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creative basing techniques with limited on hand resources. Tired of the boring.

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stop sucking and guy aweeeeosme oneessss

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Is that tau getting a blow job.... ON THE FUCKING BATTLEFIELD?

"I'll shoot you in a minute. Getting my blue dick sucked."

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If I had money to waste, i'd buy the nice ones, but seriously if I get any extra money i'd much rather buy minis.

As such, dispense with your favorite basing techniques, guys.

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Holy crap he is!

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This is the guy with the pizza delivery piranha right?

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Shred a wine cork using a pair of pliers. Cork looks very similar to rock or broken concrete when it's painted and is pretty commonly used for building up a base for a special character or something.

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cork board is great for this exact thing. Its cheap to buy a single sheet of it and will make quite a few models bases as you don't need much.

I based all my terminators like this looks great

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Go buy some Woodland Scenics ballast (or similar). You can get by with fine and med, but some corse stuff is nice to have too. Each bag will last forever. $12 for all three at any hobby/model train shop. Add some rocks from ouside or, hell, cast some rocks from plaster if you live in some rock-less pristine city.

Glue it on, paint it up, and go have a ball OP.

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