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Hello, fellow fa/tg/uys. I have yet another stupid question on Deathwatch rules. How does fatigue work? Can't find anything about it in Final Sanction booklet, but every character sheet mentions it.

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Any amount of fatigue gives you -10 to all tests. If you take a number of levels of fatigue that exceeds your Toughness Bonus (So 9 or more for a space marine) you fall unconscious for 10-Toughness Bonus minutes (2 for those marines).

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>dat Bolter's iron sight/scope cofig


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are these fairly accurate space marine stats, btw?
need to know, as i put very little trust in the heresywikia...it's a weird place.

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Thank you for answer, good sir. And how does one gain fatigue? Is it some kind of non-lethal damage?

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Fantasy Flight Games actually. GW has nothing to do with their production process, other than giving the green light.

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These are the stats from above-mentioned Final Sanction adventure for Deathwatch. It has 6 pre-generated marines. Guess, it's official.

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Yep. Basically whenever you do something particularly strenuous your GM can ask you to take a toughness test to avoid gaining a level of fatigue. You also need to make this test if you take wounds from an unarmed hit.

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alright, thanks.
now, to scheme how to make this player suffer for trying to play a marine in rogue trader...
oh, but he has NOTHING on how much shit the necron fucker or Eldar is gonna catch....
Goddamn 'Ork snipers', lemme tell ya.

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Oh, I get it now. Thank you again, sir.

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Be careful how easily you doll out toughness checks for fatigue. For a marine it'd be some truly monumental feat, like running full out for a few hours straight.

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Or lifting a tank and throwing it at a bloodthirster before picking up it's axe and using it to chop open Eldrad's nutsack while he's standing behind eleventy bazillion- um, where was I again?

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