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Sir yes sir?

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... Not sure if too early.

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First rule of assassin club: DON'T TALK ABOUT ASSASSIN CLUB

Second rule of assassin club: (see rule 1 for more details)

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>Is in a shrine world somewhere

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So, why can't you guys use IRC for this again?

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one day mario woke up and decided to take a shit because hey he's mario. so mario went up to yoshi and said "yoshi i want you to be my shitter" and since yoshi was mario's bitch he opened his mouth. mario pulled down his stained briefs and began to shit in yoshi's mouth. yoshi was forbidden to express any emotions but at this moment he was feeling very aroused.

mario's face turned red as he grunted and strained to push his log of shit out of his ass. he farted and little shit particles flew into yoshi's eyes. yoshi's eyes teared up, not from the pain of the shit particles nor from the paint-peeling stench coming from mario's unwashed ass, but from the sheer ecstasy of being mario's shitter. mario noticed this and began to grunt harder, teasing the horny beast.

mario noticed that yoshi was fiddling around with his dino-wiener, which had become quite erect. "stop that this instant" commanded mario, noticing his own 2-incher was growing hard as well. yoshi whined and reluctantly lowered his hands. with a final grunt and a smelly fart, mario's log of shit finally dropped from his ass into yoshi's mouth.

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mario turned around and watched as yoshi chewed the shit log. "eat it bitch. eat it all" said mario. yoshi pretended he hated doing this so much but his throbbing wiener and moans of joy told mario otherwise. "swallow it" ordered mario but yoshi didn't want to swallow it yet. he wanted to savor the shit. "SWALLOW IT RIGHT NOW" screamed mario as he began wang-slapping yoshi across the face.

mario, hands on his hips, thrust his pelvis from side to side across yoshi's face, punishing the naughty dinosaur. "YOU DO WHAT MARIO TELLS YOU" he screamed. after about fourty wang-slaps his wiener started to become sore so he stopped. by now the shit log had gone down yoshi's throat. "eggulate" he ordered. yoshi strained and produced an egg. inside this egg contained what was previously his shit log. mario walked over to his shelf and placed it with the others. he had hundreds possibly thousands of these shit-eggs. he planned to use these against bowser the next time he kidnapped peach.
now there was only one thing left to do.

mario bent over and pointed his ass at yoshi who immediately knew what to do. he began to use his tongue to clean mario's shitty ass. mario couldn't hold it back. his peener let loose with some "italian ranch dressing." this brought yoshi to an orgasm as well. with both their wieners pleasantly limp and tingling they continued with the cleaning process. "don't forget to thorougly clean the dingleberries from the hairs" mario advised. yoshi obeyed his master. ten minutes later mario decided he was clean and put his clothes back on. now it was luigi's turn with yoshi.

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She is cute, that is why she is called Callidus-chan. <3

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"yo luigi i got him warned up for you" mario called as he walked out of the yoshi room. luigi walked in past him with a sly smile under his mustache and carrying an apple and a hot wheels car. "hello yoshi guess what time it is again" he said in a low voice as he locked the door behind him. mario walked out into the kitchen ignoring yoshi's squeals of pain and joy, and poured himself a bowl of cereal. unfortunately he had forgotten to purchase milk, but he could improvise. he took out his wiener and peed into his cheerios.

mario sat down in front of the tv and began to eat his cheerios and pee while periodically scratching his balls. "hey these cheerios and pee aren't half bad" mario said out loud and contemplated having another bowl before he realized that he was all out of pee. luigi had now returned, panting and sweating. "yo luigi let me borrow some of your pee" said mario as he pointed the bowl at luigi's crotch. "gee mario i don't know what you would want with my pee but sure" said luigi as he unzipped his overalls.

luigi filled mario's bowl but still had some more pee left in him. he took this opportunity to mark his territory around the house. first he peed on his side of the couch then he peed on his chair at the dining table. he only had a little pee left so he had to make this last one count. he looked around the room and spotted his brother. he ran up and peed on mario, marking him as his own. "no one else can have you!!" shouted luigi. mario "accidentally" got some of luigi's pee in his mouth.

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>assassin's club

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mario and luigi finished eating their cheerios with pee and decided to go for a walk in the park. they hooked yoshi up to his leash and took turns raping him during the walk to the park. by the time they arrived at the park all three of them were tuckered out and decided to just shit in the shade of the big oak tree. it seemed like today was going to be another peaceful day. however no one seemed to notice the eyes peering at them from inside the nearby bushes.

mario heard a rustle in the bushes. "who's there" he called out but there was no answer. "i'm warning you. you better show yourself. i got a dick and i know how to use it" he threatened while thrusting and pointing at his dick. luigi and yoshi were now getting into position too, thrusting and pointing at their own dicks. "you got till the count of three to come out" said mario. "one" mario and luigi unzipped their overalls. "two" they pulled out their quivering dicks. "THREE"

mario, luigi, and yoshi all leaped into the bushes, thrusting their dicks around. no one had any idea whether or not they were dicking the person in the bushes or just each other. there were many shouts and the occasional giggle. this went on for ten minutes before mario took charge and threw everyone out of the bushes. mario stepped out too and looked at the pile of sweat, semen, and shit covered bodies in front of him.

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This is getting ridiculous guys.

It started at 22:00 for the longest time, and you've been pushing it further and further back.

You're starting this waaaaaay too damn early.

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mario looked down at the man in front of him with a look of disgust on his face. "nevermind guys it's just that fat faggot wario" he said as luigi stood up and straightened his hat. "hey fuck you mario" said wario, wiping a bit of feces out of his mustache. "i'm not the one who goes around raping people." mario smirked as he watched the lump in wario's crotch start to grow larger.

wario shifted his legs to try and hide the growing bulge but it was too late. luigi and yoshi had already noticed and were smirking as well. yoshi's wiener twitched. wario eyed it with apprehension, the bulge growing a little more rapidly now. wario was sweating, his heart beating rapidly. yoshi licked his lips. suddenly a gust of wind blew wario's hat off behind him. "aren't you going to bend over and pick it up wario" asked mario with an evil grin.

wario turned around and bent over to pick up his hat. he gave his ass a little shake as he did so and yoshi couldn't hold back anymore. he ran forward and shoved his now fully erect peener straight into wario's ass, ripping a hole through his overalls and underwear. wario gasped and tried to resist at first. "don't fight it" said mario in a soothing voice "just relax and enjoy it. i have trained yoshi well" at this point a large group of toads had gathered to the scene.

the toads closed in and formed a circle around the two fuckers. after any particularly deep thrusts by yoshi the toads would erupt with cheers. the toads started becoming aroused and began rubbing themselves. yoshi began thrusting harder and faster while wario had his 8-incher out and was stroking it. this pleased the toads who began throwing coins at the two in between stroking their own peeners. mario and luigi were quickly pocketing all the coins they could.

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Whats up Mr. Assassin?

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Shhh I like where this mario RP is going.


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the toads dropped their pants and started jacking off furiously while wario groaned and screamed and jacked himself off as yoshi continued pounding his ass. wario had now ripped off all his clothes and his sweaty body glistened in the sun, his rolls of fat jiggling with every thrust. wario was red in the face and a small trickle of blood seeped from his anus but he paid no attention. the toads were shrieking in ecstasy as they rubbed their tiny wangs, watching the spectacle before them.

a good thirty minutes of ass-fucking and off-jacking had already passed by now. mario gave the signal to yoshi (scratching his balls and sniffing his finger three times) telling him to wrap it up. yoshi got the signal and started pounding wario at a much faster rate. the toads and wario increased their jacking off speed as well. the toads yelled and shrieked as their wieners were starting to become raw and chafed but they couldn't stop. they knew in a few seconds it would all be over and there would be quite a mess.

at the exact same instant everyone ejaculated. yoshi let loose his semen in wario's ass and wario's testicles released their contents onto the ground as all the toads aimed their little wieners up into the air. strings of toad-semen streamed out of their wieners into an arc and collided in one spot in the air before raining down on yoshi and wario. this all happened in less than a second but to wario it seemed like one blissful eternity. he and yoshi laid sprawled out on the ground covered in sticky semen and panting, yoshi's now flaccid wiener still in wario's hairy ass.

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Let's return in 2 hours maybe?
Also I'm surprised this guy can write so fast.

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mario wiped little droplets of semen from his mustache as he surveyed the situation. luigi ran up to yoshi and pulled him out of wario's ass and began cleaning the semen off of him while a bottle of lotion was being passed around amongst the toads to soothe their chafed and aching cocks. the toads were chatting excitedly and mario smiled as he heard some of them saying that this was the best performance yet. "uh mario we got a problem here" luigi whispered. mario looked over and saw the naked wario twitching on the ground and making nonsensical noises.

the toads gave one last cheer to mario and then dispersed. mario went over to wario and attempted to slap some sense into him. after a couple hard whacks across the face with mario's wang wario woke up. he pushed mario out of the way and ran straight to yoshi's cock. he began tugging on the cock and shouting "MORE MORE MUST HAVE MORE WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG" but try as he might the dinosaur's cock could not be aroused. mario and luigi pulled wario away from yoshi. "RAAAAAHHHH ME WANT WANG ME WANT WANG RIGHT NOWWWWWW"

"snap out of it faggot" said mario but it didn't work. he was then struck with an idea. he had seen someone on tv throw water on another person to bring them to their senses. mario had no water but he had the next best thing: pee. "hey if it works as milk it'll work as water" thought mario remembering his bowl of cheerios earlier in the morning. he grabbed his dick and peed on wario's face. wario stopped screaming for wangs and started spitting as mario's stream entered his mouth. "yo wtf" said wario.

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"stop going pee on me" said wario letting more urine go into his mouth although he made no effort to stop it. mario's stream had come to a stop and he flicked the last few drops onto wario's face. "can you remember anything that happened" asked mario. "yeah you dumbass any man would remember getting fucked up the ass by a yoshi while a bunch of toads jacked off in a circle" then suddenly the pain hit him "OH MY ASS OH GOD IT HURTS SO BAD OWWWWW OW OW OW" mario chuckled "yeah 30 minutes of ass-fucking will do that to ya"

the koopas and goombas began arriving to the area. koopas and goombas feed on nothing but semen, urine, and fecal matter. there wasn't much fecal matter and only a little bit of urine but there was quite a bit of semen and the beasts were ready to take their fill. yoshi was flicking semen off of himself for some baby goombas while luigi playfully pissed on a group of koopa paratroopas. mario watched the feeding frenzy for a while before turning to wario. "you might want to get cleaned up wario" he said "they're going to sense the semen on you and start attacking." at this exact moment one of the goombas sniffed the air and caught a whiff of semen-drenched wario. "oh shi-"

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He had this copy-pasted from last thread.
A work of genius if you ask me.

Again though, this is getting out of hand. I'm actually starting to agree with the haters that were planning on hating.

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>See thread
>See Mario/Luigi/Yoshi fecesrapefetish
>Change tab
>Eat a sammich
>DJ like a madcunt

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You went through all the trouble of preparing this stuff beforehand? If so I'm touched. Could use a bit more work on the plot though. You've gotta make the reader feel for the characters more.

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the goomba chased after wario trying to get to the semen and feces mixture in his butt. "HELP ME" screamed wario but no one helped him. however this caught the attention of some other goombas and koopas who also joined the chase for wario's ass. "damn it go away you fuckers" wario said to them but they didn't listen. then he came up with an idea. he grabbed his wang and started rubbing it in an attempt to ejaculate and get them to go after the semen and not his ass. "good thing i'm a professional speed-jacker" thought wario. within two minutes he ejaculated on the ground and ran in the other direction. "WARIO NOOOOOOOOOO" screamed mario.

some of the more stupid goombas and koopas went for the semen but the rest stayed still. their tiny and feeble brains were trying to make sense out of what they just saw. the fat man just shot food out of the thing between his legs. it could be assumed that the man could shoot more food out for them. the goombas and koopas began chattering wildly, communicating their newfound knowledge of how to gain food. they charged at wario, their sights on his dangling wiener.

"mario what's wrong" luigi asked noticing the worried expression on mario's face. mario sighed. "i was afraid of this" he said "the koopas and goombas, although stupid, are capable of learning if what they are learning is not too complex. when wario jacked off just now to lure them away some of them were able to figure out that semen comes from penises" luigi gasped. meanwhile wario was trying to fend off the creatures. more of them had joined the group and were attempting to surround wario. "YO SOMEONE HELP ME" he screamed but no one helped him.

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wario was starting to get worried. the goombas and koopas are usually easy to handle but they can be quite troublsome in large numbers and wario had a good dozen of them coming in on him right now. the other koopas and goombas were now making their way over to wario as well. no one was coming to help him. "YEAH FUCK YOU GUYS" he screamed. the koopa paratroopas were the first to reach him. they dive-bombed on him going straight for the peener. wario just barely managed to dodge them as they crashed into the ground. pools of blood formed underneath them as they lay on the ground twitching.

wario had one hand over his cock to protect it and was punching away goombas with the other. however he was soon overpowered. he had goombas and koopas on all sides of him and paragoombas and koopa paratroopas coming in on him from the air. koopas were clawing at his cock and goombas were trying to force their way up his ass to get to the feces. all this stimulation was beginning to turn wario on. a microgoomba had entered his ass and was crawling around.

the microgoomba in wario's ass had made contact with his prostate and wario's dick went from flaccid to erect in .6 seconds. this sudden size increase scared the koopas and goombas and they all jumped back staring intently at the dick. wario took this opportunity to attack. he spun around in a circle hitting them with his dick and knocking them away. he was about to start punching them when suddenly the microgoomba hit his prostate again and he dropped to his knees and started furiously masturbating. TO BE CONTINUED.

Going somewhere, will resume improving you shitty thread later

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