too lazy to do it now since I want to spend at least a coupe thousands years running around and killing orkz

>> No.10923992


Please tell me it can't synapse it all back to the hive at this range?

>> No.10924003

I should. I punched you two out a couple of times, actually. You've realized that if you try anything, I can punch you out again really easily right?
Anyway, formalities. Renato. Have you figured out a name yet?

>> No.10924014

E-even if you were to silence... this form...

I have... a means.. to get back....

>> No.10924024

Do the less lethal options.

>> No.10924026

No I'm pretty fucking powerful, to the point where I can activate the circuit in your head to believe you are receiving my transitions.

I do it to blanks, so its essentially the same thing.

>> No.10924036

What. That doesn't sound good.
I still have my Powerfist, should I punch it if it tries anything?

>> No.10924052


Now introducing new and improved Gender Neutral Slaaneshi Perils!

>> No.10924055

>works the Zoans head like a microphone


>> No.10924071


You are stealing our lines there, sheesh.


Well, standing about here usually dampens the creature synapse, so there shouldn't be any problems.

>> No.10924083


My sister can hear you loud and Clear, you corpse...

... there was no reasoning for that, outburst...

>> No.10924090

Sure you do. Mind sharing?

Uh, how about no. Even like this I can punch it out pretty easily. Shock gloves.

>> No.10924092

...Can I get a straight answer out of anyone?

>> No.10924109

But I need to learn how to use this thing!

>> No.10924118

Well EXCUSE MEEE! I don't know how well you work as a transmitter


>> No.10924131

I gave you a straight answer at least. Dunno 'bout the rest of 'em.

Not on potential strategic resources, please?
Oh. Formalities. I'm, uh, Renato.

>> No.10924149


>The Thrope twitches, falling under as its eyes cease glowing

>Skittering can be heard above

Oh... I doubt she took that..

She doesn't care for material things.

>> No.10924160

>Eyes 'thrope body.
So, you're up there now?

>> No.10924170

My wallet. It's the one with "Bad Motherfucker" written on it.

>> No.10924172


How exactly did you get onto this channel? I mean, honestly, this is a secure frequency. Do you guys just sit around and fuck with voxes all day?

>> No.10924173

Ah, charmed. I'm a Interrogator of the Inquisition. Nailio Tobselian. Speaking of interrogation...
>Walks over to the Zoanthrope
You! Xenos!

>> No.10924177

Not saying she stole it, I'm saying she might have accidentally acquired it somehow.

All I am saying is it went missing after she left, and I can't sense it anywhere.

>> No.10924192

>Notices the Xenos fell over
The... the vents?

>> No.10924194


>she backs into the vents

Of course... Only a fool would stay in such a situation

>Jets back into the ventilation

>> No.10924201

You people investigated for possible Genestealer magus infestation right?

'Nids usually are outright feral, even for genestealers. There must be one Magus around infesting the ship, due to the fact that genestealers share the intelligence of their host species.

>> No.10924202

>The Eldar is transferred to the medbay, with life-support equipment attached. Just in case. He is attended by servo-skulls, and protected by killdrones.
>Outside, the apparently-aware zoanthrope is being watched by the remaining servo-skulls and killdrones.

>> No.10924207

I know my way around technology, it's relatively simple.
What about you?

>eyes Zoanthrope body again

>> No.10924214


>> No.10924226


...This...Fuck this!

>removes helmet.

What the fuck is going on here?

>> No.10924228

..Everyone's favorite flat chested cleric is bad to unscrew the day.

Where is the patient?

>> No.10924233

Don't worry I am tracking her.

I am dispatching a team of under equipped Guardsmen in specific kill teams that are designed to not cover eachothers back and make it easy for a stealthy adversary to take them out one at a time without alerting the others.

>> No.10924238

Technically there's a small tyranid force onboard due to, uh, extenutating circumstances. Don't worry, they don't bite. That might, uh, change soon though.

Good afternoon, then.

>> No.10924243

>Drones put zoanthrope body into tube, activate freeze cycle.

>> No.10924247


Thank god, a cleric. What the fuck is going on in here?

>> No.10924258


I got this doubt that people are going to get blammed when they are hearing random voices in their heads.

>> No.10924265

>still getting used to it, hasn't come to yet

>> No.10924276

Hrmm maybe I should dispatch the crack team of people who know what the fuck they are doing... really depends on who is the protagonist in this situation and who is the redshirts.

>> No.10924284

I find the lack of Greater Good in this thread disturbing

>> No.10924285

Extenutating circumstances? You know how they got on here?
We have to get rid of them!

>> No.10924310

But seriously, at the moment there's a consciousness transferral happening, and apparently this one node of Hive Fleet Siren has gained sentience, and will probably rape us all in our sleep. So, nothing out of the ordinary, really.

That zoanthrope over there smuggled them on when we weren't looking. He even got a carnifex on here, don't ask me how.
...and don't ask me how I know this.

>> No.10924325

..You're supposed to tell me. I just got here.

>> No.10924326


Come again?

I'm not getting raped by anything.

>> No.10924338


"Castrating" the leading synapse creature, finding the breeding grounds and atomizing it works.

Its rather obvious that this creature isn't around and is likely to be a Magus patriatch, so only practical problem we have is getting through the lesser genestealer hordes.

>> No.10924340 [DELETED] 


I have been here for a while and I am completely confused. I just got here.

>> No.10924368

>legs and arms bend, a hand immediately reaches up and wipes the face, sitting up


>inhales then coughs up excess fluid

By Isha... That was painful...

>> No.10924380


...Who the hell are you?

>> No.10924386

... A Carnifex. As in a Screamer Killer?
Emperor Damn it, how are we supposed to deal with that? How did someone not notice some random freaking 'nids getting here? What do they want?

>> No.10924395

The tyranid consciousness is running around in tyranids.
Don't think about it too hard. Instead, tell me, what brings you here?

'Sup. Might want some clothing, though.

>> No.10924405

Uhm, I'm no expert on the Tyranids but we could... uhh.. you know, shoot it?

>> No.10924407


Think of it as this way: It could be worse.

I got all of my organs replace, every muscle and sinew re-arranged molecule by molecule until you see, end result here.

Thankfully, they at least left me with some sentinence but, I still have to do as I am told.

>> No.10924410

welll there goes my link with Hive fleet Siren.....

> attempts to mind control...... nope


>> No.10924414


I've been assigned to do observation work and serve under my commanding officer. I have no idea who he or she is, and I would like to find out.

>> No.10924421

I wouldn't worry about the carnifex. Worry about something less consequential, like...uh...OH OMNISSIAH LOOK OVER THERE IT'S A LICTOR

>> No.10924430




Oh what the fuck is this?

>> No.10924442

>*Blip! Blip!* You have numerous wires attached. They seem to be connected to medicae devices. In one corner stands a large tube-like object holding a frozen zoanthrope with female characteristics.

That was quick.
>Blinks light in your eyes.
You might want a bit of rest first, to refamiliarise yourself with, well, yourself. And the only clothing I have available for you is what your body was wearing when it was recovered, or this snazzy black one-piece synskin.

>> No.10924449


I'm an asshole, what else?


Right, noted... need to wait till I can move right first... Having four limbs is drastically different from six

Don't worry about any of the mythril colored tyranids on the ship, they only follow my commands.

Yeah, that Carnifex is mine.

>> No.10924458

Lictor? I'm not a expert on xenobiology. Describe what they look like, might of seen one of them in a old training vid.

>> No.10924461

Still connected eh...?

Maybe I have to try a different technique to assume command of the synapse link...

>> No.10924478

Oh my.

My services aren't needed? Just as well. Varity really should be handling these things. I've got the kids to take care of you know. That's been deemed more important than my furthered extermination of foul entities..

I'm not the right Ordos to handle xenos anyway. Call me when there be daemons to smite.

>> No.10924479


Duly noted, Asshole, but still, can I get a name?

I'm Push.

>> No.10924492


I'm not too keen on Tzeentch cult robes...

synskin sounds like it would work...

>> No.10924508

>reappears, beside Karbon, with thermos of recaf
This batch isn't spiked, honest.

>one-piece synskin
>my face
you're making it worse

>assigned to do observation work
>observation in tiji
Well, you've been shafted. Welcome to the official ass-end of nowhere. Enjoy the drugs.

If you see them, it's too late. That's aaal you need to know.

damnit you just made it worse.

>> No.10924524


...You're all kinds of a bitch, I hope you know.

>> No.10924527

I daresay I could probably get a message out to a craftworld if you'd like. Can only open the webway portal once before needing to recharge, though, and that takes upwards of six hours.

>> No.10924534


Karbon Breag

>color reference

>> No.10924539

It's all true, though. Just, uh, keep down when the daemons start fighting. Don't want any accidental decapitations/mutations, after all.

>> No.10924540

I remember someone mentioning that this ship has tacos a couple threads back.

I demand one. For the Greater Good, of course.

>> No.10924542


Females of all species, am I right guys?

>> No.10924579


Thank you

>> No.10924583

you were lied too

>> No.10924585

...I'm sure you've heard the, "Got compensation?" line many times, but, really....
...Got compensation?

>> No.10924604


I knew it! No one plays fair with the Tau.

>> No.10924623

That's one of the biggest poles I've ever seen.
Your dick must be *tiny*.

I'll leave this with you. Must be off. Stuff to do, you know.

>tips hat

>Walks off around a corner. A few seconds later, you hear a faint 'thp' noise.

>> No.10924629

ooh my 1866 mod for Mount and Blade Warband finished downloading LATER BITCHES!

>> No.10924647


Balanced, Tearing, Mono-edge and powerfield compensation.

Its not like one would feel any sort of urge to "compensate" when you don't have feelings or ambitions, working through logic.

>> No.10924661


You shouldn't worry about me.


Antillion Pasina

>> No.10924670

If you have no drives, why do you bother getting up in the morning? As it were.

>> No.10924687


I don't know what I'd like to send yet. really, I'll over think it.

Still feels like I'm still in control of a little more than I should be

>> No.10924695

Hi, I was wondering WTF is happening in this thread?

>> No.10924707


I only sleep whenever there is need to hibernate or wait out and wait for the progress to happen then intervene when given orders.

But reason? Well, I stand about watching, occasionally kiling things. Because, well thats my job sort of. Thats about it.

>> No.10924721

Sounds dull.

Me and my bondbrothers get down in the local nightclubs after battles.

>> No.10924747


This is rather awkward.

>> No.10924748


Well, you have average lifespan of 60 years even less compared to humans.

"Life is short, so party hard" is the expression, I recall. But when you have eterenity to go through, have all the time just waiting to something to happen.

I've been polishing, sharpening my warscythe for couple hundred years just waiting to something to happen, then I was thrown here as a recon.

Works for me, I could go on since I don't feel boredom.

>> No.10924796


>takes note of his tongue length
>A bit annoyed

What... My Tyranid tongue wasn't even this long

>> No.10924820


Phase-blade surgery does wonders, you could use these primitive laser based surgerial tools.

Eldar don't take mutants none too friendly.

>> No.10924821

Maybe you should try getting a hobby?

What do you li... Oh right, you don't feel affection to any kind of activity, do you?

>> No.10924824


...Fucking Xenos. Why haven't I killed you yet?

Oh, right. Because you're the only reason they 'nids aren't attacking.

So Karbon. What is it that you do.

>> No.10924854


Eldar ranger... well... Not sure what I'd be anymore...

Ulthwe' doesn't necessarily want me, I'm partly synaptic...

Hell if I know, for a while I spent time routing chaos and Leviathan Tyranids in various areas while a Zoanthrope

>> No.10924861


Correction, it may be hard to comprehend so I do whatever is the most logical thing to or whatever are my current orders.

What I've understood, when mortals like yourself work because they have this feel to achieve some significance, until they stop existing.

Fear of death, if you will.

>> No.10924884


Interesting. I've been dispatched here to do something. I really don't know what. I figured it had something to do with observing.

>> No.10924893

Tau work to spread the Tau'va, that is, the Greater Good.

It is a noble purpose, and well worth sacrificing your life for.

Maybe you should find yourself a similar cause? Or better yet, join the Greater Good!

>> No.10924895


Well, I'll be, resting a while.

not much I can do at my current state

>> No.10924911


Yeah, yeah. Just keep control of your pets, I don't want one of them fucking me in my sleep.

>> No.10924913

Dispatched? By who, exac'ly?

>> No.10924942

Ah, Boss. Good to see hear from you again. I was dispatched here to observe anything and everything, and since I have no idea what that means, I decided to be a part of your crew.

>> No.10924964


>Light glare

Mine are not the same as the other Siren broods.

I chose those that are combat ready, and still monstrous, over Siren's mutations.

I may have been in a female body before... but that doesn't mean I had an army of all female warriors

>> No.10924966

If'n yer loyalties are divided, I wan' t' know abaht it. I ain' abaht t' 'ave anyone on me side wot'll put a bullet in me back at a momen's notice.

>> No.10924983


You shouldn't forget that rest of my kind aren't as reasonable, but I still do not follow mortals nor fight for one man.

There are no such thing as "noble" in this existence, only hopless drive for survival even more so for Imperiums like Men and Tau.

We are here for reasons you couldn't possibly comprhend and life here is a result of our harvest. You exists because we allow it and you will end when we demand it.

>> No.10924996


I'm a mercenary, Boss. My previous employer told me to observe and report to someone, and since I couldn't find my contact, I'm breaking my deal with them. My loyalties are to who my boss is, and that's you, Boss.

>> No.10925010


Which is to say, whomever pays you more or gives promises of power you are likely to jump sides.

"Loyalty" in deed.

>> No.10925037

>Walks around corner.

I hate this ship so bad. Have any of you seen a interrogator, and about six.....um, rather attractive genestealers?

>> No.10925041


Quite the opposite. Promises of power are worthless and money only useful if you know how to use it. I side with those whom I'm interested in seeing win, and I broke ties with my previous employer because he was unable to tell me what I needed to know.

>> No.10925078

I guess thats a no then.

>> No.10925100


So potentially, you work and fight for thrones? Ever tought what all that would mean after you die, not that it would matter someone like you since you don't think that far.

You may acquire wealth beyond measure, but above all those riches you've collected, are you bones, meaning that you haven't accomplished anything worthwhile.

Reminds me of Ork what they call it ah yes "Kultur", fighting for sake of fighting; for it is their life but you one in paticular, fight for survival and luxury which will leave no permanent mark on the galaxy.

>> No.10925110

Why must EVERYTHING in this blasted universe be so freaking stubborn and violent?

"Kill this, kill that. Purge, kill, exterminate!"

Sometimes I doubt we will ever find peaceful nations.

>> No.10925124

Well we all have our bad days, some creatures just seem to have them more often then not.

>> No.10925146


I have no riches. I fight to fight, and I serve to serve. Do not put words in my mouth. I fight because I want to fight, who I fight for is of no consequence. If it brings me money to eat, that's a bonus. I work for my Boss, and I choose who my boss is. Chemrat needs a crew. I'm willing to serve, as I'm sure it will be eventful.

>> No.10925173


Ironic that it is, the first technologies you were to develop and copy were tools of war, cities are practically planet fortresses and space fleets ready to "liberate" planets that do not wish to join this "Greater good"

You do all the same, whenever you see Orks you attack them, whenever you see Chaos fanatics, if you even bother to notice tham as to you warp doesn't even exsist.

You and your entire race are such naive children. This was proven to be when you welcomed our kind to your planet, after we "saved" you from incoming Hive Fleet.

There was much joy and celebration from the tau, as we marched on their ranks. Firewarriors were hailing us as saviours, as one of your exalted ones came to give us awards.

Then we opened fire, killed everyone. Children, women, vespid, kroot and tau that was on that planet, there was nothing there when we left.

Let that serve you as a remainder that "Greater good" is doomed to fail.

>> No.10925204

Well, what's your definition of a peaceful nation? One that just rolls over when "invited" to join the Greater Good? What do you do to peaceful nations that happen to like their independence?

>> No.10925206

The Greater Good will never fail. Like Tau, it shall prosper.

You and your gods, however, shall not succeed.

>> No.10925215

I go to sleep, wake up, and one's still up?


>> No.10925222

Who are you?

>> No.10925230

A peaceful nation is open to negotiations and doesn't fire at everything coming their way.

The Tau Empire respects your faith and independence. The Greater Good is an ideology one should adopt, not a form of government.

>> No.10925237

Hello Miss Tzeentchnette. How are you this day?

>> No.10925240


I was just about to say the same thing.

Also, morning everyone.

>> No.10925252

Excuse me miss? Do you have anymore of that caffeinated beverage?...or are you drinking something else?

>> No.10925263


Your kind would have much to learn, you should look at imperium for a while and see the true horrors of the universe.

Tyranids, Orks and Chaos are but few that are opposed to you and you don't even know much as Eldar or Empire would. Full scale invasion on your capital homeworld, like the legendary siege of terra would cure that naivete of yours

>> No.10925272


This sounds like certain imperium we know.

"Join or die!"

>> No.10925291

The Gue'la are not beyond redemption, the Gue'vasa Auxiliaries are proof of this.

>> No.10925313

I'm a daemon. Boo.



It's blood. Which is on fire.

>> No.10925326

Might any of you have a warm croissant on hand, perhaps a scone?
(OOC Alis says hi, I rigged some internet with my phone, but she won't get up yet.)

>> No.10925350

>looks skeptical.

Blood? that is on fire? Must be some form of......

>suddenly realizes that your head is on fire.


What might you be drinking this fine morning Sir?

>> No.10925352

I'm sorry to hear that. Go back to bed, perhaps? Sleep in a little more? Or maybe have breakfast. Lunch. Brunch.

I think I have some strawberries around here. And a chocolate fountain.

No baked goods, I'm afraid. Strawberries?
(OOC waves back. Alis in field?)

>> No.10925356

Nope, but i do have this. Take it if you dare.

>> No.10925372


Good old tea.

>> No.10925390


Of course you're a fucking daemon. How could I have been so stupid, you're on fire. I mean who are you. Can I please have a name?

>> No.10925407

I'd conjure one up for you, but... that doesn't work anymore.

Mmm, bright one.

Meah. I'm just cranky. Sleeping more would only crankify me.

>> No.10925418

Strawberries are nice.
(OOC, "saint" here.Yea, this is currently live from her tent, she seemed lonesome.)

Um no thanks, I hear heresy is bad for you, even in small doses.

>> No.10925420

Oooh, chocolate! Don't mind if I do!

>> No.10925429


Sure, dont mind if i shoot you?

>> No.10925438

Morning but its... OH FUCK!

>> No.10925439

Sorry miss, I am just not used to being in a place that daemons can freely manifest.

>> No.10925448

Why would you do that, Gue'la?

>> No.10925449

(You guys at Roskilde? Just a wild guess.)

Well, I'm Tzeentchian. I'm a daemon. Last time I checked, I was a woman. Just call me 'Tzeentchnette'. 'Zeeny' is a fan favourite.

>> No.10925462

Ah. Well. A glass of water and something upon which to nom usually work for me.

(OOC nice work on the connection. Pat Alis on head for us)

>> No.10925470


Antillion Pasina. It's a pleasure, Ma'am.

>> No.10925481


It would be rather stupid to give out your "real" name, for it gives massive power you.

Even for human artifacts, "Grimoire of true names" is a impressive atifact.

>> No.10925544

You'll get used to it, then fuck a daemon. What, every other 'loyalist' in here does it.

You're right. Hungry. Must hunt for mammoth. BRING BACK TO TRIB-- Wait, what?

... That's nice. Does this mean I can make you do backflips now..?

>> No.10925557

(OOC, New River Gorge WV. She is doing some cultural resource management stuff.)

(I don't know that I am foolish enough to pat her on the head, but I will tell her when I don't fear reprisal.)

Zeeny, hmmm ok, you can call me Gwydion.

>> No.10925560


Unfortunately not. It's a shame, though. You've probably got all the little daemons crawling all over you. You're rather pretty.

>> No.10925593


I wish.


Gwydion? From that batshit insane period of human mythology? Oh dear.

>> No.10925602

That's only because the daemons are easy.

Mammoth hunting. There's something I haven't done in a while. There ARE options that are simpler and quicker, though.

(Nooo! Pats now!)

>> No.10925639

Nah, its just a name, I am not Welsh, or a Demigod to my knowledge. I am just a thexian, I use the name Strix because it was what they wrote on my card....Some kind of abhuman, designation.

>> No.10925654

Why wish. I have no doubt that you could easily get quite a few men into your fiery grasp, Ma'am.

>> No.10925683

(Ask Varity for my MSN)

>> No.10925728

Though she has quite the figure, I think that flirting with a daemon, is not the most wise action.

>> No.10925729

(Heh. We had to pester Var off MSN because she hadn't slept for two days. It can wait.)

>> No.10925754

(??????? two days???? I was talking to her yesterday before I drove down here, but Sleep is good.)

>> No.10925759


Granted, but it's harmless flirting. I'm a gentleman.

>> No.10925778

>My face

>> No.10925810

(She was starting to hallucinate, supposedly. We harassed her off about 6 hours (?) ago. If you see her in the next couple of hours tell her to go back to bed)

>> No.10925813



>> No.10925821

We seem to have distressed the poor girl. Heavens miss, you have some rather large teeth in that pretty head of yours, tell me what is it that you eat?

>> No.10925837

Ah, Miss Tzeentchnette, were you unaware of this? Not everyone flirting with you is hitting on you. Flirting doesn't HAVE to be serious, it can simply be a way of backhanding compliments.

>> No.10925846


Fuck if I know! I don't even need to eat! I bet Tzeentch did it. He's always after me, that fucker Oh gods the walls are CLOSING IIIIIIIIN

>> No.10925857

(Eck, I remember those days, I don't particularly miss them. )

>> No.10925881

>Takes out note book, and scribbles something down.

Daemon(Zeeny): Attractive, but crazy.

>> No.10925902


Please, don't call me officer.

>> No.10925920



>> No.10925948

>Flashes a disarming smile. (Fel 62)

Nothing miss, I am just making a note, so that I remember that no mater how sweet you sometimes seem, that you should be treated with the utmost caution.

>> No.10925959


Zeeny, are you on the edge? Do you want me to shut up?

>> No.10925963

Oh. Alright.

>> No.10925966

>> No.10925982

I hope you don't take this the wrong way, but...Those are some really nice boots.

>> No.10925990


>> No.10925994


>> No.10926013


>catches breath.


>puts on gas mask.


>> No.10926027


>slips his mask back on and breathes deeply, clean oxygen dripping into his lungs.

My god, you're....vile. I take it that you're Nurgle. I've heard stories about you. Most of which involve you being a good guy.

>> No.10926038

Thanks! Being able to morph at will has its perks, even if the boots are technically made of my own flesh.

Sup Pops.

>> No.10926062


Hello, my children.
I trust all is well?

What do you mean? Of course I'm a good guy.
I love each and every one of you dearly.

>> No.10926111

Mrff urmff ummff ffmm ur fffnerrrrr mrrrgggg frrrmm mmurrrfdd pmmmmffffddd.

>Translation: I now know what it must be like to work at a sewage treatment plan on a hive world.

>> No.10926118

Really? So why do you kill so many?

>> No.10926121


Alright. Knuckles?

>> No.10926158

Take that mask off, child. Enjoy the fresh air.

Spare the rod, spoil the child
It's a labor of love.

No, my son. Embrace me in a hug as a true child.

>> No.10926194

I wish I could, Sir...but I have to decline the hug. It's because I'm a loyalist. Otherwise, I know you care a lot about family, and it's about what's on the inside that counts. It's very respectable. However, it goes against my code and I would be executed if I were to hug you.

>> No.10926198

Bwaa Helwwww Noooo.

>> No.10926210

That's... the sort of argument I'd expect out of an Imperial institution. It's also wrong.You're not REAL Compassion. You're just Pity.

>> No.10926229


It's a real blast giving Pappy Himself a hug, you know. I was wasted for a month straight.

>> No.10926245


...Why are you so mean?

>> No.10926281

>Has decided that talking is a pain. Scribbles on a card, and holds it up.

She did say she was cranky, but also she is a daemon.

>> No.10926283

Understandable, my child.

What Imperial Institution do you know of frequently showers their children with gifts or would even take the time to hug one of them? I do all that and more. Papa Nurgle loves his children.

Aww, please? Papa Nurgle has a nice present for you if you do.

>> No.10926285

Well, her life has been a string of heartbreaks and disappointments, and now she has callouses.

On the other hand, she is quite good at making and painting miniature figurines.

>> No.10926313

She was recently date-raped, the attacker was forced into a shotgun wedding with her which resulted in a messy divorce a few weeks later, and she's probably still all hormonal and crazy from giving birth to her indestructable rape-baby and offloading it on a Berserker of Khorne.

Not the most stable of people.

>> No.10926328

Card: No! not going to happen.

>> No.10926337

Eh? The Schola Progenium does it all the time.

>> No.10926344


...Man, fuck you three.

Tzeentchnette, would you care to talk about what's on your mind?

>> No.10926381

Card: No Sir, Fuck you!

>> No.10926407

Kill them. Kill them all.

>> No.10926445


Go on. Those feeling must come from somewhere.

>> No.10926452

Of course. Papa Nurgle loves even children of Tzeentch, even if they are horribly misled by a insufferable know-it-all.

Listen to Tzeentchnette.
It's fun! Trust me!

The relationship between a teacher and student cannot be compared to the love between a parent and a child.

>> No.10926458

>holds out a small chocolate.

>> No.10926465

her penis

>> No.10926523

It comes from... a deep, undying hate for everything.


>> No.10926533


Why do you hate everything?

Is it because you can't change things, or because things are changing too fast for you to get a grasp on things?

>> No.10926578

The love between a parent and their child cannot be compared to a ginormous warp entity and those it claims to have adopted. Sorry, Nurgle, you're much too alien to understand.

>> No.10926603

>Nobody but Linkin Park understands me!

>> No.10926631

Card: Would you like more?

>> No.10926637

How can I be so alien to humans when it is one of the most basic of human emotions that empower me?

I'm sorry you have gone so far astray, my child.

>> No.10926654


>fiddles with the gasmask.

Say something.

>> No.10926681

It's because you're incomplete. You'd have to merge with Tzeentch and Khorne to even get close.

>> No.10926686

Card: Why? If I get a lung full of that, it will never come out. What if I had a date?

>> No.10926699


You idiot. You had the mask on wrong. A proper gas mask should not only be filtering air, but allow him to speak as well. Unless you're using a model out of date, which is highly unlikely. Now say something. I can be sure of it that you'll not get a mouthful of disease. I would never do that to a fellow loyalist.

>> No.10926706

Because banana! Wait, that's wrong! Aw, fiddlesticks!

Shut up! All I listen to is Paradise Lost!

>Accidentally omnom part of feeding hand

>> No.10926717


Look, I can help you get some of that mental anguish out of you just open up to me.

>looks around.

And I will shoot anyone who makes a sexual joke out of that.

>> No.10926720


>No blood comes from the stump.

>> No.10926726

Wow, this is early.How is everybody?

>> No.10926749


Hi, I don't think we've met.

Put your helmet on before you get a mouth full of disease.

>> No.10926756

How about no.

Gooood mooorning~

>> No.10926757

Fascinating. And you say you are, "abhuman?"

Early? No, it's just still going.

>> No.10926764

Oh please, I've adjusted a while ago.

Ok, about last night Zeeny. I've got a headache, light burning, and can't remember anything after we got to the retstaurant. You wanna fill me in?

>> No.10926778

rolled 3, 7, 1, 7, 10, 2 = 30

>regenerates hand.

Mrrrrffffff!! Muuuffffeeddd!

>> No.10926786




>> No.10926795

Never! That insufferable Tzeentch, I'd never merge with him. He is, as they say, a giant prick.

Welcome, my child.

>> No.10926800

>Holds up Sanctioning license.
Race: Abhuman, Homo sapiens noctis.(strix)

>> No.10926804

rolled 76 = 76

>There is a servo-skull watching you regenerate with an aura of, well, intense concentration. Which is something you've never seen in a servo-skull. Ever.
>Psyniscience check, vs 64.

>> No.10926809

Well, first there was some drinking, then I slipped you the dru--... Nevermind that part. Then we went to a club, then the rest is not really that work safe.

All in all, a pleasant night. Thumbs up!

>> No.10926840

rolled 94 = 94

Well then, I guess you'll have to learn how to be Human the hard way.


Hokay. Hmm. Strix... strix... strixia? Striga? Strega?

>> No.10926874

Card: Don't look at me like that, I was normal before joining that imperial blood cult.

>> No.10926897

Hey, I'm not going to judge you. I'd be interested in hearing of this cult, though.

>> No.10926907

Card: is that thing gone? I won't take the mask off until its gone.

>> No.10926951

I don't know. It's not like I can stop it going where it wants. Maybe it's waiting for you to remove the mask. Hiding. Lurking.

>> No.10926977


Just had to check on Isha for a second.
Nothing critical.
She just still won't marry me.

Besides, it's kind of hard for me to hide in an effective manner.

>> No.10927040


>> No.10927066

Aw, go easy on 'ol Pappy. It's not easy being a rotten sack of farts the size of a battle barge.

>> No.10927092


>> No.10927108

Don't worry.
I forgive you, my child.

I'm used to it.

If I had a track record for getting people to return my love, Isha wouldn't deny every marriage proposal I send her way.

But I persevere.

>> No.10927175

Card: Maybe people would like you more if you did not smell so bad.

>> No.10927206

>Furious assault

>> No.10927222



>> No.10927234

That's subjective.
Neither I nor my children think that I smell bad.
Besides, come give me a hug and you would find that the love I give to my children far outweighs any odorous offense I could possibly commit.

>> No.10927253


>> No.10927331

>Opens uplifting primer to the section marked: Angry Female Entities.

Give chocolate, check.
Repeat words: No you look great in that dress...
Its not working!!!.......

>Keeps running.

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