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so /tg/ I have been working slowly on my armies ever since I got to Germany, but haven't really made much headway. However after spending this past week back in the states I want to finish these armies. I think the reason I quit half way through the process is that I lose track of what I am doing in the middle. So a fresh start, I have my 3000pt pirate ork army, 4000pt Fantasy slaanesh army, 2500 pt Traitor guard army,and a 1500 space marine army.

what needs to be done for each:
1.Greenstuff more pirate hats and eye patches for the regular boyz
2.finish putting the 2 other trucks together
3.Finish painting the army
4. (side project) Finish converting baneblade into Orky pirateship on treads

Fantasy slaanesh army (coven of sigvald)
1. prime the rest of the knights
2. paint all armor gold(flesh is already finished
3. Freehand for the banners
4. Paint second sigvald in brighter colors

Traitor guard
1. Decide which god to dedicate it to (slaanesh or Khorne)
2. finish filing off the imperial symbols
3. Touch up on primer
4. paint army
5. freehand pinups on Valkyries

Space marines
1. simple green bath
2. fix all broken marines/tanks
3. re-base all models
4. prime white
5. paint lamenters colors

which one should I tackle first /tg/? I want to try to finish all of them before the end of the year....ANd which god do you think I should dedicate my traitor guard army to?

while you answer those burning questions I'll be dumping warhammer pics from my /tg/folder

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pirate orks-1
Fantasy slaanesh-0
Traitor guard-0
Space marines-0

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>ever since I got to Germany,

Would you happen to-
A- be in the US military
B- want to play a game or two when I get back from deployment?

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I'm not military myself, but I'm a Civ.

perhaps,if my schedule is like it has been I would say unlikely(school 4-days, work-3) but you never know. where you stationed man?

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Well, in germany I'm stationed right outside Ansbach.

Not gonna lie, I don't have anything like what you have, and am pretty new to the hobby. Got 1500 points elysian drop troops.

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hmmm....sounds familiar, where in relation to Ramstein is it?

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still would like more input

Pirate orks-1
Traitor guard-0
Space marine-0
Fantasy slaanesh-0

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About an hour south of rammstien air force base.

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maybe then man, how long you on tour for?

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Du hast...

Du hast mich...

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Translate, please?

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I don't even know.

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My once so proud county ;_;

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I think that techpriest on the left there has a boob.

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its actually a spacemarine statue but I can see how you got confused

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you are now imagining Zeon chapter spess mereens

and a Big Zam dreadnaught

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I am, once the dreadnought is mass produced..

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whelp I guess I'll post this again later since everyone doesn't want to give me there opinion on the topic I posted almost 3 hours ago. later guys.

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When in doubt, Orks.
When not in doubt, do Orkz anyway.

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qUiT aTTacking_AND_cLOWniNG WWW.anON x X_x
x_x X tAlk.sE diRectlY_BrO (Remove ALL X)
isv p s g zs vt ohoy zwa trvyy iki c o

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Traitor guard. Just like blood pact.

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Pirate Orks

Traitor Guard would have one if Tzeentch were one of the options, but Khorne > Slaanesh.

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qUiT AtTaCKInG ANd_clOWNINg_www.AnoN_X X X
X X x TAlK.se direCTLy_bRO_(rEmoVe_all_X)
m o rrdalm u qjy hcptpz j rrjp acy i

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never been able to get behind Tzeentch and I've always liked Slaanesh, but Khornite traitor guard sound right to me....so

Pirate orks-3
traitor guard-1
Space marines-0
W.o.C. slaanesh-0

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Can't tell. Is that an expertly painted Living Saint?
Or is that the Emperor, risen from the Golden Throne to lead us again, sporting a rocking pair of tits?

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when did they put weaboo in my warhammer ?

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well "du hast mich" is "you have me"
but the song can be translated also as "du hasst mich" which is "you hate me"

the entire song is a parody of german wedding vows xD

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I think it's just a S.o.B.

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also... PIRATE ORKS :D

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mibad for not reading carefully

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no, no pics unfortunately that is what I plan to do when all the boyz get done though.

Pirate orks-4
traitor guard-1
W.o.C. Slaanesh-0

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damn. oh well, at least that won't be too far away though, right? RIGHT? *curls up into foetal position* how'd all this skin get on my arms?

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slaaneshi traitor guard. Add boners. Big boners.

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well I've got all the boyz built. I just need to make pirate hats, eye patches, and peg legs (the choppiest peg leg you eva seen) for the Nobs the rest of the boys...some may get hooks for hands, some may get peg legs, some may get sailors caps or bandanas. But their shirts will be Black with white stripes and most likely orange or blue pants.

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Pirate orks-4
traitor guard-2 (1 khorne,1 slaanesh)
W.o.C. Slaanesh-0

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Pirate Orkz, im a bit late in this thread, but i believe that would be the most amazing thing ever, and i will shake your hand, and if you make an orc have a hook for hand, i'll give you as much genitalia of any gender you want.

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Did this ever get finished?

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Rocky Horror Picture Show rules.

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my Big mek with a burna/ KFF is going to have a giant hook with wires and stuff coming out of it... gentlemen I give you...the Power Hook!

as much genitalia of any gender ....oh the possibilities....

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Pirate Orkz are real. They're called Freebootaz.

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not that I know of

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pirate orks for the win.
I may have to steal that idea, I have a set of black reach orks I don't know what to do with.

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I think the finished product will look cool

Pirate orks -5
traitor guard-2 (1 slaanesh, 1 khorne)
W.o.C. Slaanesh -0

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Pirate Orks. Because I too use a freebooter themed army.
Fuck yeah, Ork pirates. Tell me OP, what do you think of Badrukk? I doubt he'll ever end up getting used much with my army but god I love that guy. Badass model and fluff.

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what do I think of him? well besides using his model as the leader of my normal nob troop choice and he being the reason I started this theme and being the most bad-ass dakka ork in the history of forever not much...

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QuIT_AtTackINg_And_CLownIng_Www.AnOn_x X x
x x x tALK.se_diReCTLY_Bro_(reMOVe ALl X)
gfzo i rdhsmlpbulbkrh r eutg m brjuj cpy

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Yeah yous alright.

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