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I've got a campaign where a gnoll saves the party with a pair of his kobold buddies. I need your best pics of both!

I'd rather have pictures that make them look like friendlies, unlike the pic I have posted.

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Eat shit and die

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Gnoll is a Swordsage, Kobolds are Rogues.

But I'll accept pretty much any pic you throw at me (and I'm sure I'll regret saying that).

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Wasn't there a picture with a female kobold getting raped by gnolls or something?
Someone find it and post it.

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Cutebolds incoming?


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I'm frightened...

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Yeah, I already regret saying that...

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Pimp Gnoll

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I found this...

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sexes of those involved?

/do you want tits and/or MANLY PECS WITH THAT?

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Both the Gnoll and Kobolds are male.


Please no porn.

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This is /tg/. All ends in porn and/or 40k.

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I've figured that out, I was hoping that if I said "please" it would change everything.

Wishful thinking.

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Eh, I would actually help but I have no pics that would fit. So instead I promote the posting of porn.

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If this kobold can't save a party, none can.

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i wasn't doing it for the porn, I like my ladies the way I like my magic, IN FUCKING EVERYTHING AND BEING CUTE AND CLEVER.

in any event, the idea of a HE-GNOLL taking point with blade and magic while some sneaky kobolds sneak around is good enough, even if you don't want them to look obviously female.


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Party saved!!!

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Where can I find more of this "Extro"

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Only non-cutebold kobold pic I have.

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That's actually pretty bad-ass.

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Here you are.

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A miniature of a "friendlier" gnoll.

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nunchunks make gnolls worse.

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