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Has anyone actually GMd it? How the hell do you get your party together when you're dealing with a nanotech cloud, one in a series of clones, identical twins who share experiences, and an uplifted turtle trained in martial arts (and I approved that character for the player before thinking about it, I know, I know...)

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By naming the last one Raphael.

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This has been a problem for me. Not necessarily the "getting the group together" part since people joining Firewall know they will be people from all over the spectrum working together, but just WTF to do for a game.

Also, the other problem I have: Making the end of every campaign them being horrible killed.

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Everyone meets in an inn...on the moon.

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Awesome, an EP thread. Also hoping to start a game myself sooner or later, working on the first couple of threats.

The basics so far is that Stellar Intelligence made an AGI that infiltrates groups and brings them down. A copy (or the original, don't know yet) got loose and still thinking it's in a simulspace training sim, has targeted the Barsoomians. By goading them into greater acts of violence and disruption, it hopes to provoke an overwhelming response by lawful authorities and shut down the movement.

Not sure how exactly to get PCs involved (this would be a test by Firewall before recruiting them) since I have no PCs yet. I was thinking they'd be at one of the first protests to go bad, get tagged with tracker nanites by the police and brought in for questioning.

Then they either have to clear their name of involvement by finding the truth, or get an message/tip saying "check this out."

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Yeah, most of my ideas concern them all being coincidentally in the same place at the same time, and catching the attention of Firewall (or some other organization) as they struggle to remain alive.

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>Making the end of every campaign them being horrible killed.

Do you mean campaign or mission? One idea:

-The team manages to fix whatever the problem is, but too late, the erasure squad stationed as backup has already moved into action. Hello incoming nuke!

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Firewall could be providing discreet aid. Warnings of trouble, convenient hideouts/gear, whatever else. Then when the threat's gone, they come collecting, i.e "You owe us."

Having the PCs in the employ of Project Ozma would be an interesting game. Had an idea for non-Firewall PCs sent to recover an ego stored on Earth. Mysterious benefactor gives them help, but wants a copy of the brain or something. They do the job, get paid and Firewall shows up thinking they're Ozma agents.

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I meant as in what you said. They solve the problem, get to the end of the story/mystery whatever and the problem always ends up murderizing them terribly. But, phew, saved humanity once again.

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The thought I keep coming to is some interplanetary cruise ship; the players are random schmucks on vacation, just living normal posthuman lives, except there's a Sentinel of Firewall on board important enough to result in the entire ship being attacked. He's killed (for good) but is able to pass along vital information to them before hand.
The trouble with this is, my group is an unpredictable bunch. I ran Star Trek for them, and threw out a one-off character to taunt them about a loss; he became their driving focus, and eventually (after some fast rethinking) the villain for the adventure, when I hadn't even bothered naming him before introducing him. At the same time, running Serenity, I placed them in a position to become Big Damned Heroes, and they left a bunch of innocents to die at the hands of Reavers.
I most certainly want them to become involved with Firewall, but I'm afraid their characters will have too much of a "Meh, what's a little extinction going to do to me?" attitude about things.

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Gotcha. Let me think of some more ways to die:

Misunderstandings! Getting murdered by onlookers who think the sentinels are/were responsible for whatever happened.

Irreversible damage. They've stopped the danger, but too late. Still-active nanites, a fast-acting plague, dead hand bomb, whatever. It's active or activating.

No way out. They're stuck on a meteor plunging into Jupiter, the solar flare is cooking the defenseless station, a tsunami's rolling in to wipe them out... Some sort of natural hazard is going to kill them because nobody is close enough to give them an evac.

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They're infected with a transgenic virus. They've managed to prevent it from spreading outside of the place they're in, but it can't be cured. Works for everything but pure-tech characters.

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>I most certainly want them to become involved with Firewall, but I'm afraid their characters will have too much of a "Meh, what's a little extinction going to do to me?" attitude about things.

If you're trying to get their characters into Firewall, make it personal. The habitat/ship they're on has been hit with reactivated warmachines, extremists are going to unleash a bioplague and they've been infected, whatever works.

If they don't care about extinction events, they should care about their characters dying? Otherwise I don't know.

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You Know Too Much: The sentinel team has uncovered information that they shouldn't know. Or they don't want to live with that knowledge. Either they commit suicide or somebody kills them at mission's end so they revert to backups without knowing the terrible secrets.

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Or just start with everyone already in Firewall, maybe or maybe not knowing each other. I was thinking about doing something like that. Have a basic questionnaire set up with things like "What were you doing during the Fall?" "What do you think happened to the TITANs?" "What was your last mission for Firewall?"

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Hmm--OP here; I hadn't considered the usual amnesia option. It's quite apropos within the setting for the entire group to have it; they all wake up with no memory for the past X weeks/months/years/whatever, and are informed that they're Firewall agents. Maybe they are, maybe they aren't; finding out can turn into it. They could be some competing agency, or the creations of an alien organization, or exactly what they're told. In any case...it would work, quick and messy, just the way I like it.

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Don't forget the use of psychosurgery as well. Some memories could be fake ones patched in, or maybe something was taken out.

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Heh, I could give them multiple layers of fake lives, the result of being captured and recaptured by competing agencies an untold number of times; even they wouldn't know with certainty which side they're on. Very Paranoia.

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Which then introduces the question: just why are they so valuable to several different groups? Skills? Knowledge? Or nothing at all, just their perceived value from being associated with so many factions?

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>implying titan biological viruses can't infect robots anyways

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My biggest problem with the game's been keeping a record of what my character is supposed to remember.

You know, on account of having died several times. [Oh this guy, I remember this guy, now where's my notebook so I can see if my current fork knows him..]

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That last one would be a great way to bring them back down at the end of it--"You're not Kings on this board, just a bunch of pawns mistaken for something much more important." They could've even started out as genuinely ordinary people, in the wrong place at the wrong time, many years before.
Perhaps their normal nature is, itself, a secret worth protecting; they're a good distraction.

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Also, I should post some artwork I have for use in EP games here.

Starting with the folder named "TITAN thingies"

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Mindhacks are such a fun idea. One mission I'm working on has a crashed TITAN probe trying to get in touch with the TITANs again. To do so it's sent miniprobes out in all directions to broadcast a hyperdense radio pulse with it's location and other information.

This signal has many layers, including one with a YGBM hack called Pilgrimage. Using carefully modulated audio bursts, it imprints listeners with a location (in this case, the probe's. Before the Fall, it was used to lure humans for mass uploading) and a burning need to get there.

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I'm GMing a game right now as a sidequest in an ongoing campaign someone else is GMing. We cheated. We decided everyone had already been in firewall for a little bit. Additionally, everyone lives in the same area so Firewall just calls on them when they're the nearest group of Sentinels to a given problem (or the ones most available at the time if they need to egocast)

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Couple sheets there might help with recordkeeping. Not sure entirely. I have yet to play/run this.

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In the game I plan to start in a few months time I'm having them wake up after an emergency backup, their stacks were damaged but the backups were old so the techs patched them the best they could. They'll each get a couple of cards with trigger words and a flash of memory in them. Some of the memories won't be theirs, some will be fake and some will be plot related.
They come to in a waiting simulspace as they await resleeving and are contacted for a group chat by some of their installed software. Who installed the software may be important.

In my last game I made up a previous adventure for the team where they were involved but not all the way through and made the current investigation a kind of second phase. It worked well until they got sidetracked by a party.
My players were a varied bunch too.

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How do you all handle Firewall briefings? I'm thinking about a router who gives information through petals. Take one, you're connected to a mesh server where a fork of the router starts briefing you.

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Donatello was the best and you know it.

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I did it it with an ultra-paranoid simulspace talk with a router. Gives them keys, gets them to the different places, routes the connection through a VPN to a couple of quantum farcasters hidden in different parts of the station and one held by a PC (the most experienced one) in a white room with a bug zapper. They tune in and he sends a massively pruned fork to check it for danger before even sending a better fork more equipped to answer their questions. They end up interrogating the sole survivor of the last mission, via a fork who the router's crew have pruned almost to death to keep their secrets.

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More like these, please.

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Well...that's being pretty thorough. Any of the PCs try to find his/her/its identity? Can't see that ending well.

Sunward's apparently gone off to the printers. Wonder how long until a downloadable version is out.

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Some of these start to go from militaristic robot to cthulhu horro

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>cthulhu horro

No joke, read this as "cthulhu homo" at first.

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Working on my own campaign idea at the moment. It revolves around the steady unveiling of the horrible secrets of the hypercorp that runs the habitat I'm setting it in, with those secrets ultimately creating a threat to the entire solar system. About the only major element of the setting I don't think I can work into the campaign is the Pandora Gates.

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Cthulhu horror? in MY Eclipse Phase?
Yes, please.

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The fork cried and screamed as it's memory-gaps ate away at it's psyche. They never tried to trace the router, they had a tight schedule and the AGI on the party only found the farcaster the other PC was using, not the embedded ones, on their primary scan. It was transmitting to somewhere on the station, but was most likely piping the signal to somewhere else through that link as indicated by time lapses when some of the data was requested.

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Depends what the horrible secrets are, they could involve things brought from beyond the Gates. Or experiments using the Gates themselves. Trying to create whatever material it's made of, for example.

Wait, a farcaster broadcasting a farcaster on the same station? Talk about waste of resources. At least it's not using qubits.

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You realize the original idea for Eclipse Phase was a psychological horror game, right? It's all about crazy shit you don't understand fucking you over in ways you can't conceive.

Also, joined a Eclipse Phase game that runs Sundays, it starts next week (this past sunday was the setup day). We're doing the "each person plays someone else's Muse" thing, and I pity the person that got me. My character is permaforked in 2 bodies, so they have to play 2 of the same muse at once.

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The quantum encryption is worth it, it was the entire operation brief. the farcaster is a method not a device, at least as I'm talking about it. It's a funky radio. The main expense is getting the synced devices to different points, but if it's not far away it doesn't matter in an almost post-scarcity economy.

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I'll be running it as of this weekend. Starting off with the PCs already in Firewall. They took so many flaws I didn't even bother planning out an overarching plot yet; I could fill months of gameplay with their flaws coming back to bite them. For the plot, though, I was thinking that eventually they could get hints that Project Ozma has been co-opted by exsurgents, right as it starts gaining more power in the hypercorps.

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Hah, that's downright awesome. Were I in that position, I'd request either
A quantum link so the two AIs can remain synced
The two AIs would start to diverge into drastically different personalities.

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What kind of flaws? This sounds potentially hilarious.

I really want to run EP. Once I get a couple of threats written up, might have to learn IRC stuff.

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Well, it was one normal human mind, forked into another body. They always stay near each other, and merge/refork the second body so that it doesn't diverge. Gives me essentially 2 characters to play as, but some huge weaknesses. Especially since they have massive separation anxiety disorder for each other. Separate them/him, and all of a sudden main motivation switches to "find other" practically ignoring everything else.

Having one mind in two bodies constantly updating makes it seem retrospectively that he's one person in two bodies, making him think like a sort of hivemind. Doubly so since he's a nanotech specialist, so always has nanobots around, and his Creepy helper bot is on hand. Then there's the Muse(s).

I'm a one man army. Without, you know, actually having combat skills. So... one man science conference, I guess.

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It's >>10852289 , here. I wonder if this is my DM. I know that none of the 4 of us in the game made combat characters, and from what I've seen we all have some sort of crippling flaw. Or two.

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What's your psychosurgery skill. A guy did something similar in my one-shot, it is really useful to be able to send 'update-forks' and things on the fly to keep the pair updated on each other's movements, for instance if they are outside contact briefly and one of them spots something.

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Psychosurgery skill is quite high as I knew I'd be doing this.

Also, how is the guy "sending updates"? Merging requires the fork to be integrated into the main ego, destroying the fork in the process, then needing to flat recreate it. Then you have to put it in the morph again. Requires a few different things to be able to do this, and thats when you're right next to each other.

There's no mechanics for ranged merging, and no mechanics for updating in the book. Unless that's all houseruled.

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Nah, you create an on-the fly delta fork with the info/feelings etc, transmit it and the other one of you integrates it. Neither of the Alpha forks are harmed

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Oh, I see, delta forks. Yeah with this character they wouldn't really be able to be apart anyway, unless the little guy (the neotenic, AKA "beta") is off doing some shopping/meeting, as he's the "face" of the character. And what exactly allows you to transmit a delta fork? Sorry for the questions, don't have the rulebook on hand and kind of drunk at the same time. Canada day tomorrow, so drinking is required.

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They're effectively just data, you send them over the mesh. p274 is where you want to look, under neural pruning.

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>>10852962 here, I'm drinking too, no reason, but still!

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You're the one with a novacrab and neotenic right? See you in most the EP threads.

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Bump for more stories/ideas.

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Yeah, just happens to come up, and it's not like many people take part in EP threads.

Also holy shit I'm hammered now, it's like words are made of candy and I'm eating them onto the screen.

Drink to celebrate Canada day. We don't care if you're Canadian, we just love drinking. At least here in Nova Scotia. We'll drink for any/no reason.

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>>doubledogdareyou to drink a whole bottle of screech.

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Somewhat relevant to this thread.

I miss EP/ME

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What a coincidence, I just discovered the concept of "bum wines" and got a bottle. Gonna join you sooner or later.

Suppose I were to run a hypothetical EP game in the future. Over IRC. And have never done so. Any really big do's/don'ts?

Also, things about running/playing in EP that are a pain? I've heard criticisms about having too many CP and just buying things because nothing else to spend points on. Would reducing it to 800-900CP be reasonable?

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I think that be a bad idea.

Also, I've never had screech, even though I've known a few newfies and they're just *right over there*. I shall rectify this upon my next trip to the liquor store. Which shall be on Friday, as I'll have drank my way through shitloads of alcohol by then.

Screech... then a mix of vodka/tequila/vodka cooler. If you're liver isn't screaming, you aren't drinking enough.

On topic, wasn't there a set of rules released by the makers of the game that allowed you to make your own podmorph/whatever?

Also, I planned on trying to make a pure martial artist character. Ultimate guy in a Reborn morph, 90 in both fray and unarmed, specialties in Fray (Unarmed), and Unarmed (brawling), which would put it at 99/99. Then max out shit related to that.

"I am better than you. I do not rely on external objects to fight for me. I shall show you that I am the Ultimate Weapon."

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Party of Octomorphs

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Really, with the normal 1000 CP, you still tend to let some skills be low. Although "normal humans" for this day and age would be about 40 or so in a skill, we're talking about a universe where the average person are (relative to today) superhuman geniuses. Putting a few skills to 90 or so still eats up CP like a bitch.

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>On topic, wasn't there a set of rules released by the makers of the game that allowed you to make your own podmorph/whatever?

Ohfuckdowant. I've been tinkering with things like Rifters (inspired by Peter Watt's books. They'd be Europan humanish morphs) and neocetaceans (just for fun. Maybe have a few make it off of Earth).

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I'll try to dig it up (even though I'm horribly drunk). Hang on a bit, I'm sure this isn't just a hallucination for me.

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You'll want to boost those with complementary skills. For example, I have an engineer character with all the Hardware skills at 40, but with Academics: Engineering, Profession Field Engineer, and a few sciences, I get another +30 to pretty much every conceivable Hardware roll

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Okay then. I just remember an EP thread where someone complained they ended up turning their character (a detective-type I think?) into a combat cyborg who could survive seeker blasts because he had the points to do so.

Come to think of it, didn't see many other people chiming in about that in the thread.

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Yeah, the standard rules give you too many points to use.

Everybody ends up being able to do everything.

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>> No.10854677

In the ongoing and brutal work being done on NUtopia, this is something of a problem.

Trying to create a 'low power' setting is Hard.

>> No.10854699

>Everybody ends up being able to do everything.

Which does make sense in that having near-instant and convenient access to much of transhumanity's knowledge and plenty of time to learn it, you'd pick up on a lot of stuff.

But yeah, from a design standpoint, it's a bit off.

>> No.10854791

The thing is, yes, people can do anything.

Relatively well.

But specialists still shine, at least in my experience. If everyone specializes in stuff, then you can do crazy shit.

My one character has Academics: Nanotechnology at like... 80 I think. And Programming at 80. And Profession: Nanobot Designer at 80. And a General Nanobot Hive.


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Oh fuck, I swear I saw something about this.

Either that or the alcohol is editing my memories.


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So like any RPG I'd have to pay attention to people's characters and look out for retarded stuff. Yaay effort.


And I don't want to talk to no anarchist, motherfuckers be operating under a postscarcity economy and getting me pissed.

I think I did that wrong.

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>Suppose I were to run a hypothetical EP game in the future. Over IRC. And have never done so. Any really big do's/don'ts?

Make sure to use the errata'd version of the book. You can get it for free legally online... I know the guys were handing it out on the official forums if you had a PDF receipt for the first printing. It fixes some wacky things like full auto sniper rifles being the objectively best weapons in the game.

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I hope Sunward has more TITAN warmachines.

Oh fuck. Now I'll have to brave the EP forums, which have a weird layout.

>> No.10854968

Unfortunately, it looks like Sunward won't be out for months. It just went to the printers this week.

>> No.10854974

Actually, plenty of organized societies exist under post-scarcity. Outer system is pretty much entirely post-scarcity, and very few are actual anarchist. Titan (one of Jupiters moons), for instance, is a democratic communism of sorts.

I still can't find that "make your own morph" post. Now I think my mind is lying to me.

And you should always look over character sheets, but I'm not sure there's any powergaming BS for EP... yet. Just make sure to use the reprint for the game, the errata fixes a bunch of retarded stuff, like the sniper rifles being so goddamn overpowered that every other thing in the game is useless by comparison. Fucking hell, fully automatic railgun sniper rifles? Ugh.

>> No.10854982

Oh, I know about the errata'd version. I have a copy. And a print version too...of the first version. Bought a month after finding out about the game. Yeah.

Anyone know if everything after the corebook is also free under their license? I have the gamemaster screen w/ adventure, but I hope it and Sunward are legally free.

>> No.10855118

They've said that the entire game line will be free, yeah. I believe they mentioned that they might try something else with any other lines Transhuman Studios makes, but all EP books will be Creative Commons.

>> No.10855140

Awesome. I just have to get around to *buying* their stuff. Companies as good as this should be rewarded. It's the opposite of DRM.

>> No.10855169

Well, it is the transhumanist future.

I'm surprised that there aren't neuro-linked firearms that can potentially spit out millions of rounds per minute, at least .50 cal too, all homing in on a single target at any distance with perfect accuracy.

>> No.10855187

Excellent. I remember having a hell of a time getting a torrent for the screen.

I know! Just one more reason why I love this game. When I get the money, I'm going to buy the corebook again. My version's falling apart...

>> No.10855205

You can get a gun linked to your mind.

>> No.10855219

You can get something close to that. Homing bullets, maybe smartlinked?

>> No.10855223

But does it automatically fire homing bullets at the heads of individuals you recognize as targets?

>> No.10855252

I've been waiting on the errata'd reprint of the game.

Apparently their publisher's full of 'tards and after they were sent the errata, they printed a whole series of non-errata'd books instead.

So all the new EP books filling the shelves are still the same old.

Ah well, at least this means they might be able to fit some more fixes in their for when it finally does come to print and I can buy it off Amazon.

>> No.10855273

I believe there's smart bullets, or something to that effect. That plus the Smart Link (aforementioned link to your brain) means you'd have pretty much that. And that's just normal guns, not launchers, spray weapons, then there's beam weapons, railguns, etc..

And then someone sends a nanobot swarm at you and you die regardless. Have fun.

>> No.10855320

several of the weapons can harm nanoswarms specifically

>> No.10855347

Get a synthmorph with a mounted weapon, maybe attach an dumb AI to it. Program accordingly. Tada, autotarget weapon!

>And then someone sends a nanobot swarm at you and you die painfully and mostly likely slowly regardless. Have fun.

Fixed that for you. If you get eaten by (human) nanoswarms, you're a tard who didn't go in with nanosupport of your own. If it's a TITAN swarm? Well, you're a tard for going near TITAN tech.

>> No.10855360

A lot of printing issues are thanks to Catalyst nearly folding. The guys who write EP left Catalyst, so they were without a publisher for several months.

>> No.10855362

Plasma and EMP weapons, that's about it. Are you sure you weren't thinking normal swarms? Because nanoswarms are too small for people to see unless you have nanodetectors or the sight modification that allows you to see at nano-scale. And even then, hitting a nanoswarm with a bullet is just retarded. It's like trying to kill a swarm of fruit flies with a rock.

>> No.10855397

>Fixed that for you. If you get eaten by (human) nanoswarms, you're a tard who didn't go in with nanosupport of your own. If it's a TITAN swarm? Well, you're a tard for going near TITAN tech.
Yeah, true. Always have a nanobot specialist with you. Nanoswarms are practically invisible and can tear you apart molecule by molecule. Only real defense is Guardian nanobots.

>> No.10855437

In applicable when the GM dumps TITAN nanoswarms on you the way Tomb of Horrors dumped bullshit traps.

Enjoy never making it out of a case.

>> No.10855449

At the very least, carry a nanodetector so you know that there are swarms around and what they are. And at least a guardian swarm so that you have some protection.

>> No.10855451

Spray weapons work as well.

>> No.10855473

Oh shit, I found the custom morph thing. Seems it was actually a fan made thing, but still pretty intricate. Either way, here it is:


Ha-ha! I'm not crazy!

At least, for this reason.

>> No.10855523

Yessss, you are awesome. Thank you so much!

I wish the EP site would take that header off when you're visiting the forums. Takes up too much space.

>> No.10855750

That thing looks suspiciously familiar to a political cartoon I remember seeing once...

>> No.10855791

....you have awesome political cartoons.

>> No.10855841

Are you from the future where this is some convoluted representation of a political party or head of state?

>> No.10855866

There are Automatic Recoiless Sniper Rifles.

>> No.10855906

Not anymore.

>> No.10855976


>> No.10856009

...I think I just found my next TITAN-created enemy now.

>> No.10856013

It's a representation of America.

It's a giant man with one hand holding a large bomb, a foot turning into a nuclear explosion, and he's wearing a KKK costume.

I don't remember what it's called.

>> No.10856028

Yeah, basically this

The one I'm thinking of looks a little different though.

>> No.10856122

This is the greatest golem-thing ever. I hope this is in every RPG I ever play. It has goddamn explosives for legs, for fuck sakes. IT WILL KICK YOU WITH EXPLOSIONS WHILE SHOOTING YOU.

>> No.10856174

>> No.10856266

Is that supposed to be SHODAN?

>> No.10856513

No clue. Got it from a /tg/ thread about creating a god.

>> No.10856769

Good game, but unbalanced.

I made a Synth that can basically ignore anything lighter then a squad-support weapon, and can shoot dead just about anything.

Also the Custom Morph rules are even more unbalanced, with those I can make a Morph that does everything better then everyone else.

GM fiat with chargen is highly suggested.

I hope when they release 2E they fix most of these problems.

Pic related-it's basically what I played.

>> No.10856896

Yeah, except such tank synthmorphs would be hilariously easy to make useless in the game. Unless your GM completely ignores social settings in the game, you'll find your morph completely illegal in many places, as it's a goddamn weapons platform. Reaper morphs are a bitch to use anywhere for this reason. Even pod morphs can have problems in the inner system, and they are in no way overpowered.

Basically, the game has mechanically overpowered shit, but is based on settings rules that counteract this.

>> No.10856980

And hopefully not players who tend towards minmaxing I guess.

I wouldn't give players access to the moprh creation rules myself,

Reaper morphs just seemed kind of strange to have. I get they're there for combat characters, but they're like tanks.

>> No.10857054

Just so you guys realize, the "morph creation rules" are player made, not official. There's no reason you 'have' to give players access to them.

>Reaper morphs just seemed kind of strange to have. I get they're there for combat characters, but they're like tanks.
Exactly. They aren't supposed to be something you just wander around Mars with. They're there if you want a character built around blowing shit up and being unable to go to like 90% of the solar system because most sane places don't like sentient tanks wandering around their homes.

>> No.10857100

"Sorry Tim, you have to sit in the spaceship while the normal people do things."

>> No.10857165

Are furries or tricked out Olympians seen as an inherent threat?

Because one co-PC i'm with is a 6'10" somatics 40 olympian who's spent almost all of her reward money on upgrading her morph and is now around durability 60+...she also has striking looks and is the social character of the group.

Pic related.

>> No.10857170

Pretty much. Unless your GM specifically states that you're going through pandora gates or to Earth I'd basically count Reaper morphs as unusable.

And going to Earth is a one way trip, so have fun losing your expensive ass morph and being stuck with a splicer or something. Maybe a fury if you're lucky.

>> No.10857217

Normal biomorphs are seen as, well... normal in transhumanity. You'd just be seen as really goddamn strong in the Olympian morph. Reapers are quite literally war machines. Floating disk tanks that you can shove an ego into.

As for furries.. uh... what furries? Closest thing I can think of are uplifts, which are quite literally animals with one or two modifications (like being a bit bigger, or adding thumbs, etc.). Oh, and being sapient.

>> No.10857237

A transhuman RPG with no furries?

What is this crap?

>> No.10857242

Almost a one way trip. You just have to get that upgrade that lets you beam an update of yourself right before you get blown to little bite sized pieces/ chewed up by nano-swarms.

>> No.10857250

derppp. sorry, i meant fury.
not that I have much use for them: modifying an olympian out the gills is a lot more points efficient than buying a fury at chargen.

>> No.10857253

It's like you don't know what transhumanism is. I'm too drunk to care about the fact that it's a troll.

>> No.10857269

that's filed under "other" biomods.

there's claws, prehensile tail, hair, and whatnot.

>> No.10857274

Probably means taking a biomorph and adding cosmetic mods like tails and fur and animal ears.

In traditional and bioconservative society, that shit won't fly. Out among more anarchist and scum habitats? Sure.

>> No.10857286

Transhumanism means people improving their bodies, and improvement is subjective. There's no universal 'better.' Just what people like more. And some people like furries.

>> No.10857309

Or make arrangements to be picked up. Probably not from the surface; finding a gap in the killsat coverage has got to be a pain. Maybe make it up the last space elevator?

>> No.10857315

Among anarchists 'Furry' is probably tame.

>> No.10857327

Depends on the morph mods in question.

The one on your right is probably your standard sylph morph.

>> No.10857341

Pretty much all modifications to make something "furry" would be completely cosmetic. There's no advantage a tail or dog ears would give you when you can fucking see through walls and have beyond perfect balance as a 'normal' human.

As said, you could do it in the games mechanics as a custom morph, but have fun going near the inner system in a body like that. I suggest having a chat with the Jovians.

>> No.10857363

extra hilarity: note the jovian spy has heart disease and takes combat drugs.

>> No.10857381

There was a story in the EP book about a team doing just that, of course none 'survived', but that's only because the person with the 'GET ME OUT OF THIS BODY' transmitter used it to send some data. Of course they all had backups.

>> No.10857390

Also, 'transhumanism' means more 'improving the human condition' than just 'improve'. It's meant to make people healthier, stronger, etc.. Not give you weird extra bits. We already have that today, it's called "body modification".

>> No.10857415

Maybe. I could see anarchists with bioconservative tendencies. Wanting to preserve the human identity and all that.

Among the scum though? More likely to not be a big deal.

Take away the skin patter, tail and tone down the ears, maybe.

>> No.10857439

Well yeah, Jovians only use Flats, which means they're normal human bodies, not even fixed of genetic disorders and basic crap like that. If he didn't use combat drugs, going up against anyone else would be like a kitten fighting a gorilla.

Possibly a gorilla made of metal with laser cannons.

>> No.10857451

Meh, as long as it isn't the Jovians, you could probably go into the Inner System. You'd get some stares, but I don't think anyone would actually stop you.

>> No.10857466

I discounted him until I realize he looks exactly like the dude from Just Cause 2.

Now I fear him.

>> No.10857469

>Pretty much all modifications to make something "furry" would be completely cosmetic. There's no advantage a tail or dog ears would give you when you can fucking see through walls and have beyond perfect balance as a 'normal' human.
Isn't making a body look human an equally cosmetic choice?

Plus, I bet you could hide shit in the extra bits. Nothing major. Extra sensors in the sinus space, antennae in big ears. Faz sense. Radar. Who knows.

>> No.10857472

>The one on your right is probably your standard sylph morph.
There's nothing at all mentioned about skin, ears, and tail modifications like that. They're *really* goddamn good looking humans with pheromone mods and such. No idea where you'd get that they have huge ears and a tail, and weird skin.

>> No.10857498

Just using what God gave him. Not like you bodyswapping freaks.

I'm sure there's some usage of Splicers, even if only among the rich and elite. Always someone who doesn't follow the rules.

>> No.10857502

20% of humanity is stuck in robot bodies and another 20% is stuck in server farms. Furries are small time controversial compared to that.

>> No.10857520

I don't think maintaining the natural human appearance is a cosmetic choice, at least not in the same way as choosing to visibly modify it.

It doesn't make much sense to say, "I'm making the choice of not tattooing my skin." It's declaring a negative, making a non-statement.

>> No.10857551

not ALL of them obviously, but they book mentions "exotic" looks. I should have phrased that as "would be found among standard off the shelf sylph morphs"

>> No.10857555

>You'd get some stares, but I don't think anyone would actually stop you.

More than stares, depending on how biocon the local population is and/or how big they are into stereotyping.

Think of someone covered in tattoos and body mods in the equivalent of a gated community. Going to get some extra attention, especially if something happens to go wrong (break-in, accident, whatever) while they're around.

>> No.10857563

um, but I DID make the choice to not tattoo my skin.

>> No.10857578

20%? MOST of humanity is still stuck in storage. The total 'walking-about' population is a few hundred million.

>> No.10857593

Robot bodies aren't really controversial. Most would be annoyed, as they're in *crap* robot bodies, but some are pretty sweet. I really like slitheroids.

>> No.10857595

>I don't think maintaining the natural human appearance is a cosmetic choice, at least not in the same way as choosing to visibly modify it.
Even if it's not a particularly conscious choice, it's still a choice. If you have crazy technology that can shoot ray guns out of your eyes or catch bullets or whatever, (haven't played EP) there's no reason to believe a human body is anything like the optimal physiology. Especially in space habitats.

Personally, I think it's weird that there's a setting where everyone's robots and tanks and dolphins and simulated humans who play Space WoW every second of every day, but woah, you have a TAIL? That is HERESY.

>> No.10857618

Dude, for a relatively small amount of money, I can become a giant robot crab monster.

>> No.10857627

the rules and overall fluff/system seem to suggest that such fiat is downright NEEDED.

like "ok, you have an awesome synthmorph deathbot shell.. but to get you and your Firewall cell into this station you have all been transferred into worker-pod shells.

And then you hand them new character sheets, with the same old ego but different new baseline worker pods morphs. Maybe beforehand you could give them a FEW CP to blow on the pods, but they are not going to have their favorite tools and mods.

Step one, they have to check their cover as traveling Somethings and recover the firewall cache on the station to recover their mission-critical gear.

Step two is dealing with something, perhaps a Hypercorp lab that is suspected to hold recovered TITAN artifacts.

Step three is mostly failing

step four through eight are trying to stay alive/uncaptured.

step nine. there is no step nine.

step ten, they blow up the station and themselves. There are no survivors and no farcasted ego escapes.

spoiler: their Firewall managers never expected them to succeed with the stealth operation. The wetworks and demolition was expected from the beginning, that is why there had low-power hand weapons and High Power explosives in the cache instead of something useful.

>> No.10857636

Possibly, still don't remember reading that among the options, but this is EP after all. You can play as a hive of insect sized robots. Pretty much anything goes.

Hell, child prostitute morphs are canon.

>> No.10857655

afterwards, roleplay situation.

While the operation was ongoing, the characters are resleeved into cheap synth shells in a nearby settlement, just close enough to watch the fireball of the inevitable death. They are in a locked room with no tools to escape.

a heavily secured remote feed spends the entire time listing off their actions (live feed from the doomed settlement, it is assumed) from an overhead speaker.

"12:27:58 Operative Red attempts to enter secure area.
12:29:03 Operative Red deceased" (as the GM you can make a big deal of going through a breakdown of their actions, or just say that that they hear the whole thing, etc)

feed cuts off, few moments later the bright flash is seen. A new voice comes onto the audio feed, a little distorted from the use of high-power voice scrubbers to prevent an identity trace.

This voice makes them an offer that they cannot refuse. It explains how Firewall was failing, how they were corrupt and insane. It explains how the PCs had been sent on that death mission, backups scrubbed behind them once Firewall realized covers were blown. They were written off.. abandoned..

but there are other.. (dramatic pause) ..options. I could use a crew like you. Dedicated.. dedicated to getting the job done to the very end, it seems.

Quit listening to Firewall lies and see just how deep the infection goes! ah.. excuse me.. but no, i can't force you.. (pause) well, obviously i could.. but i prefer to make an offer.

the details of the offer i leave to you. yes, this is a Project Ozma recruitment pitch. I would suggest asking the players to keep discussion to a minimum, have them write down their yes or no answer on some paper, fold it up and give it to you. secrecy matters.

>> No.10857675


ask them not to share their vote no matter what, use whatever incentive you need for that.

Everyone makes their vote in a way that is assumed to be secret or internal. Everyone wakes up back in their original shells, retrieved from the body banks that had entered before the mission.

Firewall never deleted them, they are restored as-per the agreement. Everyone has their memories from the "observation room", but their Muses show nothing. No observable tampering, as far as firewall knows they were restored from untouched backups. Everyone is left with a very strong impression that they should avoid talking about this. This could be a compulsion effect, or it could be an effect of not wanting to get killed by a loyalist or rogue, etc in case they guess wrong.

They are informed that the mission was a costly success, but a success, congratulations. The usual.. ah.. compensations are made regarding any credit or tech toy deals, and the team is released back to their lives until they are called up again.

GM now possibly has a selection of traitors they could call on for fun things some time later. If everyone choose rogue, maybe they manage to really go rogue next mission, if everyone choose loyalty they might receive extra rewards from firewall.

>> No.10857693

Only a few hundred million uploads escaped earth.

>> No.10857704

>Personally, I think it's weird that there's a setting where everyone's robots and tanks and dolphins and simulated humans who play Space WoW every second of every day, but woah, you have a TAIL? That is HERESY.

Keep in mind that Earth is an irradiated, polluted, machine-infested wasteland that in all likelihood 99% of transhumanity will never visit again.

And that humans were almost killed off by killer AIs.

Those that spent time in space, away from the mainstream culture before the Fall? They're more comfortable with whatever (exceptions are there, of course). But those who had to run away from Earth, who miss it and are still frightened of the aforementioned killer AIs? They miss the old days, the old shapes and smells and everything else. People might be a little suspicious of deviating from the norm.

>> No.10857715

Yes, and it's looked down upon by a good chunk of the inner system.

EP is not a happy setting. Humanity pretty much got wiped out except for a handful of survivors. We lost our only habitable planet without domes. Aliens showed up with absurd technology and said "Don't make AI or use those Pandoran Gates", both of which we already had done and it caused our current situation.

People prefer human bodies because goddamnit it's all we have left of our history. Also why old Earth stuff is valued absurdly high. Trying to preserve our culture, whatever is left of it.

>> No.10857721

that just, you know. an idea.

unnerve players a little, basically tell them that they have been Noticed by powerful forces. Also gives chance to be white knights or dareing sneak-rogues, anything in between, and gives clue to the GM about what they want.

>> No.10857824

It's under "miscellaneous cosmetics" I think. Basically you could be a furry for really cheap. Just buy fur, fangs, claws, and a tail. There. Furry.

>> No.10857853

But weird dudes on the street is a big part of what grimdark cyberpunk is all about.

Don't tell me it ain't cyberpunk, either. There's megacorporations, ecological disaster, robot slave person underclass, hyper-rich people completely detached from the rest of society, etc.

>> No.10857870

There's also the population that was already in space.

>> No.10857878

And those aliens are pretty much not sharing much of anything. And they're so...alien.

And nobody knows what happened to the TITANs. They made the gates, went through them and left stuff behind. But they left things behind in our system.

>> No.10857917

They might have made the Gates. Honestly, no one knows who the fuck made the Gates for sure.

>> No.10857928

Difference between "weird dude" and "giant crab." One's human, the other is a giant crab.

>> No.10857937

>Keep in mind that Earth is an irradiated, polluted, machine-infested wasteland that in all likelihood 99% of transhumanity will never visit again.

I've never really seen it as such, personally.

I've always visualized it as a mostly polluted and damaged planet, but with life still going on, just in new forms, with some areas that could almost be considered breathtakingly beautiful [if it weren't for the incredibly lethal animals/machines/poison in the area]

Here, I'll post some environment art to show what I mean.

>> No.10857948


>> No.10857992

And then there's the one bit of it that's just like YKK, mainly because the local TITANs liked the aesthetic.

>> No.10857993

>Personally, I think it's weird that there's a setting where everyone's robots and tanks and dolphins and simulated humans who play Space WoW every second of every day, but woah, you have a TAIL? That is HERESY.

Supposedly, it varies from locale to locale within the solar system, according to the culture. For example, forking laws are noted within the fluff to vary widely between places: places with more prohibitive laws against exotic morphs and higher functional forks are the same places that would have a distaste for 'furry' modifications because they're interested in preserving the traditional concept of humanity. In all fairness though, furry is probably the tamest set of modifications you could get in the game, considering the bizarreness of most morphs; most locales you'd be encounter would probably openly accept them, barring the Jovian and the hyper conservative.

>> No.10857994

Heck, I even imagine there's pockets of humanity still living on - like stalkers around chernobyl, but over the entire earth. Avoiding TITAN monstrosities and hiding in whatever shelter they can find, banding together and creating their own communities.

Kind of fallout-ish.

Actually, that could be a really cool way to start a campaign. Everyone's a Flat living on Earth in the post-apocalyptic times. Struggling to survive, Born shortly after the fall without knowing anything about the rest of humanity in the stars above.

>> No.10857996

>I've never really seen it as such, personally.
What do you mean... it's canon that Earth is pretty much covered in ruins, war machines, lethal nanobot swarms, disease clouds, toxic waste, factories producing war machines, and god knows what else. Sure, there may be picturesque areas on Earth... but that's because nanoswarms are invisible to normal vision, and you're getting torn apart as you look at the waterfall. Which is probably acidic anyway.

>> No.10858009

Fair enough. I just remember the book talking about things like whole ecosystems/parts of the food web damaged heavily, the antimatter bomb detonated near Chicago and the aforementioned lethal machines.

Oh, and Luna's periodic mass driver strikes against perceived TITAN activity.

And all the damage we did to Earth before the TITANs and the Fall.

So I guess Earth isn't a total writeoff. It just needs a lot of love and effort, which only the reclaimers seem to want to do.

>> No.10858033

>And then there's the one bit of it that's just like YKK

I don't even know what that is.

>> No.10858044

>>Born shortly after the fall without knowing anything about the rest of humanity in the stars above.

I dunno man, everyone playing 10 year olds would be weird.

>> No.10858052


Uh, if they have the technology for such mods NOW with Humanity all asunder and Earth a hellhole, I'm pretty sure wild and crazy bodymods all existed back then.

So in a way it would be getting back in touch with Earth and what was lost.

>> No.10858079

some fighting during the fall

I've always pictured the TITAN AI robots as not being the most efficient of designs, but rather a lot of crazy mishmashing ideas as they test out different types of things against humanity.

Hence war machines that might not make the most logical sense, lumbering around cities, shooting the place up, and existing only because an AI wanted to see how they would perform in a realistic setting.

>> No.10858095

>I've always visualized it as a mostly polluted and damaged planet, but with life still going on, just in new forms
Well, that part's not true. The only new life is weird killbots the TITANs made. In terms of actual life forms, there's just modern earth minus many species. Apparently bees and krill went extinct, along with many other vital species, causing the ecosystem to essentially collapse.
It will recover naturally, but that will take millions of years. Like after the Dinosaur Killer. It'll take thousands of years just to scrub the atmosphere of pollutants.

>Heck, I even imagine there's pockets of humanity still living on
The core book says it's estimated that 20,000 to 100,000 humans are still alive on earth.

>> No.10858097

Could play mind-damaged survivors. You were uploads collected by the TITANs, poked at and then...woke up in an old military base with recent memories. Left behind when they went off to wherever.

Book says there might be survivors left on Earth, but they're hiding in deep valleys, underground, underwater...as far hidden as they can get. Contacting them is unlikely. Would they even respond peacefully to attemps? I'm imaging something like survivors of Skynet.

>> No.10858111


It's awesome.

>> No.10858116

>implying you can't advance past the current timeline in EP.

Besides, the later supplements are apparently going to advance the setting as each one comes out

>> No.10858120

Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou.

>> No.10858130

Oh god, that reminds me of Gramps.

Gramps was a 142 year old moxie 10 flat fall evacuee. He never died. The rest of the group bit it repeatedly due to assorted nastiness but gramps always walked away just fine.

I think the reason the GM never killed him was because the player repeatedly described his backup morph which was something akin to dolly partin with even bigger tits.

>> No.10858143

>living on Earth in the post-apocalyptic times

pondered this a while back.
Instead of Eclipse Phase, call it Decay Phase, perhaps.

Terminator 4: The Roleplaying Game.
>this is not a bad thing.

>> No.10858146

>> No.10858150


enjoy your immortal elves and dragons running for president.

>> No.10858174

Nah, everyone playing the lost generation would be cool.

Farm-raised on a subjective-time accelerated net construct by artificial intelligences gives you a lots of interesting character development options, and having everyone play someone from this pool means that your characters can relate as pariahs and form really unique bonds from shared experiences really far from human norm. Your group would be roleplaying a relatively uncommon background as a whole, and there'd be tons of ways for your GM to toss up situations from a shared backstory with it.

>> No.10858177

>> No.10858190

post apocalypse earth is grim and dark

>> No.10858198

Also, you're all mentally unstable psychopaths with a killing streak.

>> No.10858202

With weird installations scattered about

>> No.10858208

Why haven't they shot landing pods full of krill and bees at Earth yet? Or is it so fucked up that they can't survive there now? (In that case, how do humans survive there?)

>> No.10858213

some of them, really really weird

>> No.10858224

How fast can subjective time get for an infomorph?

>> No.10858232


so, no different from any other character they play?

>> No.10858235

I don't know about that. The technology for forking, bodyswapping and extensive modifications was probably heavily restricted and/or expensive beyond the average persons' reach. And still, not necessarily socially acceptable.

Backups might be available, but waiting lists for a new body could be long.

Nanotechnology not freely accessible to everyone, maybe only corporations and governments. Probably most goods were still made the way they are now, just more efficiently.

Earth was not a pleasant-sounding place before the Fall. It was the escape into space that really shook up the existing social order and opened up possibilities.

>> No.10858244

and then there's some tranquil places where there's just nothing but old and lost history.

>> No.10858268

and perhaps pockets of humanity continue to survive in one form or another in these quiet places.

>> No.10858272

weird nanotech robot wandering earth ruins

>> No.10858293

Not for long though. The TITANs are seed AIs, they get faster and smarter pretty damn fast. I could see their first designs still stumbling around being retarded while new shiny toys are coming out and becoming obsolete within hours.

>> No.10858295

Though "human" generally implies the most generic ego and morph, when you keep in mind that since it's related to Earth, it could very well mean some sort of harsh environment type morph.

>> No.10858297

>> No.10858319

because humans have the will to survive.

Think buried settlements, huddled around a deeply shielded reactor that is just barely enough to meet their needs without getting caught. Think raiding parties sent out soaked-down in anti-nanite and guardian nanite treatments, each one with a head-mounted suicide bomb to prevent ego capture that would lead to exposure.

They go out and make with the stalkin and searchin.


>> No.10858326

Have you read "Newton's Wake"? It's really like EP, just farther ahead.

>> No.10858342

Humanity had to get off of Earth really quickly. We didn't have time to grab some bees and krill beforehand.

>> No.10858344

That's what I mean though.

Whereas we'll use the same type of tank for 40 years with a series of upgrades over that timespan, TITAN AI's might just churn out crap that gets progressively better in an almost evolutionary fashion.

Until the stuff they build is really fucking scary to come across.

>> No.10858362

There are much worse things then TITANS out there...like the beings that made the Exsurgent virus, for one.

>> No.10858378

Isn't that 100+ years in the future?
We've got flies gene sequenced right now, just for fun. I'm sure we'll have a catalog by then.

>> No.10858382

Man, that was an awesome book.

>> No.10858401

Yeah, but if shit is too hostile for bees, there's not going to be any FOOD.

>> No.10858408 [DELETED] 

There could be a post-apocalyptic story based around this airship.

>> No.10858419

There could be a post-apocalyptic story based around this airship.

>> No.10858426

So was "The Cassini Division", also known as "Firewall: The Book."

>> No.10858435

>> No.10858444

What was the picture you mistakenly posted the first time?

>> No.10858454

Okay after this picture, I'll post some environments that aren't necessarily Earth.

>> No.10858467

A campaign as Reclaimers orbital-dropped to Earth, wandering the land in their high-tech airship? I'd play that.

>> No.10858471

Some robots that look similar to the way I imagined the headhunter bots were from EP.

>> No.10858479

Some kinda Eve bunny.

>> No.10858487

mysterious energy thingy

>> No.10858490

Alternatively, think Neolithic farming villages in New Guinea that in the real world we only can guess exist because of helicopter flybys.

>> No.10858506

homeworld cinematic

or maybe it's a defense installation on [insert planet]

>> No.10858542

This could be something you see after coming out of a Pandora Gate.

>> No.10858555

Asteroid city

>> No.10858583

Observation deck on a space station or spacecraft

>> No.10858618

hey, 40k manages to feed entire hives of hundreds of billions despite those hives having no food production and an almost totally non existant logistical structure to distribute imported food.

>> No.10858625

interior someplace

>> No.10858638

Also, Eclipse Phase always reminds me of Battle Angel Alita (or Gunnm for the hardcore), since they both have post-apocalyptic Earths and crazy transhumanism (not to mention crazy Jovians, in different ways). It also reminds me a lot of the anime Kaiba, since one of Kaiba's overarching themes was the alienation from the self and continued relationships associated with "egocasting" across an unfamiliar future, and a bit of BLAME! because of the cyberpunk-like postmodern landscape coupled with the human Cibo's capacity to adapt to new forms.

Sometimes I'm tempted to do a campaign that involves a trek across the devastated Earth, eventually culminating in an all out combat tournament where the balance of power between the different post-Fall societies are decided by the victories of the participants.

>> No.10858639

TITAN warmachine

>> No.10858646

more asteroid

>> No.10858697

although I don't personally like this because of the spacecraft violating the laws of physics [which IMO, in EP should be something only TITAN stuff can do]

This makes a pretty nice picture of people trying to evacuate during the fall.

>> No.10858698

>> No.10858751

Reminds me of this:

(Archives are down, but the text is: "Relocation ships came down through permanent smog to save us from the exploding sun / but I won't live in another city with no windows / I'd rather die with the sun on my face. / (like on TV)"

>> No.10858776

>> No.10858811

>> No.10858836

not really an environment shot, but still cool

>> No.10858851

Enjoying the surface of Mars.

Or maybe Venus. Although I don't think you'd really be able to see the sun on the surface of Venus.

>> No.10858872

Flipside - I don't think the sun would be that big on Mars, either.

>> No.10858879

I like that. Looks kind of what I'd imagine Reapers/similar morphs should look like.

>> No.10858893

Transhuman entertainment

>> No.10858896

Maybe an exoplanet then.

>> No.10858920

infiltrating some TITAN compound

>> No.10858938

the moon

also last one I have for non-exoplanet environments.

>> No.10858952

exoplanet environments and animals

>> No.10858964

>> No.10858976

shit's weird yo'

>> No.10858997

This thing is like a cross between an elephant and a mosquito.

Although I'm sure it's trunk proboscis thing isn't used for sucking blood.

>> No.10859012

living spears that launch themselves out of the ground

boy wouldn't THAT be a fun trap

>> No.10859033


>> No.10859058

>> No.10859072

This one has trees growing on its back.

>> No.10859087

another view

although I suppose the image limit and/or post limit are coming up soon.

>> No.10859099

Some kind of giant cave worm.

>> No.10859112

some more weird as hell alien wildlife

>> No.10859127

some animal being killed on some alien prairies

>> No.10859144

The giant plant behind this creature is carnivorous. The spiky limbs stab animals.

The yellow things on the ground are part of the plant, like sensors I guess. Presumably when one of them is touched, the plant goes into action.

>> No.10859165

>> No.10859181

>> No.10859194

Lot more aliens than alien environments than I was going for so far.

>> No.10859212

circle of life

>> No.10859221

>> No.10859239

>> No.10859252

>> No.10859262

Ohhh-yeah, this is exactly what you want to see when you step through a pandora gate.

>> No.10859279

>> No.10859308

Sentient Alien

I vastly prefer this design over the amorphous blobs they went with in EP.

>> No.10859325

and finally, some living supersonic fighter jets.

>> No.10859349

BTW, they're moving from left to right.

>> No.10859398

>BTW, they're moving from left to right.

Oh now you're just fucking with us.

>> No.10859443

>Living supersonic fighter jets

Holy shit, I just thought of Yukikaze and realized that the JAM are basically TITANs.

>> No.10859599

Barlowe is one crazy man. They hunt by spearing prey on that frontal spike.

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