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This is a cool looking revolver.

This is a cool weapons thread. Post away.

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Your slavshit bling is inferior to American Bling.

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Because sometimes you need to shoot someone when you stab them. For that extra "Fuck you."

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I'm still waiting.

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>Cool weapons thread
da fuck?

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Enjoy your shit breaking down by breathing on it.

At least my slav shit will last forever.

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The size of a powerful handgun.
The barrel length of a snub-nose.
What a fucking stupid weapon.

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Yeah, it'll outlast the guy using the crappy slav shit after he's blown away by superior american firepower.

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One hit from this and it's all over.

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Oh u and your "accuracy." The only thing that matters is da size of da round and how loud it is. Mo' dakka!

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Sure is russians in here.

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It's so cute.

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rolled 1 = 1


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Warhammer 40k guns are the best guns.

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Hey /k/ how you doing?

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I will try going Full African with mine later.

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Ah the AK. It's like the BAR, only smaller and weighs less. First shot is on target. Second shot is about six inches above the second shot. Anything after the third shot, and your anti-aircraft.

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Only if you have no upper body strength to control the gun.

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It's hilarious how ...right this looks.

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The SA80 is kinda sexy in a very utilitarian way.

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Ye Old Schoole.

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revolver hammer may not be practical but goddamn do i want to swing it

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Would of been better without the de walt logo and with some black stripes to make it look like a BEE GUN

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fuck year

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Are you bold enough?

Man, I can just picture this shit on advertisements.

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Impractical as they are, Gyrojets are still awesome.

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Fuck year, 13mm Gyrojet is the best round ever.

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It's a plasma Pistol. It shoots human plasma.

It's not very effective.

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Punch daggers are sweet.

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M14: Gun Porn defined.

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So your trying to collect troll material for /k/ ?

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But hilarious.

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MAC-10: Now in Tacticool.

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Looks like a piece of shit. Give me a PPSh-41 any day.

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MP5/40 with ivory stock? Fuck yes.

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Duckfoot pistols are more funny then cool,
but deserve an honorable mention.

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Sometimes 'simple' can look really sweet and futuristic.

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I think a grenade launcher would achieve the same affect.

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Fuck yeah, Calico.

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This thing looks like it was made from a typewriter. Good old 1920s technology.

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So, I'm guessing you just googled pepper box pistol like I did.

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Still the Best Rifle ever made.

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What's the point of that when you can just take a shotgun instead?

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Holy is the work of Saint Browning.

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Maybe you have an excess of .22LRs? Maybe the niggers have already stolen all the shotgun shells. MAYBE YOU JUST WANT TO LOOK FUCKING COOL WALKING AROUND WITH AN M40 "BLOOPER" GRENADE LAUNCHER THAT SHOOTS BOOLETS!

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Better midrange lethality.

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because knives should be guns too

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>my gun when humanity is still using the Kalashnikov-derived rifles when colonizing extrasolar planets

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lol thats not bullpup

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From my Flickr group.

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Hey, I know that guy!

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You know you want it.

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lol wut

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The coolest of the cool.

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Wasp knives. They shoot a basketball-sized amount of super-condensed air into whatever you just stabbed.

Supposedly invented for divers to fuck up sharks if they get attacked. Shit.

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the fuck?

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Needs less heavy, water-soaking wood and more lightweight, water-resistant synthetic material.

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Air in the bloodstream will kill you, I shit you not.

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As a display piece, sure, but that doesn't look comfortable to hold

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I am an EMT.I can confirm this.

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Semi-auto rape cannon, reporting for duty.

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Communists, now with more cute!

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Fat Mag is fat and needs to go on a diet.

No more 7.62 for you, mister.

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For a human, air in the bloodstream isn't want you'd need to worry about.

You'd need to worry about part of your body exploding.

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Running a WW1 campaign? give your players this.

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I'm a sucker for the wood grip though.

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The AK looks so sexy with some nice, modern furniture.

(Dohoho, that works on multiple levels)

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Oh those poor bastards. You are truely evil. They're better off just charging the enemy with their entrenching tool.

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It's a twelve gauge double barreled Remington--S-Mart's top of the line. You can find this in the sporting goods department. That's right, this sweet baby was made in Grand Rapids Michigan. Retails for about a hundred and nine ninety-five. It's got a walnut stock, cobalt blue steel, and a hair trigger.

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Additional DAKKA acquired.

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That is an ENTIRE SHOTGUN mounted to the bottom of the rifle.

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The Ultimate in Dakka.

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AR Variant 1.

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Good god, no.

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And variant 2: Stormbolter Bugaloo.

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dumping from my cool weapons folder until post limit or flood detection stops me.


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This is the Physics Bender.

It tells the natural laws to get fucked.

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Hilariously complex weapon, but still awesome.

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>scatman john with AK

Oh fuck you got me and I lol'd.

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I mean, any CLOCKWORK FIREARM has to be pretty damned awesome.

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Look at this fucker. It is a brick.

A brick with a knife on it.

You can stab your foes with a plastic clockwork brick.

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That's a beautiful looking gun...>>10878500

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Then it immediately breaks the fragile inner workings or sets off the caseless rounds.

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fuck yeah it is!

#7, and it's related, somewhat to that amazing shotgun.

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and one more pretty scroll work piece


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Updated lever action.

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See I like Russia's version of "Mo' Dakka;" just add more barrels!

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Precisely! It's an EXPLODING plastic clockwork brick.

It is.... the perfect weapon.

Wait, no, this is.

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#11, homemade air rifle

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Jesus, that looks like it would rip through a tank AND the guy in it.

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i won't sage but isn't there a board called /k/ for weapons?

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kinda boring, but still a really sleek looking site mount

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Sword canes are for pussies.

Real men use shotgun canes.

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#14 - 1

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MBT crews simply wonder who the hell is knocking on their tank.

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/k/ sucks, though.

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Yes. It has two barrels and two tube mags.

Yes, it is pump action.

It is a double barreled pump. It will ruin your shoulder as well as your intruder's entire upper body.

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Do want.

Are there instructions?

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/k/ used to be awesome, back in the day when you could go to any board other than /b/ and have a reasonably good time. Those days are but tearful memories now... WHERE ARE YOU, GUANO?

#14 - 2

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Colt Dragoon.

Until the invention of the .44 magnum, it was the most powerful handgun in the world. With the correct powder load of course.

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Shotguns: The Swiss Army Knife of firearms.

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A modern remake of a 19th century classic.

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This is a huge revolver.

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Our Father, which art in heaven,
hallowed be thy name;
thy kingdom come;
thy will be done,
in earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread.
And forgive us our trespasses,
as we forgive them that trespass against us.
And lead us not into temptation;
but deliver us from evil.
[For thine is the kingdom,
the power, and the glory,
for ever and ever.]

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and now to open up my weird weapons folder...

that gun whose name escapes me but long story short it is a tiny rocket launcher.

I'm not joking.

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19th century at its finest.

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Both the Walker Colt and the .357 Magnum would like to have a word with you.

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#16, 50 cal pistol

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The Neostead. One barrel, two magazines. Load both with buckshot and have double the capacity of a normal pump. Load one with buckshot and the other with slugs and be able to 'reach out and touch somebody' outside shot range. Load one tube with nonlethal rounds and the other with lethal and be ready for both protesters and crooks.

Truly a remarkable piece of engineering.

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#17, for your dinner set

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Real guns are made of metal.

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The Saiga-12.

This is what happens when a shotgun and a AK crossbreed.

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That design is fascinating.

Not the most practical, but the world needs impractical guns going in directions no one expected.

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You gonna get tased, bro.

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Fuck you all you fancy faggots.

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>be ready for both protesters and crooks.

But who gets which?

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It's kinda scary

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why do I find this funny for not being a gunnut?

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It's a gyrojet. These are the bullets.

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god i love that horrible suedo-futurist weapon design from the late 70s/early 80s...

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Man that is a funky looking gun. For some reason it really reminds me of the Magnum from Marathon 2.

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well shit i forgot to age and well, there's the image limit. Goodnight, gentlemen.

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$50 dollar per cartridge, bro.

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it's the bladerunner gun, dude.

>> No.10879077


Double barrel bolt-action rifle. Yes please.

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QuIt ATTaCkInG AnD_CloWNinG_wWw.aNoN_X_X X
X_X_X TaLK.se dIreCTlY bro_(REMoVE aLL X)
t iahba aephuh qm ppg v ezuulhkmkfb b l jb

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I see your double-barrel bolt-action rifle and raise you a full-auto shotgun M16 upper.
That sort of works.

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That is awesome, and scary.

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Damn it, when I saw that I started thinking about how to stat it up in DH.
Each hit has scatter at point blank range? If so, which degrees of success used?
My god ... it's full of stars!

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It was nice in theory, but in practice it was an utter piece of shit.

At very close range, the bullets didn't have enough time to get much speed (since it was self-propelled rather than explosion-propelled), and wasn't much more harmful than flicking a rock at somebody.

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Thus the bolters in 40K are Gyrojet guns with initial launchblast. One mother of a recoil, insane range.

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/k/ is jealous of your successful, 250-image weapons-related thread.

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What the fuck.

I was linked to this thread in /k/

We never hit the image limit with weapons posts, it's usually derailed by trolls.

Good show, /tg/

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>Implying it's actually the trolls that cause a gunporn thread to die
No, the ones that evolve into a shitstorm seem to last longer. It's the legit gunporn threads that die quickly, due to lack of contribution.
One thing's for sure, though; /k/'s gunporn is much higher-quality than this on average.

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>>One thing's for sure, though; /k/'s gunporn is much higher-quality than this on average.

>>while /tg/ may not know shit about firearms, the neckbeards have an eye for fine firing pieces.

What were you saying about relative quality?

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Awww, Mateba. I want one so fucking bad. Does anyone know the chances of finding one and how much one should be expected to pay?

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oh nice Ak

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