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You saved Lordsholm from the genestealer menace. But can you strike at the heart of a hive fleet and survive?


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There really are things that make a mockery of space marines out there.

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A tactical marine for comparison.

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They do have like three wounds in the tabletop, so yeah.

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We played Final Sanction (Which is odd, considering it is the first title...) last Saturday, and I think Sunday we're doing Oblivion's Edge. As the GM, I can hardly wait. I do, however, feel ever so slightly sorry for my group.

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Isn't there a certain saying, "you're not a hero until you die?"

I might have just been listening to bad power metal again.

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in DoW2 marines are TOUGHER and MORE ARMORED than a fucking tyranid wussyfag

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>In Dawn of War 2

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And in the tabletop they outstrip marines quite easily.

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Cool Trolling, Bro.

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Am I the only person here harder than a rock for deathwatch?

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I'm pretty sure everyone is. They appear to have made a game which is primarily about combat, make is feel epic and avoid it being a chore.

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Tyranid Warriors with paired Boneswords and Deathspitters make marines vanish. 15 points has never done so much for a model.

I'd talk about Boneswords/Lashwhips, but that'd be 20 points total, and 20 points will turn a Tervigon into the tarpit from hell.

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don't they get pasted by missiles and power fists though

at least an ogryn can survive that

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Put a Regen Prime in there with them, and those are a lot loss of a problem. The real problem with Warriors is that they're S4 and don't have Fleet. So you're either stuck giving them a Regen Prime to suck down Krak missiles, or using Shrikes instead.

CC Shrikes are terrifying, man, but not being scoring is a big downer. 3 attacks base and Deathspitters make for a fine objective-sitter.

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I really wish they had made it so you could get a Winged Prime, and having a winged prime/tyrant would let you have Gargolyes/Shrikes/Sky Slashers as troops instead.

Forge World, I'm looking at you!

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I could care less about Deathwatch.

To me Space Marines have always been for 12 year old aspies just getting into the game. I outgrew the SMurfs years ago.

At least Dark Heresy and Rogue Trader explore areas of the universe that are all but ignored by 40k TT.

If I wanted SPACE MARINES FUCK YEAH! I'd just pull out my little mans and play a game of 40k.

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Deathwatch will be some interesting reading but I cant see my groups playing it. But I'm sure it might inspire some DH and RT games.

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I thought the same thing as well when the game was first announced but I'm pretty impressed by what FFG are doing with Deathwatch. It's still fundamentally going to be about marines killing stuff but they're done the concept a huge amount of justice and put some variety into it.

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Not to mention handily laid to rest the idea that it'll be impossible to effectively challenge PCs with the meatiness and killing power that all Space Marines have.

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It takes stuff that would utterly annihilate a DH or RT group. Which is about right.

What's interesting to note is that marines are more or less as vulnerable to psychic fuckery as regular humans. A skilled psyker could potentially beat a marine by doing something other than trying to fight him head on.

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This is quite true. The pregen Marine characters that I've seen DO have good WP scores, but not insanely good ones.

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Awesome. ANOTHER adventure to use alongside Final Sanction, and a fifth pre-gen character, too. The two together might make a great starting point for a campaign. I can't wait to get the core book!

When I try to make my own adventure, though, I won't be using Tyranids. There's obviously enough official adventures involving them already, and the core book isn't out yet...

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So there's the four from the Final Sanction booklet, and this guy. Any more floating around somewhere?

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There's a 6th as well.

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I figured people would want all the characters in one place so I inserted the bonus characters into the Final Sanction PDF.


I've lost the Megaupload link I'm afraid.

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Just wish there was a Librarian or Techmarine though...

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I'm guess that they're saving those (and their special rules, no doubt) for the full release.

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Bump for Deathwatch.

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Fuck, how'd I miss this earlier?


Also, this adventure is insane.

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