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I am monitoring this thread.

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You know... I never seemed to save the second page of this one...

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all the pictures. I win.

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I didn't even know it existed until not that long ago.

..........didn't save it either.

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... now I remember WHY I didn't.

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A part of me D'awws, but then the rest of me recoils in hatred for everything in this picture.
Fookin' cutebolds.

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Fem here and FUCK DAMN YOU, that cutebold has me all wanting to noserub someone.

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Then do it. Duh.

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Hm. I'm not a fan of the scalies, but at least this isn't dicks dicks everywhere.
... whatever.

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Is this a kobold rape thread? Because it looks like a kobold rape thread.

Chafed noses. The horror, the horror.

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Kobolds simple creatures, no sophistication, short list of priorities. Not incapable of seeking out oils and ointments that can reduce discomfort, let alone producing analgesic that can aid in recovery.

Would provide for them, but currently low on supplies. Regular patient of mine continues to demolish my stock despite frequent refilling.

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I want to be cutebold raped.

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Here is some kobold porn to tide you over.

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Forgot to add that though not incapable, kobolds merely unwilling. Embarrassing mistake. Must strive to avoid it in the future.

Must go now, just received shipment of immuno-boosters and dextro-DNA-calibrated antibiotics. Expecting patient to clear out entire stock almost immediately. Need to prepare paperwork.

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Kobold or dragonborn?

Why not have both?

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We all want the gentle, silken caress of nose against nose, but it just doesn't work that way people!

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ITT: Kobold rpg partner-up?

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What the fuck is this?

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A goblin is fine too.

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I have nothing to add except this picture.

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Why can't I stop fapping?!

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I sense my presence is required!

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this will be fun

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Cheer up!

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Where there's dragons there will eventually be other things.

So I'm getting this out of the way now.

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Fuck alla yous

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You should post more...

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Dragonladieshere, are you causing trouble again?

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Who th' fuck's that?

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Some jackass?

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Good, about titfucking time, is this the fagknuckle what wrote that thing on Paladins on 1d4Chan?
Get an editor, you Scaly cockjuggler. Needs moar whackamole.

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Looks like his hand is drifting

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Everyday. Slowly but surely.

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Cute picture balanced by dragonborn being dumb

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Damn it, stop making progress with your deviant pornography.

Making me look bad.

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Fucking hell guys, I don't mind the subject matter or the pics but it's the same old shit every time. Get new stuff.

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Lol. My tablet is in the other room.
don't make me go get it...

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Draw some dragonborn on dragonborn action, not enough of that

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Wearing tophats

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>posting dragonborn with no text
>expecting positive outcome

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I should really be asleep right now, damn it.

But I'm writing, and that's good. Even if I'm ashamed of what I'm writing.

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>implying this isn't

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>nigga wat duh fuk iz "context"?

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>a positive outcome

no seriously I'm done greentexting fuck

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okay, just bumpin till something happens. Incidentally, this would be a good time for me to ask this, being a newfag to /tg/. Where can I go to do DnD online, like as a free service?

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You should draw some more kobold/dragonborn. Those stories were cute as hell.

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I wasn't even joking here. can I get some help?

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From what I recall, you just sign up for the free version

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First thing to do would be to know the rules, try a rapidshare search for that, there should be .pdf files everywhere.

After that it's just finding a good group to play with, I can't really help there but I'm sure there are a lot of /tg/ groups.

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Start with dragon porn, transition to practical advice on playing D&D online.

I love this board.

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well, as practical as this advice is, I still need a URL for the DnD online

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Fucking look for a group?

Suptg has some listings, but beyond that I don't know.

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Are we talking the MMORPG DnD Online or just gaming with a group, online?

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aww hell, more stuff I'm unfamiliar with, look I don't know if I've already made this clear to you, but I am a newfag to /tg/ and to tabletop games in general.
gaming with a group online. I will not be fucking bothered by MMO's

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Bookmark it

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thank you very much

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Anyone have the first part of the tiefling/dragonborn fic?

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I am intrigued.

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