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Which would you rather be...

A Space Marine in 40k or a Bretonion knight?

A Sister of Battle, or a Warrior Priest of Sigmar.

A High Mage of Hoeth, or an Eldar Farseer?

A Dark Eldar Wych, or a Dark Elf Witch.

A Dwarf of any variety, or a Kroot of any variety?

A Champion of Chaos, or a Champion of Chaos?

A necron lord, or a Tomb King?

An Orc Warboss, or an Ork Warboss?

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A dwarf.

Delicious dwarf women.

... -4str, anyone?

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I would be a snotling.

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Gotta say priest of Sigmar. I loves me some Empire

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>A Champion of Chaos, or a Champion of Chaos?


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Orc Warboss.

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Warrior Priest
High Mage
tough, i'll say champion of chaos...(fantasy)
Tomb King
Ork Warboss

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Bretonion Knight

Warrior Priest of Sigmar

High Mage of Hoeth

lol dark eldar joined the squats

You're on /tg/. This is dorf country.

I'll take champion of chaos for 500 Alec.

Tomb King: The pimps of the afterlife.


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Bretonian (with a beak!)
High Mage
Chaos Cham-peen!
Tomb King

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I would be both, and neither.

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Brotonian, because I Enjoy not being a hunk of meet and bone.

Sister of battle because better tech

Eldar Farseer because better tech
Dark Elf Witch because I dont want my entire existance to boil down to RAPE IT AND TORTURE IT THEN GET A NEW ONE
Dwarf, because Kroot are stupid
Tomb King, no reason.
Ork Warboss, because DAKKA DAKKA DAKKA

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Wait, so I'm a Bretonnion Sister of Battle Farseer wych dwarf Chaos King Warboss?

Thats +21 ECL right?

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Knight, Sigmar, Elf, Eldar, Dorf, Your mom, Tomb King, Ork.

Now, not actually knowing much Fantasy, is there a Tau equivalent?

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Space Marine, Higher Chance of living Fluff Wise.

Warrior Priest of Sigmar, I can dig bashing chaos with a mace.

I'd say a high mage, I wouldn't have to worry about the whole "Dying race" thing.

Wych, Just cause I'd chill on the Craftworld of whatever it is Dark Eldar call them.

Dwarf, Do I need a reason?

Champion of Chaos (Fantasy), Less chance of my Gods deciding that it would be funny to make me a twisted aberration... I think.

Necron Lord, Due to the incredible power they have fluff wise.


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Space Marine
Warrior Priest
Don't know enough about Hoeth, but being an Eldar kind of inherently sucks.
Don't know either.
Dwarf. Tolkien variety. In Moria, in Khazad-dûm...
Hmm.... I'd have to go with Champion of Chaos.
Tomb King? I think.
Ork warboss.

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Uhhh Knight
Uhhhh Chaos
Tomb King

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Eldar Wych.
The middle one.
Necron Lord
Ork Warboss.

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Tomb King.

Awww yeah legions under my command.

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Bretonian Knight
Sister of Battle
High Mage of Hoeth
Dark Eldar Wych
Champion of Chaos
Necron Lord
Orc Warboss

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High Mage of Hoeth, if I can be in the real world.

Warhammer High Elves would be an absolute magnet for IRL women, and the powers are just plain awesome.

Showcase supernatural abilities in a laboratory setting
<Advice Dog>
Start your own religion

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dark elf witch any time

delicious morathi incest mmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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Bretonnia, a planet in the arthurian sector, most famous for the home of the Bretonnian Knights Chapter of the Space Marines.

The bretonian knights first grew in fame during the years of its founding, when shortly after it was created, the entire chapter was in the midst of clearing their sector from Orks.

Though the chapter fought hard and well, it seemed endless and no victory in sight, until finally the chapter master and a few of the honor gaurd found themselves confronted with what could non other be a saint. Very little is known about this lady of the lake, or her miracoulous powers of her grail, but all are said to consider her a primary figure of commanding respect, right beneath the emperor.

To this day, this chapter commands itself in all respects as the chivalorous knights of ancient Terra Legend.

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Bretonian, since I hate mehreens

Warrior Priest of Sigmar since I hate mehreens, and bald chicks are hot

High Mage, since elves in space are goddamn stupid

Dark Elf Witch since etc etc


A Champion of Chaos because that is clearly the best choice

Necron Lord, what with all the invicibility and ridiculous powers

Ork Warboss, it always needs more dakka

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I think you're forgetting the best answer.

Either that or a... shit, I dunno.

But other than that:

Marine, Sister, High Mage, a Wych, Champ, Dorf, Tomb King, and Warboss.

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This seems pretty easy to me.
Bretonion knight> So I can still get laid and be land owning and have delicious medieval french food...
Warrior Priest of Sigmar> Same reasons but also I get lots of sausages and beer
Eldar Farseer> I get to see the future and ruin shit for people.
Neither> I'm a guy and don't want to wear a thong
Dwarf> I just dont want to be a bird xeno
Champion of Chaos> But always tzeentch... always
Tomb King> Not that I don't want to be a deathless horror beyond time and space, but I feel like I'll pull off the mummy wraps better.
Ork Warboss> I'll get a car and still waaaaagh, plus guns and I get to live with those wacky guys from Deff Swaddron

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Uh... Space Marine, Warrior Priest, High Mage, Wych, DORF!!!, Champion of KhoBLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD, Necron Lord, DA BIGGEST GREENEST SHOOTIEST AND CHOPPIEST WARBOSS. No order of preference.

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Is it possible to be a Chosen Champion of Chaos?

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space marine cause the armour is better
warrior priest so i could hit things with a hammer while screaming about sigmar
farseer so i could stare at sexy banshee ass all day
Dark Elf Witch cause i like them more
DORF so i could live my life as a drunken asshole and that be considered normal
Champion of Slaanesh so i could be rewarded for enjoying everything
Tomb King so i can have a bit more personality
Ork Warboss so i can ride a Rok as it is crashing down through the atmosphere to crush a city

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Space Marine
Warrior Priest of Sigmar
High Mage of Hoeth
Dark Elf Witch
Champion of .... Hey, wait a second...
Tomb King
Ork Warboss

And the funny thing is, I'm a 40k player. :P

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1 Bretonian Knight.
2 I'm a guy, forced to be priest.
3 Eldar Farseer.
4 DE Wych.
5 Kroot; custom
6 ......
7 Tomb King
8 Ork.

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brets have 2+ armor and 5+ ward. who has better armor now?

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Space Marine
Warrior Priest
High Mage
fuck you
fuck you
fuck you
both! WAAAAAAAAGH!!!!!

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Space Marine, Warrior Priest, High Mage, Witch, Dwarf, Champion of Chaos (Fantasy), Tomb King, Ork Warboss.

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The skeins of fate are open to me. I control your destiny, foolish Mon-Keigh.

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I don't want to live in any of the Warhammer worlds. They sound awful. They're fun to visit via minis and PnP but NO WAY.

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Space Marine, Sister of Battle, High Mage, Wych, Kroot, Tomb King, Ork all respectively.

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You forgot the best answer, commissar

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