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Comrade, I have a tale for you, both of joy and of warning. Your story is much like mine.

I wrote erotica for a living, and with it sharpened my skills. Some time ago, I made a shift into the proper fiction and like you, brought a tale of wonder. WW1, Doughboys and Russians thrown together against Lovecraftian horrors. It was lauded, though by now lost to time. Thusly I met a woman, shortly we engaged in debauched acts to which the Gods of Raunchy Love themselves blushed to witness. A week straight, we did not let up.

This was the good news.

Bad news, we found out we hated each other after we began a relationship. We held on, for a little while, but she was the tenth girlfriend of that year and by the next I was shipping out. I broke it off, believing I was not coming back. After three years, however, I did. You can imagine the chaos.

Tovarish, cherish your life but be wise. This is all I ask, for you.

Za schastye! Drink and be merry!

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Cheers mate!

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bump for interesting, i think

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Huh. Ok.

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Gloriously unresolved, but appreciated.

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