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40k Fans, what is your favorite thing about Warhammer 40k?

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The vehicles. Tanks, Dreadnoughts, so on.

Also, inb4 Skubmachine

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rolled 61 = 61


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Power Armour. Especially the leg armour. I.. I dunno. I just like it.

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teh fluff

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In seriousness, yeah the fluff.

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My spiritual Liege, Marneus Calgar.

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C. S. Goto's writing.

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I like the fluff, I don't play the game (I may though, it's one of those things that's always 'Uh, might one day.') but I really just like all the fluff and things.

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Fightin' and winnin'. CUZ WE'S MADE FOR IT!

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These assholes, right here.

And the machinery in general. Baneblades are so ridiculous. Titans are so ridic. But I love them so.

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The customizability of the models (mostly the flavors of space marine and their chaos equivalents).

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I like dreadnoughts. The plain and ironclad ones anyway. Not as big a fan of the more ornate ones.

I also like orks. They're silly in a good way.

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Dawn of War, too.

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This. I play IG, so I have damn near limitless customization options.

Lost and the Damned are fun as fuck to convert.

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Creedmeme, followed by fluff.

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Funny thing about Orks.

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The game balance.

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Orks! Yes. Very amusing.

I'm also one who reads the fluff and doesn't play, so. I would take the time to learn how if I had the money for the figures.

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The Commissars, and especially thier pointy hats

...im turned on by those fucking hats!

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I like being able to roll an insanely large amount of dice and then manage to only kill like 3 or 4 people.

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Favorite? Probably building weird models to put in my army. I look forward to doing ever more interesting conversions.

Painting is meh, playing is interesting, bullshitting about it with my fellow 40k friends is good and I enjoy reading the novels.

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Conversions come to me at the strangest times. I LOVE IT.

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oh and basilisks come in for a close second

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Dark Eldar in general.

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I get to watch a bunch of modernsih army dude kick the shit out of faggy space elves, superhumans, Japanese commies, space bugs, etc. Some armies i enjoy playing against, but most i just enjoy shooting.

that and trolling the fuck out of people who take the game too seriously.

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The orks

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You liek? I have more.

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I love Orks. They're the kind of enemies you just don't get tired of killing. Like Nazis.

Incidentally, I'm looking forward to the Space Marine video game.

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I like wraithlords

idk why

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The MMO?

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seen enough of this shit were it just honostly bores me the way you attempt to troll with it

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ChrISBeAr PooLtARd,_remOve_YOur Clown of: hTTp://tiNYURl.coM/3AXVE5D
g v aocmuxczzsv rw p sqkvwjsptc nbcjqmb

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That's too bad, because I still have more.

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Personally I enjoy the consistency in the Fluff and how even an armies sales are faltering, Good old GW will keep on trucking with them

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as do i, so you might just wanna quit while your behind

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And that was a lie. That was my last 40k sergal thing.

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check and mate

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Thinking that your Cadian Guardsmen are really a bunch of scruffy night-fighting urban combat troops.
I wish mine were... although I like the fluff a lot also.

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CHriSbEaR pooLtaRD,_remOVE_YOUr_clOwn OF: Http://tiNYUrL.com/3aXVE5D
dl uq a idf l ekaoux x tq opm

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The damned xeno's bring reinforcements, all men to your battlestations!

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every time i think about warhammer 40k i hear heavy metal in my head.

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I'll show you reinforcements.

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Well it appears we killed them all men, that was fast and easy...find us a new enemy!!!

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All the reinforcements you'll ever need.

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Now its my turn!

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Reinforcements for your reinforcements!

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Reinforcements for the reinforcements of the first reinforcements!

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The fact that humanity remains unchanged. It's still full of hypocrites, idiots and warmongers.

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Holy fuck, where do we get all these men?

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Kasrkin too.

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Moar Kasrkin.

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Vehicles too!

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To crush my enemies, drive them before me, and hear the lamentations of their imaginary women.

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Will this suffice, commissar?

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How over the top it is. 40k does not do subtle.


Also this.

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Until the enemies of the emperor are defeated, no ammount of reinforcements will be enough guardsmen...

...but you all do me proud reinforcements, you do me proud

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Time to fuck shit up

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Sweet. Have some moar.

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Just started the Horus Heresy books, and I love it. It's great, and more than a little tragic, because obviously you already know the outcome. A time where the forces of Chaos were being encountered for the first time, and the idea of the God-Emperor was an illegal sect, the Lectitio Divinitatus. Delicious.

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Are those chain skates?

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A lady friend for our beloved commissar.

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All the reinforcement you'll need

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The lack of wolves on Fenris.

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Don't forget the Navy!

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Beloved Commissar is pleased indeed!

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yes. adding chainsaws makes anything instantly more awesome.

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except that

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my favorite thing is the lack of any balanced competitive play and the rampant fat-ass neck-beard fanboyism

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the stories of great sacrifice, glorious death, shenanigans, the raw amount of silliness chaos causes, the idea of the spess marine, telling fanboys how their fluff actually is rather than what they imagine.

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No such thing as "too much" for our beloved commissar!

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Reinforcements here, Imperial Guard are smalltime.

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don't play in a tournament unless you want to get your face smashed in until you are ready to play srsly. Also, be very clear about having a FUN GAME, and make friends at the game store, at least acquaintances that way they will tell you who to avoid playing

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every time you rise up we will shoot you back down! FOR THE GLORY OF THE EMPEROR

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Assassins too!

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>>>implying fluff is important in a non-roleplaying game.
i see you curiously did not mention game mechanics as one of your favorite things

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Can't have one without the other!

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solid advice for most wargames

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Warhammer 40k is a setting. Game mechanics range from tabletop to BFG to Necromunda, but the setting is the same.

So, saying you like the fluff about a setting is A-OK.

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We heard a commissar needed help with some heresy?

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All the fire. Glorious, holy fire!

>> No.10768832

Trouble with Furries? Have you thought about updating your weapon?

GG inc is here to help you with all your destructive needs.

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they have always been the best, even back when they all wore berets

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honestly depends on the group you game with. Just as you can have a bunch of meta-gaming munchkins in rpgs, there are wargame groups that play games with fluff in mind

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mechanics>everything else in tabletop gaming and warhammer has some shoddy ass mechanics

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>wore berets
Glad that was fixed. Berets are not cool looking for military personnel. Which sucks that the Army has adopted berets.

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Sure. But the setting is still enjoyable.

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The glorious Imperial Navy, Rogue Traders & Commissars, & the fluff, in order.

>> No.10768914

Grey Knights for the Commissar!

>> No.10768928

the mechanics are nothing to be proud of, they are meant to be used, abused, broken over your knee, raped, sent home to her abusive father who touches her at night, and then shoots herself at church. That is how meta-gamers view the mechanics. No matter how good the rules are, we will find a way to break them

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Sergeant Major Ezekiel Echbar shifted his bulky frame uncomfortably in his jet black carapace armor. His light purple eyes wandered back and forth, pausing on some of the armored forms at the tables around him. He reached up with a gauntleted hand to scratch at his bald leathery scalp and sighed. He had sat amongst some of the great warriors of the Imperium for nearly three hours now, listening silently to the songs and sagas of the Astartes. They had been gathered by the Wolf Guard Varl Bloodfang of the Space Wolves, it was an ancient tradition of theirs, reaching back to the Great Halls of old Fenris. When the forces of Fenris gathered for Crusade, her warriors gathered to tell their tales, and they would invite their brethren. At first, he’d been surprised, honored even, that he would be amongst the tiny cadre of the Guard that would be invited. He quickly learned that they were merely here as a token representative, and not equals, as soon the Veteran Sergeant of the Imperial Fists on their left finished his long winded tale about the defeat of the Necrons on some God-Emperor forsaken world only for a Blood Angel Librarian to take up a story about the defeat of the forces of Chaos on another.

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>Personally I enjoy the consistency in the Fluff and how even an armies sales are faltering, Good old GW will keep on trucking with them

ha ha, that's a good one

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So it went for fully three hours, story after story, including some about rushing to the rescue of the Imperial Guard (and some humored grunts and veiled snickers), passed over again and again. A faint smile passed Ezekiel’s lips as an Imperial Fist Captain ended a march song about the birth of his Chapter. As a Blood Angel rose, so did the Sergeant Major, and before the towering Astartes could speak, he began “I am Sergeant Major Ezekiel Echbar, Kasrkin of the Cadian 13th Shock Troops, and I have served the Imperium with honor for seventy-three years. I bring the tale of the holding of Sarlax pass against the Orks.”, mimicking the prologues of the warriors before him. The helmeted Blood Angel, quiet, but obviously perturbed by the interruption, turned to the Wolf Guard. The grey armored warrior just shrugged and waved Ezekiel on. With a quick nod of respect to the old wolf, Ezekiel continued.

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“The War had lasted three long years by the time we reached the pass at Sarlax, one of the secondary routes to the capital city of Forea. We had chased the Orks across that endless blasted continent, every inch stained with our own blood. They had taken this world from the Emperor, and he wanted it back. Intelligence kept telling us they were on the ropes, that any day now they would collapse, yet they never seemed to diminish in numbers.” The only other trooper of the 13th sitting next to him nodded solemnly. “We were within miles of the great capital, we could see it on the horizon, closing off one of the ways of escape. Tacticae told us not to worry, that this was a quiet sector!” Ezekiel laughed gruffly. “How wrong they were. Resistance slowly rose until we stopped dead and our Colonel realized we were facing down the barrel of a full blown Goffs war-horde. We were pitifully under strength, battered by the non-stop years of fighting. That’s why we’d been placed in the bloody sector after all. Our Colonel shouted, threatened, and begged for help, but there simply wasn’t troops enough available. The navy and the artillery corps promised they’d do what they could, but they couldn’t promise a miracle. Hopeless was the word they used, I believe. Our liaison did everything but offer fellatio to the Dark Angels accompanying the Guard, but they wouldn’t come. Too valuable to waste on a lost cause, they said.” Varl, seated on a huge wooden throne, let out a harsh grunt of a laugh. He half smiled at the Kasrkin, revealing a long canine that pushed past his lower lip.

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Lots, of big guns, Unique armies, fun to make models, lots of models to choose from

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So does anyone on /tg/ follow Nurgle, or are all you Chaos fa/tg/uys follow the cool Chaos gods like Slaanesh and Khorne and Tzneentch

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played it a few times with some friends who had an extra army and i'd just rather play a game where i can express myself competitively without having to worry about a mechanical system thats so ripe for min-maxers. i just prefer some more balance. i think 40k is great as a collectors hobby, terrible as an actual game where people are playing to win

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“So we dug in and waited. The Orks didn’t take long to come for us. No more than a day for them to mob up. In the middle of the night there came a howl from their lines that will haunt me to my dying day. Even in the darkness we could seen an ocean of green rushing toward us. We let ‘em have it, every ounce of las and lead we had, we pumped it into them on the quick-step.” Ezekiel’s head dropped, and he shook it back and forth slowly for a moment. “It just wasn’t enough though. Our armored corps saved us the first time. We hit them with our tanks until they were all burning wrecks, blasted away at them until the barrels of our bolters ran red hot. Some of ‘em melted and warped, or fused right to the breach of the gun right there. We pulled the chain on every heavy gun within fifteen miles of our line, twice during the morning we had to drop shells on our own positions just to push them back. The navy came and strafed them, we had every aero-fighter in the theater of operations stacked up all the way to sub-orbital, and it still wasn’t enough. Eventually they had to call off runs because they couldn’t distinguish between our lines and the Orks. They said our lines were leaking like a sieve, if I recall. They just wouldn’t stop, when our solid ammo ran out, we gave em every las-round in the regiment, when our packs ran dry, we fought them with side arms, bayonets and rifle butts. When those were broken, we fought with swords, knives, Hell, even fists and teeth. I don’t know how we did it, must’ve been that miracle they were talking about up at Fleet. When morning broke the next day, so did the Orks.”

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“Let me tell you, we sent for every bit of firepower we could get a hold of, and on the plain of Sarlax, those Orks burned, and we cheered. We cheered and cried and thanked our God-Emperor for his deliverance, but that was it.” Ezekiel paused for a moment, before turning slowly to look each of the previous speakers in the eye as he said, “No one wrote us any songs, or poems, nor made any great works for OUR victorious dead. No, we reloaded our weapons, buried our dead, and marched on. Because we’re the Guard, we do our duty. We hold the line.” Ezekiel stood silently for a moment, before returning to his seat amongst the assembled guardsmen. Some of them looked at him in disbelief, others off into space, one had his head in his hands, mumbling something to the Emperor about a quick death. Ezekiel just sat, facing the assembled Astartes. The silence only broken when the grey maned Varl grunted, pointed to the quiet Sergeant Major and said:

“Haarkon, get that man some Ale.”

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Nurgle appeals to me, khorne is a little too boring but i like him too, along with tzeentch

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>> No.10769101

Beautifully over-the-top and consistent fluff which doesn't skimp (entirely) on the humor and a selection of models vast enough that I can practically make an army look exactly as I'd like it too with relatively easy conversion jobs.
Yeah that's two things but I can't decide. Also as imbalanced as it may get the game is never a bad way to kill a couple hours and have fun with some bros.

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Would the Beloved Commissar like some Sisters of Battle?


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>> No.10769137

dat mask.

More masks.

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>> No.10769159

>> No.10769160

It would seem I have to...

>> No.10769164

C. S. Goto's breathtaking writing.

>> No.10769167

So, what "classes" are you guys hoping to be able to play as in Dark Millennium?

>> No.10769169

Spess elfs

>> No.10769171

...put you down.

>> No.10769178

well yes

I'm mildly disappointed that the 3rd edition ones have been replaced by the Kasrkin.. they actually looked like special forces

oh well, I've got my unit. I think some of them are like ten years old

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>> No.10769193

Deff Skwadron pilots. (There's no way you'll control only one Ork or Heretic, that'd just be weird.)

>> No.10769196

When love blooms :3

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>> No.10769240

everything is so GRIM and DARk
but seriously, its just fun escapism outrageously over the top awesomeness
prove me wrong

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>> No.10769259

>> No.10769262

I would like to take this chance to remind you that when the enemies of the Emperor are defeated, there will be a party, and thier will be cake. DO THE XENOS AND HERETICS HAVE CAKE?!!?!

Do not be fooled or corrupted my men, for all they have are LIES!!!!

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>> No.10769291

>> No.10769298

Xenos have stupid sexy banshee ASS

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>> No.10769308

What if they did it like in Granado Espada, where certain "classes" let you control a squad of weaker troops. Like while the Space Marine player controls a single Spehs Marheen, the Guardsman player controls three troops that can use combos and tactical skills.

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>> No.10769333

my favorite thing is that i can choose any army and still have the same odds of winning as anyone else!
as long as we all play space marines

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>> No.10769357

Remember guardsmen, do not give into chaos and xeno taint that promises to fufill sexual desires

>> No.10769358

>> No.10769359

no spoilers on /tg/

>> No.10769378


see even mars is helping. if you have enough money.

>> No.10769397

Take this Fire-Class Pulse Rifle. This dual barrel, magnet power, energy based miniture rail gun can cut an ork in two at twice the range of a normal lasgun. Available in 8 colours and with built in night vision scope, you too can own the weapon that allowed the Tau to enlighten the Na'vi of Pandora.

The Pulse Rifle, why settle for a good gun, when you can have a GREATER good gun?

>> No.10769399

The Imperium has many who are willing and able to fufill such desires, of many shapes and sizes, or even with 'an extra rifle' if your into that sort of thing. Just dont skip out on guard duty to do so, or i will have to shoot you

>> No.10769400

Pic related.

>> No.10769409

The only good thing about 40K is the over-the-top fluff. Even though it's hilariously inconsistent.

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>> No.10769445

>> No.10769450

Never realized how much SoB stuff I have.

>> No.10769465

I think you need some Skitarii in hurr.

>> No.10769469

>> No.10769473

>Imperium women better than eldar women

>> No.10769479


>> No.10769481

>> No.10769502

Not Skitarii, but techpriestess.

I think she's for serious cute. :3

>> No.10769504

Do your women have awesome hats??!!

Hell, that hat alone is hotter to me than any eldar!

>> No.10769508


The Commissar told me it was okay to fap to the righteous Sisters though!

>> No.10769511

>implying the Imperium's religion isn't more bullshit than christanity and muslim combined

>> No.10769527

>> No.10769528

>Hell, that hat alone is hotter to me than any eldar!
That just means you are hard gay.

>> No.10769534

See, I prefer my women to NOT look like David Bowie.

>> No.10769537

>> No.10769547

>> No.10769549

What order are they?


>> No.10769559

>> No.10769560

What are you gay? Faggot.

>> No.10769561

That depends on whether you're fapping to their glory and holiness, or due to your base carnal lusts.
Chose your next words with exceptional care.

>> No.10769565

Christianity and Muslims do not have as many guns, do not believe in someone who actually exists, and they are heretics

>> No.10769575


Uh....Our Martyred Lady?

>> No.10769586

I'm fapping to the promethium.

>> No.10769591


>> No.10769600

This is fine too i suppose Brostin, just be careful not to light any of us on fire

>> No.10769611

While it's burning heretics?
Otherwise, that would be deviancy and the taint of the Ruinous Powers, which would carry the standard penalty.

>> No.10769615

>implying fapping to SoB is heresy when it's more pure than fapping to xenos

>> No.10769618


The way they look so damn fine while putting bolter rounds through the skulls of heretics, sir!

Did you see that heretic's head explode? It was glorious!

>> No.10769637

The only heresy here are the Low, Low prices of these great enlighteners. Tell me sir, have you ever had to halt your advance because your tanks were blocked by landmines, tank traps or even a ditch? Well these problems don't bother the HAMMERHEAD! With it's sleek Air Caste design, it simply just hovers over any annoying roadblocks you may face. But the HAMMERHEAD isn't just a great drive, with your choice of it's iconic Rail Gun or it's new and improved Ion Cannon, you can rip through tanks with ease, and with it's Drone controled Anti-Infantry guns, you're free to enjoy the ride.


When was the last time you drove a tank just for you?

>> No.10769638

>> No.10769640

>double checks paint scheme.
>dat black armor
>dose gold accents
>dose flamers.

I think this is perfectly fine.

>> No.10769656

Not a SoB, but equally righteous!

>> No.10769658


>> No.10769663

My friend had Iron fist guard for years before that became the dominant force.

>> No.10769665

>Driving a tank just for you?

I kill tanks for a living. Get the fuck out, xenos motherfuckers or whatever.

>> No.10769666

Nurglite here.

>> No.10769674

Are you sure about that Commissar Holt? As long as said promethium is that of the Emperors, he is merely fapping to that which is watched over by the Emperor, and therefore the entire Imperium, is fappable to

>> No.10769683

If the techpriest is fine with it, then it's not heresy.
Otherwise, *BLAM*.

>> No.10769692

Still righteous!

>> No.10769727

That is pious of you and you are a good Guardsman.
You may fap to that, if that is the main focus of your lust and not their lithe, muscular bodies and tight asses.
Remember, I'll be watching to make sure.
Always watching.

>> No.10769750

but think about it for a moment longer!
Its promethium, that which will be used to incinirate the enemies of the imperium, as long as the guardsmen has that in mind while he faps, it is with the Emperor's blessing

>> No.10769752

Durnit, ran out of SoB stuff.

>> No.10769762

>lithe, muscular bodies and tight asses

You called?

>> No.10769773

>> No.10769778

I'm all about the Emperor, I swear.

>> No.10769782

He didnt call for ugly masks

>> No.10769784

Fucking. Everything.

>> No.10769793


Do not stick it in, Imperials.

>> No.10769802

Yes, but that would be heresy.
It's a fine line a guardsman walks.
A VERY fine line.

>> No.10769826

Again, the techpriest sometimes gets uppity about that.
If he starts bitching, it's tech-heresy and I have to shoot him anyways.

>> No.10769830

We've reached the image limit Commissar!

Now what do we do?

I have my lasgun ready!

>> No.10769850

Bayonet charge the enemy, of course.
If you can't find an enemy, root out some heretics.
Slacking is heresy.

>> No.10769858


Of course!


>> No.10769873

Drawfaggotry of TECHPRIEST MAYS facing off against Earth-caste Vince. Required.

>> No.10769881

Just tell him about the toaster incident and he should leave you alone

>acquire MIU link/fuck toasters advicetechpriest.jpg

>> No.10769916


>> No.10769931

Custodes on jet bikes? Their awesomeness just climbed to new levels and are even more fappable than before. If you need me i'll be behind the fuel depot.

>> No.10769963

The painting! It makes me feel like I am some kind of legitimate artist.

>> No.10770022

New thread brothers

>> No.10770108

good work guardsman

>> No.10771134

Psychic Orks, everything else bores me.

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