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Gather, followers of Slaneesh.

It is is time for a thread of perversion, depravity and absolute freedom.

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Go away you prudes

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I'm in.

Splurt!!! Splurt! AHHHHRGHHH! Splurt!

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My armor is bigger

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What's a good name for an offshoot of the Emperor's Children who are transexual, and see femininity as holy and pure(in a chaotic way)? I thought of "Pretty Marines", but that's a loyalist chapter.

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ah I could use one of these threads after the shit-tastic week I've had.

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No it isn't.

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Depravity in moderation, kids.
Or else you end up with this kind of mess.

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Well, where's the cp? I've seen Khornate ceremonies more pervertet than this.

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you're armour is bigger? where is you're blood god now.

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Glory to Slaanesh.

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call me a newfag but someone can explain that pic?

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I... woah...

I mean... just...


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warhammer 40k
space marines bloodangels, the space marines are the sworn enemies of the chaos marines.

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Ok, that does it.

Why would... I mean...

This thead is...

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damn, i didn't realize i had this much /tg/ porn on my computer.

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Slaanesh you say?

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that looks so painful

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Praise the Lord of Excess!

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I don't think this is Slaaneshi. But I do want to be the little girl.

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...the one in the back left who looks like she is about to have a bunch of monsters eat their way out of her belly...


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Fuck your forced depravity. True freedom has absolutely nothing to do with that. The man who participates in various forms of debauchery out of a sense of obligation to live up to other's ideals of sexual freedom is just as much a shackled slave as the man who forces himself to partake of only the most normal sexual fare to live up to a societal standard.

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Oh you.

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on that line of thinking no man can ever be free

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Untrue. Man can live for himself and himself alone. Sure his experiences are molded by others to an extent, but much of what makes him him derives from his own thoughts and elaborations of what surrounds him. Not shackling yourself to the expectations of others is as simple as not shackling yourself to the expectations of others. We all compromise in our daily lives, but we should do this of our own free will to our direct gain. Many of the cases were we compromise are areas where we stand to gain nothing and at the same time hurt no one in doing as we please.

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This is all some pretty lightweight stuff. Are you sure you guys are into Slaanesh?

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Why is it that /tg/ is always just one poke away from turning into /d/?

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Desperate nerds who in many cases have not had sex well into their adult life. It's a recipe for various forms of sexual dysfunction.

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just 'cause


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/tg/ and /d/ have an on-again off-again thing going.

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You can't spell "dysfunction" without "fun"!

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We're not here because we're free; we're here because we're not free. There's no escaping reason, no denying purpose, because as we both know, without purpose, we would not exist.

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/tg/ is /d/ hardmode. only monster girls and giantesses, less futas.

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I for one would like to hear more about these potential 'Trap Marines'.

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Heresy! In my /tg/!!!!

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We must fight this evil!

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Grey Knights have been doing everything they could since >>10743781

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To be honest, it was just an idea for a Dawn of War colour scheme.

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Oh sweet I could use some cocaine. My nose is kind of stuffy today.

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Huh, that's weird. This thread is still here, and it's continuing on as normal.

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You gentlemen 'ave failed. I and my men vill continue in a more effective fashion.

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> Shit

That's Nurgle's territory, there.

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Dildo throne then? Penis throne?

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I always thought Nurgle would give you constipation, with all the bloating.

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