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Hello, fellow elegan/tg/entlmen. Yet again I have another few stupid questions on Deathwatch rules.

1. Does bolter count as 1-handed weapon? Or is it 2-handed? Can't find nothing regarding this in rules booklet.

1.5. If it is indeed 1-handed, can space marine hold his combat knife or chainsword in other hand?

2. Can space marine parry with his combat knife?

3. Does bolt pistol have any advantages over bolter?

Thanks in advance and sorry for possible grammar mistakes, sovietfag here.

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what happens in soviet Russia?

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1. No, it is 2-handed.
2. Yes, although it will be kinda difficult seeing as it is a knife.
3. Yes, it is 1-handed and smaller.

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A boltgun is one-handed and a bolter two-handed. Although at least in RT and DH there are ways to use two-handed guns in one, generally with penalties.

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not boltgun, boltpistol, sorry

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Thank you, good sir. And, according to above-mentioned rules booklet, space marine's combat knife is the size of normal man's sword.


Ehm, your questions ask you?

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>3. Does bolt pistol have any advantages over bolter?

Besides the whole 1 hand issue it can also be fired in melee without penalty. Bolters and other non-pistol weapons cannot be used in melee combat.

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Thank you too, sir.

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2. That wouldn't be a problem. In RT and DH Ambidextrous is a talent though, and attacking with your off hand gives you a penalty (I think -20).
I know there's nothing about handedness in the DW introductory kit. Do fluff specialists know whether Space Marines are all ambidextrous?

3. Marine knifes are generally almost as big as a sword, so there's no problem with using it as a parrying weapon, fluff-wise. 40kRPG rules generally state that you can use a weapon for parrying as long as special qualities like unwieldy do not explicitly forbid it.

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I suspect that all space marines are ambidextrous by default.

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Thank you, gentlemen. I think, I get it all now.

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