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ASS should be its own stat.

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Post an example of what a natural 18 would look like.

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God dammit, I deleted my Jubblowski DAT ASS picture.

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That's really annoying.

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It's not MY fault you're reading them. The sound is in your mind, Slappy.

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Ass stats?

Sounds like FATAL talk to me...

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But then Banshee would be unstoppable!

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Dat Ass-uka.

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i was wondering when some one would show up to ruin the thread. thanks.

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Theres something seriously wrong with you, boy.

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Shut up and enjoy the ass.

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I enjoyed your mom's ass last night.

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Stupid sexy assess.

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i would commit such acts of heresy on RAT ASS

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j-j-j-jam it in!

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I see no ass here.

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Don't complain, it's rude.

I'm just posting my fetish.

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Fine, an ass image. Happy now?

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Let's at least have some BBW with their ass at the camera, guys.

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where is this form??
what/who is she?

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Wow, I'm leaking like a faucet here, damn.

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The BBW movement is essentially obese women saying, "We are comfortable being obese, and you should love us for who we are!"

No. No I shouldn't. You are fat, and the fact that you let yourself get that way shows that you have serious mental health issues.

So no. I'm not going to 'accept' you. I'm going to find a thin person who actually values themselves to stay active and fit, like me.

Also, seeing you at the McDerpers is sick. It's like after a size you stop EATING burgers. Instead you DEVOUR them.

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>Also, seeing you at the McDerpers is sick. It's like after a size you stop EATING burgers. Instead you DEVOUR them.

Ugh, saw this yesterday. I'm not even kidding. The blob was moaning as she ate her Whopper. Moaning!

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Huge feet are distractingly huge.

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Bbw is not the same thing as fat. Often, fat women will call themselves bbw's, but they are incorrect.

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Don't breed with them. Eventually, they die of heart attacks and diabetes. In the end, it'll even out. Recruit people of like mind, begin the extermination effort. Variance from ideal BMIs shall all die; declare the War on Fat. DEATH. DEATH. DEATH. Cholesterol for the Cholesterol God! Lipids for the Lipid Throne!

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Then what, pray tell, is the true definition? Because I'm yet to see a beautiful woman who was also 'big' in the blubbertub sense.

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No, that's mexican cream cheese.

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Big boned, wide hips and shoulders, a slightly concave belly, and huge tits and ass that, though massive, manage to support their own weight. Think voluptuous, but with a few extra pounds.

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>Think voluptuous, but with a few extra pounds.

... you lost me.

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I think the pink-clad one on the end is just pregnant.

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maybe this?

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Not quite. She's voluptuous, but not a bbw. I don't think she COULD be a bbw; some women can carry that weight well, and others can't. It depends on body structure and such.

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like so.

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Well, all I see is someone who needs a stairmaster. But I don't go for the whole 'junk in the trunk' deal, so that's probably it.

Still, I understand why others may be attracted to it. So cheers for your insights. I wish you all the best in your hunt for the perfect ass.

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Take a girl with curves.

Make her just a leeetle bit heavier.



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let me try again then

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Like that, but without the uncanny valley.

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Those tits have got to be fake. Aside from that, though, yes.

I wish I had a pic of my ex; she was exactly what I'm getting at.

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Stairmaster? Why? She doesn't look like she'd have weight or balance issues.

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it's a rendition of the classic Renaissance piece "The Three Graces". Google it and be enlightened with culture, assbutt.

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Its a terrible, jagged rendition that looks like something Bioware rejected, dickface.

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It's still sexy fat chicks. STFU and fap.

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She looks like she has about three kilos to lose. Of course, she may just have insanely wide hips. I've never seen a naked woman in real life, so I wouldn't know.

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Insanely wide hips. Yes. They're called "child-bearing" hips, and if you had a chance to touch a naked woman you'd know why.

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I still don't like it.

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Then go fuck a ten year old boy.

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There are women with hips like that. That doesn't even have to do with fatness; its just bone structure. And no, they don't need stairmasters.

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Firstly, U MAD. Supress your power level.

Second, I don't like fat. I've had two close relatives die from diseases related to their obesity (one my brother), and I've seen what it does. So no fat for me.

Third, beasts aren't any fun over a certain size. If they are much bigger than what I can grasp at full grab they just get in the way and aren't sexy.

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1.) I not mad
2.) Fine, but this bitch aint fat
3.) A little fat is healthy. Humans aint meant to be 100% lean muscle, we're supposed to keep a bit on us. U stupid.

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To die of obesity-related disorders, you have to be well beyond the bbw level.

As for the rest, different strokes for different folks. Thin, elflike girls are one ideal of human beauty. Voluptuous curvy ones are another. There are fans of both.

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It's more that after my bro and uncle died it shat in the punchbowl of chubby girls for me.

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Aren't you the same anon who said he's never touched a naked woman? If so, how do you know that big breasts get in the way?

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Simple physics. You can't tell me that anything a whole lot bigger than a handful are actually good for anything.

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>Huge feet are distractingly sexy.

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You are correct sir. My girlfriend has supermassive tits and it's not all that great. Ok but not any more excellent than regular tits.

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I like when they're /just/ too big to get my hands around. I won't complain if they're bigger, but that's the optimum.

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>"child-bearing" hips
nice way of say fat hips

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Nope. Fat has nothing to do with pelvic width.

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When you experience the joy of using breasts as a pillow, you'll know the truth.

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So I'd be putting my weight on her while I sleep? Sounds caring.

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Not for sleeping. For cuddling.

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I guess, but that one pro doesn't seem to equal out the cons for me.

I'll send all the big-jug birds your way if you send all the normal-sizes mine. Cool?

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