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Gentleman... it's Show(drawfag)Time!
everyone is invited.

requests with tentacles and alien things and references and/or boobs have more chances to be done.

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I want to see Teddy Roosevelt boxing Cthulhu while rescuing a pretty Victorian lady from an Italian Elephant.

>> No.10862582

Don't let me down /tg/

>> No.10862589

what the...

>> No.10862590

Wax Zombie (as in, wax statues that are actually zombies) versions of Betty White, Rosie O'Donnel, Oprah and Paris Hilton descending on a group of indistinct adventurers

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You know it would be awesome, man.

>> No.10862595

Skullduggery Pleasant as a Chaplain and Valkyrie Cain as a Sister of Battle.

>> No.10862599

A sharktopus tentacling up a naked elf girl who is trying to resist but deep down is really getting off on it.

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Could I get a Nurglette petting (and corrupting) a dog?

>> No.10862607

in fact yes, i'm still deciding if i'll give it a shot, it seems a little complex for a drawfaggotry...

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Here's something from /co/, dunno if you willd o it though.
Draw Riley (boondocks) mixed with Toph (avatar the last airbender).

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Here's some references.

>> No.10862641

this... and perhaps later this


>> No.10862650

Android girl from your OP picture struggling with a new set of mechanical tentacles she had recently installed on her back, which are acting as if they had a mind of their own, if you know what I mean.

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Going to draw it twice?

>> No.10862690

I would like a monk inspired picture.

She would wear a loose pair of pants, the heavy Arabian style for long desert wear with metal toed boots. Her chest would mostly be bare, excelt fo the covering of her breasts, as well has having two large katars on both arms. Her face is partially covered by a shawl/mask combination, and her entire body has a string of tattoos of nonsense, designed to be some sort of script.

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you could at least draw something /tg/ related

>> No.10862729

Macha being handed two chikadees. She is mad and yelling "That is not what I wanted!"
(She wanted tits you see.)

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Russian bounty hunter in leather jacket and camo pants with a big pump-action shotgun standing with one boot on a small-time criminal.

>> No.10862751

Could you draw a Mage, with medium-long, straight, light brown hair, worn loosely. Gray-green eyes. About 6' tall, slender but athletic, and about 26 years old. Wears a white shirt, laced at the collar, with a belt around the torso. It's worn over black pants which are tucked into mid-shin height brown boots. Has a violet, hoodless robe with red trim, with a royal crest on the back. The robe is split down the middle like a coat, with three clasps up the chest; however it has a red cloth belt to hold it closed when it's wrapped about the body to one side. He also wears a red, wide, flat-brimmed hat. The part that actually sits on his head is simply a dome shape, not like a tophat or anything.

He carries a tall, wooden staff with flat, twisted pieces at the end which hold a polished stone in place. Hanging from his normal belt (not the robe one), he wears a single-edged, straight sword. It's got a black sheath, a leather-wrapped hilt, and a circular black handguard.

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sorry, wrong link, it will be a mistery now i guess


>>implying tentacles are not /tg/ related.
>>implying boobs are not always related

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Draw an imperial Guardsman being changed into a daemonette, with a comical shirt-popping as boobs grow out.

>> No.10862817

Kindly draw a straight shota image involving a human woman and a wyrmling dragon. They're having a lot of fun, if you know what I mean.

>> No.10862830

Could you draw a female elf with long hair dressed in a "skimpy" outfit consisting of a bikini-like garment, shin and arm guards (bare hands and feet)? Carrying a staff.

>> No.10862850

A conciliation prize for managing to temporarily break my brain.

>> No.10862877

Could you draw your take on this character?

The sexier, the better. She's an alien chick.

>> No.10862911

i'll try tonight or tomorrow. i can't assure that it will be better than the original.

>> No.10862968

Thread over already?

You didn't draw anything...

>> No.10863002

no, i'm still working the first one

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Faster pussycat, draw, draw!

>> No.10863108

it's harder then you think ;_;


>> No.10863142

oh fuck yes

>> No.10863164

another drawfag :3?

still wip.
anatomy? what is that supposed to mean?

>> No.10863328

Indeed, but curently to tierd to do something serious.

>> No.10863611

not getting it done more than this

>> No.10863621

A unit insignia of several knights standing on a riverbank

>> No.10863625

Woo, next request please!

>> No.10863632


Not the requester, but I approve most heartily.

>> No.10863954

Bamp for more?

>> No.10864031

Hopefully OP hasn't got bored with this yet...

A female drow being held by tentacles She is naked and the shreds of her clothing are held by various tentacles.legs held wide, several more tentacles about to go spelunking in tight drow pussy.

>> No.10864229

I guess OP left.

>> No.10864449

i'm having some sudden stuff to do, i'll be back tonight, although i think i'll be busy playing/dming d&d.

>> No.10864480

A small sized space ship taking off while getting shot at with small arms fire.

>> No.10864495

Female Hammerer (From DF) charging headlong into a group of goblins, a crossbow bolt sticking out from her lower torso, hammer held high. Around her, a couple of civillians are running for cover, while further in the background, a couple of soldiers are running across a bridge.

Most epic scene I ever got out of DF, a goblin ambush of bow gobs appearing in the middle of my entrance. Hammerer was just chilling there, for no reason. Goblins show up, she takes a crossbow bolt to the gut, and lower spine, and charges up. She managed to take down two goblins before the guards arrived and took care of the rest.

The Hammerer was crippled from the waist down, and now spends her days in an artifact bed that was produced a month after her gallant charge, telling tales to little children dorfs (I set her room as another meeting area. The kids love to hang out in there)

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I have actual done what is depicted in that picture, except it was a bass guitar and of course I had to run it through an amp so I could feel something. It was kind of fun.

Obviously you want to make sure not to electrocute yourself so don't try it if you are stupid or don't understand your audio equipment.

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