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Can I have a statline for standard imperial guard in rogue trader?

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D-oh ho ho ho ho ho
Oh you.

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See Dark Heresy Guardsman career

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WS 35
BS 40
S 35
T 40
Ag 35
Int 35
Per 38
WP 35
Fel 28

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Thank you

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6 flashlight points.
2 T-Shirt points

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Thats pretty powerful for a guardsman

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Spess muhreens probably have stats starting at 50
cept for agi

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Common Lore (Imperium, War)
Intimidate, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Combat Chant)


Basic Weapon Training (Las, SP, Primitive Melee)
Crack Shot, Nerves of Steel
Rapid Reaction, Combat Sense

Armour + Gear

Full Flak, Lasgun + Bayonet

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Thats not a conscript. People just dont seem to realise how well trained Guardsmen are.

Those stats are inline with a Bodyguard. I'd think a guardsmen would have around the same.

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Yup, they do.

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Definitely a veteran.

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Guardsmen are atleast as well trained as nowadays western soldiers. Some like the Cadians have trained there whole life and is pretty aweome fighters and as such should have a good statline

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How good a Guardsman is depends on how long they've been in the field. Fresh out of basic probably looks something like this.

WS 30
BS 35
S 35
T 35
Ag 30
Int 25
Per 30
WP 30
Fel 25

Someone who has been in the field for a long time and survived may end up looking like >>10818987, but that's definitely veteran status.

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Do you play DH?

Because those are all stats you could roll at character creation.

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the average guardsmen is an excellent soldier, but may not have the sheer talent/luck that makes a protagonist a protagonist.

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Those are conscript stats from the DH rule book. In the Rogue Trader book it says to bump everything up by 5.

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I play both DH and RT. I'm presenting what I'd see as a fresh recruit. Experienced guardsmen would obviously have better stats, but I think >>10818987
should be confined to veterans. There only thing below 35 (the RT average for starting characters) is Fellowship. That's pretty potent. You're not going to have entire regiments of men that skilled.

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Read the fluff d00d all guardsmen are now complete mary-sues.
P.s. while I'm postan has anyone got stats for cultist chan?

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I wish my hate could cause people to combust.

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Keep glaring, you could heat a trolls microwave meal with those eyes bro.

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Too bad those stats are piddly compared to an Eldar Guardian. Enjoy your worthless soldiers that are outclassed by the citizen militia of Eldar craftworlds.

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