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Why aren't there any mixed dragons around?

I mean, dragons can breed with just about anything, right? If they not only can, but also feel fine about, occasionally having children with whatever lesser race, then why wouldn't they ever think about trying it with another dragon that just happens to be of a bit different color?

Like, gold and silver for instance? Both are lawful good and awesome. Why wouldn't they ever try it out? Or red and white? Chaotic evils both, sorta evil selfish brutes: if a red and red or a white and white can breed, then why not red and white? Make a pink dragon.

Seriously, this is bugging me.

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both instances are breeding in weakness?

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But as said, wouldn't it be even more so to do it with a non-dragon? At least this time the other one is a great mighty wyrm.

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In both the examples, the coupling is between opposed elements. It can't really be immune to and yet vulnerable to both fire and cold, and so it evens out so that you have a dragon who has no elemental immunities or vulnerabilities, and a wet cough for a breath weapon because of the interaction between ice and fire.

But more seriously, Dragons are too arrogant and believe themselves too superior, breed by breed, to consider mating with a different colour generally. Nobody cares about a half dragon of a lesser race, but a dragon of two draconic parents of different colours is an abomination.

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apply the half-dragon template to your dragon.
you're welcome

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>no mixed dragons

Look... kid. I'll be nice.

Google Council of Wyrms.

BUT... now this is very important... SECOND. EDITION. VERSION.

There are rules for mixing dragon sub-species in the book.

They MAY have included these in 3.5 but I haven't read it so I can't be sure. I can only point you toward what I know.

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So it's what, one and a half dragon?

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Second eddition they could.
There was a heirchy of ranks.
The highest rank type was the dominant breeder, and offspring resulted in that type of dragon, with a small percentage being the other's type. No half breeds. That only hapens when crossig outside of their "race".

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Council of Wyrms is a kickass book, nonetheless. Also 2e is fun too.

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I'm a half dragon.

My dad was a dragon. My mom only told me about it a couple of years ago when my powers first started appearing. She hoped I would have been full human, so she wouldn't have to tell me the truth about my father (She told me he died when I was young.).

When my powers develop a bit more, I'm going to finally meet him.

Any other people who have a dragon parent out there? How did you deal with all that?

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Not but when I tell my daughter her father was a prince, I won't be LYING necessarily!...

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I found out my dad was a dragon when I was kind of young, so I got into this mentality of "acquire kingdoms, disregard bitches." Now, I'm about 100 and I don't have any possible consorts. :/

Pic unrelated.

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Because when dragons crossbreed, their genetics fight for dominance in the eg, and end up one kind of dragon. There is an actual reason for the mechanical scale of power between types of dragons - their genetics combine with other species easily, but when two dragons mate, the one with the more powerful genetics wins.

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His present son (which I was raising before I died) is embarrassed with me.

I have no idea why.

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Because red and white makes pink and nobody wants any pink dragons flying around.

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Here! Though its a bit more obvious in me, hehe. The scales arn't really bugging me though, they give a nice intimidation factor. Add that to the rumors of a dragon living in the mountains like, a day's journey away from the village... You get it that no one is really bothered by my appearance anymore.

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Not just pink dragons, CHAOTIC EVIL PINK DRAGONS!

I want that shit in my games :'(

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Can't stop laughing! Stupid furfag...

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Another half-dragon here.

My mom is a jerk, though. That's a shame. But at least the whole fire-breathing thing is cool.

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Steam breath maybe?

Not just regular steam breath but like autoclave/nuclear reactor ultra high pressure and temperature steam breath.

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It's always something right? If it isn't the people there. it's y'r mom. If it isn't y'r mom then y'r dad isn't there... *sigh*

I'm going into the mountains tomorrow. See if the rumors are true, and if it's my dad.

If y'r reading this mom, SCREW YOU!

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Have it bypass fire resistance, create massive visibility problems...


"It's a giant pink dragon! ooo I'm..."


"Scalded to death"

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One day, his daddy is going to be king!

*dreamy sigh

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the hell is the other half?

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Yeah, my mom's a weird one. I hear there's a lot of half-dragon siblings of mine out there.

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You know what color y'r dad was?

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Odd that you came out so human proportioned then. Well whatever not like dragon breeding ever made sense anyway right?

And on that note, maybe you should go and play over here

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Nobody's going to be terrified of the pink dragon that breathes lukewarm water.

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On the other hand, that is going to be the most continuously pissed off dragon there ever was

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You might say they'd be......
......steaming mad.

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...that was so bad I'm JEALOUS.

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Heheheh. An incredibly pissed off pink dragon with high pressure steam breath in a kind of draconic "Boy Named Sue" scenario. I have to use that sometime.

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My father was an epic bard, known throughout the land for his mastery of lightning based spells that made aged wizards envious. He would use these spells to enhance his performance upon his guitar to such a level that the gods took notice and brought him forth for a concert.

My mother was a red dragon.

I don't remember much of my father. I recall one bit of wisdom he passed down to me. "Son," he said, "Drink your whiskey before your beer and you'll have nothing to fear." He closed his eyes as if recalling the rest of his advice from ancient tomes. "If you drink your beer before your whiskey..." he trailed off. "Well, maybe you turned out okay, kid. Drink whatever the fuck you want."

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Because then you get all sorts of silly nicknames.

White breeds with red? Either pink or candy cane.

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Black and White?

Zebra Dragon!

Green and White?

Peppermint Dragon.

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Will you still be laughing when they get a fly speed of "Around the world in a night?"

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Christmas Dragons - What the hell do they breathe? Presents? Joy? Snow?


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"It was a Great Wyrm... how the HELL did it fit down the chimney?"

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The most pissed off and confused elves ever.

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So my dad is a woodcutter and my mom is a green dragon.
I live with both of them.

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Alcohol, family tension and the concept of overeating.

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Fresh Breath! It makes everybody so relaxed and calm, that the dragon just eats them.

Minty fresh.

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Angry coca cola trucks.

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Oh god this is hilarious.

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Polar bears?

Oh shit... this just got awesome.

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This thread has become something wonderful.

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Now I have a mental image of a christmas-upped dragon spewing a stream of elves at some unfortunate adventurers.

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FLOURINE gas, the most combustable, acidic, caustic substance known to mankind.

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>Christmas Dragons

>Mental image of dragon with antlers and glowing red nose.

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> I live with a chlorine emitting dragon

Fuck that. I like being none blonde and being alive.

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No that's the blue and white toothpaste dragons.

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I've got to do that in a game. An Elf-breathing Red and Green Dragon. Put baubles on the tip of his horns.

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Holy shit this thread suddenly turned hilarious.

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So... Orange and Black dragons?

What would a Halloween Dragon breathe?

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Candy. Ghosts. Pumpkins.

Twilight Vampires.

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candy corn

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Screaming children in costumes

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Women dressed as slutty catgirls and drunken hambeasts

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Prismatic dragon and force dragon.

Breath weapon is the fist of Bruce Lee shoving LSD into your brain manually.

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burning pumpkin seeds

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What's with the faggy Lucario Fursona?

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Red dragon and force dragon

Breathes monks that are on fire

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how would that even work?

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Breathes Cavities, arch-enemy of the Dentist Dragon.


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Forgot mah links....
"Whats with this faggy Lucario Fursona?"

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Half and a half dragon. 150% dragon!

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what happens if a half dragon fucks a dragonborn?

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I don't know, but I'm not asking a scientist

Those buffoons' outright fabrications irk me.

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Black and Grey.

Grimdark Dragon.

Breathes skulls.

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A Furries fantasy.

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Lucario? I don't see it really. She's some /quest/ character, have a look:

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I figured it'd breathe the Commissars or something.

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Yellow and Blue dragon...

Wait a fucking minute!

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Whatever best exemplifies Grimdark to you.

There is a hoard joke in there somewhere. "The dragon is known to enthrall humans and force them to... oh christ you know how this will go".

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This thread has me imagining Kamen Rider W Dragons:
Green/Black - CYCRONE! JOOKAH!!

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Yellow and Black Dragon.

The Bumbledragon. It breathes bees. And buzzes.

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Years of cross-breeding have resulted in the final stage of dragon colour evolution, the purplish-brown dragon.

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And when it uses its tail swipe, the tail breaks off and it dies.

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There are rules for mixing dragon lines in 2e and 3.5e. Just because you haven't seen them doesn't mean they don't exist, look harder next time.

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I love you, /tg/ <3

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A vuvuzela dragon?

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Look at it's clothes man, Lucario.

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>the horror.... THE HORROR

>> No.10903956


"The DM just took out a Vuvuzela and started blowing it until we all gave up and went home."

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Dragon with Double Driver...
We so fucked.

>> No.10903962

I need fucking stats for the vuvuzela dragon.

Attack: Sonic
Special Attack: Induce insanity.

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TPK in the making.

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Aura 20: Creatures that enter or begin their turn within the aura are subject to the following attack: +40 vs. Will. Hit: Target spends all available actions attacking the nearest creature (save ends).

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Do a vuvuzela dragon.

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Christmas Dragon breathing out angry, confused elves is still my favorite.

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Yeah, and it breathes modeling clay!

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In other news today on Faux, Satanic Death Game, Dungeons and Dragons claims another victim. The four suspects in this bloody murder had only one defence; he set the Vuvuzela Dragon on us...
The State of Texas expects a full pardon.

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Dragon magazine had some.
There's a purple dragon (red and blue mix) that breathed pure energy.
An orange dragon that breathed sodium.
And another two or something.

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Dear god

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Sodium. Just... Sodium? That's pretty dangerous.

Sodium is pretty explosive.

>> No.10904087


Woah, I guess you're right. Wouldn't want dragons breathing anything *dangerous*.

>> No.10904088

It went into detail about how its throat and mouth were coated with some fluid that kept it from igniting. But it would coat you, the sodium, and the thing lived near water (like jungles) so it would blow the fuck out of people.

>> No.10904092

"Who breathes Orange Sodium?"
"Can it be true!?!?"

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Yeah, why couldn't they breathe Cuddly Teddy Bears?

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You are now imagining a fusion of Care Bear Stare and Dragon's Breath

>> No.10904118


for a mild demonstration

now try imagining your entire body coated in it as you fall into a raging river

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Oh yeah, and the yellow dragon breathed salt. A cone that you saved vs breath weapon or have your body encrusted with salt (24d4+24 at oldest age) and blinded, terrible pain and left choking for six melee rounds per age category of the dragon. If you save, you only suffer those for three rounds per age category. (gives you a 4 penalty to attacks, and +4 penalty to AC).

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Should get a Steak shield.

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This thread is made of dragons and win. But mostly dragons.

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Now we just need a dragon that breathes vinegar and one that breathes potato.
The Realms Mightiest Chip Shop is born.

>> No.10904430


Yeah, but the REC (Realm Economic Council) will launch a lengthy trade investigation as to weather the foodstuff marketed as "Dragon Chips" contains actual dragon, and I don't see that ending well.

>> No.10904432

...and, of course, one that breathes fish.

>> No.10904434

I could actually see a town paying (or enslaving) a salt dragon for the purpose of preserving their food.

Salt was expensive in ancient times.

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It shall be called Heyzeus.
It shall say bollocks to 5000.
It will feed FIVE MILLION!!!

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I'm amused by this thread.

>> No.10909896

This thread was wonderful. Thank you /tg/

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Archive request submitted.

>> No.10913419

3 archive requests submitted. Just a few more my dear fa/tg/uys?

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There's a Suptg archive which doesn't require requests.

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