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Charles left his home (a fortified immobile bus) in order to procure new reading material. Arriving at the ruined settlement at Jury Street he encountered raiders and traps but succeeded in finding new books to read.

However his injuries meant he was unable to look through the metro. Now he must head to the nearby settlement of Megaton to obtain treatment for his more complicated injuries and general supplies.

Fortunately he has plenty to trade.

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Right then. The new day has arrived and its time to head out to Megaton. My legs fine now but my arms are still fucked, can't even keep my gun straight.

So best to avoid anyone until I get to Megaton.

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Best wear the gasmask seeing as I'm goin to a smoothskin settlement. They know I'm a ghoul but smoothskins seem more comfortable when they can't see your face.

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Well well....looks who's right outside my door. Those Brotherhood guys. Don't seem hostile so best to just walk on by I'd say...

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Get your Fallout 3 shit out of here.

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...while usually I disagree with quest and vidya haters just because, I must say: yes, could you please get your ass out of there? It's not even a real quest, nor a real video game thread. Go make LPs somewhere else. Or stream, or anything.

But before that: what mod is this?

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From here I can easily see Megaton and the ruins of Springvale. Maybe I should see if there's anythin worth scavvin in Springvale before I go to Megaton?

The place has obviously been picked over many times but they may have missed somethin

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(OOC) It's actually a quest thread. /tg/ will determine what course of action Charles takes at various points. It did fairly well last time as well even though /tg/ got him nearly killed.

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Well its a good thing you're using Bethesda's LARP simulator instead of a real role playing game then.

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(OOC) So dreadfully sorry to try something different. Didn't know summer /tg/ hated it when people tried new things.

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I second the question, can you post your mod loadout? Or could you post it in /v/ and then link this board to there?

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Nah, /tg/ hated it when some asshole tried the same thing with a Sister of Battle modded into Fallout 3 last year.

If 40k tits couldn't get them interested, what makes you thing some rotting guy will?

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/tg/ seemed to like it last night.

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/tg/ gets a load of fags that come in from /v/ occassionally.

Do the math.

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/tg/ was stringing you along in order to break your heart today

>> No.10827415


More like one or two samefags just decided to ruin it today

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Yeah, you got me.

I'm just a jealous prick because I had a similar idea a short while ago and it got ruined whereas yours has actually been successful so I'm just giving you a hard time.

Carry on, wasteland wanderer.

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Right, right, you can always ignore us and continue, like other questfags do.

Now, could you please tell me what is the mod? I'm curious.

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I, for one, will ask you to continue. And to list your mod loadout.

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go to tgchan questfag

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Okay, now, there's no reason to be impolite, fellow sagefag.

...and it's not like anyone cares, anyway.

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Forgot the armour mod. Can't find it in my history.

The environments are:

The overall gameplay balance mod is FWE

That also adds a load of new weapons and extra features.

The home is a bus house mod I forgot the name of. And backpacks can be easily found.

Anyways /tg/ Charles needs a direction like he said.

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It's Scavanger, from an unfinished mod by that name. Mispelled the same. Find it on Nexus.

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And why exactly are you shitting up a good thread? Do something productive instead. Every shitty sage could be a good thread instead! Wouldn't that be swell?

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Yep thats it.

I also use tailormaid for a lot of stuff as well.

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Fuck springvale. That place sucked before the bombs came down, and the bombs certainly haven't made it suck any less. Go to Megaton! Hi-five the deputy on the way in.

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No he doesn't, Fallout 3 is bad and you should feel bad for and playing it.

>> No.10827636

I like being bitter and you can't do anything to stop me so fuck you.

Go to Springvale, romance Eyebot.

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Go to Megaton, work on arms before savaging.

>> No.10827660

Go back to NMA and cry about how New Vegas won't be isometric and sprite-based either, faggot.

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Springvale sounds good to me. Grab as many cans as you can.

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Best to head straight into megaton and get patched up. If you can't defend yourself you're a dead(-er?) ghoul walking.

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Considering Megaton is so close by Springvales going to be picked totally clean. So fuck it I'm heading straight there. Sides my arms are killing me.

On the way in I give the Deputy a thumbs up. He's a cool bot.

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>Games made nowadays are better just because they're better looking.

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>> No.10827746

Not what I said, just pointing out you can stop acting like a cocksucker and pretending newer games are no good because they're different.

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Heading in I figure I'll head straight to the clinic. I can trade the stuff I've got there for some medical supplies and treatment.

On the way in I noticed the water pipes are leaking everywhere. Maybe I'll see if Walter needs a hand with that, could earn some easy caps.

>> No.10827775

poor ghoulie, so many haters

you're welcome at my camp any time

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wait, aren't you a ghoul? Go make out with bomb! Radiation = Healing!

>> No.10827802

You're totally putting words in my mouth. I don't like the game because its using a bad engine for a Fallout game, which is supposed to play like a traditional PNP system instead of being a twitch based LARP simulator where stats mean almost shit.

The fact that its first person doesn't bother me at all, or that its real time, but they made no effort to make SPECIAL work right, or their halfassed attempt to capture the atmosphere and settings of the first two.

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Guy's asking a small fortune to fix up my arms...

100 caps? I've only got a 160 odd. Hmm I could just buy some medical braces off him and fix them up myself but it'll take a bit longer but that'd be around fifty caps cheaper. Mind you have I have a few hundred caps worth of gear to trade I would wager.

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I don't think he's got "visit ugly whores" anywhere in his planner, lady.

>> No.10827848

Whaaaat? What a rip off! Buy some arm braces, then go get friendly with that bomb. I bet yo could even impress the church of Atom with your radiation-sucking ways :D

>> No.10827860

New Vegas is improving on that significantly you know.

But what I find funny is how many people complained and said "Fallout 3 wasn't accessible enough" or were annoyed by how the stats DID affect the gameplay (as negligible as the difference may have been, there were complaints). Fact is you can't make everybody happy, and I think the New Vegas creators are trying to appeal more to Fallout fans than casual entry-level Fallout 3 players.

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I've been keeping up with Obsidian's development on it, but I think I'm going to wait and buy the game of the year edition so I can get the inevitable DLC and not feel completely ripped off.

What ever happened to niche companies?

>> No.10827955

Fixed up my arms with some braces and decided to make friendly with the local source of radiation.

It's gonna take a while though but I figure I've got plenty of time.

>> No.10827962


>Fallout 3 wasn't accessible enough

>> No.10827984

This is so much win. Now if only we could get some NPCs in there with you.

>> No.10827994


the free market happened

>> No.10828018

"Front Towards Gamer did a podcast in the beginning of June featuring senior designer Larry Liberty. Reconite sums it up:

-One of the followers references Fallout 3
-The wasteland is as big as or bigger than Fallout 3's
-More stuff about damage threshold and different ammo types
-Some radio DJ called "Mr. New Vegas"
-It's possible to obtain a "blinged out Pip-Boy model" called the Pip-Boy 3 Billion
-They're "not ready to talk about DLC" for New Vegas
-Still no multiplayer
-The interviewer mentions to Larry that some players felt overwhelmed by Fallout 3 and want the game to be more accessible"

>> No.10828025


there's your niche games

>> No.10828026

And the concept of "by gamers, for gamers" became "by businessmen, for chumps."

>> No.10828029

Radiation doesn't help me as much as most ghouls so after a few minutes it seems like I've gotten all the benefits I'm gonna get. Figure now I'll either grab a drink at Moriarty's or sell my stuff to Moira.

>> No.10828047

Oh by the way, Mr. New Vegas is being voiced by Wayne Newton.

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Get a drink. You deserve one.

>> No.10828133

Go visit the hooker. It is time for some sloppy ghoul lovin'.

>> No.10828177

It's been a while since I seen Gob. Shits same old for him, the people here ain't too fond of Ghouls. They only put up with me because I've been in the area longer than them and I'm armed.

Gobs a nice guy though. Moriarty don't know how lucky he is to have Gob here.

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> Fallout 3 wasn't accessible enough

Let's be honest. Most /v/ideo gamers are slack-jawed 13 year olds. Fallout 3 was my first time even HEARING about fallout, and i found it incredibly entertaining. You can play through the game just fine without having any real sense of how things work, or you can power game like only a table-topper could, and do just fine either way.

Also: I am, at this very moment, playing Fallout 1 for the first time. It took me a week to find a version which worked on windows 7, and I'm hoping it was worth it.

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Decide to treat myself to some Mutfruit rotgut...almost immediately wish I hadn't. Nice stuff but always leaves my vision fucked.

>> No.10828242

Drink some whiskey, then go out and pick a fight with some bandits. Those guys are dicks.

>> No.10828300

Huh...is that guy in the suit trying to get my attention?

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>> No.10828346

Nice suit he's got there. I bet he's important

>> No.10828466

Hmm this is troublesome...

This guy just offered me 1000 caps to blow up the town. That's a lot of caps.

A hell of a lot of caps.

But Megaton is the closest settlement to where I live which makes it somewhat valuable to me. Plus there's people I'm on good terms with here.

I played along and he gave me this fusion pulse thingy. But still what to do?

I could turn him into the sheriff or go with it or just kill him myself then tell Simms?

>> No.10828484

Go trade in goods.

>> No.10828490


>> No.10828492

you should kill him yourself, just to make sure he doesnt sneak off before the sheriff can get him!

>> No.10828495



>> No.10828512

blow up the bomb
turn moira into a ghoul
get a spunky ghoul wife


>> No.10828521

Do this!!!

>> No.10828564

Guy was tougher than I expected. Took 3 shots for him to go down.

Still did it pretty fast, he never stood a chance.

Hmm nice pistol.

Anyways best tell Simms what happened and give him the pulse charge.

>> No.10828587

OP: I would advise cutting down on posts that offer no choice, and leave description in the text. That way you can cut down on excess posts, and make the thread last longer, while making each section of story more satisfying. Just combine posts so that each post offers a choice and description, not one or the other.

>> No.10828595

Yes. Tell simms. Be the hero this city deserves.

>> No.10828621

...just to satisfy my curiosity: is the ghoul option actually changing anything, or is it just a skin/model?

>> No.10828622

Make sure you take his suit. You can use it to impress Moira ;)

>> No.10828632

I know you won't, but you should detonate the bomb anyway (after selling crap to Moira).

>> No.10828641


Well, she WOULD become a ghoul. It would be nice.

>> No.10828657

The Sheriff was very understanding. Even thanked me.

After a discussion we agreed the bomb should be dealt with and he offered me a tidy sum to disarm it.Fortunately I succeeded and got the money.

All in all a good day so far and I still haven't sold Moira my stuff yet.

Now then I wonder what I should do now?

I could talk to Walter and see if he needs a hand with the water pipes which are leaking everywhere, or I could go to Moira and sell my stuff. I did hear from the Doc that Leo Stahl has a chem habit...maybe I should see if I can help him with that?

>> No.10828683


(OOC) In FWE if you take the ghoul history and the race then you can be healed by radiation. The more irradiated you are the more you heal (but you still get the bad effects so its a fifty fifty)

>> No.10828700

see moria, take care of Leo's chem habit, visit walter

>> No.10828850

On the way to see Moira I run into Walter and ask him about the pipes. He says theres 3 leaks need takin care of so I tell him I'll keep an eye out.

When I get to Moiras shop I sell the stuff for some ammo, 2 stimmys and just short of 200 caps.

But she hits me with an interesting offer. She's making a "wasteland survival guide" and would be very interested in tapping my extensive experience.

She's offering caps and goodies so my interest is certainly aroused but not sure. It seems dangerous but money is always good.

>> No.10828894

Do it. Maybe she'll let you tap her back.

>> No.10828897

Sure beats sitting in your bus and reading :/

>> No.10828901

do eeeeet

>> No.10828944

Well I agreed and she's certainly bouncing with glee. There's three things she wants for the first chapter.

First one is finding food (sounds nice and easy)

Secondly she wants to see what effect radiation has on a ghoul. She's got loads of info on humans but little on our kind so in the interests of suiting all tastes she wants to observe me when I'm strongly irradiated.

Lastly something about landmines.

Which should I go for I wonder?

>> No.10828980

do the second first, since we just took a Radiation bath

>> No.10828982

Go to toilet.
Drink toilet.
Also protip: get it over 600

>> No.10828987

radiation first
its the fastest

>> No.10829131

This is something I hate about my particular mutation.

I get too irradiated and BAM! fucking glowing like a fucking nightlight.

Creeped the fuck out of Moira though which was worth it. She gave me some homemade anti-rad which seems to have done the trick and gave me a nice reward.

Now then only food and landmines left..which to do?

>> No.10829228

the sniper rifle you can get rocks
it's hard to find ammo for a while though

>> No.10829232


>> No.10829380

After hearing both options I decide to go with food.

Sounds safer and is a lot closer.

>> No.10829429

I don't remember this fence being complete like this.

Last time I came by it was wrecked. Admittedly that was a long time ago. Maybe I should check it out?

>> No.10829462

Question: From which mod is the gasmask? It's the best gasmask model I've seen so far.

>> No.10829474


(OOC) tailor maid. It's part of the Filtration mask from the Pitt meaning you need the tailormaid Pitt mod and the Pitt DLC.

>> No.10829529

OP you should be streaming this.

>> No.10829601

Oh wow. Someones turned this water tower into their home.

I quickly checked out the computer set up on a desk to see if it was currently in use but it seems like the owners dead judging by the last entires in his journal.

Still fuck this place has a nice setup. Even got a heavy duty water purifier.

I should definitely consider taking over this place. The noise is annoying though. But its still a fairly nice place.

I do kinda like my bus though and it's more out of the way than this place.

>> No.10829629


(OOC) I don't have the connection for that

>> No.10829705


where is this on the map?

>> No.10829730


(OOC) its a mod. Water tower home. Not liking it too much actually.

>> No.10829773

Well that's odd I'm picking up a Chinese radio signal?

What's a chink radio operator doing out here?

>> No.10829829

Huh...an automated signal. A distress signal perhaps? Well he's dead anyways. Still a ghoul wearing a chinese uniform? I'd heard about some chinese military ghouls in DC but didn't think they were real.

>> No.10829850

grab his sword it might come in handy some time. I bet you could use it as a spit to cook food on.

>> No.10829874

Hmmm...the place is full of raiders.

How should I go about this?
I've got a weird magnum pistol I found in that tower along with a lot of ammo for it, but its shitty at anything over short range according to the journals from that tower.

I've also got my hunting rifle, a chink pistol and a silenced 10mm. Oh and a few grenades.

Should I go for guns blazing or sneakylike?

>> No.10829972

(OOC) Come on /tg/ don't leave poor Charles hangin

>> No.10830009

should've gotten the landmines first and then put them ALL OVER THE SUPERMARKET

>> No.10830121

(OOC) Guess it was a bad idea to try this with summer /tg/ most of the good people have sodded off waiting for the children to go back to school and the summerfags will either troll or ignore it. Shitsucks man.

>> No.10830132


When i did the supermarket i did it sneaky like. I thought it was more fun.

>> No.10830157

sneaky with the hunting rifle.

>> No.10830158

sneaky like they'll never know what hit them

>> No.10830189

"So this is what summer looks like..."

>> No.10830194

Figure if I time it right I can do this sneakily with my rifle and the silenced pistol. Should be able to avoid drawing too much attention to myself until it's too late

>> No.10830216


silenced pistol all the way. by the way there is a pretty big amount of loot back by the pharmacy department.

>> No.10830223


The ones at the back have noticed me. Things could a bit ugly. Fortunately they haven't spotted me yet so while they're suspicious I could still sneak up on em

>> No.10830273


could be a lot worse

>> No.10830357



>> No.10830368

That silenced 10mm I lifted off Burkes corpse really proved its worth. Got two of those guys before they even spotted me but the last one managed to blindside me and mess up my arm real bad. Still looks like the backroom contains the jackpot.

>> No.10830417


>> No.10830419

Uh oh...someone just came on the PA saying they're back. I think it's more raiders!

Fuck what should I do? I can probly set some bottlecap mines and lure them onto them. But theres also that protrectron. I might be able to get it running?

>> No.10830463

drop mines by the door and get the bot working

>> No.10830487

>> No.10830500

I'll let the bot do the heavy lifting and then set up some traps behind it so that when it's done I can just lure the survivors into some traps.

>> No.10830502

>> No.10830518

FO3 needs multiplayer

it'd be cool to wander around the wastes and run into charles deghoul

>> No.10830525

>> No.10830542

>> No.10830566


it'd be too difficult with all the modding capabilities of FO3 though

imagine seeing this but with YELLOW EXCLAMATION MARKS EVERYWHERE instead of the enemies

>> No.10830573

ever seen an ogre this sexy?
damn right you havent

>> No.10830580

I've never understood: what's the point of the dotted lines on his neck and arms?

>> No.10830593

What's your motivation? Someone having badwrongfun again?

>> No.10830606

measuirng your buffness?
here's a paperdoll you can dress up

>> No.10830609

>This thread is unrelated to /tg/ so I'm going to post images that are unrelated AND against the board rules
You so cool bro.

>> No.10830610

Well the bot was disappointing to say the least.

Dam thing got totalled by a raider with a sledgehammer. Still they weren't hard to take out and the traps I set took care of the two who sneaked past my line of fire. Now to finish looting this place then get back to Megaton.

>> No.10830630

>post /v/ thread on /tg/
>whine when it gets image bombed
>implying I need a motivation

>> No.10830658

>traps I set
Sorry, just showed up: you can set traps in this mod?

>> No.10830662

Either obey ALL the board rules , or none, right?
OP decided it's all wild West in here, I merely am following his lead.
You sound like you need hug, here ya go.

>> No.10830746


(OOC) Quest threads are /tg/ related. Even if they use "DER VIDYA!"

>> No.10830785

They are? Well good, so are SFW /tg/ related images.
Someone on this board finds these sexy, or funny.

>> No.10830796

So your motivation is to spam. That's all I need to know.

Everyone, report that piece of shit. Get his cock-craving ass banned.

>> No.10830811


trolls are trolls even if this is tg

>> No.10830876

Well that's Moira updated.

Now she wants me to head to a ghost town called Minefield but fuck me it's a long ways away.

Gonna have to think a bit about how I'll get there. I could go with a merchant caravan to Big Town or another settlement nearby or I could walk all of it.

>> No.10830900

Walk. Just think of the exciting things that could happen!

>> No.10830913


>> No.10830917

Just a bit of advice: Be good with disarming frag mines FAST. Also take a sniper rifle with you. Trust me.

>> No.10830932

I very much doubt I will get banned for spamming, since this thread is already /v/ related.
Maybe you guys just don't like Orks? here's some IG for you.

>> No.10830938



>> No.10830946

IG tank spam ! lol

>> No.10830970

there is only war...AND SOME LESBIAN KISSING.

>> No.10830992

Oh, we can at least try. You are, after all, consciously spamming a thread that's related to /tg/.

>> No.10831011

Trolls... Trolls everywhere

>> No.10831027

I take the time to drop some stuff off back home only to come out and see two Brotherhood patrols come by....finding a new home is starting to look more and more appealing by the day...

>> No.10831058


outcast are bros

you dont know how many times I've been surrounded by a million zombies, raiders, etc. only to have brotherhood outcast appear out of nowhere and save the day

>> No.10831119

They may be dicks but they've never given me any trouble so I shrug it off and move north. I decide to walk after hearing Big Towns having super mutant troubles. Just skip past that area entirely.

>> No.10831219

Report this particular post. All together.

Take the Caravan Charles.

>> No.10831287

Make a brief stop at Aggies place. Been a year or two since I was last up here so figured it was a nice chance to say hello to an old friend.

Not far now to Minefield fortunately.

>> No.10831370

Ran into some raiders. The first two was easy but one of them had this really nasty rifle. Fuckin wicked thing with a terrifying rate of fire.

Almost got me the bastard.

>> No.10831417

Phew finally here almost there.

Now then what direction to approach from? The roads likely to be heavily mined. But it looks like theres a path down from that watertower. Or I could enter from behind some of the houses.

>> No.10831452


be prepared to enter some skirmishes with mutants

>> No.10831647

I've gotta say, I am disappointed with this. It's just some guy playing Fallout 3 with very occasional, vague input from random people.

Semi-social videogaming under the guise of a quest thread.

/tg/, you have fallen low.

>> No.10831648

Hmmm even from here it's hard to decide which route is better.

I can go in via the road still, the water tower path or from behind the buildings.

Either way is likely to be trapped its a question of which will have the least. The playground Moira mentioned is nowhere to be seen yet.

>> No.10831815

Figured the road was the best way as I could disarm any traps I encountered.

Wasn't long before I heard gunfire though.

Someone started shooting at me. Some fucker hiding up there on the ruined building. Can't get much closer and I don't have much that can hit at that range...what should I do?

>> No.10831861

run up to the car, see if you can hit him

if not, keep running to cover, disarming traps and making your way up the road

make that ghoulhater pay!

>> No.10831920



>> No.10831958

As I ran up I took a shot at him. I think I hit him but he's still alive.

Should I keep advancing running to and from cover? Or try sneaking around the buildings?

>> No.10831966


can't be samefag

I only play female characters

pic related

>> No.10832072

Well I got him.

Wasn't that hard, but I did get a lucky shot that shot his rifle out of his hands. Now to see if he had any cool stuff...

>> No.10832095

Oh hello!

A wicked sniper rifle. Just what the doctor ordered.

>> No.10832261

It's going to take a day at least to pick this place clean.

So may as well set up camp and relax a bit before I get to work.

All in all a very very good day.

>> No.10832264

wat gun is that

I dont recognize it being in my FWE

>> No.10832303

Well thats the end of another Ghoulquest thread. The second didn't go down so well.

I might switch to a more normal questthread format to stop the bitching from summer /tg/ (who are scared of new things). Although it would give me a chance to do a more interesting plot than the freeform one I have going right now.

We'll see I guess.

>> No.10832367


It's not.

Its a Dragonuv with an FWE patch.

>> No.10832369

Stay safe and watch out for zombies, ghoulbro

>> No.10832655


Apparently ferals won't attack me. Not had a chance to test this mind.

>> No.10833192

I'd like a bit of honest feedback.

Ways to improve ghoulquest?

>> No.10833293


to be truthfully honest, fucking stream your adventures or at least record them.

>> No.10833333


That's gonna be torture on my connection though.

Plus I couldn't get community input except even more vague stuff.

>> No.10833357

This only really works well if you do a Livestream.

>> No.10833470

Pink did a Vanilla Playthrough of Fallout 3 once. That was fun.

Trust me, if you can get people in your channel, it'll be cool. Only problem is yeah, you need a decent connection or reasonably powerful computer to stream decently. You might end up having to turn some settings down or experiment until you hit a sweet spot for streaming.

>> No.10833493

Bah I don't have the connection for a livestream...

Ah well. Maybe I'll just do stories instead.

I did see a rather cool looking controllable liberty prime mod...

Giant Robot battles in the wasteland plzkthx?

>> No.10833706

If you're enjoying it, keep doing it. Sometimes you'll get a good crowd like the first time, sometimes you'll get a crap crowd like the second. You just have to figure out the best time to do this. Once you get more or less regular with that, you'll have regulars that like to follow the threads.

I've been in both now and all I can advise is to learn from other quest threads... success or failure depends on your ability to weather the unhappy sons of bitches that seek to ruin it.

>> No.10833837



There's a giant robot battle mod?

>> No.10834304


>> No.10834490




>> No.10834909



>> No.10835576


>> No.10835759


>> No.10835786


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