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Alrigh/tg/uys I have a problem. I have a Witch Hunters army (no thats not the problem) thats almost entirely Sisters. The exceptions are 2 preachers, a bunch of flagelents, and a Vindicare assassin. (and the pedobear I sculpted and stuck in my exorcist tank. I know. I'm going to hell.)

Obviously there is an odd one out. The poor vindicare assassin is the only one in the army list who still has a working dick (pedobear does not count)

I have been given two solutions, and I cannot decide between them.

1. Make him into a girl
2. Give him a pimp hat.

Any ideas?

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pimp hat

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Pimp hat.

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>I have been given two solutions, and I cannot decide between them.
>1. Make him into a girl
>2. Give him a pimp hat.
>Any ideas?
Combine them. Female Vindicare with a pimp hat. Obviously.

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My inquisitor has a pimp cane and tophat.

Maby give your assassin a cane aswell?

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Not sure where I would put it. He is a metal model and he's the one where he's holding a rifle in one hand and a handgun in the other. I guess I could sheer off the handgun with a hacksaw or something...

Question though, would either of these affect the "cannot fire on female farseers due to love" rule?

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