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Did anyone ever play this when it was out?

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No, wish I had it looks awsome.

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Wait this was a thing? And it's already dead?

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Back in 07 if I'm not mistaken.

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Yep, bought the original box, messed around with it for a while and then got additional craploads of stuff when Mongoose were cancelling it and clearing out stocks (had something like 50-60% discount).
Uses a slightly earlier verion of Battlefield Evolution rules , arachnid models were awesome, MI less so (quality of very early GW plastics).

Yeah, Mongoose cancelled without giving a reason. Felt bad man, this game had potential.

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Besides ebay (which is more than a little over priced) anyone know where I could get some of these?

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Nowadays? You're probably out of luck. I only found this

Try googling for "Mongoose Publishing Starship Troopers"

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i've got a friend that bought the box set so he could use them as tyranids for a while, now he uses them as bits for his warptouched orks

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Why does everything I love die!?

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I played it, our local shop imported the game at one point and we had some 10 people playing it. I had a PAMI and Exosuit armies ( I still should have some 5 grizziles and equal number of cougars left in state of decomposure, along with CHAS and the plastics). It was a fun game, IMO better squad-battle than 40k due to the novel (at that time for me atleast) reaction and 2-action activation mechanics.The models were poor, but some were very nice. Big problem with Mongoose was shit casting quality, you sometimes got enough mouldlines and flash to make a second model out of it. Pity they tried to swirch to prepaints and BF:Evo exploded in their face so they closed down EVERYTHING related to minis games.

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You could probably make a quick buck by counterfeiting those things.

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If anyone remolds them and uploads the books I'd buy em.

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Mongoose even sold the original molds. Might be interesting to see who got them...
I'll probably upload the rules when I get around to scanning my copy, but they're almost the same as
Battlefield Evolution
(first is modern, second is WW2)

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And if you want unit stats, you can get them over here

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thanx bro

and someone bought the molds? Intriguing.

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Postan some pictures

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I had bought a few pack of the models last year from my FLGS, they're pretty nice looking and the details are rather sharp, especially given the nature of them.

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Please sir. please upload.

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Fuck you flood detection! Fuck you in the ear.

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Too bad those troops down there are FUCKED. How did they get down there in the first place?

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This thread is not complete without this.


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And I'm out.

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This thread will be complete when>>10842798 decides to upload the rules.

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What it really needs is THIS:


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"Remeber your training! And you will make it back alive!"

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That guy's prediction did not come true.

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Wrong again: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K5sANHYp_IQ&feature=related

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ST 2&3 were pure shit.

Klendathu Drop is the only theme worth anything.

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No mechanised infantry power armours :(

The one greatest flaw the movie had. Other than that I enjoyed it.

There was no second or third movie. NONE!

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The minis game had the armor. In fact it had two types. The mechs and the power armor.

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They didn't remember their training du'h

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Everyone I know gives the Starship Trooper movie a lot of chaff because it didn't follow the book by the numbers, and an asorted rumour that the producer just took the name for shits and giggles.

But that's not really true. The Federation in the movie is a pretty good resemblence of the one from the book - albeit with a bit comical elements perhaps.

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Startship troopers is the only Sci fi book on the Navy's suggested reading list.

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And this

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I must be tired.

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Oh God I remember seeing that with my father and then play StarCraft. Damn I miss those days!

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Holy shit that show was the best!

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I was so mad when it just. . . ENDED.

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Just like the minis game.

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No, what this thread really needs it THIS

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The time they went to the planet with like 100% humidity was cool. "If you are outside your helmet for more than 1 minute you will drown."

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Did they ever release the fourth faction for this game?

I know they had Mobile Infantry, Arachnids and Skinnies.

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What was it supposed to be?

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No idea. The working title was the 'Forth'. And I can't think of a source for it in the novel or movie.

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Forth (literally called like that)
Built a few prototypes, but never made it to production. They were supposed to be released along with the second edition of the rules.

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could be a rebel faction.

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Any fluff on them?

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I'm so gonna do a cut-out version of this with my friends.

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They were supposed to be look like naga-sectoids who would fight using nothing but mechs.

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Come on you apes! you wanna live forever?

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"A new race is due for release very soon: the 'Forth' are a group of highly advanced, dimunitive aliens. Because each Forth is the size of a small human infant, they require the use of large fighting vehicles to battle the other races. The concept of the Forth appears to be that of a completely customisable race. Each Forth warrior pilots a machine as an individual, and tailors their weaponry and gear to suit their personal habits and mission. Each warrior is given a machine from the Forth army list, then they are equipped with items chosen from a very large list of weaponry and gadgets. Forth warriors also appear to customise the aesthetics of their machines, possibly including writing initials, names and/or giving the machines a customised paint scheme.
Interestingly, the original conceptual art for the one of the many Forth machines appears to have been based on ED-209 from the ''Robocop'' movies, a film by Paul Verhoven (the director of the ''Starship Troopers'' movie). The actual Forth models however, do not bear any resemblance to ED-209. Some people have also pointed out the similarity of the Forth's physical appearance with that of the Droopa, an alien race from Chinese urban myth."

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Anyone have an idea as to who got the molds?

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Looks like somebody is still selling PDFs of the rules...

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Wow the original mankind vs alien bugs sci fi world. The thing that aliens, tyranids, zerg, and so much more has been based on.

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The original space marines too.

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nice get by the way

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That explains where the molds went! GW bought them out so they could be the oldest space marines in town. They couldn't let the knowlage they ripped something off get out.

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Spess Marnes vs Mobile Infantry.

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For the Emperor! For the Federation!

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I bought it, but it turns out I must've been the only one.

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Bought what?

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No contest. The MI are armoured like SMs, armed better than the freakin' Doom Marine, all effectively have jetpacks, and are in numbers like the goddamn Guard.

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Directed energy weapon, grenade launcher, hand flamethrower, atomic rockets...

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>>10844099Spess Marnes vs Mobile Infantry.

Wouldn't even be a battle.

The mobile infantry have fucking tactical nuke hand grenades and missile launchers... fuck krak and frag missiles... for fucks sake. And their railgun like rifles and other weapons could crack 'nid hides like cardboard.

Plus their industry and weapons production are handled by people that know how their technology actually works.

The only problem is that the imperium of man has 1000000 worlds for fuck's sake. The mobile infantry doesn't have enough rounds for their weapons to combat those sorts of numbers. IoM operates on zerg rush tactics. The only way you can combat that is by using something like one of those stars that occasionally go nova and emit a wave of radiation that sterilizes a part of the galaxy of all life

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nuclear missiles, a few dozen different flavors of 'bomb', hands-free missile launchers...

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This thread has now met the minimum requirements. Carry on.

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That's not Starship Troopers, how can they ever do individual orbital insertion without power armor?

A damn anime unauthorized anime was closer to the real thing.

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I had fuckloads of Arachnids. Fuck loads. At least 60 warriors, 9 firefrys, 9 hoppers, tank, thorny tank, plasma bug, mantis, infiltrators, mind control bugs, brain bug... the works.

Then Mongoose fucked up and abandoned the game just when it was getting really exciting.

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Yep. pretty much.

Half the time I think that in the 40k universe they've either discovered personal Nuclear dampeners (like in Traveler for space ships), have forgotten how nukes work, or they've gone all Dune on the issue and have simply "agreed" with each other to never use nukes because of how dangerous they are.

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>40k Setting
>"So we're agreed, none of the one million planets in the Imperium of Man shall possess Nuclear Weapons, as they are too dangerous?"
>"Inquisition can still Exterminatus tho, right?"

It's more likely they just forgot.

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That's kind of what the MI like to do. Raids. Tactical strikes. And only on occasion, full out assaults and invasions. (Which the SMs do pretty often.)

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Heinlein was popular in Japan

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I wonder, was Sixth Column popular in Japan?

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Starship Troopers had a heavy weapon, a heavy side arm, two shoulder mounts; and could cover massive amount of ground quickly using their thrusters.

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I normally despise Japanese art (mango, and all that.), but that's actually pretty decent.

I kind of like they way they were illustrated on the cover of (some) of the books, though; Not smoothed, not pretty, absoluteness no finishing touches, but that special kind of ugly that says "Bitch. Bring it."

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Hmmm... Good question. If I recall, though, it wasn't horribly hostile to 'orientals', though. They were badguys, and evil, of course, but they weren't puppy-raping nazis.

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>>10844571I wonder, was Sixth Column popular in Japan?

I'm not sure if that was translated into Japanese, but there's a fair chance it has. Japan's had the highest literacy rate in the world for over 200 years, they read a goddamn lot of books

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That's the armor from the Roughnecks cartoon. In that show they dropped in individual pods (more like drop suits here) that peel off in re-entry just like in the book.

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Yes. Then they had enough fuel in the packs to maybe jump a few meters sadly, but that was the basic power armor, which was the 'economy" build. Then they had the marauders and exosuits (not shown in series) which had full jump capability and weapons up the wazoo.

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designed by Studio Nue, which also did Macross

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Dammit. I was starting to hope, but somehow, they always start veering away from the source material.

Yes, yes, I know, elitist, etc, whatever. It just always pisses me off when they start to do this, and decide they have to change it. The original was awesome, it doesn't need changing!

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model kit. Best mobile infantry power armor design there is

>> No.10844839

Didn't Andy Chambers work on this?

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>>10844662I normally despise Japanese art (mango, and all that.), but that's actually pretty decent.
>>supressing mah power level

>> No.10844910

I believe you mean "That special type of ugly that says "I spend my aesthetics budget on more armor and weaponry."

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He designed it from the ground up. If that's what 40k was to look like then GW lost a great opportunity.

>> No.10844976

Yes he did.
Why did he left GW?

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Too competent, Blizzard owns his soul now.

>> No.10845009

>>10844662Not smoothed, not pretty, absoluteness no finishing touches, but that special kind of ugly that says "Bitch. Bring it."

function has form to it though, competently designed vehicles and such have pleasing aesthetics.

Ugly is ugly

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meant the exos.

Andy supposedly left after an...accident.. with one of the management's spouses, but that's rumour and probably should be taken with a bucketful of salt.

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Wait what?

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So now I need model proxies for this game as I will be playing this from now on.

>> No.10845046

Point conceded. Functional is best style.

>> No.10845048

Oh, sorry, deleted my post by mistake. Yeah, Marauders were in the show (for special missions usually), exos not.

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>Chambers is currently the Creative Director of Blizzard Entertainment, working on StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty.

>> No.10845061

That explains why some Terran and Protoss looked so familiar

>> No.10845075

Now the "blizzard ripping off GW" threads are especially stupid.

>> No.10845090

I haven't played the bet, but I heard that there are jump pack troops that are almost a direct copy of his old jumpjet marines

>> No.10845106

Not copies... but they do look like a mix of rouge trade terminators and jump packs marines (those round cylinder looking jump packs)

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So does anyone have the books for /rs/? I would love to see them.

>> No.10845438

They are boss. You can destroy somebody's base pretty early with 2-5 of those.

>> No.10845465

Derp let's make a miniatures game based on a failed, widely-hated movie instead of drawing most of our inspiration from the original novel.

>> No.10845780

Would you like to know more?

>> No.10845807

Yes, actually.

>> No.10845904

Are there any rumors about bringing this game back?

>> No.10845949

That's a no from what I can tell.

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Look anon, I'm really happy for you. Imma let you finish but Roughneck Squadron was the best show of all time. Of all time!

>> No.10845994


Number 1 was only hated by critics due to NOT BEING CLOSE TO THE BOOK, BAWWWW.

Number 2/3 on the other hand.....

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It was the best adaptation, but the anime had the best suits

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The anime had the most faithful to the book suits. A shame that didn't take off. I have all four episodes downloaded somewhere. It also had a black dude as a main-ish character, which was sort of unusual for an animu that old. I like the suits the Roughnecks had, though - they weren't single-pilot nuke-platforms, which helped contribute to the constant sense of danger the show maintained.

When they did get actual mechs they were treated more like appreciated, if not limited, artillery. Good for taking out particular targets but nearly impractical in terms of mobility and defense.

>> No.10846206

>black dude uncommon

Oh come on. VOTOMS is 5 years older and had a black dude "as a main-ish character".

>> No.10846326

>I have all four episodes
You're missing two

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Actually most of the mecha genre gained it's initial inspiration from the drop scene from the beginning of the book.
Heinlein is the Grandfather of Mecha.

>> No.10846988

Mecha, space marines, insectoid aliens, etc.

>> No.10847126

>Actually most of the mecha genre gained it's initial inspiration from the drop scene from the beginning of the book.

Posting in an Ameritard thread.

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Why do all the great threads happen when I am not at home and can only view them on my phone? I need an Android app that will save threads to my phone for later viewing on my notebook.

>> No.10847445


because you have a job/go to school, while we are unemployed graduate losers who love our hobbies

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