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I have the players on a cliffhanger beginning this session, tonight. They have just wandered into a small party/soiree and the dude they have been looking for that escaped them some months back just stepped out of a doorway and saw them. Very 'DUNDUNDUUUUUN!" moment.

I know the psion is going to drop his binding on the guy, first chance possible. I also know that the man inblack wants to escape, is a middling-high level magic using Blood of Vol cultist (think cult of blood, you get the idea). I also have the setting for the fight being a few random innocents, three shifters capable of fighting and on the cultists side for misleading reasons, and that there is a guardhouse a short distance away.

I also know that the MIB will have an amulet that activates a bunch of hidden golems he has had placed around the garden where the party is(or should it just be like ONE guardian shield golem? Hmm)

Thought, /tg/?

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Sage for not /tg/-related.

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What the make up of your players party class wise?

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Fukkin' retard

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Heres a map to help.

The goliath is a heavy swinging two-pick and karate wieldan brick shithouse.

The drow is a fire mage, and she loves fire.

The Dwarf is a two-axe wielder (also has 'squeamishness', a phobia of 'gross things')

The Psion is your basic human, but has a great DR 6 with the regeneration enhancement (he can convert stored damage into HP and FP, instantly).

The Nightmare companion is behind a brass and wrought iron gateway, with t guards, and is trying to be incognito.

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Was that meant ironically?

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Right now, I'm thinking the MIB gets hit with something (like a flying dropkick from the Goliath, or psionic entanglement) and that sets off his amulet or ring or something which activates his protector. The statues make great obvious enemies.

Also, having the shifters get involved, lunging for the group unexpectedly, could make for a great switcheroo encounter.

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So, would the party call shenanigains, you think, if I was to have some sort of uber powerful golem smash through a wall and scoop up the MIB?

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Wow the frontpage is moving fast bump

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Hoooooeeeeey, What is WITH all the summerfags? I have hidden, like, 40 threads already.

Any comments? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller?

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Do I need to piss people off and incur trolling to get any responses here today?

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Personally if I were playing, I'd be kind of mad if this happened because it just seems like you're abusing your dm powers to stop us from defeating the bbeg. As long as they have a realistic chance of winning, its alright.

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rolled 96 = 96

As long as you make it interesting and the players think they have a chance they can win it should be fine.

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yes. that is the way the ADD children on /tg/ work. Also, your asking for constructive advice. You're lucky if you get a single non-derp reply.

Unfortunately, i have no experience with RPGs, and as such have no advice or criticism to give.

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well at least you're posting nice art...
>furry art
goddmanit anon.

Oh, by no means is the MIB's escape assured by this encounter. The 1 second rounds of GURPS means plenty of action between the golem showing up and the MIB escaping.

And also, the MIB is NOT the BBEG. He's more of the crucial player in three entwined plots.

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You could potentially have some sort of contingency spell cast on him that is set to teleport allies to him if he gets into trouble. These allies would then try to rescue/extract the MIB whilst giving the players a chance to stop him.

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Roll dice each turn for no reason then have the golem show up just after you've rolled a dice if you're worried about being called out.

3.5, 4e or 3rd party?

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Hmm, I also like this plan. He's a magic user, so maybe some sort of undead involvement, like, zombies bursting up from the stone floor (magically) or maybe waith-like spirits harrassing the group.

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GURPS 4th edition. We're almost entirely matured gamers, so the 'random dice' trick doesn't usually work anymore. This isn't just a 'distract the foolish players' scenario, I want to genuinely challenge them here.

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what software is that?

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Or cultists or the likes. Allies of his that are tasked with his protection and have been perhaps bound to a spell or magic item to appear when he is in trouble.
If you make them memorable you could potentially have the pc's hunt them down and work them into the plot.

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Go with the bunch of golems, one single "statue" would look out of place on your map.
It also makes more sense logic wise, multiple mediocre guardians > one strong guardian.

>So, would the party call shenanigains, you think, if I was to have some sort of uber powerful golem smash through a wall and scoop up the MIB?
I wouldn't do this, it's annoying when DMs pull of shit like this. And why would a Vol cultist use golems. Wouldn't some undead monster be better.

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Gametable. Shit's pretty cash on a 112" projection screen.


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Here's the rub; he's wanted by his 'allies' as well for dabbling around with a group of kalashtar and hes producing a drug for them. The Ddrug, Godsblood, it the main antagonist theme in this campaign. The Vol want him for betraying their secrets, the party want him for the Godsblood evils, and theres a paladin and crew looking for him as well.

Also a good point with the golem/undead thing. But what if it was an indicator that he was unable to call in support anymore? Or that he was resorting to other means?

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Undead then seems like a good plan. Or fiends, assuming it makes sense in your campaign.

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If there are several groups after him, why not have one or both of them show up to get in the party's way with the chase? They'll spend too much time fighting among each other to catch him.

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Ooh, heres some inspiration!

Undead busting out of the statues! Yeah!

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Hmm, true. The big player of the Vol is a vampire though, and his minions are mostly vampiric thralls.

maybe the psions he's been working with want to cut him loose, and they get the crowd twisted up and sick them on the party.....

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probably best to have real /tg/-related threads later at night

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Indeed. Summer is irritating for more than one reason.

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Well, without losing heart here,I'm gonna go ahead and stat up some animated statues, shifter thugs and a psionic kalashtar.

Odds are, the party will either:
-Immediately stat a combat
-Go up and intimidate the guy and try to get info out of him
-Do something batshit insane based off of random shit like initiative.

If they attack, I have golems get involved.
If they stop to talk, I have a kalashtar show up and start the crowd in arms(potentially incriminating the party if innocents are harmed.)
If something else happens, I'll go off the cuff of my pants and throw something wacky in there.

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learn nothing from yesterday, attentionwhore?
how was your shitthread when I took my ball and went home...I see your game is as homebrew LOLrandom Shit as I told you it would be.

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begging for attention, craving validation, and failing.

I think that puts me up on ya timmy

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it's like a tripfag circle-jerk in here.

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>>implying settings are never designed with rulesets in mind...as part of the Canon

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>>accurate as hell

>>Actually implying something strawman, and employinga logical fallacy

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We have a Winner!!

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>implying it was
> I went to work for a Colorado company called VR1. I started as lead designer on VR-1 Crossroads, a text-based MUD centered on warring conspiracies – The X-Files meets Illuminati, with a world of dreams thrown in for good measure. When VR1 decided to move away from text games, I started work on a graphical MMORPG based on the pulp serials. After a few twists and turns, the project ended up being known as Lost Continents. But early in 2002 I decided that I'd had enough of the computer games industry and left VR1 to focus on writing. Then in June of 2002, Wizards of the Coast announced their Fantasy Setting Search, and I thought: What about pulp fantasy? And the rest is history. . .

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Who the fuck are you anyway?
I don't think I've ever seen this particular tripfag.

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been fun...last word on the subject.

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He is some jerkass. He advertises as much.

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