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You can fuck all kinds of shit with a charisma of 20.

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but now he has the aids

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Now he has child support.

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rolled 88 = 88

Aparently you dont understand how the Fuck Anything skill works

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I still say that his kids would be the best party of adventurers ever.

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I pity the kids that wil get ungodly amounts of discrmination and bullying.

Seriously man, if you had a prehensile body that could outright crush kids of your age and you are partially blue wil cause some serious shit to occur.

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I could see that, and all the incest will keep them close, so no doublecrossing or cheating eachother out of loot.

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Most of the bastard half-abominations/monsters won't even know who their old man was.

It doesn't count if they don't know about it, right?

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I wouldn't make the half naga make anything leg related. Such as, drunken dorfs challenging him/her into a dancing contest.

Due to physical incapability to show off, they'll probably crawl up into fetal position.

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Half Naga....

You know I think there may be a logical error in that statement.

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Or learn some kick-ass arm tricks.

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Sure, they might look human but that doesn't exactly *make* them human. They make look like half-humanoid. As they might carry sentimentality or other traits of their human progenitors.

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I still find it amusing that the two with the kids who are fighting are the only two who are not mad at the bard....and they're making eyes at each other as well.

Which ends up with this picture later.....

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Using tail for heavy lifting or as an "off hand" would be rather useful.

At least having gargantuan limb of ungodly strong muscle tissue has its benefits, like you don't have to worry about your legs being broken

Half-Naga breakdancing?...

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I imagine it would be more in the style of belly dancing.
Hell, they could probably pull off some pretty awesome break dancing too.

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What would quadrepal creature do with beds? I mean seriously, even more so for creatures that don't even have legs or have the fexibility of humans legs, IE Hooves.

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I now want to see a naga doing a tail stand, as in lifting as much as her body as possible off the ground.

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Notice that their children are not quadrupedal.

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I feel pretty sad for the scorpion kid. He doesn't even have proper hands and he is going to have serious balance issues when growing up.

Seriously, got damn. Those cutters of his are larger than his legs. How is he going to ever to do anything with those arms?

Going through puberty: Mission impossible

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Yeah, but look at who his dad is. If he inherits 10% of pa's charisma he's never going to want for a monster girl to suck him off.

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I can imagine going through the pre-school.


The kid: "D:"

Rest are traumatized for life.

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I'd love to have halfbreed kids. They'd be fucking awesome to to stuff with.

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you'll only find me taking human women to bed, anon

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They are surpringly fun to play with too for hilarious reaction.

Everyone are Half-Goblonoids, for the greater good.

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Dexterity roll every time he makes body contact with his hands.

Sort of like what woud happen to half-nagas of either gender if they coil around their parter, dear god what agony that might cause.

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Chin-Chan but with goblonoids.

"Honor and .. wait what?"

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We really don't care.

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I love that they immediately assume.

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Campaign idea:

Party has to escape the area surrounded by rather angry, female half-scorpion which one of the most charismatic PC slept with and had kids couple years eariler.

Hell hath no fury like a woman capable of tearing you into two parts and impaling the remains.

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So, if the bard sleeps with a horse it turns into a centaur, but if the said bard sleeps with entirely different centaur it becomes.. Bipedal horse thing?

What the fuck comes from bi-pedal horse thing?

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Horsey looking human

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Nobody fucking cares, you stupid cunt. Stop posting about yourself in unrelated threads.

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Followed by reverse centaurs, human body with the upper half of a horse where the head should be

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I fucking love those ears.

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How would you get more horse in there by adding more human?

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"Your resistance makes my penis harder" ?

Oh god, those guys would make millions in japanese porn industry.

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Just brown slightly less hairier skin but with horse head. Rest is human, straight legs and all.

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with a charisma of 20, I think the elf bitch will be singing another tune at camp.

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The mountain troll is hot.

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She is jealous...

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How could he have sex with any of those and live.

Seriously, ever seen what happens when snakes procreation? Its just plain.

What sort of bones that man has and how in the love of god he could even get off to those without getting like "Throwing a pencil into a metro tunnel"

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He's a Bard. That's all that there is to it.

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He wraps it around his waist and ties a knot when it's not in use.

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How could anyone impregnate a god damn rock.


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And now you understand the deal with the one where he got a freaking rock pregnant. Magic is likely involved, probably a curse.

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Cleverly disguised as a belt

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The Epic Fuck Anything feat.

He could have also impregnated abstract concepts, including time, happy, and the colour blue.

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Father time is his son.

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I'm playing a Half-Happy Half-Orc berserker next time.
Thank you, /tg/.

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I'd imagine that he was the only guy around during the celebration of goddess of fertility.

And he got blessed. Big time.

I for one, I am wee bit jealous since tapping something might save my sorry ass from getting eaten or killed and I don't want a mirror image of myself that looks like a half-snake.

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...So THATS where Xvarts came from!

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He's the chosen champion of the Goddess of Fertility. When he hits Epic levels, he will become a Demigod. His Epic Quest involves knocking her up. If he succeeds, he becomes a God.

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What sort of person is half-happy?

Downs' syndrome person with equal amount of happyness but without the downs'

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>Epic Quest
>Knock up a goddess


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Maybe she's pretty much hurt that he fucks everything but her.
Delicous tsundere is delicious?

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I'd hit the mountain troll.
Still, how could you get into that?
Can bards learn Enlargement?

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I like that artist, I just wish he wouldd update PAWN already...

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That's totally it, too. She's too "normal" for his tastes. But secretly he likes her too. He just doesn't know how to say it, and he thinks his constant trysts with other (monstrous) women complicates things. But it doesn't. She thinks its hot that he fucks everything that moves, because she thinks she's not very attractive, and will thus dig her (plus he's really good with kids), but whenever he ignores her for some new monster, she can't help but lash out.

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>Play as an half-naga in a Pathfinder campaign
>DM approves for some reason
>One of the most wierd quests ever, including wrestling with weresharks, defying logic with diguise rolls and asking the lesser snakes about tommorrows weather forecast

Wierdest shit ever yet, but slightly amusing.

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He should have to impregnate one of everything in the world first.

"So what's next?"

"All the different varieties of beholder."

"Right, just tell me where to lubricate them, and then we can move on..."

"Right, we've got a Bulette, a Bugbear and a Carrion crawler on deck for you"

"You know... this may take a while."

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They have potions for a reason, pic related

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is that swine flu porn?

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also a bard

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How do you say "I want to wank myself off using your left ear" in elfish?

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I could imagine the artifact made out of him in case someone manages to kill him.

"The Riven Penis."
"+5 Weapon, Target is impregnanted regardless of gender, can only impregnante one creature of each species."

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So what happens to those kids?

Half-breeds, even less of those non-humanoids/abominations/monstrous creatures aren't respected or tolerated of either of their worlds.

Poor bastards.

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All it needs is the Frost Giantess Quest girl

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They become adventurers, and impregnate human women.

Will the circle, be unbroken?

By and by lord, by and by.

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if you mess with those kids, their dad comes and fucks your mother, you sister, your wife, and your daughter, possibly all at once. People learn real quick not to mess with those kids

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As a 9th level psychic warrior, I'll take the Mountain Troll. And the Lesser Giant.

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Perfect setting for a campaign I say

>> No.10863231


I'd respect anything that might get away from bloodthirsty gnolls that don't give two shits about their bastard children, dragons and nagas/lamia/medusae that don't accept half-breed into their societies.

Minotaurs are soccer moms on crack cocaine too.

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They seem to be pretty much accepted by their mothers, and with how many of them there are it wouldn't be a wierd idea to have them all living together at the bard's expenses. He got them knocked up, he pays for the kids. Even if the law in whatever setting he is in says there is no child support, you don't argue with things that can easily beat you up.

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noone ever said they are a very cute bunch of kids.
sauce on adult versions.

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Links are in all the pictures.

>> No.10863274


Then find the rare inviduals that are actually in some sort system of marriage between said creatures and look out for advice.

Later campaigns might include the older PC character and their bastard children (Even more so reptilian monsters that mature ungodly quickly) for some payback and sort out some daddy issues.

"No Xelyteh, I am your father!"
"You sick bastard!"

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Most of the monsters have communities that scorn the weaker and the different, like dragons and gnolls for example; they would scorn dragon that mothered the child or generally act out with contempt.

There ought to be some issues and bullying takes a really strong turn when every other kid of your age are five times bigger than you, in literal sense.

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I hope she doesn't have crabs.

For those crabs might come out and eat you.

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"Dad's missing"

It was early in the morning and three strangers had shown up on my doorstep. The male speaking to me had an oversize pair of scorpion claws and a stinger tail, and was flanked by a creature that looked like a stone golem and another that resembled a Satyr, but who lacked the cloven hooves of that race.

"So?" I said "I was raised by my mother. I don't care a bit about where that oversexed bard has disappeared too. He'll turn up in 9 months with another child in tow"

"Noone's seen him for two years." The arachnid boy replied calmly, peering over my shoulder. "And we both know without him there wouldn't be two milkmaids in your bed right now, sister."

I scratched my forearm, dislodging a few loose scales before asking with all the menace my mother had ever taught me "And what do you want... brother"

To his credit he didn't flinch or waver. "I want to make sure he's not dead or worse, and I want your help."

>> No.10863352


One of the BBEG's one angry monster MILF in paticular keeping the bard hostage.


>> No.10863371

Nah the Bard has acended to be the consort to the goddess of fertility. The party will be tracking down his last years to find out what happened, tying up loose ends and likely fucking everything (EX)

>> No.10863381

I keep imagining the wolf-boy and scorpion-boy trying to give each other a fist bump and failing horribly.

>> No.10863385


And at the end of the quest they become the new avatars of the goddess of fertility. Yes, even the females.

Will the circle be unbroken?

By and by m'lady, by and by.

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>there wouldn't be two milkmaids in your bed right now, sister

...did you just randomly toss in a lesbian threesome or is that a euphemism for the dragon girl having tits for being half mammal?

>> No.10863394


I wonder what the resolution would be, general acceptance, apathy or going for possible promise of divinity?

>> No.10863408


Either way, my little adventurer is explored right now.

Dragons can use their skillls inherited and spell as is, so charming everything is the way to go.

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...so is it her boobs or did her half-siblings just barge in on her in bed with twins?

>> No.10863427


Lesbian threesome.

>> No.10863428

Scorpion-boy rogue?

>> No.10863430


Oh dear god the consquences.

"The tavern girl you met, sustained too much damage during intercourse. Her lifeless body fall to the creaking wooden floot as you slowly recoil your rest of your body from her. Roll for iniative"

>> No.10863432

This looks like a balanced encounter. More monsters means more treasure and XP.

>> No.10863440

Ok... wow, her siblings are rude. Just walk on in anytime.

>> No.10863447

Dragans can fuck anything as a racial trait, but a half dragon/half bard, can fuck EVERYTHING

>> No.10863449


He would be quite bad at disarming traps, using common weapons or well..

Anything that would require precise finesse, sort of like Lamias having issues with using legs, well because they don't have any.

"But I CAN backstab!"

>> No.10863458


To be fair to her siblings, it was like 9 in the morning. The milkmaids were *very* tired from the nights activities.


I'm kind of picturing the scorpion boy as a demanding submissive. "I want you to tie my claws shut, wrap my stinger in a blanket and whip me until I start talking to god".

>> No.10863476


Snakes are offensive and agressive, where scorpions are often defensive and don't attack unless directly provoked.

I could imagine the dick waving competition or constant size comparisons if some sort of ERP.

>> No.10863500


I hope there's something to whip through that hard carapace.

I'd imagine the bulky half-breeds having some, penalties when comes to satisfaction.

>> No.10863537


His torso and legs are human. I picture it as an outgrowth of him being naturally passive, because when he goes all out he tends to shear limbs off like they were made of yarn.

>> No.10863549

9 in the freaking morning... 9... I wouldn't be up this early if it wasn't for a hearing I have to go to.

>> No.10863571


It's when most people start work, in a fantasy universe where presumably people are up with the dawn it's even more generous.

Hmmm... a half dragon as a trustafarian who uses their charsima as a mask for deep insecurities.

>> No.10863589

WIld magic zone

>> No.10863608


Getting a good grips another thing and god help you if they aren't binded. Sort of what would happen if you were grappled by Lamia during climax.

"See! This is why we won't let YOU handle the women? Now we have town guard all over us... again!"

>> No.10863622


If you had the stamina of a dragon or any monster in general, you'd be up much earlier and for nocturnal creature it would be the opposite hour of day/night scale.

Being cold blooded in warmer climates would certainly have its advantages.

>> No.10863641


>> No.10863650

... 'monsters' get up early, anon?

>> No.10863655

Wild Magic Erogenous Zone

>> No.10863658


Not sure if I'd have boner for having enormour creature riding me that could burn/melt/freeze then proceed spreading my remains on the winds.

I for one would be outright scared if I had a horn or a claw in my mouth that could tear through armor not aroused of all things.

I'm starting to lose faith about human durability here.

>> No.10863662


Who the fuck is going to eat those adventurers then?

>> No.10863669

Some people are just self-destructive in their sexual preferences...

>> No.10863678

had mental image of gnollbard rising with the sun, grabbing lunchbox, thermos and axe

>> No.10863687


Getting killed by a angry housewife is one thing.

Getting stalked by a silver/gold/bronze dragon is on thing entirely and not someone you could exactly dominate or charm to get out of the sticky situation.

>> No.10863704


The half-stone would be the only one that didn't have some odd sexual hangup. They're positive, friendly, and genuinely wants to save her dad.

The half-dragon would be an insecure sexual omnivore and glutton, using conquests to compensate for the fear that she'll never be as powerful as her mom, or as 'accomplished' as her dad.

The half scorpion would be an assertive switch, who really wants a woman he can throw down and ravish but still gets a thrill of being tied down by these fleshy things he can cut apart easily.

The half centaur would be as hung and charismatic as you might expect from a half centaur half bard, but would be so neurotic about whether anyone likes him for who he is rather than what he is that he doesn't wind up taking any advantage of it.

>> No.10863725


Well, thats a monsters job. Either that or luring potential victims to their lairs, like mermaids and gorgons for fun and profit.

They would be amused by other things if there weren't the sheer discrimination against monsters, they would have their sitcoms and have open interspecies relationships.

They'd probably make a gameshow how fast can certain pair build a house right nexto a hot spring to compensate due to possible endothermic off-spring.

>> No.10863762


I could imagine the number after trying to rent a room in the inn.

>"Who the let the circus freaks i- NO HORSES IN THE TAVERN, HOW FUCKING STU- oh, my apologies miss! I meant that we don't have room or beds large enough to accommodate you. I can prepare a place for you in the stall if you wish.."

Proceed the half-centaur being molested by a very mistaken barn boy.

>> No.10863787


Which would only make the poor half centaur more confused.

>> No.10863800


Imagine being waked up when some-one was working your rear end.


>> No.10863804


I disagree, in human society the Half-Centaur would be in sports of whatever type and be extremely strong (horses are fucking rippling with muscle, if you have never seen one up close in real life, not at a petting zoo, you can't get a true appreciation for this) and would likely be more of a jock with an insecurity complex that he hid really well.

>> No.10863815

I've ridden horses before, even old nags have that raw power. Feels good man.

>> No.10863826


Shit yes it does bro. Horses are awesome.

>> No.10863833


Wouldn't that cause certain inferiority complexes as near all centaurs are either viewes as barbarians and due to their physical strength are used as certain beasts of burden for rest of the party.

But that doesn't help you if you through some miracle of god offend her, IE ask her to wear a saddle and get to ride her.

I wonder what would other more bestial races would be, like half-lamia?

>> No.10863839


This does not in any way preclude it from being too caught up on whether people like him or not that he doesn't capitalize on his charm and attractiveness.

>> No.10863858


My aunt raises horses. I have been around them.

I also know that when she was doing a showjumping tournament we had to make sure there was nothing flapping in their field of vision or some of them would freak the fuck out.

You're probably right in that he'd be ripped and athletic, but I still think he'd be skittish and neurotic. I'd be happy to be corrected, but my understanding is that unless horses are *exceptionally* well trained they tend to be panicky and more than a little crazy,.

>> No.10863864


There are always some social stigma attached to certain race of half-breed regardless how charismatic they would be.

Half Dragons would usually mean to townsfolk that shit is about to happen if her mother happens to be around and thus outright aboid her, half-gnolls get offensive treatment and blatant racism due to their animal looks alone.

>> No.10863867

didn't we agree that half cantaur will be more satyr-like and tous can not be riden?

>> No.10863879


And god help the man who even gets trampled by accident, which would mean quite painful injury or death to smaller creatures.

I could see some post-trauma and guilt with a half-centaur warrior that tramped one of her friends by accident in the past.

>> No.10863895


Again, why the half dragon would be an insecure trustafarian. She'd know that there are people who would love to tear her apart if they didn't know her mother would wreak indiscriminate fiery vengeance upon them.

Nailing anything that catches her eye would be her away of asserting herself, and her way of compensating.

>> No.10863902


They always *could* as they could easily carry a medium weight person with stantard gear, but that really demotes the half-centaur in question greatly.

Its like comparable if you were walking around in town without wearing any pants.

>> No.10863931

I now intend to run a rules-light game wherein the players are the bastard progeny of an epic-level bard, each of them fathered on a different monster. Wacky hijinks will ensue as they seek out their fortunes in a hostile world.

>> No.10863939


Oh they can be "ridden" if you know what I mean.

She wouldn't even need to make the effort to go on fours and recieve a DONKEY punch, eh, eh?

>> No.10863966

I wonder how half-lamia/gorgon would be like?

Reclusive creatures and little are known about them, much less what would happen to their progeny.

>> No.10863980

The two that irk me the most are Centaurs and Dragons. Pictures of centaur and dragon porn are squickworthy for me.

>> No.10863993



What are you, half-rubber duck?

>> No.10864006


"Allright... so he has gone missing. But why do you need my help?"

"Because your half lamia sister is currently strangling camels in the desert, you're half wolf kin are currently terrorizing a small forest adjacent village and the rest aren't quite so sociable." He sighed, and made what seemed to be an involuntary clattering noise with his pincers.

"We're the best adjusted of the family, and the only ones who have any experience with humans."



"Well... shit"

>> No.10864007


>> No.10864035

Cool, i want to join.

half-human, half pumpkin. kidding.
half ghost.

>> No.10864047


Died during pregnancy, but through some ungodly fashion were kicked out to the world as not quite dead or undead thing.

We've seen this with vampire so, why not?

>> No.10864055


Half-plant creatures aren't that bad idea.


>> No.10864070


At will power to turn immaterial, number of times per day as level.

Drawbacks include: Being a soulless abomination loathed by man and god.

>> No.10864082

actually, whan i said "half ghost" i had a diffeerent idea at mind.

>> No.10864244


Aren't all gods against half-breeds that aren't close to their ideal race, eh?

Half-dead would be the ideal form of death cults, whom worship death as one part of another and without the one there wouldn't be the other.

>> No.10864279

That pun...was horrible.

Also glorious at the same time.

>> No.10864284


Reminde me of the HOMM 4 Undead campaign person.

What was his name? Gauth Half-Dead? Eh, pretty cool guy, attains status which he once scorned and isn't afaird of anything.

>> No.10864288

And they tend to make an ash of themselves. Maybe I should leaf before this gets out of hand...

>> No.10864306


"Is that a chestnut tree in your trousers, or are you happy to see me?"

"I feel so.. exposed after the later summer.."

"I got this feeling that my roots are around here somewhere..."

>> No.10864314

>>10863931 here.

Hacked together a very very very simple system for this game.



>> No.10864338


Pretty good, we have to add some exclusions to the list if we are to add-half breeds that lack the certain physical requirement such as lack of fingers.

Base racial statitical penalties and bonuses, the usual stuff. But the backbone for this rather stable and suitable for free-form RP.

>> No.10864348

The racial mods are covered by allocating your stats by hand, though perhaps different races could alter the stat cap.

>> No.10864458


"What? I haven't been deflowered yet."
"Put your axe down lumberjack, or dick will look exactly like stumps you leave behind"

>> No.10864477

Three feet across and leaking 'sap'?

>> No.10864497

I'mot one to judge systems. where do I submit my char?

>> No.10864500


Thick, short and mostly unseen; most likely hidden by foliage.

>> No.10864527

Intend to run != running.

Way too busy to DM a game for /tg/ at the minute.

>> No.10864559

Maple Dryads. Go out in March, get with the tapping.

>> No.10864597


I could imagine the insults.

"Your mother is tapped so often, that she is practically a barrel!"

>> No.10864645


I lol'd when I really shouldn't.

That was so bad.

>> No.10864705

I'm going to play a half-gelatinous-cube.

>> No.10864753

how the hell did THAT happen?

>> No.10864763


Cubist goo-girl?

God damn.

>> No.10864764

Cone of Cold and creative application of stone-shaping spells.

>> No.10864787

Maybe somebody just runs up to a Cube and jizzes on it? I don't know, man.

>> No.10864813


Pin it up against walls with various fire spells/fuckloads of fire and fap with a fist of north star?

It ought to work, but you'd might wonder why you don't see your dad that often or why your mother doesn't talk you about it, or well talk anything at all.

>> No.10864844

Son, I don't think you fully understand the Fuck Anything class feature.

>> No.10864854


But gelatinous cubes corrode all thing flesh. So you can't exactly "fuck it"

Best thing is you are going to get is probably petting with ungodly slime-proof arm gauntlent.

>> No.10864868

>OP post a "kooky" furry pic with no text
>166 posts and 17 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.10864872

Ring of Acid Resistance

>> No.10864884


>> No.10864962


Well, it doesn't exactly protect you from melting your dick away.

>> No.10864983

Magic acid resistance.

>> No.10865047


Counts as nautral "non-magical" damage.

>> No.10865053

Then you get a ring to protect against that.

>> No.10865215

>Calls picture Furry
>Picture is wuite obviously Monstergirl
>Hasn't been on /tg/ long enough to realise that Monstergirls are part of bread-and-butter /tg/.

>> No.10865233

I would say 'don't feed the troll' but this thread is dead anyway so mah.

>> No.10865336


>> No.10865384

Oh yes it will. You just have to get a ring-shaped dick piercing, then have the ring enchanted to resist acid.

>> No.10865388

Oh, for fucks sake, it's furry. Let it go, man.

>> No.10865400


You can't make her pregrant with a 1+ condom.

Unless its a god damn siphon, you aren't getting anyway. Enjoy using funnel and hose.

>> No.10865449

"furry is any creature I don't like, but I like lion king so it's not furry despite being the main trugger of furfagotry on the 90's"

>> No.10865528

Who said I had a problem with things being furry?

>> No.10865539


We're going to be finishing up our current campaign soon, and I just KNOW what I'm going to be running next.

>> No.10865552

Ah, right. You're just one of those noxious, irritating furries who assumes anything with a degree of anthropomorphism is 'furry'.

>> No.10865568

can i join?

>> No.10865572

Yes, in the same way that any animation made in Japan is animé. It's sort of the definition of the term, fuck-nugget.

>> No.10865582

there any sauce for this?

>> No.10865597


Just cut it already and like what you like.

>> No.10865628

Hey, /tg/. I fapped to this thread.

Just FYI.

>> No.10865678

I have no idea, sir. I found it when looking through a huge gallery at some monster-girls-related website. I'm just surprised the issue of dick-melting slime ever came up, so I just had to post that comic.

>> No.10865793

a cat is fine too.

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