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>maybe a slow burn on the Xiombarg side of things

Xiletha struggled to push the rubble aside. She was so close now.

What she would do once she was on the surface, she knew not. The half-starved drow woman had travelled for months through the Underdark's tunnels, alone and poorly equipped for the journey. She had managed to cover her trail early into her panicked exodus from her homeland, but it was luck alone that spared her from the predations of the underworld's many predators.

Her eyes misted as her fingers bled from labor she had gone her entire life avoiding. She cursed her fate, again and again as she clawed away rock and rubble to find either salvation or another breed of doom on the other side. The unknown was preferable to the chittering stalkers she knew were only hours behind her. She constantly looked over her shoulder, believing she had heard the click-clack of their steps against the stone behind her.

She whimpered. She regretted fleeing her home. She regretted everything.

Finally, the blockade gave. She barely pulled her hands back as the rocks shifted and rolled out, away from her and out from beneath her. She was not quick enough to be sent tumbling outward along with them. Out into the blinding white.

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Xiletha screamed. She could feel the sunlight burning her eyes even with them shut. She felt ill, disoriented, on top of her confusion from having tumbled out of the tunnel's mouth.

She curled up into a ball, her breath coming in panicked gasps as she tried to cover her face. She could feel the scrapes, the bruises, but it all felt distant compared to this terrible, cruel illumination.

She had only been to the surface once before. It had been worryingly bright then as well, but it had been bearable with just the tiny pinpricks of light. This...this was Hell staring at her with one great judgmental eye.

She tried to push herself away with her feet, keeping her hands clasped to her eyes. She knew not where. The ground grated against her rags and exposed, obsidian skin until she came upon something soft. The unusual green plants that covered the ground in the Overworld. It must have been.

She lay there, curling up tightly once more, and waited. She shook with fear, and prayed to any god that would listen to spare her.

Eventually, the light began to fade.

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Go on.

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When uncovering her face became bearable, she found that the hateful sun was now only peeking over the edge of the world. Even now she could not stand to look at it. Her eyes could barely open as they were.

She pushed herself up to her feet. She was weak from the journey, and still dazed by the shock of light. She pulled out her knife, the only weapon she had left from her flight from home, and attempted to focus on her other senses.

Everything was so loud. A cacophony of chirps and whistles all around her, bombarding her with alien and frightful calls.

She kept glancing around her, and stumbled towards the large plants that seemed to offer some measure of shelter from the remants of the sun.

She bumped against the trees and tripped over the roots. She cursed herself for her weakness even as her terror began to return. She knew that she would likely be hated by any of the surface dwellers that came upon her, and with good reason. Perhaps if she could tell them...

She continued on, half-blind and half-mad.

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> Xiombarg/Ardarvia fic

fapfic inbound

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I see no problem with this.

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Morgan scowled as he drove the wagon onward. As fond as the warrior was of the woman sitting near him, she got under his skin all too easily. "That's fine for some men. I don't like it."

He was clad in light chain and leather armor, exposed and clear for all to see. Anything to wave away troublemakers on their trip back to town. His companion wrapped herself in a cloak, covering her unusual armor, which Morgan was hesitant to humor it with the word. It was a show of politeness on her part, but any who knew of Katerin would recognize her by the unusual shock of short, platinum hair and the silver eyepatch that covered her missing left eye.

"You don't KNOW that, of course." She replied with that lecturing tone that frustrated him to no end. "How can you know if you've never tried it?"

"I've never had my head cut off before. M'pretty sure I wouldn't be fond of it." Morgan was proud of that argument, and already considered the matter settled.

Katerin did not miss a beat. "There is a world of difference between decapitation and pe-" Her voice fell to a harsh whisper. "Drow!"

Morgan followed Katerin's gaze and drew his horses to a halt. There she was, seemingly oblvious to them. A thin, bedraggled drow woman tumbled down the hillside, skidding to a stop in the dirt road before them. She was a pitiful sight, but there was no mistaking her for what she was. Skin as black as night, long, tangled hair of bright white, and pained red, desperate eyes. She was drow, and fresh from the Underdark.

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Do continue.

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"Shit! I thought the Stonefist clan was keeping guard on that tunnel!" He leapt from the wagon, placing his hand on his sword's hilt but not drawing it.

Katerin remained in her seat, watching the drow woman, evaluating. "Look at her. She must have come from one nearby, closer than the Yawning Road at any rate."

The drow scrambled to her feet. She seemed almost panicked to Morgan, but it was always hard to read drow. As far as he was concerned all of those raised in the Underdark were fundamentally broken in some way. She waved a knife before her and shielded her eyes with her free hand, spitting out a few words of her own tongue whose meaning Morgan could only guess at.

"Put! The! Blade! Down!" Morgan called out. He didn't know a word of drow, but shouting slowly and loudly in his own tongue seemed to work SOMETMES. It only seemed to further agitate this drow, however. She continued to back away, waving her knife at the two humans.

Then he saw the tattoo etched into her arm. The dark red sigil was hard to make out unless one looked at it just right: The arms of a spider, reaching upward and grasping...

Morgan spat in disgust and called to Katerin. "She's a slaver."

That was all Katerin had to hear. She stood up and threw off her cloak.

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Xiletha's heart was racing as she found herself face to face with the two humans and their strange beasts of burden. One of them was on the ground now, his hand on his weapon, shouting at her in words she struggled to understand in her panicked state. She was at a loss for what little of the common Overworld tongue she knew herself.

She shouted, forcing a bit of command in her voice, "I am not a threat! I just want to go away from this place!" Still she did not know where.

The man shouted something again, disgust clear in his voice. Her stomach sank. She knew this was going to go bad for her if they chose to attack.

Then the woman stood up in the wagon, throwing off her cloak. She was clad in strange, form-fitting armor; a combination of silver-plated steel and white leather. From her neck hung an ornate silver replica of a woman encased in steel. A whip was in her hand, coiled and ready to strike.

Xiletha's panic overtook her now. The one-eyed woman may as well have been a drow priestess, from the look of her. Xiletha turned on her heels and ran towards the trees to her left.

She made it three steps before the human woman clasped one hand over her holy symbol and pointed the other with the whip in her direction.

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>She was clad in strange, form-fitting armor; a combination of silver-plated steel and white leather

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Xiletha had time to see splotches of black manifest around her, quickly spreading as they drew tight around her. She screamed in terror as they grew within the fraction of a second, blacking out the entire world, pressing in against her skin.

Every inch of her skin was covered in the black, rubbery stubstance. Her arms were pressed tightly against her body. Her legs were equally bound. She could feel the knife being forced out of her grasp by the stuff wrapping aroun her, and could hear the muffled sound of it hitting the ground.

She felt her balance leave her, and she hit the ground with an impact that took the breath out of her. She tried to scream again, but she was so tightly bound she could not even open her mouth.

So she whimpered and wept in her helplessness, not understanding what had just happened to her and dreading what was to come.

She had been cast back into absolute darkness after less than a day of terrible light.

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Can't unsee.

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Katerin hopped off the wagon to look over their new prisoner. Morgan sighed with relief that his friend had taken the matter out of his hands entirely. Still, the sight of her sheathing spells always made him a little uncomfortable.

The drow was lying on the ground now, her chest rising and falling with panicked breath. He didn't quite understand how it worked, but Katerin had always assured him that the material she entrapped her prisoners within allowed air in and out easily. The material was skin-tight now, obscuring little symmetry besides the captive's face.

Morgan glanced at his companion and eased his hand away from his sword. "So what do we do with her now?" He thought he knew the answer already.

Katerin knelt beside the quivering prisoner. "She's drow. They fall under our jurisdiction, barring immediate threats of violence."

Morgan grunted, his suspicions confirmed. "I'm going to go look around. Make sure she didn't bring more guests on her trail."

"Don't dawdle long." Katerin called after him without looking away from her captive. She gently placed a hand upon the drow's forehead, the touch at first sending the woman into an ineffectual thrashing fit. The sheath was much like a second skin, and while it did dull the sense of touch a bit, it hardly removed it.

Katerin brought her lips close to the drow's ear, recalling the words of the dark elf's native tongue. She spoke gently, the words thickly accented by negligence of use. "Shhhh....calm yourself...."

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Throw an eyepatch on her and that's pretty much it.

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The woman still kept squirming about like a blind snake, her muffled whimpering betraying the girl's panic. Katerin kept her hand upon the drow's forehead as she brought the other back, and slapped it hard upon the captive's bottom. She repeated once more, "Calm yourself. Now." It was a command this time, spoken with force and authority equal to any drow matriach the prisoner might have known.

The drow finally stopped thrashing, but continued to quiver and whimper fearfully. Katerin kept her hand on the girl's forehead, patting her gently. "Do not be afraid." The authority was still in her voice, though now colored with motherly reassurance. "We are not going to kill you, child. But you must answer my questions so that we may know what must be done with you."

Katerin reached for the carving knife on her belt. She continued to keep her voice soothing, while brooking no protest. "I'm going to cut away part of your bindings so that you may speak. Lie still or you may be cut."

The drow kept as still as she possibly could. She still shivered, but it was nothing Katerin's steady hands could not account for. She guided the knife over the sheath upon the girl's face, slowly cutting away the portion that covered her nose and mouth, exposing enough of her jaw to allow it to open.

The drow began pleading as soon as her mouth was exposed. Katerin placed a gloved finger over the lips and shushed her again, once more slapping her across her backside. "Control yourself, child." She kept her tone even and calm, unerringly patient.

"Now. Answer my questions so that I will know how best to help you." Her words were genuine in their caring, but also frightening to the drow's ears. She knew not what sort of 'help' Katerin was willing to grant her. The drow could only nod weakly.

Katerin continued to pat the girl's sheathed head. "What is your name?"

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Bumpity boo?

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small bump, request for more, and a link to explain just what the heck is related here.


interesting start op, good to see people doing things with this.

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Katerin raised an eyebrow. "Oh, simply Xiletha?"

"N-no! Xiletha Viorloom..."

"Ah... What are you doing here, child?"

"I....I am fleeing my homeland." The drow's voice shook with shame, as if she were only now confessing that she was less than drow for it.

Katerin ran her fingers down the drow's exposed cheek, a soothing touch to stay the girl's quaking. "Oh? And where are you fleeing to, I must ask?"

Xiletha's voice faltered. It was barely a child's whisper when it returned. "I...I do not know...anywhere....I..." Her tears leaked out of the sheath, glistening in the dying sunlight upon her jet black skin.

"You understand how your kind are seen by most of our peoples, do you not?"

Xiletha could only nod in silence.

"And you understand why that is so?"

Xiletha began to quiver again. She was certain the accusation and condemnation that she had all too truly earned was coming.

"You bear the mark of a slaver." There was no anger in Katerin's voice. The even tone remained ever calm. "You've raided our...the Overworld before, have you not? You have taken our people as slaves?"

Xiletha lay still, her mind, her instincts screaming at her to lie. To make something up.

Katerin leaned in close, her breath hot against Xiletha's lips. "Answer me, child."

"Y-yes..." The drow's voice broke, her lips shaking as sobbing threatened to overtake her. She was certain her judgment was coming upon her.

Katerin placed a finger back upon her prisoner's mouth, stilling her crying. "Shhhh. You are afraid, just as those you claimed in your raids were afraid. It is a natural feeling." She placed a hand over the girl's heart. Even through the sheath she could feel it racing. "Now tell me. Why have you fled your people? Tell me everything."

And Xiletha told her captor of everything that had brought her to that point.

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Morgan returned thirty minutes later to find his friend sitting near the sheathed prisoner. Katerin was still patting the shaking girl's head, as if she were a human girl that had scraped her knee. He shook his head at the sight. He still had a hard time reconciling the woman's motherly attitude with some of the things she got up to at night.

"No one else, but I did find the cave she wandered out of. She's lucky she didn't break her neck. Looks like some farmers probably plugged the thing who knows how long ago." He sighed. "We're going to have to let the Stonefists know. Get someone competent to seal that thing up."

He crouched beside their blind and bound prisoner and whispered, "So, what are you going to do with her? You claimed responsibility."

Katerin smiled faintly at her friend's eagerness to avoid having to deal with the situation. She knew her faith made the man uncomfortable at times. She patted him on the shoulder, and reassured him. "I will take care of it. I need only ask her a few more questions. I know what must be done. Now it simply a matter of where to take her.

Morgan took the hint. "I'll get the horses ready." He rose and stretched. "Guess we'll need room in the cart too. I'll take care of it."

After he left, Katerin turned back to Xiletha. "Now girl, you understand that you can never go home?"

Xiletha nodded. The tears that cast a wet sheen across her exposed lower face bore testament to that truth.

Katerin gently wiped the girl's tears away. "Would you feel at home returning to any drow land now?"

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Xiletha shook her head. It was the truth, the same truth that had driven her into her flight to start.

"I can take you to a place where you will be safe. A place you can call home. Do you wish for those things?"

The drow could only lay still for a moment, shocked by the proposal. One did not offer such things freely among her people. There had to be a catch. But there was something in the woman's voice. Something she had barely ever known as a child, standing alongside her mother and her elder sisters so long ago...

Xiletha hesitated, but nodded all the same.

Katerin continued, running a finger down the girl's cheek. "Do you know of Ardarvia, girl? Have your people ever told you either truth or lies about the Iron Maiden?"

THe drow shook her head. She knew little of Overworlder gods. They had never mattered much to her before this point.

Katerin ran her finger further down, tracing the outline of Xiletha's long, covered ear. "She can be your salvation, child. She loves you, though you may not know it." She leaned closer, her soft lips brushing ever so slightly against her captive's as she spoke. "She demands that you be punished. And that you be forgiven. Are you strong enough to repent?"

What the woman was offering, what she was asking, it was all so foreign, so alien to her. Xiletha did not know what to say. The woman was plainly telling her that she would be punished. But also that she would be forgiven for her crimes against their people. It made so little sense...

"I....I do not know....I don't understand...." Her lips brushed against her captor's as she answered. She dared not back away. She was in no position to cause offense.

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>That fap bdsm /tg/ homebrew god
fuck off cunts

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>sagefags gonna sage

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>Worthless shitcocks will treat /tg/ as their personal fapping grounds

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he mad

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>trolling makes up for my awful posting habits

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Not trolling, just lurking.

If you dislike it so much, ignore/hide the thread.

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thank you for saving us, internet superhero.
with the help of that sage and your wonderful >implications, the world is a safer place.

now, op.. where were you?

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/tg/ - pointless bickering

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Katerin did not move her head away. She simply smiled at what she always saw as drow naivety. It was so charming and tragic, all at once. It only made redemption so much sweeter. "You have visited terrible evil upon others. But you will not be hated for it. Your being here is because you want something more than what your people can give you. Ardarvia can give that to you. She can give you peace..."

She moved closer, only so slightly. "You can be given redemption. You can find a place at our side, as an equal. After your punishment."

Xiletha breath was coming and going sharp and fast. Katerin's words were alluring in their promise. And frightening. But it was the most she had been given in a long time. And deep down, she wanted...

"Do you wish to be punished for what you have done? Do you wish for redemption?"


Katerin kissed Xiletha deeply, passionately. She wet the drow's dried lips with her own, her tongue drawing out her captive's.

It was the most gentle gesture Xiletha had recieved since the day that sent her own her path to the Overworld.

Katerin finally broke the union, leaving the blind drow gasping beneath her. She was smiling, aglow with the promise of leading another soul into the light. "Then I will pray for you, and I will take you where you must go." She caressed the drow's cheek. "It will not be easy, but you were strong enough to survive the journey to our lands. I have faith you will be strong enough to see your penance through."

Xiletha's mind was reeling. From the unexpected kiss, from the promises of punishment and salvation all at once, from the bizarre turn of luck she had this day. "W-what must I do?" She was still afraid. But now, she was daring to hope.

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Guys, ignore the faggot. Return to LG BDSM.

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LG? That's not even close to properly consensual. It's abuse of power.

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TN maybe, but I don't think LE.

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It's probably some brand of LE.

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Not trying to legitimately harm someone, just... playful harm I suppose.

But lawful is undeniable due to the discipline.

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Katerin traced her fingers slowly down Xiletha's body, over the curves of her sheathed chest, her hips. "We will take you to Sirensong Keep. They will take you in as they would any other initiate. You will be the slave of one of the priests for a year, and then your training will continue, if you pass their judgment."

Xiletha did not truly understand. She was to be a slave? For only a year? Was this her punishment?

Katerin went on, as her hands continued to wander about Xiletha's frame. "You will be given special consideration, however. You would be one of the penitent. Your path will be harder than most. Do you still wish to go?"

Xiletha paused for but a moment. Her answer was more determined than any she had given before. "Yes...I wish to go...."

Katerin closed her mouth over Xiletha's once more, sealing the sacrement. Her hand wandered to circle about the drow's belly, drifting ever so slowly downward. "I envy you, child. Your torments will be exquisite. And the pleasures you will be given.... Your life changes this day." Her lips stayed close to Xiletha's. Her hand was at the cusp of the drow's womanhood. The drow's heart was racing with excitement, with fear, with anticipation.

She leaned forward, daring to join her lips with her captor's once more.

Katerin quickly lifted herself away, breaking all contact with the drow, and strode back to the wagon. Xiletha was left writhing feebly on the road, the fires that had been stoked within her left to burn unattended.

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It's Good because morality in D&D is objective, and trying to force someone to repent and do good things is Good in D&D terms.

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Well, Ardarvia can have LN clerics, so there's that possibilty.

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OP here, this wound up swelling. Probably going to have to cut off at the arrival at Sirensong and pick it up there later. Geez, Katerin isn't even a main character in this thing.... I don't even know when Xiombarg is coming into it now....


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Why do the good threads always come out at night?

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Sometimes, these things just spiral out of control.

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>Good threads
This is BDSM fapfiction. I enjoy it for what it is, but please let's not confuse this with "good threads".

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>spiral out of control.

have faith, abandon the illusion of control.

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I consider BDSM fapfics to be better than most of the threads on /tg/. YMMV.

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Morgan turned to see his friend approaching. He had been determined to look away the entire time, and still he had to hide his reaction to their exchange. "So. Know where we need to take her?"

Katerin smiled gracefully, fully aware of Morgan's excitement but showing no notice of it. "Yes, Sirensong."

Morgan snorted. "Well, lucky for her, that's where we were going. Had to make sure she was a woman lover first?"

"Of course. Otherwise she wouldn't be comfortable ther-"

"You could have just ASKED her if she was a woman lover."

Katerin only smiled, leaving that as her only answer to Morgan's unspoken accusations. He was so easy to tease. "Come along, we need to put her in the cart."

"You going to keep her bound for the trip?"

"Wouldn't you?"

Morgan let his silence be his answer this time.

They gently lifted Xiletha's sheathed form from the ground, dusted her off, and placed her in the back of the cart. Morgan mumbled, "It's like we're taking her in to trade for the wine we're supposed to be bringing back. This is kind of like slave trading, you know."

His words drew a worried gasp from Xiletha before Katerin her friend lightly in the arm. "Do not tease her. And do not blaspheme." She then took her seat at the front of the cart.

Xiletha's confusion showed on what little of her face was visible. Morgan did not have the heart to leave her hanging. "Slavery means something different to them than it does to you people. Something sacred, I don't know. Ardarvians are weird like that. Especially the paladins..."

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Provided they don't BAD END

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Provided they don't troll end, BAD END is fine, fresh prince isn't.

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>just ask her

You never just ask. It removes all of the awkward social floundering.

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You are now reading Morgan's dialogue in Alistair's voice.


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They rode a little while longer until they found a suitable camping spot. They had two days travel until they arrived at Sirensong at the very least.

Katerin sat in the back of the wagon with her prisoner, giving her better water and food than she had had ever since leaving the city of her birth. Xiletha was still in awe of the situation. To be so terribly bound and treated so gently, and with such care...

Katerin caught the remnants of a wince in Xiletha's face as she shifted into a sitting position. The paladin place her hand gently upon the girl's shoulder, and spoke a silent prayer.

All of the aches, the stinging scrapes, seemed to vanish under Katerin's touch. Xiletha could only stare ahead into blackness, being unable to stare uncomprehendingly at her captor and benefactor. The woman had called upon her goddess to heal her, without being asked, without any promise of payment of any sort.

It was a sickening feeling growing within her, one that had been growing within her for months, that the wrongness lay not with them, but with her finding their behavior so foreign.

As Katerin stood up to leave the wagon and take her own meal, Xiletha finally spoke up. "W-what will they do to me?" There was fear and curiosity in the question.

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Katerin smiled, her voice reassuring. "They will punish you for your sins. They will teach you discipline. Honor. There is more...but for one such as you, I cannot tell you precisely what you will face."

Xiletha shook slightly where she sat. Katerin's words offered her little in the way of concrete assurance.

The paladin saw her fear, her doubt. She stepped back towards the cart. "Do you wish to not be punished for what you've done?"

Xiletha thought for a moment. Her answer was adamant despite the quiver in her voice. "N-no...I want to be...I have to...."

Katerin spoke softly, her motherly tone returning. "You do not HAVE to. Only if you wish it."

Xiletha shivered as she spoke the truth of her heart. "I wish it..."

"Are you certain?"


Katerin pursed her lips, considering what to do for a moment. Considering a way to put her current charge at ease.

She called out ot her friend. "Morgan. Keep my food warm for me, will you?"

Morgan looked up from the campfire with confusion for only a moment before realization hit. "Oh gods..." He went around the fire, placing his back squarely at the wagon.

The paladin leaned close to Xiletha's ear. "Do you wish for a taste of what awaits you at Sirensong? Do you wish to know for certain if you want to enter its gates?" The tone was even, calming.

Xiletha hesitated only a moment, then nodded. The doubt was eating at her, the fears were only going to grow. Her captor was offering her some measure of certainty even as the proposal frightened her. "Ye-yes..."

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Above poster sucks! Jk, lol. More interesting shit: hottest girls in the WORLD :] http://5z8.info/freeporn_b2i8w_orgy.avi


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Xiombarg would be amused.

I dislocated my shoulder the other day. Writing is slower than usual. You're doing just fine; I was intending to write "A day in the life" of a lay worshiper, not a X vrs A situation - I already wrote one of those, more or less.

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Holy crap, I was there for the thread you proposed that story. Looking forward to it whenever you can get it done! No worries on when though.

Sorry to hear about the shoulder....damn.

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Katerin smiled softly, and patted the drow's head comfortingly. "Give me a moment." she said, before turning ot her bag sitting in the wagon near Xiletha.

From within she retrieved a leather harness, one made for sheathed wearers. She gently pulled the drow the edge of the cart, lifting her and setting her down upon the grass.

Xiletha could only hear the jingling of metal buckles above her before she felt her legs being lifted. Katerin fastened the series of straps about the legs first, then upwards and around the drow's body. Two metal hoops now sat upon the drow's shoulders, the harness so evenly dispersing her weight that she could be held aloft comfortably from them.

The paladin found a suitable branch to cast her ropes over. She fastened them to the shoulder hoops, and then lifted her prisoner up, until her feet hung six inches above the ground.

Xiletha felt strange. Almost as if she were floating.

She heard Katerin's voice in her ear once more. "Hold still. I'm going to cut your sheath a bit more.

Xiletha held as still as she could as the paladin held her steady. She felt the pressure of the carving knife, but not once did it touch her skin.

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OP here, Sirensong is totally going to be the House of the Shackled Archon with the serial numbers filed off. ;)

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She gasped as pieces of the sheath were peeled away, exposing the skin of her breasts, her back, her most sacred places, to the crisp cool night breeze. The brief chill sent a shiver up her spine. She twitched and caught a cry in her throat as she felt the paladin's fingertips upon her already hardened nipples.

"You're not used to the wind, are you?" Katerin gently teased as she twisted her fingers just enough to draw a song of pained delight from the drow's lips.

The paladin took hold of her prisoner's chin, and brought her unseeing face to bear on her own. When she spoke, it was with absolute gravity. "This is going to hurt. It will not be anything that can harm you, but it will hurt. Is that what you want?"

Xiletha's answer was less vocalized and more exhaled. "Ye-es..."

"Are you certain?" Katerin's voice offered no room for doubt. It demanded certainty.


Katerin considered the drow for a moment, evaluating her. It would not be appropriate to go further without the girl being willing AND ready. Indeed, it would be a sin, a mockery of her goddess' gifts.

But Xiletha was ready. She was sure of it. She simply needed reassurance. Katerin would enjoy giving it to her.

She went back to the cart, back to her bag, and left Xiletha hanging in the night air.

Xiletha waited in darkness, unable to hear anything but the slight breeze, the insects, and the hushed footfalls of her captor as they went away. And as they returned.

She heard the untangling of something...cloth? Leather?

She heard Katerin's voice behind her. "Steel yourself."

>> No.10923349 [DELETED] 

Milena ne'Tanist had breakfast ready at the table as her husband woke the children and got them dressed.

>> No.10923367
File: 136 KB, 1400x1200, sandwich nekkid drow.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.10923495

rolled 462182441261 = 462182441261


>> No.10923562


The first strike landed.

Xiletha twisted in the air, crying out and arcing her back as it was set aflame by the many-tailed lash. Her spine was electric with pain. She writhed as the sensation permeated her very being, as she was left to cool. The impact points felt freezing cold now in the night breeze, the rest of her skin tingled, feeling everything more acutely than ever.

She finally heard the sound of herself, gasping for breath. She finally heard Katerin asking her, "Again?"


the hydra-headed whip bit her skin once more, twice in rapid succession, a twin flurry of stings kissing her back.

Xiletha's cry was primal, one of agony, or ogriastic release. Again, Katerin paused, giving her time to recover.

The drow savored every sting, far more than she ever would have imagined. She wondered if this was what it had felt like for her, when she had visited so much cruelty upon her, so much.....


>> No.10923770


Three strikes more, in even measure, each one ripping a yelp from the drow's throat. She twisted like a snake, hanging from her branch, until she felt Katerin's steadying hand upon her shoulder.

Her breath left her chest heaving. Her exposed skin was wet with sweat that left her further chilled in the night breeze.

Katerin looked her over carefully. Oh yes, she was Ardarvian in spirit. But that spirit had to be fostered carefully, and safely. She ran a hand down Xiletha's back, tracing her fingertips over the already swelling welts. "Do you wish for me to make this pain go away?" she asked.

Despite the tears sneaking out from underneath her sheath, Xiletha shook her head. "N-no...please...don't..."

"Do you wish to stop?"

Her answer was more certain this time. "No...."

Katerin stepped around her prisone, taking measure of her. THen, a gentle swing of the lash arced across Xiletha's exposed breasts.

The drow twiched and twisted at the new, gentler torments to her more sensitive targets. Another lash set her to shaking again, a painful moan crawling from her lips as her legs twisted about the wetness swelling between her legs, a growing hunger that she could not possibly satisfy while sheathed.

Katerin took note of her excitement.

She took one last swing, a slow and gentle one, scoring the lightest of strikes upon the lips of her femininity.

Xiletha's scream was broken by the gasps, the wracking spasms of her abdomen that set her to dancing in the air.

>> No.10924117


Katerin wrapped the lash about her shoulder and took hold of the drow, kneeling before her bringing her tongue to bear upon the mark of her final blow. There was no harm done, but the strike been right next to Xiletha's pearl, just below it. She cursed herself for having taken such a risk with a girl was not even a neophyte in their order.

She knew the girl's nerves were ablaze where her tongue now massaged; she knew how sensitive she was now. It was time for a gentler touch now.

Xiletha's voice was faint behind her breath as Katerin kissed her. The paladin had cut away enough of the drow's sheath to reach her, but she could not love her as fully as she would have liked at the moment. Not with her tongue.

Still, the ministrations took hold of the girl. As Katerin ran her tongue about those petals edged with night-black giving way to pink, Xiletha's writhing took on a new rythm.

Katerin held her legs tightly with one arm, pulling the drow taut against the branch, while the other caressed her waist, felt along the welts upon her lower back.

>> No.10924143


The tip of Katerin's tongue dance about the drow's clit, circling it, pressing up against its hood teasingly.

The drow buckled within her grasp. The paladin took hold of her more tightly, and drove her tongue further in, slithering across as much of Xiletha's womanhood as she could manage.

Xiletha's cry of release was ragged, torn by the spasm of her breath as she shook and quivered in Katerin's arms, as the paladin tasted the flood of climax.

Katerin held onto her, kept kissing her, until she was finally still. Xiletha was breathing softly, calmly, when the paladin rose to her feet. She wished she could see the drow's eyes for a moment, but that was part of the punishment she chose to dole out herself.

She took her prisoner's, her convert's, chin in her hand once more, and brought their lips together. She shared the drow's taste with her, let her relish her release in its entirety.

>> No.10924251


When they finally ended their kiss, Katerin whispered, gently, "Was that too cruel?"

Xiletha's breath still had not returned to her entirely. She only manged to shake her head.

"Do you wish for more?"

The drow's voice was drunk with hunger. "Yesss...."

"Good. Now this is your punishment." Katerin stepped away from Xiletha, and returned to the cart, putting the lash back in the bag and cleaning her face. She then walked to the campfire where Morgan still sat, covering his ears.

Xiletha hung in the night air, swaying easily, wriggling helplessly, her awakening desires and appetites unsated for the rest of the night. She dared not call out for help, for release. She began to suspect that her torments would not necessarily be as straightforward as she had recently come to assume.

>> No.10924353
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I get the feeling Little Miss Runaway isn't quite so pure of heart.


>> No.10924454

I suspect she accidentally fell in love with a non-drow, and a female slave at that, or killed someone important, or otherwise slipped up in such a manner that running the hell away immediately was her only recourse....perhaps killed a priestess...

>> No.10924483
File: 114 KB, 699x627, xomgharuhi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm guessing she murdered a priestess of Lolth. In some sort of kinky way.

>> No.10924598


Morgan stared at Katerin for a few minutes before removing his hands from his ears. "You really have no shame, you know that?" he said as he went back to eating his cooling meal.

"There's nothing to be ashamed of..." Katerin began to correct him. "Save for a moment of carelessness....I must confess when we arrive at Sirensong."

Morgan smirked. "Oh, they're going to give you a spanking then? Not much of a punishment if you enjoy it, now is it?"

Katerin frowned at him. "I wouldn't expect you to understand, Morgan." She focused entirely upon her bowl.

"Ah yes, I forgot. Only Ardarvians understand pain and pleasure and..."

"Would you prefer that we return to the subject of pe-"

"No. Point conceded. You win."

They finished their meal in awkward silence before taking Xiletha down an hour later.

She was quiet, and a bit crestfallen. That was good, Katerin thought. She covered the drow in a thick blanket, keeping her warm where the sheath had been cut. She could mend it tomorrow, sheathing her entirely once more, but she preferred to leave her as she was. The would not be passing through any other villages before arriving at Sirensong. And the usual social expectations of appropriate appearance held little sway within Sirensong's walls.

As Morgan took the first watch, Katerin made her bedroll ready. She could not simply leave the girl as she was however. She cursed her soft heart.

>> No.10924610


The paladin went back to the cart one last time, and gently caressed the drow's head. "You needn't fear, child. You will fit in at SIrensong. I have faith you will do well."

Xiletha's voice was weak, timid now. "W-what if I don't?"

Katerin paused before answering. "You will. You may take more time than most. You may not. Either way, you will have a home in Sirensong."

"Will you be there?"

Katerin could not help but grin at the question. "No. Only for a time, and then I must be off. You are in Ardarvia's hands now."

"But...I know nothing about her..."

The paladin gently ran her fingers down the girl's cheek. "I think you know, deep down, a little of Her already, child. We will speak more on it in the morning. Go to sleep, my dear."

Xiletha looked towards her, seeing only blackness, and eventually settled her head upon the floor of the cart.

The entire day had been like a dream. Right now, more than the promised torments and trials of Sirensong, more than the prospect of being a slave, she was terrified that tomorrow she would awaken back in the Underdark.

She still could not believe that she had so blessed by fortune and fate.

She curled up in the cart, wrapped in a blanket and night made manifest. A package to be delivered unto Sirensong, unto her own salvation.

>> No.10924627

Oh...sounds like she wasn't a Lolth worshiper. That would have been grounds for summary sacrifice to Lolth right there.

>> No.10924633

Thanks guys.

I hate to say it but the truth is going to have to wait for another night.

When I started I inteded for the stuff at Sirensong to be the main part of the story. Fapfic is hard.

I can try and shoot for Saturday for picking this back up. I really have to get some sleep...

>> No.10924649

It's damn good so far. It'll take however long it takes.

In the mean time, I can hypothesize wildly.

>> No.10924668

And yeah, paladin-screw-up was put in retroactively after I realized I forgot that the drow's legs were bound and there was no reasonable way for Katerin to hit her anywhere BUT there. So much for making her perfectly responsible.

On the upside, paladin confession/penance.

>> No.10924669

Lovely stuff. Anyone going to wiki this?

>> No.10924671


from the thumbnail I thought she had a small strap-on.

I was disappoint.

>> No.10924689


Go for it! So I can steal the idea! :D

Night all.

>> No.10924709


Teka set up some Ardarvia artticles on 1d4chan. Somehow the Xiombarg stuff has yet to show up there, despite having been around for much much longer. THat needs to be remedied.

I think it was suggested that the anon organizing the Ardarvia stuff start keeping a wiki or a blog as it developes. Don't know if that's taking off. PLenty of it can be found on suptg though.

>> No.10924726


Combined with all the pegging talk in this fic, I wondering how the hell I DIDN'T see this before.

Can't unsee it now, of course.

>> No.10924800
File: 11 KB, 163x239, 1256109138768.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That's because I don't know how to deal with Wikis yet.

>> No.10924850


I was going to give organizing the Ardarvia articles a shot Monday. Might as well go ahead and make the Xiombarg pages as well, along with the Helotry stuff.

Maybe a reference to the Moorcock version and origin, and then focusing on /tg/'s version of Xiombarg?

>> No.10924879

The Ardarvia article needs cleaning up anyway.

I also can't pass up the opportunity to mention the parallels between Ardarvia and the Sleeping Goddess. Is it at all possible that Xiombarg's Lover and the Iron Maiden are a non-dual entity?

>> No.10924910

/tg/'s "version" isn't really particularly different. Just the weird made up bullshit origin story about the Helotry. And that only involves Xiombarg herself in a most periphery role.

>> No.10924915


That's certainly a neat idea to play with. She fell from grace for a while, maybe there could be something there?

Or maybe they could be facets of the same being...

Sounds like a great source for heresies and schisms on both fronts.

>> No.10924932

That's heresy.

And I'm not talking W40K silly heresy ideas, but actual religious perversion of the faith type heresy.

>> No.10924943

Your second idea is basically what I was going for.

Ardarvia and the Bound Goddess are two sides of the same coin. One god who either chooses to appear as two separate entities, or is in fact unaware of it. Like dissociative personality disorder or something.

I have a feeling she's doing it on purpose. Just to teach Xiombarg a lesson. That Good and Evil, chaos and order, are merely shades of the same thing.

>> No.10924947


So define Xiombarg in general terms, and focus on the Helotry for the specifics?

I can go ahead and get the article started up Monday, and leave it to those more in the know to bang out the details that need work. I figure once the page is started, the fine-tuning should be easier for those that actually know the source material.


>> No.10924963

I think the article should be more about Xiombarg's Lover, the Nameless Goddess. It's HER cult, after all.

>> No.10924982


The Twice-Bound Goddess Heresy?

>> No.10925000


Yep. Maybe a short one for Xiombarg, a separate article for the Nameless Goddess, and have that one spin off into the Helotry and Cerebrectomists.

I'd suggest the same thing be done with the Sacrificed, Supplicants and a lot of the mythose for Ardarvia: Keep most of it on her page, just organized.

>> No.10925011

An idea that neither side will willingly discuss. Because it's pretty damn heretical, really.

I'm sure you'll get the occasional lunatic 'enlightened' soul who claims to know the truth, of course, but who's going to believe them? Especially when they've been shot up with True Seeing and talk in fucking riddles.

>> No.10925018

Here's the link to the fluffed out Helotry, as well as some directly Xiombarg related silliness.


>> No.10925020


Certainly casts Ardarvia's eagerness to pull demons under her sway in a new light.

>> No.10925025

I don't know if Xiombarg warrants her own page, but that's up to you.

I definitely agree with expanding and organizing both cult pages. Someone just needs to do some proper structuring, slap some sub-headings and stuff in a Content bar, then fit everything together properly.

Also get rid of those two quoteboxes that run off the god damned page wtf.

>> No.10925026


Awesome. Mind if this is copypasted over to the wiki?

>> No.10925033

No. If I'd minded I wouldn't have posted it.

>> No.10925046


Cue hardcore LN Ardarvian inquisition and Cerebectomists that pop your head if you keep thinking obscenewrong thoughts about the Nameless Goddess!

>> No.10925050


Ace. Spreading the love.

>> No.10925069


Remember that bit about the chain-link infinity symbol being of esoteric religious signifigance to the Ardarvians, as if it spoke of other gods being bound to Ardarvia or Ardarvia being bound to them?

Dun. Dun. DUN.

>> No.10925099


If Xiombarg gets a page it's definitely going to be noted that certain things result in Xiombarg being pleased.

>> No.10925194

So what sort of punishment do you give to a paladin that gets off on punishment?

>> No.10925213

The head-exploding Cerebrectomists makes me think all the way back to my original "loli zoanthrope" idea.

Full circle! Woo!

>> No.10925224

They revel in the punishment, and in the forgiveness it implies. Without punishment, forgiveness cannot be granted.

It also suggests that Ardarvia's influence is not quite as pure as they claim, of course...

>> No.10925312


If that isn't the standard belief amongst them, that would be another reason for an inquisition. It seems like it would be really easy to fall into that mindset.

If it isn't the default for them already, that is.

>> No.10925345
File: 53 KB, 600x819, zoanthrope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Wow. I never woulda guessed.

>> No.10925351

So, who's going to start working on the 1d4 article? I put the >comments on the Talk page instead of the article, so that's a start at least.

>> No.10925375


I might be able to get around to it late today. Or tonight.

>> No.10925378
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We really needs some Ardarvian shitscribbles or something. We already have that huge series of bondage witches.

You know the more I think, the more an Ardarvian priestess sounds to me like a REVERSE JUSTICIAR.


>> No.10925444
File: 94 KB, 500x500, savagegarden.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]



An actual picture of the goddess would be fine too.

>> No.10925598


What first? Paladins? Clerics? Simple worshippers? Supplicants? Sacrificed? Ardarvia herself?

I might be in a position to get some requested soon, hopefully?

>> No.10925630

I fixed what I could and corrected a whole fucking shitload of spelling errors.

Someone needs to put the statblock thing for the Sacrificed Supplicant into a table because I can't figure out how.

Also from now on, please POST IN THE DISCUSSION PAGE if you think your comments are worth putting down. It helps a lot to have them there.

>> No.10925642

I'd love to see an image of Ardarvia. A more traditional "woman in chains" images is great, but I'd personally like to see a more...surrealistic interpretation, too. She's a goddess, after all. Deities exist outside of the spatial form we understand.

>> No.10925723

Xiombarg as a goddess I haven't put up on the wiki because most of what I wrote is stories, rather than fluff, and I have no interest in breaking the request that namefags/writefags/tripfags don't glorify themselves on there. The fluff and Xiombarg specific stuff I've written is all in the helotry link I posted earlier.

>> No.10925736


If I get to make the request, I was thinking about something like the description in the original thread, maybe simplified a bit to be reasonalbe:

A tightly bound woman covered completely in iron, iron bands wrapped all around her, with her serene face either being a metal mask or the only exposed flesh on her body. All with mutliple chains connected to her "coffin" from which she is held aloft in the heavens by a flock of bondage-y angels.

I think the other description was of a flesh and blood goddess of a dominatrix, with mutliple rapturous Sacrificed hanging from her piercings. ....I think that would be a harder sell as a request....

The first sounds okay though, eh?


Nice. I'll do my part later today.

>> No.10925773

I'll have to go look up the Sacrificed of Ardarvia on Suptg - the Supplicants were something else.

I'll add it momentarily.

>> No.10925788


We can leave the Xiombarg references confined to the Helotry/Nameless Goddess article if ya want.

>> No.10925889

Thanks to the wikianons. It's a lot more readable now.

To be fair to Teka though, he really was just getting the pages started up. Still,, you can find stuff now.

>> No.10925911

He really was. In fairness, he did the hardest work just getting the page started.

But by god it read like he was pretty drunk when he wrote it. I actually laughed after about the tenth time I saw the word 'recieved' or 'sacrements'. I know I shouldn't, but I can't help it.

Thanks Teka.

>> No.10925936

That's fine for now. If someone begs I'll put up and actual section about Xiombarg, our patron goddess of death, sex, destruction, and lesbian lolis.

I added the Sacrificed PrC and edited the Supplicant PrC so they are seperate PrCs now.

>> No.10926010

I also added the House of Chained Archons to the Wiki page as well.

I note that this page has been archived.

>> No.10926039

Looked over the additions you made, tweaked a little bit (just layout mostly, emboldening things to make it look nicer) and also fixed those statblocks so they're nice and neat and clearly readable now. I is proud with myself.

>> No.10926041

There is also the problem of copyright material. GW got away with using the symbol because Moorcock didn't care. I doubt I can do the same - he didn't let it fly in the original Dieties and Demigods, after all.

>> No.10926054

Thank you. I've no skill at wikis (and hence why most of my writefaggotry is nonexistant there).

>> No.10926066

I'd love to have a fluff/story page to put stuff like that on, to keep it separate from the core info and mechanical stuff, but that's really just nitpicking.

>> No.10926109
File: 492 KB, 800x600, 1251474470055.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Call me cynical, but I'm sure Justiciar Raidy would be equally disappointed with these bitches.

>> No.10926112

Well, when someone makes the page, I'll happily move it over.

>> No.10926124

I was just saying I'd like it. I don't know if anyone else would agree that it's worth making something like that and adding MORE FUCKING PAGES to what is a pretty small project.

>> No.10926129

Maybe XS can fix her Justiciar+Helot fapfic so it can be a Justiciar of Ardarvia.

>> No.10926151
File: 117 KB, 747x1100, 46192.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I remember when she was lesbian.

I think I actually cried when I read the synopsis of their later games.

>> No.10926162
File: 62 KB, 533x400, 1221989662612.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I don't believe any self-respecting Justiciar would worship Ardarvia. She's a perversion of justice. Using "justice" as an excuse to take advantage of the Prey, indeed.

No, they're just as bad as each other. A proper Justiciar knows that such behaviour is only fitting when it's a matter of light-hearted revenge, not Duty.

>> No.10926169

>implying Raidy isn't a flamer

Sorry what? I can't hear you over the sound of a thousand Level Bosses squirming in ecstasy.

>> No.10926174

Lightning Warrior is such a shitty class

no familiar

can't specialize

>> No.10926213

It is worth noting there is a new class in Pathfinder that is called the Inquisitor. They're essentially a bardic style class based on clerical spells and self-buffing combat effects rather than friend buff/enemy debuff like bards. They would probably fit into the whole justiciar mindset quite nicely.

>> No.10926235

How would an Ardarvian Inquisitor work? Can they abuse Intimidate and Bluff and Charm effects on people?

>> No.10926247
File: 19 KB, 298x300, 1272600105062.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not sure what a flamer is, though you made me feel bad nontheless

>> No.10926393

Well, they get the powers of one domain (only the powers, but in Pathfinder that's at least the domain power, and a 1st level power, and an 8th level power). Their spell list is largely cures, self/single person buffs, detections and the like, but the do get enthrall. They're also a high skill class (6+int which is pretty damn good in PF).

Their powers include bonuses on initiative, self buffs for combat, lie and alignment detection, and some serious sense motive/intimidate/tracking skill increases. I would say they're pretty much designed around helping the clergy deal with heresy and unruly slavers, despots, and other threats to the followers of Ardarvia and the population. I would think that hearing about an Ardavian inquisitor arriving would encourage any noble to make sure his serfs are well taken care of, the local nobility is well respected by his people, and worry anyone who was a Helot.

>> No.10926416

Somebody should probably flesh out their role in the Order a little and maybe add that to the Servants section.

>> No.10926515

We could at least do with some artwork of Ardarvia's emblem or something.

>> No.10926601

teka was not drunk, she was merely directly copy-pasting the meat of the posts into the wiki page.

Thanks a million for editing and sectioning and etc'ing the page.

>> No.10926765

Well, lets make that a fluff piece then, thus avoiding the nasty bits of gamemastery nonsense that usually makes such things untenable. We'll stick to the method of 'fluffy swiss cheese' for sake of plot points, shoehorning, and GM/player improv. I'll work on it on my way home.

>> No.10926773

Gay. He's saying Raidy is seriously hot for the girls.

>> No.10926779

I look forward to reading it.

>> No.10926796

Our pleasure. Well mine, anyways.

>> No.10926815
File: 393 KB, 800x600, 1224690773423.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes. Yes she is.

>> No.10927653

Just been reading over the Supplicant PrC and the parallels between the Order and the Helots just get even more interesting the more I read. It's fascinating seeing the contrast of an organized religious order full of test and examinations, against the more chaotic way that the cult just sort of 'feels its way through' everything.

Once you get beyond the whole Heresy issue, you could probably get quite a bit of debate going between these two religions. They are in effect going at the same problem in two fundamentally different ways.

>> No.10927881
File: 28 KB, 300x300, XS DbL 5.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Considering I wrote the PrC's for both religions, it shouldn't really come as a surprise.

I did think on the Inquisitional aspects of the Ardarvians, and will write up what I have so far here.

>> No.10927998

Every religious order has its priests, its warriors, its worshipers, its saints and its enemies. But no religious order must be so careful of its teachings and its heretics than the followers of the Bound Goddess. As a result, no order has such dedicated and careful students of the inquisitional arts as the Ardarvians.

The inquisitor is one of the most rigorously tested and traine dindividuals that the faith can call upon. While priests and paladins are tested and trained and called upon to demonstrate their faith through service, and the supplicants give up their free will for the sake of defending those who cannot defend themseves, and the sacrificed give up everything, relying on their faith and the Goddess herself to protect and succor them, those who must look most carefully at their own faithful - indeed, their own family - are put to the very hardest tests.

Oddly, it is not usually those who serve as the militant arm of the faith or the servants of the faith itself who are called to serve as inquisitors. It is most often insightful, dedicated lay members of the faith who are given the opportunity to serve the faith as her eyes and ears. By choosing those of humble beginnings for the most sacred and most intense work the Goddess asks of her people, the faithful put their trust not in the powerful servants of their Goddess and the holy warriors who defend the faith and its people, but those whom the faith is meant to serve most and thus have the most to lose if dark forces and corruption taint the teachings of the loving goddess.

>> No.10928130

As a side note, I did NOT write the part about the novitiate and how priests are chosen. Anon did that, and did it well. Same for this lovely story. Onwards.....

Inquisitors are required to study the Rule of Law deeply, and not merely dogmatically. They must understand the reasoning and the purpose of the book, as well as its words. They must be able to explain in simple terms the most delicate and necessary rules and reasons behind what other faiths might take as a trivial ceremonial duty (such as why one must anoint the manhood with an oil of olives rather than with lard before use in delicate places untried, or why rope is required to be of cotton or silk than use hempen rope, or twine). Without understanding the reasons and the purposes, then all the investigator becomes is a fanatic, dogmatically enforcing the rules with no purpose other than that they are the rules. More than one priest has fallen into heresy for such seemingly good intent.

They are also encouraged to speak well, to be able to discuss things with both the nobility and the common man. While educated men and women have some slight advantage, and the nobility would seem to be ideal for such activities, it is often the common man who has the greater grasp of what the people of the world need and want and desire. Their wisdom lies in paying attention to the world, knowing what is needed, and seeing to the core of things that the educated man has passed over in favor of understanding refined tastes and being aware of the cosmopolitan niceties. As such, the earthy common man is as likely to become the ideal inquisitor as the sophisticated noble's daughter.

>> No.10928253

Many inquisitors are trained ion spellcraft of some sort or another, and often these spells are the ones usually associated with the priesthood - protectives, healings, and spells to grant strength and power to those in need. There are those spells of divination and seeing, but the inquisitor is actually expected to use these only as a last resort. Such spells, potent though they are, are not a replacement for the eyes, ears, and mind of a clever, studious, perceptive soul. Too often, a spell can be foil;ed by other magics, and even mislead and sent astray, leading to further mistakes. Nor do spells notice the slight catch in the voice of a young mother who is at confession, speaking of her experiences with a loving heart that wishes to protect those she loves, even though it might be better to not do so. A spell can discern lie from truth sometimes yet it rarely reveals the truth, but a strong mind and a cool head can puzzle out the truth that hides behind the lie.

So the main studies of the inquisitor to be are about people. Only by understanding people does an inquisitor learn to protect himself and his faith from those who may do it harm, intentional or not. This is the most difficult thing to teach, and it is done in very specific surroundings. There are cloisters where the inquisitors are taught, and at these cloisters, they undertake vows of secrecy. However, what happens at these cloisters is nothing less than the enactment of the most complex series of tests that mortals can device - a play, surrounding the inquisitor, by consummate actors and actresses, to teach and to test them about every kind of human behavior he may encounter in his duties, honest, emotional, deceitful, :and heretical.

>> No.10928305

I have yet to see death by loli in the stories I read. I think.

>> No.10928332

Well there was that one poor guy who got eaten to death by a loli Kuei'jin.

>> No.10928369

Oh right. That was a oneshot, also had a dickgirl Kuei-jin

>> No.10928380

The novice inquisitor learns from priests and paladins alike; while he is taught the rudimentary magics and castings he is also drilled in the Rule of Law and the acts and teachings of Confessional and ministering alike. Likewise, he must be able to defend himself and do it well, for the enemies of the Ardarvian faith are often willing to make the inquisitor pay for his discoveries, preferably in blood. Finally, he is taught the arts of speaking, seeing, and hearing more than what is said and what words can reveal. A good inquisitor is often a jack of all trades, but unlike the free spirited bards, he must master them all as well.

The cloisters where inquisitors are trained often have a sect of inquisitors and specially trained priests, acolytes, and supplicants among the other monastic members. This sect will slowly surround the inquisitor-in-training, and present to him a variety of difficulties and situations, some simple, many complex.

>> No.10928434

True - Vasane, Mercurial, and Pillory are jail-bait, I suppose. It was sent to me by a friend who found an avatar generator.

For instance, one of the duties of an inquisitor in training is to take Confession. A plant will be sent in, and present the student with a situation that is seemingly normal for one of the lay members, but there will be minor inconsistencies - perhaps she is hesitant about her confession, not willing to reveal exact details about something which seems to be a little dangerous to her physically. Sometimes the drama will be played out using fellow novitiates and clergy, an imagined schism in the faith that he must uncover the truth behind somehow. It can even be something as simple as a child much younger than usual who evinces and interest and knowledge of the faith he should not have. His actions - whether he helps the people himself, or convinces them to talk with someone of greater skill and knowledge, whether he speaks to his superiors concerning the problem, or whether he investigates secretly, are all observed and noted by the true inquisitors. There are often no wrong or right choices, only what he can do as best he can. His actions and his abilities are tested to every limit in every conceivable way.

Such training and testing can take years. By the end of it, however, what emerges is a dedicated, skillful member of the clergy trained to look past all surfaces and to take all situations as they are and are not. A person who is as clever and diplomatic as the finest bard, and as deadly and insightful as the cleverest rogue. And their duty is to ensure that the faithful of Ardarvia are safe and secure in the knowledge that their well being and the well being and wholesomeness of those who serve them is watched over with all the skill and attention that mortal souls can muster.


>> No.10928454

So is the Inquisitor going to need a statblock or can we just cutpaste something or what?

>> No.10928497
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Comments, criticisms, and hateful diatribes will be read and possibly ignored.

>> No.10928521

Actually, they have inquisitors in Pathfinder. They're basically a self buffing divine bard. Alternately, justiciars, or grey guard can make good inquisitors. This is a fluff piece because the ideas are what is important.

>> No.10928532

Dozens of minor spelling and grammatical mistakes. Are you typing at work again XS?

I'm afraid I'll have to wait for a larger consensus before I start putting anything on the wiki though. This needs discussing further and fleshing out in mechanical terms.

>> No.10928544

And thinking about it, a refluffed and retooled bard class can be used. As broken as they are and as much as I hate them, this fluff piece pretty much is a gimme for the Chamelon PrC and the Archivist class.

>> No.10928560

No - I mentioned earlier I injured my shoulder, so there's the whole pain and agony thing. I am also very tied - I walked two miles after work and THEN typed this. My spellchecker doesn't catch all my typos - I've added a few typos to it, stupidly enough.

>> No.10928576
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In that case, the Inquisitorial duties should be treated simply as a role to be filled within the faith instead of as a "Class" type similar to the Clerics or Paladins, more along the lines of ministers, charity workers and the like. A rank instead of a vocation?

Which also means that either the other sections of the faith require more fleshing out, or this extravagant prose must be condensed somewhat to fit alongside what we already have.

>> No.10928597

You go sit the fuck down and play some fucking Xbox Live before you do something that'll make your goddess incredibly amused with you. We wouldn't want our resident purveyor of horrors unspeakable to be in anyway incapacitated after all.

Who'd write all the horrifyingly graphic porn while you're gone?

>> No.10928676

I love that picture - it could only be hotter if the stocks were made of glass.

I prefer the game master have as many options as possible when dealing with a religion or settign or any number of other variables. Sure, he can change it, but my preferred method of conduct is to give as many plot hook openings and situational possibilities as possible.. Inquisitors should be one of the 'allies' or 'groups' that serve the faith. While they have a class in 3.PF, and there are several types of classes that can serve the purpose - even simple clerics and paladins with some social skills or a few levels or rogue - the idea is that these people are trained to deal with situations that adventurers deal with all of the time. It gives the player a reason to be traveling, wandering around with his fellow players and traveling to far off places and doing strange things. It gives the GM plot hooks and tools with which to build a game using the Arvarvians without shoehorning him into a "this is the way it is" scenario.

I hate video games. Besides, we have a number of terrific writefags around here - note the start of thread, and do I need to say more than "thri-kreen"?

>> No.10928722

Sure we have plenty, but nobody else is doing Mercurial stories.


>> No.10928739

In that case, do you think you'd be at all able to similarly expand upon the other examples of Ardarvian servants already listed in the article? Or perhaps simply flesh out other aspects of the clergy, such as the different "branches" or "levels" of the faith?

>> No.10928784
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Also images for the image gods.

>> No.10928785

I'll consider it - no promises. I am working on the "day in the life" bit of a typical lay member and lower ranked priest. I usually just take what ideas other people throw out and fluff those instead.

>> No.10928837
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Anything productive would be great.

I have to say, this thread's kind of quiet now. Has been for a while. Must be a slow afternoon or something.

>> No.10928916

It's mornign in America, but most people are doing the celebratory thing. Me, I must go to bed. I'll look this up in the archives later, and see what more can be done. I can always fluff up some more, but as I said, I work best when someone starts me up with an idea that is appealing.

>> No.10928929

And thank you for that picture. I didn't have that one.

We'll see if anyone gives any further suggestions to the posted stuff, as well.

>> No.10929141
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I guess I'll just keep this thread ticking over then, until everyone else is ready to be creative.

>> No.10929336
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I can imagine prominent members of the Order taking pride in the role they play in the faith. The princess is a member of the Ardarvian Order, and she insists on attending many important public functions blindfolded and gagged, often bound up in front of the main hall of the castle where everyone can see her. Maybe they put candles on her or something.

>> No.10929604
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Does angelic bondage still stack with angelic lesbianism?

>> No.10929753
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So it looks like everyone else is asleep.


>> No.10932699


I just woke up. Holy shit, this thing exploded with ideas.

And that pic is perfect for a Supplicant. I want to write something now, but with a party coming up in a few hours....

>> No.10932718

Only colossal faggots like you bump shit like this.
These awful threads should have died with Xiombarg herself.

>> No.10932736

Everyone is busy partying. And I have to sleep soon.

Well at least I got the Helots wiki started at fucking long last.

>> No.10932760



>> No.10932783

But all I did was spellcheck, fiddle with wiki page tags and do some copypasting.

>> No.10932826

One thing confuses me about this God-of-BDSM thing:

Why, /tg/, why on earth would you spend so much time developing an idea that would be basically impossible to use in any game ever apart from some online ero-RP thing? Who the hell would try to introduce these ideas to their IRL group?

>> No.10932856
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You're too kind.

Significant progress made in the last two days, by the way. Part one almost done. I want to be well into part two before I post it, though. Rewrites and revisions still required as well. Keep lusting after those chitinous ladies, true believers. Excelsior!

>> No.10932880

Because it's there. Because there's no good reason not to. And because they're actually pretty interesting classes mechanically speaking.

Same reason anyone would want to play a Bondage Witch. For the challenge and the interesting flavor of having a spellcasting character who can only cast while restrained.

Because it's unusual and new and interesting. And that's GOOD. Because the same old crap all the time forever gets boring.

>> No.10932919


Well yeah... but there are other new and interesting ideas to develop that you could freely bring along to your D&D session without the other players thinking you're a massive pervert.

>> No.10932978
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Are you one of those people who thinks Justiciars are "too kinky for serious roleplay" or something?

>> No.10932980
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>> No.10932992
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>people replying to this troll thread without using sage

>> No.10933006


How can you not see my point?

A bondage deity? Who on earth *isn't* going to think you have some kind of problem if you want to bring that into a D&D game?

>> No.10933069

Anyone more mature than this >>10932992 maybe?

>> No.10933089


Don't know what kind of people you roleplay with, but in any of the groups I play with, eyebrows would be raised.

>> No.10933114

The people I play with it would be nothing.

Besides, there's something spiritual about being completely restrained. It doesn't need to be sexual.

>> No.10933145

I guess it just depends on the situation, how you handle it, and what kind of people you play with.

Besides, Lolth is already the Patron Goddess of Backstabbing Lesbian Spider Bitches from Hell so it really isn't so outlandish.

>> No.10933171

>It doesn't need to be sexual.

Hmm, maybe you have a point.

I kind of made that default assumption because I have a bondage fetish (and hate myself for it)

>> No.10933180


It depends entirely on the group of people involved. I could see this stuff being nice for one-on-one ERPers.

I mainly love it for the ideas for writing and art, more than actual gaming personally.

What I'd love to explore is how these folks fit in and don't fit in with more standard character types in some non-porny stories(not that there's anything wrong with the porny ones). Tlhrow an Ardarvian cleric into the usual mix of Fighter/Thief/Wizard and see how it can go.

>> No.10933193

>I have a bondage fetish (and hate myself for it)


>> No.10933206

An excellent idea indeed.

>> No.10933212

It's also nice to have a Good option for BDSM-y characters after decades of nothing but Lolth and Book of Vile Darknessness.

>> No.10933248


>I kind of made that default assumption because I have a bondage fetish (and hate myself for it)

Ardarvia teaches acceptance of ones urges and their guidance towards healthy ends.

You are now imagining a dominatrix knocking on yoru door and asking if you've read the Rule of Law.

>> No.10933257


Don't want to shit up the thread too much, but it just generally seems to me to be a bit wrong, and weird, to be aroused by something like that. Can't see any justification for it.

>> No.10933287

And yet you find it appealing on some level.

Do yourself a favor. Go find out why. Ask around on the web somewhere or something, go out and meet someone who's into that "lifestyle" and ask them what appeals to them about it. Try to figure out WHY you feel the way you do about this subject.

You might just learn a little more about yourself in the process. And that's never bad.

>> No.10933388
File: 1.01 MB, 1447x2046, 1257703694605.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It's really just an expansion of the Justiciar's idea of "hogtie everyone for great justice".

>> No.10933402


Just remember the core rule: SSC. Always has to be Safe, Sane, and Consentual.

>> No.10933412


Or alternatively rather than trying to find out why, try to find a cure

>> No.10933460

If this thread is still around tonight, I'll try to get to work on a Supplicant story. Offers herself to a nymph that has been angered by nearby humans who mistakenly destroyed some of her territory. She accepts all of the nymph's wrath unto her self to quell the nymph's anger at humanity.

>> No.10933689

This is probably relevant to you deviants:


>> No.10933702
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Haha, Oh wow. Lawful Good Bondage Paladin.

Now that's a character concept.

I mean, Bondage Monk is pretty fucking easy, there's at least two famous examples for that sort of fighting - Capoeira being one.

>> No.10933733
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And Wu Song being the other.

Becoming a Bondage Monk after accidentally killing his Sister in Law.

>> No.10933745


<3 anon


Funny enough, they've got those too! Their fighting styles haven't been expanded upon yet though, as far as I know.

>> No.10933954

>>10933257 Can't see any justification for it.

Why do you NEED a justification?

>> No.10934036


Well, it's nice to understand *why* something gives you a hard-on.

>> No.10934043


But why is bad if you don't? Why should you hate yourself for a fetish that you don't understand?

>> No.10934055

There is no 'cure' for the human condition.

>> No.10934275


Maybe it's because I'm a science graduate? We don't like not understanding things.


>Implying "the human condition" is equivalent to "being a perv"

>> No.10934358

Angelic lesbianism always stacks

>> No.10934483


Should the bondage angels holding Ardarvia up all be lesbians or should some guys share the burden as well?

Maybe it depends on the person seeing her.

>> No.10934558


Don't start tainting things with males

Tribadism ftw

>> No.10934621


I was thinking about a gay rogue X Ardarvian redeemed babau fic....

Instead of acid they secrete lubricating jelly.

But yeah, all female angels in the chained flock holding her up fits how I see Ardarvia. YMMV.

>> No.10934710
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Like this maybe.

>> No.10934767

>thread about bondage goddess thing
>animu bondage pics
>no 3d bondage pics

/tg/, I am disappoint

>> No.10934777


There's a link to a thread on /s/

>> No.10934780


Maybe if a real Dungeon Keeper 3 had come out we wouldn't have that problem.


>> No.10934920

So, who wants to get started on fluffing a god of scat?

>> No.10934966


>> No.10934973

rolled 60 = 60

>disgusting 3-dimensional women
No thank you.

>> No.10935352
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Ahknyl held her kneeling position, while the crawling sensation crept across every inch of her exposed flesh. She did not move; this was as much a test of her faith and obedience as it was her punishment. Though it was her first, and to date only, infraction, she took the chastisement and the resultant castigation with humility and remarkable amounts of reserve. Perhaps this was why her people, the oft-misnomered 'chain devils', had found comparatively pleasant service under the rather...unusual...deity known as Ardarvia.

How she had come into the service of the Iron Maiden was, in it's own way, a testament to Ardarvia's appeal; once content to work as an independent enforcer for several Baatorian powers, she had been rudely ripped from her home plane to serve the will of an exceedingly ambitious wizard. His thinking was petty, his tasks menial, and his behavior was more suited to someone who should be consorting with the loathsome Abyss-dwellers than a keeper of Hierarchy. The indignity itself was enough to keep her constantly infuriated, and focused intently on every infraction that could be exploited to facilitate her nullification of the contract. Perhaps it was the subtle workings of fate that arranged for a party of adventurers to happen upon the offending spellcaster, weakening his attention enough for her to free herself and, in a rare fit of pique, assist her liberators in ending her former captor's resistance. She'd been on the verge of tearing the filthy bastards soul out through his throat, when paladin of the group had took hold of her wrist.

"He must answer for his crimes, including those against you."

>> No.10935476


...and then?

>> No.10935608

>>10935352 continued

Slowly, Ahknyl had withdrawn her chains from about the wizards torso, his limbs, his most treasured appendage - the argument was not the most convincing, in and of itself, but the very fact that the paladin considered the forced servitude to the one who had bound the kyton with his magics. "By rights, his life should be forfeit, his soul mine to drag back to Baator and torment until the last star is extinguished. That he dared to bind me by such means gives me all the justification I need to grant him endless punishment."

The paladin, garbed in a manner that most of her ilk might consider scandalous at best (and heretical at worst!), brushed her fingers over the kyton's taught bicep, fingers insinuating themselves between links of chain that hid most of her lithe form. "You speak truth, and I would not deny how greatly he wronged you. However, that vengeance would be better served by turning it to justice; no one could better show him what it is to be on the receiving end of such transgressions than you." While the chains fell away from the wizard, the paladin released the kyton's wrists, to bring fingertips to her face. "Come with me. My Mistress would welcome one such as you into her service, and your gift would make you a valuable asset."

The rest of the party erupted in a cacophony of protests and dispute, the very idea of a creature of Hell traveling with them anathema to the majority of their number. The wizard they'd captured nearly soiled himself at the thought of the being that was moments before on the cusp of snuffing his life being part of his escort into custody.

>> No.10935613

Actually, the point of this deity is that while the acts of BDand SM are performs, it isn't the entier core of their faith. It is somethign to be done with people you love, safely, sanely, consensually, without judgement or concern for persecution, in the privacy of one's home and private life. The clerics, paladins, and other servants of the goddess don't necessarily flaunt their bondage and discipline practices. Oh, they can, for an EroRPG, but in general play it's no different than worshiping Vecna, or Rovagug, or a Ilsenssine. You don't flaunt the fact that the god of secrets is your patron, you don't inform people that madness is your friend, you don't let people know your services are available to the brain eating god of knowledge. You help your team mates, you serve in quiet, fundamental ways, and if they discover it, you do your best to teach them the whys and the reasons, because there ARE whys and reasons. You serve your gods because you are called to do so, and you do what is necessary to further the teachings and beliefs, even if it means persecution and misunderstanding.

>> No.10935790

>>10935608 continued

Ahknyl regarded the paladin with a mixture of bemusement, confusion, and intrigue. "I would normally be quick to tear the flesh from your form, luscious though it may be; I would flay you to the bone, and attempt to corrupt you with unimaginable horrors for presuming to speak to me in such a manner. You do not seem to be unaware of such things, either..." She held the paladin's gaze, and knew she was unafraid. "Yet you offer me an alternative, and seek to punish this wretch for having bound one who should, by all rights, be a mortal enemy to you and yours. I am indebted for the liberation you have granted me, and your claims intrigue me. For this, I will accompany you, but I will offer you no guarantee of agreement."

"I would ask nothing more than your accompaniment be of your own free will." The paladin smiled, removing her hands from the kyton's person. Ahknyl looked at the wizard, the paladin's allies quickly tying him up, trussing him for ease of transit, and while she still felt a desire to feel his blood running in rivulets over her barbed, thirsty links, patience and her word required her to resist the temptation. Ahknyl was many things, but weak-willed was not one of them.

Concealed beneath a cloak that muffled the sounds of her chains and hid her features, Ahknyl returned with the paladin and her peers to the temple that had sent the holy warrior forth to apprehend the offending wizard. Over the course of their journey, the servitor of Ardarvia related the creed and ethos of her faith to the kyton, engaging in lengthy and in-depth discussions of the role of binding, submission, and consent in the Iron Maiden's service. The more that Ahknyl heard, the more she found herself intrigued and fascinated by the precepts set forth.

>> No.10936058


>man getting tied up, not a woman

Interest... fading...

>> No.10936175


Came to post nymph/Supplicant fic.

Staying for superior Kyton redemption fic instead. Bravo /tg/

>> No.10936358

>>10935790 continued

The temple was an artistic enough structure, aesthetically pleasing, while maintaining a sacred force of presence that, inexplicably, did not burn Ahknyl's being. The kyton was surprised to see the paladin's allies part company from that point, leaving the holy warrior - Modesty, they called her out of what Ahknyl presumed to be irony - to haul the still-bound wizard up the stairs, and into the sanctuary.

As soon as she crossed the threshold, Ahknyl was filled with a sense of belonging that defied all reason and expectation. Though faint and clearly disguised, the sound of shrieks and cries of sanctified pain reached her ears; the tinge of blood was unmistakable, without being thick and cloying upon the air. In spire of herself, the chain devil felt her nipples harden with an intense anticipation. It felt appropriate to be in this place, an edifice to many of the ideals that the kyton held dear, though taken in a different direction than she was accustomed to working with. Before she knew it, she had been guided by Sister Modesty before an even more scandalously-garbed clergy-member, the extent of her exposure somehow inferring in Ahknyl's mind that she was the High Priestess of the temple.

"Welcome to the temple of Ardarvia, Sister of the Dancing Chains," the woman greeted warmly, her voice easily as enticing as that of a Brachina. "Your plight had come to our attention by means of a Patron, who had been watching for the one who had wronged you." She gestured to her side, and a male figure stepped forward, drawing Ahknyl's gaze. Though he stood before her, looking more akin to a mere mortal covered from brow to shin in spines than what he truly was, the spinagon made for a dramatic surprise. "He made mention that you were a talented, capable worker of bindings and disciplining, and asked that we offer you an...opportunity."

>> No.10936388

Getting to that in a moment; have to run to store. Also, if thread dies on me, I'll repost from beginning.

>> No.10936522


I'll wait to put mine up after this one is done. I want to see how this one goes.

Damn my redemption fetish.

>> No.10936578

>Damn my redemption fetish.

Wow. That is kind of... specific

>> No.10936706


So... are you writing this as you post, then?

>> No.10937123


Eh, a good chunk of /tg/ has that fixation when you get down to it. It seems like it's more common to see fics about paladins gently fucking some good into succubi rather than succubi tempting paladins into falling.

Combine it with the monstergirl love here and magic happens.

>> No.10938515
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>Interrupting kyton love for JUST a moment. I want to see that one continue!

The nymph Lillia ran her hand down the length of her arm as she bathed in her pool, soothing what little lingering aches remained from two days past. The hunter's shot had been lucky. Her unearthly beauty had already blinded him when the arrow was loosed. Lillia winced from the memory of it. At least now no mark remained. The human hunter that had struck her was sent back with his fleeing companions, blinded forever. She felt no pity. Not after what they had done.

She rose from the waters, droplets racing down her skin like a lover's touch. Her hair shone as gold in the sunlight. She thought about remaining in the pond a little longer. She was still angry. She knew she had every right to be after the humans' trespasses. She did not begrudge them the right to their own lives, but they had intruded upon her home. They had attacked some of her trees. And when she demanded they stop, and that they heal the damage they had done, they reacted like panicked savages.

"Pah!" She struck the water's surface. The next time they came, she would show no mercy. She was well within her rights to drive them away from her land altogether!

The fires of this resentment and anger stoked within her heart as she gracefully waded to the pond's edge, moving through the water as if it were air. "They deserve worse than what I have dealt them..." She wanted retribution.

She stopped in her tracks and listened.

She heard the quiet footsteps upon leaves and grass well before the intruder stepped out from amidst the trees.

Lillia readied her hand, prepared to call forth lightning to deal with this impetuous trespasser who dared set foot upon her most sacred place.

>> No.10938540

Filthy habit of mine, but I'm also saving it in Tomboy before I post. Which reminds me, now that I'm back I can resume.

>> No.10938584


The stanger stepped forth, her footsteps slow and exploring as they went. A human woman, beautiful and healthy in form, but most unusually attired. She was clad in black leather that seemed designed more for restraint than comfort, made to reveal and present as much as conceal. Boots rose above her knees. A corset tightened around her torso underneath her breasts. Her arms were bound behind her in a single, strange glove. A collar was fastened about her neck, a thin chain of silver hanging from it. A black strap wrapped about her head, completely covering her eyes. The rings that hung from her nipples glinted in the sunlight.

Lillia had never seen such a sight. Her hand was stayed only by her surprise as the woman continued to slowly step forward into the clearing. She did not seem afraid at all, despite her seeming helplessness. What could be seen of her face was strangely....serene.

Lillia came to her senses, and shouted her presence to the blind intruder. "Stop! What are you doing here, human?!"

The woman stopped and immediately turned towards the nymph's voice. Lillia's eyes widened as the strange woman dropped to one knee before her.

The woman's voice was soft, gentle. "I have come to kneel before the Lady of Oakcrest."

Lillia could only gape at her in confusion. She knew that the humans called this area Oakcrest. What trickery was this? She found her voice, putting force into it, fully intending to intimidate the girl into being truthful with her. "I am the nymph, Lillia. This is my home. YOU are intruding upon it."

The woman bowed her head further. "I am sorry. It is for you, that I have come."

>> No.10938613




Lillia wasn't certain of the girl's meaning, but her instincts screamed that it was a threat, somehow. She clutched her hand upward, calling upon the power of the land around her.

Long, sinuous vines burst from the ground all about the human intruder, wrapping about her and lifting her up, twisting her about. The human gasped in surprise, but she did not scream. She did not cry out. She simply hung in the vines' embrace as they writhed her about.

Lillia was furious. "Did they send you? The farmers? The ravagers of my woods?!"

The woman gasped her answer as the vines snaked all about her body, binding her legs, slithering across her nethers. "No...the farmers have sworn to never intrude upon the lands you call your own, forevermore."

The nymph's mouth went slack. "What...you lie."

The stranger's voice was all too calm for one in her predicament, as she rose and fell in the vines' clutches. "It is the truth. My companions have convinced them to leave you to your lands. They will respect your boundries. It has been sworn, and my friends will enforce the oath."

Lillia's fists shook. It was over? Just like that?! After all they had done?!

"No! I demand satisfaction! They have not paid nearly enough for their crimes, for their offenses against me!"

The woman let her hang head before Lillia, as if in reverence. "That is why I am here, my Lady. I give myself to you and your mercy, in exchange for their safety." There was no resignation in her voice....there was a strange hint of pride, and something else...

>> No.10938642


Lillia took a step back. She now had no idea what to make of this woman. "W-who are you? A madwoman?!"

"No, my Lady. I am Silela. I am but a humble Supplicant of the Iron Maiden. I am yours to do with as you will."

Lillia stared at her, wrestling with the concept. This woman was sacrificing herself for those undeserving savages? "No! I have no quarrel with you. THEY are the ones who have wronged me!"

Silela implored her, "Please, let me take their punishment in their place. There can be peace between you...but if you must release your anger...please let me take it from you. Let me carry the weight of their transgressions and your hurt."

Lillia's confusion and anger were mounting against each other. "You dare to tell me what is just?" She pulled the collars chain, jerking the Supplicant's head up to face hers, never realizing that the chain had been placed there for her all along. "You presume to speak of forgiveness for those savages after what they have visited upon me!?"

Silela's voice was impossibly soft. Unbearably gentle. "If you wish to punish me for my assumption, I will gladly accept it, my Lady."

The nymph stood back, shaking, frustrated by this woman who refused to behave as she expected humans would. With a snarl she lifted her hands, directing the vines to draw the Supplicant upright. More vines crept over the limbs above them, to come down again and latch onto the woman's armglove. Silela's legs were held tight and apart, she was bent over, her arms pulled up painfully behind and above her.

Lillia pulled a fallen switch from the ground and stepped around the woman, her footfalls heavy, her heart racing. "You think yourself capable of simply taking the burdens of their sins upon yourself?!" she yelled as she swung the switch against the girl's exposed buttocks. The willing slave's head jerked as it snapped at her skin, an excited gasp escaping her lips.

>> No.10938655


Lillia wanted to curse her more as she paced around the girl, swatting her again and again with the switch wherever her skin was exposed, but she was too furious for words. She wanted someone to pay. She wanted someone to suffer for what had been done to her. If this fool wished to take it upon herself for a time, then so be it. She would keep going until the wretch begged for mercy.

She drew cries of pain out of the girl, mixed with wails of something else. But not once did Silela beg for mercy. She jerked within the vine's hold, spasmed whenever the switch graced her most sensitive regions.

Lillia swung at her with wild abandon. Her anger was flowing out freely now, all of her resentment...

Her arm began to ache, and finally she took measure of her work. Silela hung limply before her. Lines of angry red criss-scrossed over her skin. Tears seeped from her blindfold, but she was not sobbing. She was simply breathing rythmically, seemingly steadying herself for more.

Lillia's hands shook, now feeling impotent in her rage. She was more out of breath that the woman she had just whipped. "So...are you done? Have you had enough, fool?"

Siletha did not raise her head. She kept it bowed before the nymph. "If my Lady is still filled with anger, I remain by her side if she will have me."

There was no hesitation in it. Lillia's eyes twitched. She could not understand this woman. Why was she willing to put herself through this for those who did not deserve mercy?

She strode forth, angry, and paced around the Supplicant to strike her again. Then she saw Silela's arousal, the glistening wetness that shone down her thighs.

Lillia could not believe it. "You....you are enjoying this?!"

>> No.10938670


Silela humbly answered. "I gladly accept the pain, my Lady."

Lillia's lips shook. She had never seen such a person before. Someone that could react in such a way to what she was doing...

A spiteful cruelty took hold of Lillia's heart, one that would have shocked her at any other time.

She slapped her hand between Silela's legs, tearing a pained, single note from the girl's mouth. Her fingers pinched the Supplicant's clit, and then tightly rubbed back and forth around it.

Silela squealed and buckled within the vines, but she did not try to pull away. Lillia's hand was already soaked with the girl's excitement. "You enjoy pain? Is that what you want?! Fine!"

The nymph opened Silela's petals with her fingers, and placed her knuckles between them. She clenched her thin hand into a tight fist. Silela's breath was reaching a fever pitch.

Lillia looked at her with resentment and disgust, for whom she was now uncertain, and she slowly drove her fist into the slave's sacred cavern.

Silela's ragged moan echoed throughout the clearing as Lillia impaled her with her thin, graceful arm, as she squirmed upon it as it pushed further in. Her flesh was tight around Lillia's fist, but it took her up to her wrist.

Lillia reached for the collar's chain and pulled Silela's head back. "Are you still enjoying this, you human whore?!" She pumped her fist in and out, feeling the girl clench and spasm over her.

Silela had no answer save for her cries, her writhing.

Lillia was uncertain how long it took, but she finally realized that the girl's tortured song seemed more one of rapturous release than simply pain. The shock of it stilled her hand. SHe stopped, and looked upon what she was doing.

She finally noticed the taste of her own tears upon her lips.

>> No.10938716


Her hands shook as she pulled out of the slave. As she stepped back and away. SHe looked upon the girl's ravaged body, Saw the reddening marks that she had hatefully left upon her. Felt the wetness of the woman's sex upon her hand.

Her knees were weak. She felt sick. "What am I doi..." She collapsed to her knees, staring at the hands she had stained with her blind rage.

She stared at her hands, sobbing at what she had been driven to do with them. Was she truly so horrible?

She never noticed that her control over the vines had faded. She did not see the Supplicant safely set upon the ground.

She was so lost in her shame and misery that she never saw Silela approach.

She was shocked to feel the girl's kiss upon her cheeks. Her tongue wiping away tears. She could only stare in absolute confusion as the Supplicant lowered her head to lick her hand clean.

Finally Lillia willed herself to crawl backwards, away from the girl. "W=what are you doing?!"

Silela stayed where she was, upon her knees, her head held low. "I am tending to you, my Lady. You are in pain...please let me help you." She girl was covered in welts, marked all over from the nymph's cruelty. And here she was, worried about HER wellbeing?

Lillia shook her head, denying this madness. "N-no...I'm not like this! I'm not cruel! I just wanted.....I only wanted....."

>> No.10938795


Silela inched forward, and touched her lips upon her lady's, like the kiss of a breeze. "It is alright. I wish to take all you have to give....I wish only to help you find peace with yourself." The slave smiled gently at her sworn mistress.

The nymph pushed the Supplicant away, shaking her head in protest. "No...I'm not like this....I'm sorry...I did not want to harm y-...." She realized the lie as she spoke it.

Silela simply smiled softly again. "Then please be gentle with me. I am yours for as long as you will have me. Until you are satisfied, and your heart has found peace." She leaned forward, touching her forehead to the ground before Lillia as if in worship.

Lillia could see clearly all of the welts she had left upon the girl's shoulders, her backside. She reached out to touch her sympathetically before catching her shaking hand, thinking herself unfit to touch this one whom she had visited such cruelty. "W-why are you doing this? Why are you willing to take so much upon yourself? For them? For me?"

The Supplicant did not raise her head. "For love. If I can suffer in the place of another, I accept the burden gladly." She finally brought her head up, to "look" upon her master. "No one should have to suffer alone, if it can be shared with one who can bear it."

Lillia's shaking hands came to rest upon the girl's shoulders. She quaked with barely contained tears of shame and guilt as her healing magics washed over the woman, as all the welts disappeared. "I...I do not deserve this..."

>> No.10938810


Silela inched forward again. "Yes you do, my Lady...all of us deserve it. If you will let me, I will guide you towards peace. You can control your anger, your cruelty..." She kissed the nymph's navel, and trailed her tongue downward, pulling it away before reaching her sex. "...rather than being a slave to it."

Lilliana felt warm all over. The woman's voice, her touch, were comforting. Calming. She found her hand upon the girl's chain once more, gently pulling her closer. "I...I do not know what to do...."

Silela's lips were drawn close to her own. Her breath hot with promise and desire. "You do, my Lady. You need only learn control...."

"H-how long will you stay..."

Silela's lips brushed against her own now. "As long as you need me. And longer if you desire it."

Lillia joined her kiss and wept, her tears flowing over their lips. She could not believe that this woman, this human, could be so forgiving. So unquestioningly loving. But she wanted to believe it. She placed what faith she could in it, as the Supplicant's kisses wandered down her neck, her breast, to wander about her belly, and finally joining her sacred grove, offering only gentle pleasure in exchange for harsh torment.

It was the first leap of faith that reshaped the grove of Oakcrest for ages to come.


>> No.10938930

>>10935790 continued

Ahknyl spent the next days listening to the High Priest - Obedience, she would later learn she was called - extol the virtue of service to Ardarvia, from the application of discipline and the extraction of recalcitrance from the most obstinate of transgressors to the administering to the needs of the faithful, dutiful submissives eager to take upon themselves the suffering of others, and to bear the brunt of the punishments so many others deserved. The dichotomy was baffling to the kyton, who could understand the mixture of blissful pain and the joyous distribution of it to the errant and disobedient, but had never considered the possibility that a non-kyton would grasp the nuances of the dance of roles, the balance between the Dominant and the Disciplined, those who punished and those who received the lash. It was not the conceit of superiority that laid so many fiends low, in the Abyss; the minutiae of unspoken and understood law, rank, and standing made the relationships too difficult for non-devils to comprehend, or so Ahknyl had believed for centuries. To discover a mortal faith that, at its essence, attempted to capture this structure and this framework in a benevolent manner was difficult to wrap her own mind around.

"The most important part, where your former captor became subject to our wrath, is that consent is foremost, before discipline can be established, before subservience can truly become one's due," Mother Obedience explained, pulling the kyton out of her momentary loss of environmental awareness. "This is why we had to dispatch Sister Modesty to liberate you, and offer you refuge and respite. While you are free to return to the Nine Hells at any time, we would offer you the chance to experience something different...something we hope you will find 'better'."

>> No.10939091


Saving this for the fluff section on the wiki.

>> No.10939150

>>10938930 continued

"And what are the conditions?" Ahknyl attempted to convey a state of apathy. She knew fully that she was failing to even convince herself.

Mother Obedience smiled, invitingly. "First, consent, as I have stated. Second, restraint, which I do not anticipate to be a difficult for you in either sense. Thirdly, mercy, even when the urge to punish burns at its hottest."

A month passed, and Ahknyl found herself beneath the temple in the Antechamber of Agony, in one of the sacred rooms of Spiritual Cleansing. The wizard who had pulled her from Baator knelt in the center of the room, his arms bound behind him, ankles in shackles, looking at the floor where the kyton stood. He looked ragged, exhausted, poorly rested. He also looked, to the chain devil's eyes, like a delicious, perfectly aged piece of meat, in need of proper tenderizing. Ahknyl licked her blackened lips, her hands reflexively wandering herself in anticipation; though seldom had she indulged in physical intimacy as the eryines or other seducer-devils, she found much gratification in her 'work'.

"Chain-Mistress of the Third, Binder in Darkness and Most Profane Flenser, I have sinned against you, and trespassed upon your freedom," the wizard spoke, a strange urgency in his voice. "I submit myself to your retribution, most earned and deserved, and only ask that my life be spared, after my flesh has been punished." His gaze had not risen from her feet, but his breathing had begun to quicken - to the kyton's ears, his fear had fully awakened, and spiced the experience deliciously.

>> No.10939362

>>10939150 continued
The faint jingle of her black links echoed about the room as Aknyl sauntered over to the kneeling spellcaster, her movements fluid and sensual, while maintaining her domineering mystique. Bending at her waist, a fingernail tilted the man's head back, so that she was looking upon the veil of chains that obscured her face. Her eyes were clearly visible, however, and as their gazes met, the room about them began to darken, fading from view until there was naught but himself, and the kyton who had once been his slave.

"You have much to answer for, mortal," she whispered, her voice faint and seductive. The chains seemed to writhe against her face, before slithering away, revealing the bruised and battered visage of a succubus the wizard had summoned for purposes of practicing his 'craft' in the past. His wards had kept the demon completely cowed, to the point where he was able to beat her at will, for the slightest mistake. He'd gotten carried away one night, however, and had taken a cold-iron fireplace poker to her face, thrashing her so savagely that her material vessel failed her, releasing her back to the Abyss. Though he'd never admitted it to himself, he'd developed feelings for the fiend, misguided as they were. The guilt welled in his belly, but he could not avert his eyes. "Please...please, not that..." he whimpered, shame tinging his words.

Even as the words escaped him, he felt a tightness in his throat...and then about his throat, as barbed chain dug into his flesh, and other chains wrapped about his elbows and knees, drawing him into the air in an almost draw-and-quartering pose, holding him aloft and with his head back. "Did you think you would earn your forgiveness so easily?" the succubus' voice queried, smoky, erotic, forcing him into a state of intense erection as it caressed his ear.

>> No.10939445

This is looking like a good story to cap this thread off.

I like the different takes people have on what is and isn't appropriate for these people to do, and how far is too far.

Mmm. Kytons.

>> No.10939596

>>10939362 continued

An abrupt, sharply cold sensation passed under his eyes, followed by a quickly heating warmth, and immediately he realized that he had been cut by unseen blades. The hiss of pain surprised even himself.

"Shhhhhh," Ahknyl chided, touching the blade-charm to his lips so that he could taste his own welling blood. "Sinner does not speak, until given permission..."

The sudden presence of the kyton's voice disoriented the wizard further - he thought he had been looking upon one of his prior slaves. He tried to look about, seeing her lifeless body hanging above the door through which the kyton had entered. The barbs digging into his neck almost distracted him from the tears that were beginning to well, unbidden.

"I fully intend to remind you of your wrongdoing, wizard," Ahknyl warned, tracing the point of her blade along the man's spine while refraining from cutting. She could taste the suffering, smell the building despair, and it was making her deliciously wet. The scent of copper, iron, and oil welled from between her legs as she drew back the blade-holding hand, and swung the other over her head and then downwards, lashing the suspended wizard with a handful of loose chains. The yelp that escaped him sent shivers of pleasure through the kyton, as she worked along his back in a figure-eight of carefully measured swings. The chains that suspended him disappeared into pools of shadow in corners of the room, tightening at her mental command to arch his back just so - the chains that bound his arms behind him wriggled from their current position to pull his wrists to his knees, the binds at his elbow sliding up to the crook of his arm and torso. Now fully-exposed, his back was a canvas awaiting her master's touch, and she set joyously about creating a masterpiece upon his flesh.

>> No.10939769


>> No.10939934

Ahknyl spent hours reveling in her former captor's torment, turning him into a raw, aching, agonized wreck, shuddering in agony, the myriad patterns of welts and hair-thin cuts rendering him a testament to the chain devil's artful sadism - yet she did not focus on causing lasting, permanent harm. She was certainly capable of shattering every bone in the wizard's body, easily capable of killing him swiftly and messily, but the kyton instead extracted confession after confession after confession from the suffering man, until he began to weep helplessly. He hung limp from the chains...limp, save for one rather obvious regard. The results of his punishment were clearly visible upon his back, but his member seemed intent on emulating an iron rod in response to his punishment. "Did I give you permission to enjoy your disciplining, Sinner?" Ahknyl queried archly, uncertain as to whether she was insulted or flattered by the results of her handiwork.

The wizard did not answer, immediately, his breathing slow, heavy, laborious. When he found his words, he struggled to look at her, the barbed chain that had hung about his neck, clenching, long since having fallen away. "I...I yet sin, Mistress," he panted, his erection throbbing in time with his words. "May I know release? Please, Mistress?"

>> No.10940502


>> No.10940555

>>10939934 continued

Reflexively, Ahknyl sheathed her left hand in her chains, and backhanded the shuddering wizard. His choked groan of pain was accompanied by the sudden spatter of warm, mawkish fluids across her feet. "You are fortunate that your captors insist I spare your life," the kyton sneered, "because I would tear your head off for that insult." As she spoke, the chains shifted to invert the wizard, leaving his face mere inches from the ground. She brought her ankle to his face, rubbing his semen into the cuts below his eyes, then across his lips. "Lap it up, cur, and leave not one drop."

The urgency with which he set about the task filled Ahknyl with a strange sense of delight, greater than she would have felt at merely snuffing the wizard.

On completion, the chain devil stated, "You will rest, now, and your captors will tend to you. You have not earned forgiveness, but you are granted respite, for now." She left him suspended, face smeared with the mixture of his blood and seed, and a hint of blade oil, as she retreated. It wasn't until she was out of range that the chains dissipated, dropping him unceremoniously to the ground.

I could get used to this, Ahknyl mused to herself as she retreated to her chambers to rest.

>> No.10940739
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>"Lap it up, cur, and leave not one drop."

>> No.10940919
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I, for one, have enjoyed this thread immensely.

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Now you have to clean that up.

Get to it.

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>> No.10941108 [DELETED] 


Days gave way to weeks; weeks became months of discussion, study, and gradual understanding of the ways of Ardarvia's Order. Ahknyl's meetings with her former captor became recurring weekly 'sessions', each accompanied by her making use of her innate gift of chains and drawing forth more in-depth confessions by means of her unnerving gaze. The part she did not comprehend in spite of the lessons taught by Mother Obedience and Sister Modesty, among others, was how he appeared to anticipate and welcome the punishment, instead of dreading and fearing the pain and wounds that would come of their 'meetings'.

>> No.10941123
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Isn't the kyton supposed to be getting punished for some transgression?

>> No.10941147

>>10940555 continued

Days gave way to weeks; weeks became months of discussion, study, and gradual understanding of the ways of Ardarvia's Order. Ahknyl's meetings with her former captor became recurring weekly 'sessions', each accompanied by her making use of her innate gift of chains and drawing forth more in-depth confessions by means of her unnerving gaze. The part she did not comprehend in spite of the lessons taught by Mother Obedience and Sister Modesty, among others, was how he appeared to anticipate and welcome the punishment, instead of dreading and fearing the pain and wounds that would come of their 'meetings'.

"You're gifted in the ways of disciplining, Sister Chain-Dancer," Modesty attempted to explain for the kyton's behalf, "but you do not understand the gratitude that gift inspires when properly utilized. That you give exactly what they deserve, and what they secretly desire, makes them indebted to you, and eager to behave in a matter that will earn them more time with you."

"That may be," Ahknyl deliberated, "but that doesn't mean it makes sense. Pain is supposed to be a deterrent, not an incentive." A hint of eagerness was already making the chain devil squirm, and she tried to put the thought from her thoughts. "Most individuals do not seek pain, but its avoidance. Besides, don't most faiths consider inflicting harm an evil act?"

Modesty shook her head. "Pure, unqualified malice is evil; proper punishment for the purpose of bettering a sinful soul is a mercy and a benevolent act."

>> No.10941154

In Media Res, sorta.

Started in present, working way through flashback. Almost caught up to present.

>> No.10941390

I like where this is going.

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Please don't let this thread die now. Especially after I spent all that time fiddling with the wiki page.

>> No.10941777


I WAS going to help with the wiki. But then fireworks happened and more erotica was posted. Damn distractions all over the place!

I like the idea of some clergy members being known simply by words like "Obedience" and "Modesty", like that one angel named Exquisite Lamentation.

Supplicant fic could be longer. It could certainly stand to have more detail about her guiding that nymph towards a healthy outlet for her anger.

>> No.10941802

>>10941147 continued

The paladin's words were lingering in Ahknyl's thoughts when everything went wrong; what had began as one of their regular sessions of disciplining took a turn for the uncomfortably personal.

"Mistress, have I disappointed you?" The wizard's question came out of nowhere, as the kyton sat upon the small of his back, chains descending from the ceiling looping around his torso and knees as she took a break from her floggings and etchings to contemplate the lessons she was supposed to be learning from her experiences.

The abrupt "Silence," from the chain devil was nowhere near as forceful or assertive as her typical addressing of the wizard who had once enslaved her. Her thoughts were still on the guidance that Sister Modesty was trying to supply, unable to glean meaning from the concept of pain as benediction. She rose from his back, looking at the refreshed canvas that had resented from the treatment and tendings of the Sisterhood of the Iron Maiden. He had been restored to perfect health after every punishing session, none the worse for the wear he had been put through. One especially nasty flensing had left her certain he would not survive.

She was not entirely certain she would have been pleased if he had not.

>> No.10941840

I can't imagine that everyone involved with the church would willingly take such presumptuous names. On top of which, they must be aliases for the most part in any case.

I'm curious to see just how large this faith is, though. I can't imagine it being particularly numerous in its membership like the more mainstream faiths, but given the usual helping of people in high places I'd imagine they have no shortage of political and social power in some areas of the world. Not to mention the persuasive power of having angels working for you.

>> No.10942014


I'd probably place them as being less numerous than your standard love/marriage deity's faith in your standard fantasy lands.

Of course if they're big on converting drow they could have pretty sizable, tight-knit communtiies of those folks hidden away somewhere. Probably not anything big though.

Unless they actually managed to convert a drow city somewhere. Now there's a thought....

I figure they're mostly small enclaves, for the most part complimenting mainstream love/community/justice based faiths rather than serving as the primary, though with some odd exceptions here and there. I have a hard time seeing them being a dominant religion anywhere except for wherever the base of the faith is.


ohboyohboy here comes the kyton's misstep

>> No.10942038

Most of the fictions here are the deeply personal, darker stories of redemption of races normally considered irredeemable and those who are turned from stranger passions towards self betterment.

The average lay worshipper (whom I am writing a story about) is your typical, average, completely unessential to any plot person. Perhaps a noble, perhaps a farmer, perhaps a serf, perhaps a wizard's apprentice, perhaps an elven couple raising their child. People who have no meaning the general cmapaign other than people you pass on the streat. They do not advertise their faith, they do not preach or sermonize, and even their daily prayers will seem quite innocuous.

Generally speaking, the average worshiper goes through their day looking, acting and living like anyone else. There will be no indicator that this person is anything other than a typical NPC. Even seeing the holy symbol will only indicate somethign odd if the PCs make a religion check - otherwise it's a simple amulet of wood or silver. At night, with their loved ones, they engage in kinky sex, safely and consensually. That's what the average worshiper is all about - living an orderly, good life and having fun with your loved one in private.

>> No.10942058

I can certainly see them sending envoys or 'exchange students' to any church that will have them. An Ardarvian Supplicant serving in a church of Sehanine wouldn't be too outlandish.

>> No.10942092

One thought regarding drow; given that whole 'whip of fangs' plus 'all drow interactions are superior-inferior' pairing of things, I really have to think at least some drow, especially male drow, would shy away from this, because it's hard to see it as anything but their old situation given prettier packaging.
I know it's all SSC and all, but just thinking how wouldbe escapees from drow society might see it.

>> No.10942134
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Precisely. I can't imagine that the church or its followers would be seeking attention from society so urgently as many of the other faiths. For all its acceptance and open-mindedness, the Ardarvian faith should be fairly discreet and self-contained for the most part. Which would also explain why it is as small as it is, if new members are so few and far between.

No doubt they take on volunteers in other roles, for more mundane work with society such as the usual aid-giving, 'clothe the homeless' and all that. But the clergy themselves would be very carefully selected indeed, for the most part.

>> No.10942196

>>10941802 continued, resented was originally replenished, WTF Spellcheck?

Writhing in his bonds, the wizard continued in spite of the direct order from the kyton. "Am I stifling your creativity, Mistress?" he continued, squirming in the chains holding him off the ground. "Perhaps I should reawaken your fury by telling you what I planned to do with you when I was still your master..."

The echoing crack of Ahknyl's abruptly extended chains across his skin made his voice catch in his throat, reminding him of how volatile the kyton's temper could be, when pressed. "I said -silence-," she hissed, pulling the lengths of chain taut between her hands. "You were not granted permission to speak. Do not presume that I will forgive such insolence."

"I was going to try to summon an angel to rape, and you were to help me do so," he continued, through clenched teeth, eyes focusing on the ground as he continued his confession. "You were to bind her as you now hold me, so I could pluck her feathers by the fistful with each thrust. I'd have let you lick the tears as they left her eyes, tasted the blood spilled with your sharp, sharp blades, and then let you kill her for my own pleasure. I wanted to watch her die in your arms, my cock buried to the hilt inside her as you ended her life."

"SHUT UP!" Ahknyl shrieked, unleashing a frenzied flurry of strikes across his back, the chains on her arm animating into a veritable blizzard of blows across every inch of his back. By the time she calmed down, he was purple along his spine, seemingly one mass of raised welt from the nape of his neck to just above his buttocks. It took her a few moments to realize that he was screaming from the plethora of strikes that had rained down upon him.

>> No.10942378


Aw he done fucked up now.


Yeah, I'd HOPE the entrance qualifications for the clergy would be tough, letting only the best candidates through the door. You'd definitely want someone that knows and understands what they're doing in the church..

>> No.10942446

Xiombarg is pleased.

>> No.10942456 [DELETED] 

>>10942196 continued

He went utterly limp once more, the all-too-familiar exception beginning to enrage the kyton. How dare he presume such deeds from her! While she was no friend of the celestial, she would by no means serve as some mortal's personal bondage assistant, particularly under thaumatological duress. Even in such a perilous predicament, he was oblivious to his proper place, assuming that speaking to her in such a manner was acceptable!

"...you'd have had to let me fuck you, my cock covered in angel's blood..."

As soon as the words left his lips, Ahknyl's hand covered his mouth to silence him. A sudden wet, awful flesh-ripping sound followed, and within seconds, the bladed end of her chain erupted from his anus, the emergence splattering blood onto the wall behind. Drawing her hand back, a length of chain emerged from her palm, spooling out a bit more length as she backed away from her once-captor with a completely neutral expression on her face. "Never again," she hissed, and with a barely audible click, the visible links of chain became barbed and bladed. With another rattle, she began to reel her chain in.

Sister Modesty burst into the room in time to see the wizard cough forth a horrifically prodigious gout of blood as the barbed chain emerged from his mouth. He turned to face the paladin, a ghastly smile on his face, before stating to her, "I brought it upon myself, and slumping slackly as he died of massive internal hemorrhaging.

Before Sister Modesty could even ask, Ahknyl was prostrate before the paladin, brow to the ground. "I have failed. I am prepared to accept any punishment that is my due."

>> No.10942498

>>10942196 continued

He went utterly limp once more, the all-too-familiar exception beginning to enrage the kyton. How dare he presume such deeds from her! While she was no friend of the celestial, she would by no means serve as some mortal's personal bondage assistant, particularly under thaumatological duress. Even in such a perilous predicament, he was oblivious to his proper place, assuming that speaking to her in such a manner was acceptable!

"...you'd have had to let me fuck you, my cock covered in angel's blood..."

As soon as the words left his lips, Ahknyl's hand covered his mouth to silence him. A sudden wet, awful flesh-ripping sound followed, and within seconds, the bladed end of her chain erupted from his anus, the emergence splattering blood onto the wall behind. Drawing her hand back, a length of chain emerged from her palm, spooling out a bit more length as she backed away from her once-captor with a completely neutral expression on her face. "Never again," she hissed, and with a barely audible click, the visible links of chain became barbed and bladed. With another rattle, she began to reel her chain in.

Sister Modesty burst into the room in time to see the wizard cough forth a horrifically prodigious gout of blood as the barbed chain emerged from his mouth. He turned to face the paladin, a ghastly smile on his face, before stating to her, "I brought it upon myself," and slumping slackly as he died of massive internal hemorrhaging.

Before Sister Modesty could even ask, Ahknyl was prostrate before the paladin, brow to the ground. "I have failed. I am prepared to accept any punishment that is my due."

>> No.10942550
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>> No.10942555

I suspect the Ardarvian is going to whisk this one out from under her though.

Which pinpoints why the two groups clash so much.

>> No.10942703
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That....that's not how you safeword, wizard!

>> No.10942720

>>10942498 continued

The memory made Ahknyl's skin crawl with unhappy recollection, her thoughts returning to the present. She looked down over her bluish, pockmarked, hole-ridden skin, implicitly forbidden both from poking at and exploring the gaping gaps in her flesh...and allowing her body to remedy her current condition. Her hands and legs were completely free of restraint; the only impediment to her obedience was her own will, the same willfullness that had been her undoing in that moment of weakness and wrath. Only one fortnight had passed since her punishment had begun.

Had any other attempted to do to her what the Sisterhood of the Iron Maiden had deemed fitting punishment, she would have done far worse than what she'd done to her prior captor. Having submitted herself for judgment, and found herself wanting, she would acknowledge the authority of the Church, and accept the course of action they would put forth.

It was not surprising that one among their ranks was a metalworker. Neither was it surprising that they were able to craft tools for the cleaving of infernal metals. What was surprising, however, was the consecration of the bolt-cutters to snip away Ahknyl's chains at the flesh, and the fact that, in spite of the truly horrible way she had ended the wizard's life, it was relatively painless to have her precious chains clipped away, one by one.

Sister Obedience, however, was more acquainted with kyton physiology than Ahknyl had expected. "Until six fortnights have passed, you are implicitly forbidden from regrowing your chains. You are to not pick at the apertures in your skin, or allow any links to regrow to fill them, until you have completed your penance."

>> No.10942808
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BTW, Kyton writer.....

I see what you did with her name.

>> No.10942886

I've never really given much thought to how kytons and their chains were connected....

I don't have a picture that commincates shuddering very well, but if I did I would post it. gj writefriend

>> No.10943002

A beautiful fiendish woman covered in gaping holes?


>> No.10943024


Ahknyl wanted to pick. She wanted to poke, to prod, to coax the first little bits of metal to seal the wounds and take shape as the first stages of her recuperation. She wanted to take back her temper, to undo the life-taking that had led to this miserable state of affairs, to stay her hand when her former captor provoked her in such an open fashion. She wanted to hate him, to blame him for her current state of affairs.

The note that the wizard had left behind, however, made that impulse impossible. "I am beyond redemption," he had written, "and it took a devil showing me mercy to realize this fact. You deny her her vengeance, deny her suitable justice, and think that you will somehow bring light to my corrupted soul in doing so. Though you may succeed with her, I am going to surrender my life that I go to the appropriate punishment for my hubris and folly." Sister Modesty had found the note in the midst of that fateful session, and had submitted it in defense of the kyton, seeking to absolve her of the murderous act.

"She feels guilt in her heart," Mother Obedience had noted, "and I cannot absolve it. She will find peace through study, through meditation, and through repentance."

In that fortnight, Ahknyl had filled her every waking moment with studies of Arvardia's ways and dogma, and gained greater insight than she'd previously achieved in her time at the temple. In that fortnight, Ahknyl became more aware of her body than she'd ever been before. In that fortnight, Ahknyl became determined to succeed where she'd priorly failed.

In the interim, Ahknyl, now Initiate Unchained, itched in ways that she had never known to be possible.

>> No.10943045

Except she's being an obedient, mindless, imagination-less servant to the order of Ardarvia. She'd have her Eloihim rip the kyton to shreds to make her break her word.

>> No.10943258

You're missing the point.

She's a Kyton, she has willingly given up her chains, she is currently trapped in a state of self-imposed restraint from any form of violent behaviour, and she's covered in holes.

All we need to do now is send a few dozen futa Erinyes to her in her dreams to rape her in ways she's never imagined.

>> No.10943265

I was waiting for an 'ICWutUDidThar'.
Sometimes, the most appropriate bonds are the self-inflicted sort. The ties that bind, extrapolated.
Worth the wait?
Is it wrong that I read that in the voice of Sherman from Peabody and Sherman?

>> No.10943298

Lovely work. Xiombarg might not be exactly pleased, but her writer approves.

>> No.10943349
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I'm sure Xiombarg would appreciate the challenge.

However, we seem to be forgetting, as always, that the Lady of Swords does NOT, in fact, run the Helotry. She is NOT their patron, merely their godmother.

Heh. Godmother.

>> No.10943362


>Worth the wait?


>Is it wrong that I read that in the voice of Sherman from Peabody and Sherman?

Nah, that's just natural.

Bare kyton being left alone and forced to restrain herself in penance makes me feel warm inside.

>> No.10943403
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After all the great attention Ardarvia's been getting lately, it'd be nice and all to have some help working on the Helots as well. Compared to all this, they're barely fleshed out at all.

>> No.10943430

Well, that means our following has a choice - either I can work on Ardarvians more, or truly flesh out the Helotry and Xiombarg.

>> No.10943441


Time to break out the BAD ENDs then?

Then again, I think we could put a happy spin on them. They're not all evil, right? Mostly CN?

>> No.10943500

Actually, the story that XS posted about the Helot and the Justiciar has a GOOD END.

Shocking I know.

>> No.10943573


The Helotry and such could definitely use more love after all that Ardarvia's gotten. And since they're both wiki-ed now, we've go a great launching point for it.

I'd love to see the daily doings of both groups explored, really. And what sort of lives Helotry members lead...

>> No.10943582

To be fair, there's plenty of fluff to back up the Helotry. I just don't seem to have nearly as much material to put in the
>associated information
section as I did with Ardarvia. Just take a look at the two articles on 1d4chan and see what I mean.

As far as alignments are concerned, the Helotry is, in as far as I understand, simply a different view on the same subject. Where the Ardarvian church has built itself primarily upon the idea of servitude and codes of practice, teaching people to behave in a manner that is conductive to the emotional well-being of all and offer their services to help spread that well-being throughout the world, the Helotry is more like some kind of Zen philosophy based on understanding oneself, serving one's own spirituality, and self-learning.

There's also the matter of heresy.

>> No.10943591

link to wiki article(s)?

>> No.10943601

Xiombarg, for all that she's a vengeful, wrathful, whimsical bitch all the time, is still very much lovestruck to the core. And I have absolutely no doubt that the Justiciar and the Witch will make the Nameless Goddess very proud indeed.

>> No.10943605


I need to check that out before sleep tonight....

OP fic promised Xiombarg somewhere along the way. Maybe we'll see some temptation towards the Helotry for someone eventually.

>> No.10943624


I should really make some sort of note just to remind people that Xiombarg is only foster to the Helot cult, not their actual patron.

>> No.10943634



>> No.10943654

1d4chan.org and search Ardarvia or Helotry.

>> No.10943662


Incidentally, I'm shocked that I cranked out over 4K words with so little effort.

I'm very tempted to do a 'Later, in the Temple!' sequel to this bit, which I've named locally as 'Unchained'.

The conceit I'm looking at is that Ahknyl ends up healing completely over, and ends up sort of a dusky gray instead of blue, and only has chains when there's a need for them. Though that comes of the spouse and I having our little setting where one son of a sort of local demiurge ends up an assassin who studies martial arts under a kyton and gets his Scorpion Fu on, turning into a humanoid shadow, and spews chain harpoons from his bodily substance when irritated.

Seriously, anyone who grew up on Mortal Kombat and Ninja Scroll among other things has no excuse for kytons not being made of awesome flesh-shredding cheese.

>> No.10943711

Does this deserve another thread? It looks like there are quite a few people on now.

>> No.10943732

I wouldn't recommend it. What we have on right now are a lot of trolls and /b/tards.

>> No.10943771

Well shucks.

Okay, if anyone in here has anything important to add to the wiki, either of them, you could just slap it on the Discussion page and we'll bring it up later for some proper DISCUS

>> No.10943780


I'd love to stay for it, but I need to fall asleep. Awesome thread. If more writestuff keeps turning up I hope someone saves it s somewhere. The Helotry and Ardarvia tickle my fancy.

>> No.10943852


Ardarvia organization guy better see this stuff before he starts the next brainstorming thread.

I've got a few other Ardarvia fics saved locally. Some dwarf couple story and a short succubus trial story. I guess I could throw those up...

>> No.10943861

We've been archiving it, so it will stay safe long enough that I can get together a word doc or such when I get home in a few hours.

>> No.10943969


Fukken ace.

>dorf story. Turns out it's just porn.

Sparks flew as Folgrum beat the heated blade over the anivil. His teeth were gritted in frustration, the swing of his hammer growing sloppy with his temper. He cursed himself silently for losing his patience with his work, but still could not shake the doubts that caused his hands to err.

A bad strike later, and Folgrum cursed loudly as the work was ruined by a blow too forceful and too close to the center of the blade. The entire thing had broken.

He threw his hammer across the forge, cursing a stream of dwarven litanies and kicking over buckets of water and sawdust.

He did not see his wife coming down the stairs from their office. He did not see Shelaig take in the scene with a shake of her head and a frown. But he heard her.

"Folgrum! Calm yourself!" Her voice rang clear throughout the forge. She did not scream, she did not shout, her voice simply rose enough and the natural force of it carried the rest of the weight.

Folgrum ceased his fit of temper and looked up, apologetic but still frustrated. "Sorry... Just havin' a bad day of it."

Shelaig smiled softly with understanding as she closed and locked the office door behind her, and gracefully stepped down to the floor of the forge. Her cotton dress was almost aglow with the light of the forge.

Folgrum continued, scratching his beard irritatedly. "Just...can't seem to concentrate. You know how it is."

Shelaig came close, and held her husbands arms in her own. "Shhh... You just need to find your focus again. Do you want me to help?" Her eyes, her smile, promised her aid. But he needed to ask for it.

Folgrum considered her offer for but a moment, before smiling, rather sheepishly for him, and answering. "Heh...yeah. Yeah, it would help."

Shelaig's eyes were alight with a fire all their own now. "Then clear the anvil while it's still warm." It was not a suggestion. It was a command.

>> No.10943988


Folgurm immediately complied. He brushed aside the bits of metal left behind, sweeping it all away and quickly putting his tools aside. He felt the anvil's surface. Still hot. Not dangerously so. Just right, really.

The forge fire was still going well nearby. The heat was good.

He then turned and stepped two paces away from the anvil, knelt, and pried one loose stone tile from the floor. He eagerly retrieved the four manacles and chains from within. By the time he had run all of the chains through the appropriate hooks attatched to the bottom of the anvil, Shelaig had returned. Her preparations already made.

"Turn around." She said. Folgrum obeyed.

>> No.10944009

He turned to see his wife, his mistress, dressed in Ardarvia's glory.

Gone was the soft cotton dress. Now she wore only the black leather apron that left her bountiful chest exposed, and flowed down her front to taper between her black, strap-sandalled feet. Her hands were wrapped in tough, leather gloves, made for working with more delicate material than metal. The black leather mask that covered the top half of her head was also in place, her braid pulled through the hole in the back.

As far as Folgrum was concerned, Shelaig was the goddess incarnate at that moment. The curves of her short but strong, well-formed limbs...the way that ran into the symmetry of her waist, her shoulders, and the way the black leather accentuated her pale, dwarven complexion...it was perfection in his eye. A masterwork of flesh, bone, and soul.

She smacked the tough, leather tipped cat-o'-nine-tails against the palm of one hand. Her eyes clearly communicated her desire even before she spoke it.

"Take them off."

Folgrum tried to fight back an excited grin, and obediently did as he was told.

>> No.10944035

The man took off his apron and placed it aside with care. He slid the cotton shirt off, revealing his still sweat-slicked, well muscled body, obscured now only by his thick beard.

He only began to fumble as he kicked off his boots and began to undo his belt. His excitement was getting the better of him. Shelaig only had to swat him lightly upon his waist to reprimand him. He bowed his head and said, "I'm sorry, mistress." He then slowly and carefully unbuckled his belt, and removed his work trousers and placed them with the rest of his discarded clothing. He was now clad only in his underclothes.

Shelaig smiled, proud of her man, both his pleasing form and his discipline. He still erred from time to time, but there would be no fun, no joy, in it if he were perfect. The pleasure, the passion, came from the work. Not the result.

"Now the last." She nudged the bulge of his loins gently with her lash before bringing it back, crossing her arms beneath her bare breasts. The light of the fire glinted off the sheen of sweat beginning to form on her skin, as well as upon the shining golden rings that hung from her nipples.

Folgrum slowly worked his loincloth down, and placed it with the rest. He was completely bare, revealed for his mistress' appraisal. The man was hard with muscle all the way down to his toes. The impressive thickness of his member spoke true to the tavern rumors passed about by tall folk concerning dwarvenkind.

The mistress grinned with approval. She ran the tails of the lash slowly from the tip of FOlgrum's shaft, all the way up its length, up his belly, his chest, until she was holding his chin up. "Now. Lie on the anvil."

Her voice was calm, commanding. But the desire, the fire of excitement, flickered behind the words.

>> No.10944055


Folgrum stepped back to the large anvil, and lifted himself upon it. It was still good and warm, nearly uncomfortably hot against his legs.

He turned and laid down up his back, It was wide enough to support him from head to hip, but his arms and legs hung over the edges uncomfortably.

He tilted his head to look upon his wife as she approached. He barely had time to register the rising of her arm before he felt her lash strike down upon his chest. He clenched his teeth, fighting back the grunt of pain.

"Do not look at me. Look at the mark upon the ceiling and nowhere else." She lashed him again upon the side of his waist.

Folgrum winced and fixed his gaze upon the the mark. A chalk circle, representing little but its own presense. Sometimes he fancied it to signify the forge of the sun.

He wished to look upon his wife, but her command stood. She took his arms, pulled them down, and bound his wrists with the manacles he had affixed. She went around the anvil, continuing to bind his ankles to the rest of the chains.

Folgrum was held tight against the anvil's surface now. The heat of it flowed into his back. That and the glow of the fire nearby had him sweating anew.

>> No.10944070


He was hard now. His manhood stretched upwards, inching past his navel. He shivered as he felt Shelaig's fingertips brush over its length, as she ran one finger around the crown of its head.

"Control yourself." she admonished gently, as she ran her fingers further upward, across his chest, around a nipple. She pinched it tightly, drawing another shiver from her man. He was throbbing with desire now, yet still he was not ready.

Shelaig reached up and grabbed Folgrum's beard, pulling his head up to face her. To bring his face close to hers. "What do you want, slave?" she whispered.

Folgrum's voice was drunk with want. "To be in you, mistress."

"Are you worthy of it yet?"


Shelaig smiled, and let him go. She stepped back and ordered him, "Focus on the mark."

Folgrum turned his gaze back to the ceiling. He kept his eyes focused, even as he heard the air cut by the swing of the lash. Even as he felt the strike up his bare skin.

>> No.10944097


Again and again the lash kissed his flesh. Upon his chest, his shoulders, his inner thighs. He twitched and shuddered with each strike, and still his eyes did not waver. The mark became everything, the refuge of his thoughts as he savored each sting and after-pain of each blow of the lash.

The blows stopped for a moment as Shelaig stepped over him, into his view. She smiled with approval, lowering herself and placing her soft lips against his, twisting her tongue with his. She broke away without warning, catching his lower lip gently but firmly in her teeth, pulling it lightly, teasingly, for but a moment before letting go.

And still his eyes remained on the mark.

She pinched and twisted on nipple painfully as she flicked her soft, wet tongue about the other, offering him the duality of pain and pleasure in equal measure.

And still his eyes did not waver.

Her finger tips ran from the tip of his member, down the shaft, to cup about his scrotum. She squeezed them gently.

Folgrum felt like he was on fire. His heart raced. But his eyes did not wander from their appointed task.

Shelaig wrapped her fingers about her husband's, her slave's, shaft and pulled it away from his body, forcing it upright. Folgrum grunted and clenched his jaw. He was so hard the motion had hurt.

"Are you ready, slave?"

Folgrum gave the correct answer. "If it is your will, mistress." His voice was breathless, he spoke to her with both desire and the reverence of worship.

Shelaig grinned, and pulled herself upon the anvil, using her husband's penis as a handhold, until she was upon her knees on the anvil and sitting over her slave's belly.

"You may look at me. You may ONLY look at me." she said as she pulled the bottom of her leather apron out from beneath her, to let it fall to the side of the anvil. She worn nothing behind it. Nothing underneath. She was wet with more than just sweat.

>> No.10944109


Folgrum finally took his eyes from the mark, and looked up his wife, his mistress, his Goddess Ardarvia represented in flesh. She was soaking with the exertion of his punishment, of the excitment and anticipation of what was to come.

She grabbed his beard with one hand. She still held his penis upright with the other.

"Focus on me alone. Do not find release until I tell you." Her breasts shook with her shuddering breath as she gave the command. Folgrum whispered his reply. "Yes, Mistress."

Shelaig lifted herself slightly, and guided the tip of her slave's shaft towards the glistening lips of her sex. She impaled herself upon his length, slowly, savoring every inch as he slid into her wet, sacred mystery.

She took him to the hilt before resting uon him. Nerves went electric along both of their spines, shudders wracking them both as they exhaled with their union's completion.

They stayed still for a moment, she enwrapping him in her flesh, he filling her with his. Slave and master. Husband and wife. Supplicant and priestess. The light of the flame set their skin aglow.

She rose slightly, then descended once again. "Now...complete your offering to Ardarvia. Pleasure for pain."

Folgrum nodded silently, keeping his eyes fixed upon hers. He thrust his hips upward as much as he could with his limbs bound to the anvil as tightly as they were.

>> No.10944119


She came down up him as he rose, she lifted herself away as he fell. They worked like a well-timed machine, moving in unison as they forged the seed of climax within each other.

Folgrum's waist was slick with Shelaig's wetness. He felt as if they burned hotter than the anvil's surface ever had. His eyes remained upon Shelaig, and hers upon him. She clutched at his beard, his chest, as she pulled at him to drive herself onto him harder and faster.

They could no longer hold it in. They were both crying out now with each crush of their bodies. Folgrum drove himself into her, a hammer striking again and again at a medium of flesh, working their pleasure into something greater with each strike.

His jaw was clenched so tightly he felt as if his gums bled. Shelaig's moaning resounded off the forge's walls. He held the explosion of his climax as much as he could, his muscles strainging with the effort.


She tossed her head back, her braid flailing, before looking down, her eyes dark and deep with lust. Her voice was a low, earthy thing. Primal and pure. "NOW."

Each of them spasmed as the geyser of his seed was let loose within her, as the walls of her sex spasmed with a flood of joy and release around his member.

>> No.10944137


Folgrum's Goddess in Flesh shook with the aftershocks of rapture above him just as he did, before growing still. A final exhalation of relief, and then all of the tension they had built up was release.

She lowered herself to lay upon him, kissing him tenderly now. She gave her husband time to catch his own breath.

"Is everything clearer now, Folgrum?" Her voice was not that of a priestess, a goddess. It was simply that of a concerned lover, a wife.

He nodded weakly, but with certainty. "Yeah...yeah, I think it is."

They lay there for several minutes, the dampness of their sweat kept warm by the fires nearby. Finally, they both laughed softly, affectionately.

"You should get back to work then."

"Ye'll be needing to unbind me 'fore that, Shelaig."

She lifted herself from the anvil, and paused to consider something before turning to unlock his manacles. "Alright. You're free to go, love."

She drew close to his ear, and whispered with hot breath, burning with promise. "But only until the day's work is done. Tonight, you are all mine."

She jangled the keys before his eyes. Her grin was a loving one. A hungry one.

Folgrum wanted to be done with the day's work as quickly as he could.

>> No.10944189
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Looking over it again, I really prefer the more characterization driven fics, even when they're mostly porn. Still.....dwarf bondage.

>> No.10944281
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My turn to go

>> No.10944331


Oops, sorry. That was it for that one.

I"ve been looking around for the succubus one... I think it was supershort. A little rough, maybe. I can't remember too much. I THINK it was straight up porn like the dorf one.

>> No.10944452

>Found it

Tellar'kas' whole body trembled as a blast of cool air swept the temple dungeon, the sound of the cell door opening and closing seemed impossibly loud in the confined space.

'Eyes ahead prisonder' - the voice of her captor was harsh, betraying no hint of warmth or concern that might have relieved the tension which coiled through the pits of Tellarkas' stomachs.

Not daring to disobey, she fixed her eyes on the far end of the room. The temptation to turn at least a single eyestalk flared as her captor fixed heavy steel shackleds around each of her hind legs. Chains stretched from each limb to embed themselves in walls of the room. For the first time since her arrival at the temple of Ardavia, Tellarkas was struck by the realisation that it was too late to turn back.

>> No.10944456

XS is also working - in addition to the laypersons view of Ardarvia - a Helot vrs Paladin of Ardarvia.

Something to solidify how they tend to react to one another.

>> No.10944470

Hint - it wasn't a succubus. Or at least, not a HUMANOID succubus.

>> No.10944480
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I'm looking forward to it like these people look forward to floggings.

>> No.10944552



>venturing forward

Unable to resist any longer, she allowed one eye to twitch backwards, a movement that most humans would have found barley perceptible - but her captor was not an ordinary human. Tellarkas caught a brief gimpse of leather and metal and a waterfall of golden hair before a searing whipcrack burst across her back. She spun the eye back hoping that the stinging chastisement would suffice.

No such luck. Without saying a word her captor went to work with the whip, flogging Tellarkas with mechanical precision and angelic fury. The whip left white lines of fire from the tip of Tellarkas' forked tail to her formost shoulder joints. 10...20...25..30...

The flogging stopped as suddenly as it began, leaving Tellarkas termbling once more.

The priestess marched around to stand by her victim's head, trailing the whip across Tellarkas' back as she did.

'Eyes down'. This time, the temptation to disobey did not even flit across the bound creature's mind.

''Tellarkas, formerly called the devouring voice in the dark and henceforth called a penitant slut of the temple Ardavia, you have presented yourself to this priesthood in the hope of finding redemption for your years of sin, is this so?''

>> No.10944592


''It is so, praise Ardavia'', Tellarkas' answered in a voice that would once have called up the priestess' most primal fears, but which now quavered with pain and lust.

''Then redemption is what you shall have, if your mind is sharp and your will to goodness strong. Know this - the evil that you have done and the evil that you were born to cannot be cleansed with one mortal life or one thousand. Your penance and your enslavement are forever; though you may in time earn the right to walk without chains and become a force for great good in the world you will always wear the marks of a slave and recieve the punishments of a penitant''

The priestess' voice finally softened, but lost none of its iron conviction, 'I will save you Tellarkas', if it takes me the rest of my life. The first step you must take is to accept your punisments without question or reserve, so here is your first order - to lick my boots, call me mistress and beg for another flogging''.

Tellarkas' long tongue caressed her captor's boots for a long minute as a whirlwind of thought's and feeling ran through her head. She remebered the taste of rough leather armor, crushed between her teeth along with it's wearer. She had devoured elves and dwarves, men and orcs, cities and kings. She had been a tale to put unrully children to sleep, and an icon to mad worshippers. The voice of the abyss whispered into her head - ''kill the human, it wouldn't be hard. Break your chains and burn this temple, come back to the slaughter for another thousand years.'' It would be so easy to faulter now, to return to her life of wickedness and forsake this one chance of redemption...

Slowly, very slowly, she raised her head to fix all of her four eyes on the apparition of lovelyness that stood over her, legs parted, eyes that were stern but full of hope.

''Please my mistress, punish me for my wickedness, punish your penitant slut with another well deserved flogging''.

>> No.10944611


CRACK! The whip flew again, leaving a stinging trail across Tellarkas' side and dancing spots across her vision. This her mistress was not silent; she barked admonishments, whispered words of hope and sang a prayer of hope to her goddess.

''Oh Ardavia, bring your gifts to this wretched penitant''.


''Grant her the wisdom that comes with humility, the joy that comes with submission, the understanding that comes with pain.''


''Let her walk amoung us as a sister, kneel beside us as a penitant, crawl beneath us as a slave''


''Oh Ardarvia, Iron Maiden, fallen and reborn goddess, mistress, queen; let this humbled whore find a measure of salvation in me, in my sisters and in you.''


The last blow seared all though form Tellarkas' mind, left her gibbering and thrashing until she collapsed.

>> No.10944659


The penitant slut awoke from her unconciousness to find that she had been collared. A thick bronze band encircled her throat, enscribed with prayers to the Iron Maiden and scenes from the goddess' mythos in miniuture. She did not have to look to know that the collar was seamless, without joint or lock, because it was never going to be removed.

More importantly, she had been physically modified for her new life as a slave. Her claws had been filled short and capped with gold - the red inflamation around thier bases and the pungent smell of an alchemical concoction were all the hints she needed that they would never grow againt. Her nipples, previously so easy to overlook upon her monsterous form had been pierced with golden hoops and hung with polished steel weights. Her limbs were no-longer chained to the walls but cuffed and bound together, limiting her to a slow shuffling walk.

''Awake at last then!'' The voice of her mistress was now almost playful. ''It was a shame to alter you so while you weren't around to feel it - I think you would have squealed like drow when your rings went in - but we have another ritual that I think should make up for it.''


>> No.10944683


Her mistress snapped her fingers. As if from nowhere a naked, collared elf woman appeared at her side carrying a tray of pierceing tools, rings and weights.

''I know that you can change your form to at least some degree, my slave. Show me''

Tellarkas lowered her eyes submissivly and concentrated. Her flesh flowed like water as a set of eight thin tentacles sprouted from along her back. Her mistress smiled mischeviously and took the formost tentacle in her hand, strocking it.

''As you have no doubt noticed, nipple weights are one of our most commonly used tools. I have decided that you shall experiance this form of penance eightfold, as a sign that every part of you is now the property of this temple and our goddess.''

Tellarkas could only nod numly and then gasp in pain as the piercing tools went to work on her, once...twice...eight times in total. When it was over, each of her once formidably weapons was adorned with a golden ring and a brass bauble. When withdrawn they would form a corset-line of markings down the length of her back.

''I want you to hold those weights above your head, that's right, and I want you to keep them there as I walk you through the temple to meet your new owners and sisters in slavery'', here she attatched a leash to Tellarkas' collar, ''Let even one drop and it will be counted against your punishment tonight''.

>> No.10944707


They proceded through the halls and clositers of the temple, passing gardens and cells, harems and libraries. Tellarkas was at first suprised by the amount of eveyday business that occured in the temple - she giggled a little at the thought, for surely she could not expect even the priests and templars of the Iron Maiden to indulge in carnal excess in every waking moment.

A bright crack of pain across her backside brought her out of her musing. Her mistress twirled the riding crop she now held like a baton and gave a cruel tug on her leash, ''Keep silent, keep you eyes forward, I will not warn you again.'' Another crack along the length of her back, causing her already aching tentacles to shiver perilously.

The tour seemed to stretch on for hours. Tellarkas was a great novelty - many fair humans, lithe drow and dark-souled succubi had been crawled through the temple's clositers and serviced its inhabitants throught its history. The fiend who now pattered through the halls was a testament to the love of Ardavia - all who wished for it would recieve her mercy under the whip, fair or foul.

Again and again they were stopped by priestess who wished to examine the new slave, to beat her, fondle her, kiss her. Once she was ordered to penetrate a fellow slave with her tentacles, a few minutes of blessed relief as the weights were removed. The drow slut moaned and writhed spectacularly under Tellarkas' ministrations, and she was told that this particular talent would be called upon many times in the future.

By the time that they returned to her cell, she had allowed her pierced tentacles to drop five times. Each error was immediatly corrected by a swift blow and a harsh word. Now it was time for her real punishment to begin.

>And that's where that one ended. I must have missed most of it the first time through, somehow...

>> No.10944733


>well hell, I scroll down and apparently there's a little more....I need to stop saving and forgetting
The cell was crowded with priestess' and slaves, all come to watch the first nightly punishment of the once-devouring voice. The slavegirls were visibly excited by their new sisters, all hoped to enjoy her unique talents soon.

Tellarkas was allowed to withdraw her tentacles and was shackled to the floor in the centre of the chamber. Her tail was leashed to her collar, exposing her genitals for all to see and forcing her back into a painful arc.

The abbess of the temple stood at the head of the room, an imposing figure in a scarlet habit. Tellkars' mistress knelt at this woman's feet, kissed the tips of her shoes and the edge of her robe and was spanked six times with the abbess' cane of office.

''Sister Anasthi, you have done this sisterhood a great service by talking charge of our newist penitantn'' the abbess' voice sent shivers through Tellarkas' spin, her belly, her cunt...

''Do you have any particular requests to make of her first public penitance session?"

>> No.10944784


"Yes, your ladyship, my slave disobeyed me six times during our tour of the temple grounds and I request that she be branded with a cold iron six times as punishment.''
Tellarkas gave a barley perceptible shudder as a branding iron was produced, fashioned into the holy symbol of the iron maiden. With a wave of her hand the abbess imbued it with biting, magical cold. The iron sent wisps of bright white mist spiralling into the air.
"The punishment will be demonstrated upon another slave, that the penitant's anticipation might be part of her chastisement." Tellarkas let out an involutary gasp of shock as her mistress turned on the spot and pressed her forhead to the floor, raising her ass for the abbess' inspection.
Sister Anasthi gave a great cry of pain as the brand bit into her buttock before collapsing to the floor; in shock or religious ecstasy, Tellarkas did not know. Two bystanders gathered up the fallen woman and carried her out of the room.

>> No.10944806


The abbess then turned to the trembling monster in the centre of the room. She was gagged - a bar of solid adamantite that even her jaws could not shear. Five times the freezing brand seared her, on her flanks, her cheak, her thighs. Each time her demonic fortitude healed the burn without a trace, but this did nothing to dull the pain.
Finally the freezing iron was pressed against Tellarkas' left buttock, just as her mistress had be scared what seemed like an enternity before. This time, a word of power from the abbess ensured that she would bear the mark forever.
The other priestess' filed out of the cell, leaving Tellarkas' alone for a period of meditation. An hour or more later her mistress returned, to comfort and reward charge. By the morning, Tellarkas would begin to feel the first hints of the redeaming love that she had been offered as she lay defeated on the floor of her lair, with Anasthi's hands working their healing spell over her body not three days before.

>Okay, that's it for sure this time.

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Allow me to help you.

This is the suptg Archive where the actual Succubus story you THOUGHT you were relating is kept.


>> No.10944858

Currently pondering writefaggin up a little something on account of this.

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Ah....danke. I got the details of the two crossed up.

>> No.10944926

Wheeee, watch this thread plummet.

I just hope someone's come up with something to add to the wiki by the time I get home tonight. It'd be a shame if this all ground to a halt just when it's picking up steam.

>> No.10944944


I missed this earlier. Yeah, those drow that have turned against drow society might have a few alarms set off by that faith.

But I wonder if drow agents of the church could "corrupt" drow society from within. Provided it wasn't practically suicide to try, that is.

>> No.10944963

Well, in an hour or so the worst of the /b/tardation will have ended. We can try and start another thread if you like.

XS is collecting the archives and will be collecting the stories and saving them to a file. Not top prioity though, rest assured thy are all saved (4 threads).

>> No.10945065


It's been archived too, so little worry. But if you want to put any new content that you want saved for certain, yeah, you may want to stick it ina fresh thread. The archive archives every two hours, and that's a window for things to be lost.

>> No.10945080

I'm afraid that wouldn't work out well.

Between the fact that the entire basis of drow society is an affront to the goddess, and the fact that there is a very real, very potent, very ACTIVE goddess watching over the drow, it would be suicidal to try and convert them from within. The dangerous nature of a chaotic evil society where even the slaves will turn against you for the sake of being passed over for sacrificial 'honors' - while you are helping them! - makes it next to impossible to help them. The best they could do is some slave raids and largely impotent assassination/desecration attempts. Ardarvians do not have nearly the resources to take on a powerful society head on, simply because they have their hands full trying to maintain their small faith in the face of normal day to day tribulations.

>> No.10945143

Yeeah... As a consequence, will try to write on it. Just a small thing, since I've not contributed to Ardarvia stuff before and don't wanna screw it up.


She came among them like a goddess, eyes alight with passionate zeal. She spoke, and spoke, while they gazed upon her in the garb of her new faith.

There were five of them left. Only five, where there had once been twenty.

It had taken so long... so much fear, so much careful conversation to find others like them.

There is no room for error among the drow. They'd had to be so careful. But in the end, they'd managed to leave together, making their way through winding cavernous tunnels. Out of the Underdark. Into freedom.

Never again, they'd sworn, would they suffer like that. Never again would they endure misery at the hands of someone sublimely convinced of her divine right to punish them.

And then... and then there was /her./

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There isn't anythign new in this thread that isn't in the other three so far.

I may as well take the risk and post a new thread. I'll sacrifice myself to the sagebombers, /b/tards and trolls for the sake of Her glory. And because she's perverse and wants me to write about Helots vrs. Ardarvians.

.....what, you didn't think I was talking about Ardarvia, did you?

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I cry foul!

You posted that while I was posting.

>> No.10945201



Hope the new thread's alive when i awake! Good luck, writesoldier!

>> No.10945211

She'd come among them like a goddess... but it was a goddess they already knew far too well. She carried a whip. Each and every one of the five remembered torments beneath the whips of priestesses.

And now this woman, this stranger, this drow priestess with the effrontery to claim she was different... she was telling them that suffering was right, and good, and that they should submit.

At last, one of them dared to speak. "The joys of submission? We have tasted such 'joys' before. Without soldiers to hold and bind us, you will not repeat those upon us."

Another drew himself up, a scornful light in his crimson eyes. "You offer us the chance to be punished. If I wanted that, I'd go home. And 'redemption'? By what authority can you possibly offer us that?"

"The love of Ardarvia -" Her entreaties were cut off by bitter, derisive laughter.

>> No.10945215



Will be reading this on sun up. Lookan forward to it.

What a bondagy day this has been.

>> No.10945261

I smell incoming gang rape.

>> No.10945305


Roll Diplomacy fast.

>> No.10945313



>> No.10945332

"We will not be your toys, priestess," one of them growled. "We will never again belong to another."

She heard their whispers, and felt the first thread of alarm creep along her spine.

"- what if there are others? If she calls her allies down on us -"

"- you know we can't let her bear witness. It would doom us all."

With that, one of the drow warriors drew his sword.

She held her place, but some strange panic rushed through her learned serenity. How would she lead them to Ardarvia if they killed her? How could she show them any better way, if even her death did not sate their anger?

And then he was there, striking viciously with the flat of his sword, again and again across her body, and little gasps escaped her as she fell to the ground.

He stood over her, contempt etched into his features. "If you try to follow us, I'll make you wish I'd killed you now. Get out of here!" He kicked her, and she rose stiffly, staggering from their camp.

"...Why didn't you kill her?"

"We said we wanted to be different. We said there had to be a better way." He sighed wearily, running one hand through his hair. "We'd best keep moving. There might be more of them."

If there was a better way, it was not going to be easy to find. The five began to gather their belongings. Time to go. Time to move on.

Maybe there would be something better soon. There had to be. That hope was all that kept them going.

The renegade drow warriors set off into the night, and a priestess of Ardarvia wept silently for what she had failed to give them.

>> No.10945371

>And done. Will copy it into notepad to repost if necessary, if the archiving fails to catch it.

>> No.10945474


But...SAD END.

Way to flub the roll, priestess.

Maybe if she had offered herself as a submissive...

>> No.10945511

I think she was going to, but A) they didn't give her the chance, and B) they'd just suspect it was some twisted trick.
Guess even Ardarvia can't save them all.

>> No.10945643

And then they meet human preists of Ardarvia on the surface.



>> No.10945681

I giggled!

>> No.10945765

I'm sure they'd find some other deity to accept them. Preferably one that doesn't give them uncomfortable reminders of Lloth.

>> No.10945840

Caught, downloaded, and saved on computer.

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