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So what is /tg/'s opinion on the new Deathwatch RPG?

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Pretty good, personaly thought it was going to suck, my group and I plan on doing a 40k/Avatar crossover with it.

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Get out.

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Being sent to clean up some primitive blue xenos after an IG battalion failed to protect the Emperor's mining interests on the planet?

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See, that would be more fun to me as a premise for Rogue Trader, because the PCs get to keep the mines.

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Oh god. I did that in Rogue Trader for my party. I'm not sure quite where it went wrong, but my PCs are loving it and about to break the game.

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I think he means hes planning on exterminating some Navi, with the full sanction of the Emperors finest.

Also did anyone else when they heard of Death Watch instantly thought this was a perfect excuse to re-enact the first Predator movie in 40k?


If these lot arent various space marine chapters I dont know what is.

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You would only need one Space Marine.

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Like always 40k rpg doesn't dissapoint. Can't say the same for the WHFB board game.

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I always thought of them more as Catachans.

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Inb4 Alien vs Predator 2 hurbadurr

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Movie or game? Cause the game was fine.

Movie, not so much.

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Actually, reenactment of the game isn't a half bad idea. Still, the first one was the best, and will forever be.

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I'm excited. It looks like it has alot of uses in my games. The first thing I thought of was that my DH group does alot of investigation. But they don't do alot of fighting because they'll get splattered, so the inquisitor gets called in to take care of big battles. We cut to the space marines of the deathwatch killing everything and saving the day-yeah!

But now, I can cut to the deathwatch, hand out deathwatch characters (Or have them roll up deathwatch beforehand!) and then they can play as the massive space marines of kicking fucking asses.

Of course, there are any number of roleplaying situations that Space Marines can engage in, even on a personal level. So it will stand on its own for a campaign.

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so this integrates with dark heresy and rogue trader?

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Combining DH and Deathwatch like that sounds pretty awesome if done right.

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No, it integrates Space Marines, bolt shells, and xeno internal physiology.

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To the Edge of Oblivion 12
A new introductory Deathwatch adventure is now available for download


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I'm still wondering why they included fighting warp entities as one of their duties in the final sanction preview, weren't they supposed to be fighting xenos only?

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There is actually a fairly good fanfic about that.


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Because warp entities might just show up on their quest? Suppose they're securing some ancient relics from a long dead race and find out that chaos was to blame for their extinction, they won't back off because it's chaos. If chaos are seen to be working with orks, then they could claim that it still falls under their jurisdiction because xenos are also involved etc.

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good point
a derp for me

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Yeah it would be like sisters of battle going home if they found genestealers instead of witches, the enemies of the emperor must be fought.

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They are invisible eldar. Supar-metal shuriken cannons? Sounds basically like predators to me.

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I always thought Striking Scorpions were very Predator-ish

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If they show up and it turns out to be Chaos causing problems instead of Xenos, they aren't going to just go "Oop, not my department. Bye everyone, good luck!" and leave. They're fucking Space Marines!

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Unless they're a member of the Gilded Bureaucrat chapter. In which case they wonder why their Battle Brothers insist they stay when this whole situation clearly requires the submission of form 142-c to the nearest Inquisitor or Grey Knights detachment. Jeeze, dudes, way to step on everyone else's toes! Hardly fostering a good work environment.

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This adventure is insane. I love it.

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>4 Space Marines take on an entire Nid invasion fleet
Oh My God

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Don't worry, they have a ton of IG men and stormtroopers to toss around as shields!

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6 Marines really, if you use the additional two pregens FFG released.

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Dark Heresy: Ascension and Rogue Trader are just better than Deathwatch.

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Because you've totally read the rules for the game when the core book isn't even out yet, right?

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No bro I played the adventure.

It's exactly as these two system in what it conveys except now you play a almost invincible behemoth with few different roles and everbody look similar in bulky power armor.

All the game does I already do in my Dark Heresy campaign with characters with more interesting looks, stories and such. I am well aware what Deathwatch means on the description gave by GW, still I was waiting for something more than "Here is ascension with different classes. Blow shit up. This is the game."

If you are a marine player go on right ahead you will love the game. If you don't like Marines, it's like reading a Black Library book about marines. it's too long, boring and there is no tension.

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"Hey /tg/ what are your opinions about this game?"
"I don't like it."
"Get out"

Derp Derp Derp

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I thought that was final sanction?

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this is the sequel.

oh my.

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I know there are new rules, especially horde rules. I wouldn't mind playing it with friends of mine, but I'm not a fan of Space Marines. While I'm capable and fine with playing one, I wonder about other alternatives. How would a normal human stand against rules designed to be able to overrun Space marines?

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Do people think there'll be much crossover like between RT and DH (just add 4500xp and some profit factor / influence iirc). I like the idea of playing an Ordo Xenos Inquisitor's entire retinue, The inquisitor, the xeno-arcanist sage, his interrogator, the Rogue Trader who's ship they've commandeered and his astropath.

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...and his couple of seconded Deathwatch troopers.

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Just a question.

What can you actually play in this game? Just Marines?

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As far as I'm aware. Variants of marines as well.
Personally I'm very unlikely to buy it if it is just marines.

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I'm very impressed. I was dead set against it, thinking it'd be an uninteresting combat fest, but they've made some good mechanics and fluffed it well enough that I can see how a diverse DW campaign would work.

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you could probably bring in high level/ascended DH or RT characters, give 'em some bonus xp and gear, and have more variety - the marines are the beatstick, the other characters do the investigating.

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That was what I was thinking, maybe some sort of archeo-adventure gone wrong?

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Same, in all honesty.

Marines never really interested me.

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I'd perhaps buy a supplementary book, but not an entire game. That said I'll read it anyway, and if it does somehow manage to be worth buying I'll consider it.

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