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Hey guys,

Playing GURPS Zombie Apocalypse. Fucks to the Yeah!

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enjoy being left 4 pills

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you know... i used to like zombies. i really did. liked them a lot. watched movies, read books, played the games. and then they got popular. "awesome," i thought, "more zombie shit to enjoy!"

that was a few years ago.

i really fucking hate zombies now.

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You just mad cuz IT'S POPULAR SO IT SUCKS

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Did you have a question?

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what part of...

>"awesome," i thought, "more zombie shit to enjoy!"

...did your brain not soak up?

pop culture is fucking saturated with them now. they're played out. i'm just tired of hearing about them.

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you know... i used to like zombies. i really did. liked them a lot. watched movies, read books, played the games. and then they got popular. "awesome," i thought, "more zombie shit to enjoy!"

that was until I became one.

i really fucking hate zombies now.

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I blame Twilight.

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okay... yeah, you win. that was actually kinda funny. :)

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My freinds Aaron and Derek and I need some help with a zombie plan.

We have a Lowes in Logan,Utah locked down. We have guns and food. We have two female NPC (one bitten but hasn't changed yet, the other is her twin sister and not bitten), Two male NPC a mechanic and marine.

Zombies are fairly intelligent, and there are some specialized mutant zombies.

So what do you think?

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why isn't that bitch dead yet? you know what is going to happen.

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Protip: don't think you'll survive every other dipshit zergrushing the supply centers. They'll be armed and willing to smash a truck into your magical castle.
Also: why not hide somewhere where they've got actual food and water? What, you're going to eat lumber?

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GM LOLs hard

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Their is a wal-mart across the street

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The problem is we, as the players, are having trouble sending this game somewere. We need end game.

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I'm gonna kill the bitch, first chance I get

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No Haley is going to. She needs to become a hard ass.

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there is no end game. survival is the only game.

intelligent zombies? sounds like humanity just got knocked down a rung.

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True, Haley need to kill her twin, so much more metal

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>intelligent zombies? sounds like humanity just got knocked off the ladder.


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Good Point, fuck...

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Your goal should be finding the people responsible, and killing them before the zombies do.

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That's a good idea

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We, the players, love this idea. Any other ideas?

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Awww sweet.
Wasn't that the shitty Romero but LOL SHAKYCAM!?
"I gotta keep filming I gotta keep filming..."

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Bring up off-hand during the game that one of the characters has always wanted to go on vacation to Hawaii. Plus, "rumor has it", Hawaii has a large stronghold of survivors, being composed of many, many islands it's naturally harder for large numbers of zombies to swarm.

True or not, your mission is now to find the best tropical shirts available in the supermarket next door and go on vacation, zombies or not.

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Get to the Svalbard Global Emergency Seed Vault and preserve life on Earth.

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I've played quite a few GURPS zombie games myself, so I have these ideas practically coming out of my ears.

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Lay it down Friend.

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We're raiding Best Buy for entertainment devices, we've got 4 360s, PS3s a wii, a big screen TV, and some computers to keep ourselves entertained in the Lowes, a shit ton of games, music, anything else?

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Derek, this was complete bullshit. Sorry.

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use the Science! skill to find a cure for zombie virus

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I think we should have skullfucked the dead one

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me and my friend did a dnd group of 3.5 irl at our college the cool thing is that the place comes with a map so we took that and made up some bs reason how some zombies got out somehow. Then it became awesome and we used ourselves as the characters.

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Go get one of those anti-dog attack suits (I think they're called bearsuits), attract a bunch of zombies into a warehouse, preferably one with lots and lots of power tools/dangerous machinery with working generators. Whenever there's a player dispute or an argument over who gets what (I want the sword we found in Chinatown, bitch), the characters each get dumped into the zombie warehouse, and it becomes a competition of who can kill more zombies in a five-minute period. The referee can watch either from the security room (usually just a locked office in the back), or he can stand up in the rafters with backstock pallets.

Whoever kills more zombies wins.

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interesting idea, I haven't heard of anything like that. Where would we find a bearsuit

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It's GURPS, so you can get creative with mechanics.

Instead of earning ambiguous points to spend after each session or whatever, every character can have a flashback once per game. They can also forego flashbacks in order to "save them up" to do bigger flashbacks later on.

Mechanically, each flashback should probably be worth about 5 points, but this will vary somewhat. If that's not enough, 10 points is probably fine too, though that will make character progression much faster. This may be a good thing in a game where lifespans are short and supplies are shorter, though.

So lets say one of our survivors gets shot. All of a sudden, one of the players declares a flashback. "Yeah, I used to be a nurse, so right now I'm remembering this kid I treated when he got rolled into the ICU after a gang shootout. Good thing I had that experience!" Then he gains 5 points in First Aid. Or whatever. Never even had to declare he was a nurse in the game previously.

Or let's say someone has a hotshot lawyer character. Zombies are bearing down on him everywhere. The only thing close to him is a skateboard. Lucky for our lawyer, he makes motherfucking youtube skate videos in his spare time (although he was probably one of the guys who wipes out a lot)! All of a sudden he has 5 points in a skateboarding skill, and he tears shit up as he gets out of there.

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Police station, maybe. Probably a dog kennel too. You could also use firefighter gear.

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You only say that because you know it's true. :3

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This is awesome.

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>implying you can't kick it with friends while playing GURPS

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I'll talk to the GM about it. It may work but it seems a bit far fetched for his taste. He tends to kick it pretty freestyle (rarely if ever there is a script). But I'll run it by him.

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I'll talk to the players about this. :)

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I really like this. The GM thought it was pretty funny, if it happens I'll post

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Now Edmond Dantes has a massive rash on his chest from getting bled on.... goddammit

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I'm fucked up on pills. woo hoo

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He's cured!!! ...... now we just cleared their house, straight up Live Action style.... oorah Marine Corps lol

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So Derek, with all your military skills you just suck with your perception checks.

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Yeah, we talked about it before we made our characters, that I would need a shit ton more points and skills... It's kinda gay, but for the sake of balance I had to invent weaknesses, not because I'm a crazy badass... but just because we limited the points total and my skill set is too perfectly counter to a zombie apocalypse

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What are the Zombies' stats?

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zombie stats are not allowed to be seen by the playaaaaz

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Kill bodies

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Now, we must see as to whether or not we remain in our magical castle.

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sigh.. we lost Lowe's

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Now to see if I can fly a helicopter.

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Oh God! Zombies coming up the stairwell!!!

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fucking reality makes this much harder

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BurstLikeAMotherFucker..... big fatass fuck explodes

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>many many islands
>seven inhabited islands + Kahoolawe

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Hawaii is isolated, but not self-sufficient. Zombie infection is unlikely to make it here unless it's Romero's "EVERY DEAD PERSON REANIMATES" apocalypse. However, there will be mass starvation on Oahu and Maui (the two most populated islands) which will rapidly spread to the outer islands as sea and air transport becomes an adventure. Eventually there might be enough agriculture to support the survivors, but that is years in the future. Many people will hide up in the mountains because zombies are poor climbers. Others will take to the sea and possibly form a flotilla. Pearl Harbor has numerous nuclear submarines and naval ships (no carriers stationed here). The US Navy will undoubtedly form the core of the flotilla. Ford Island in the middle of Pearl Harbor will be the largest anti-zombie stronghold. If the 25th Infantry Division's Stryker Brigade isn't in Iraq, then a lot of zombies will be run over by their 300 Strykers and supporting uparmored HUMVEES. It is a 5-10 minute drive from the 25th Infantry Division's main motor pool at Schofield Barracks to Ford Island via Kamehameha Highway, longer if there is traffic or combat.

On the other side of Oahu is Marine Corps Base Hawaii. The Marines will hole up forming a strongpoint at the Kaneohe Bay peninsula that MCBH occupies. Between K-Bay and the Mountain Tunnels will be the zombie kill zone. In order to maintain clear fields of fire, all structures within 100-300 yards of the highway linking the fortified mountains and K-Bay will be leveled. The highway is likely to be walled off by earthwork embankments topped with razorwire fences and concrete barricades. Spiked ditches along the embankments will add to the highway's security.

Coincidentally, the current US President grew up in Hawaii and attended Iolani High School here...

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L4D without the computer...

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The current US president would be fucking killed in the zombie apocalypse... because he's a worthless spineless sack of shit

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The Marines would be able to hold out, however, I totally agree with your observation of the holdouts and realities of Hawaii... I've done a lot of training in Oahu. Sounds good to me. Thanks again for your knowledge of Hawaiian geography and likely hold outs

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>Implying every US president past Lincoln hasn't been a worthless, spineless sack of shit without their security team

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Roosevelt was an arse.

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But an arse with military service and no fear.

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In ways that Lincoln wasn't?

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Don't derail us

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>Don't derail us
>The current US president would be fucking killed in the zombie apocalypse... because he's a worthless spineless sack of shit

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You knew what you were doing when you started this derail.

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That's only because a previous poster mentioned the president's college... it's irrelevant

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Who are you talking to?

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You're right, it WAS irrelevant.

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Oh look, an alleged Marine who starts shit and then whimpers away into a corner when people disagree, desperately trying to change the subject back.
Either you are good at pretending to be a Marine, or you are a great example of how the last real Marine left active service November 1, 1955.

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Clearly a troll, thanks for playing

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Upgraded to a blackhawk, flying to Saint George with a helluv an arsenal we picked up from Hill AFB

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Oh look, someone didn't see that everyone's a namefag in this thread, with no trip.

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just wanted to delineate myself as one of the current players, we're going to head to Area 51 to look for Alien guns next, thoughts? Suggestions?

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Look out for ALIEN ZOMBIES!

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Alien zombies? Moar like teh mutated zawmbiesz

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but alien GUNS!

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inb4 that marine goes all PTSD and freaks out on you while heavily armed.

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haha, actually yeah, my "disadvantages" make that a real possibility lol

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Flying a 747 we picked up in Vegas to Area 51 lol fucking ridiculous

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Jesus Christ, I am going to land a mother fucking 747 on area 51

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Niggas gonna be hatin life up in this area 51

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so we just broke into the secret underground base in are 51 shits about to get real!

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Zombie apocalypses are like X-com. You will go through many MANY PCs so have fun on the ride

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Fun with zombie RPGs...

Start out playing a medieval style zombie RPG where all the world beyond your walled city is a zombie filled hell hole.

The dead break in, forcing you to flee.

Realize the actual year is 2112 and you've been living in a reference to the movie Doomsday. Guns and claymores and zombies oh my!

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X-Com is a great game, the original 3, not the new one

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Going down the elevator to a lower levels of Area 51

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We could kill EVERYONE

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We have played for nearly 12 consecutive hours and we are all completely exhausted. So good night /tg/. We'll give you Part 3 as soon as it happens.

We'll fill everyone in with a more detailed post explaining what has happened so far and we'll do better posting on "play by plays". Until next time, roll on.

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