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Can love bloom?

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Not for her. Not a chance in Hell love will bloom for her.

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Tso tsundere~

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Big fucking universe.
Who the fuck would think the second in command of a traitor legion could fall in love with an inquisitor witch? It happened.

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It looks like a black Templar, so no. Unless your definition of love is razor sharp adamantium teeth sawing their way through eldar Banshee.

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Awfully close to his mark, isn't he?

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anything's possible

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> inquisitor witch

Mixed something up there, buddy.

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I actually feel sorry for her.
Hopefully, she will get some in a DoW2 expansion.

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They duel for hours. Maybe days, neither one relenting, neither one able to gain the upper hand over the other.

Then the tyranids show up.

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Psyker/witch any pure god-emperor following soul knows they are the same thing.

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No I was referring to the fact you mixed up INQUISITOR with ELDAR.

That's like saying Orks and Necrons are the same thing.

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Puritans call psykers witches, burn the witch and all

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Not if she shouts at him like that. Can you say SmackABitch?

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No, he was referring to a BL novel where a Night Lord does in fact acquire an Inquisition psyker waifu.

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Angel Forge closed due to stupid sexy banshee ASS.

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>/tg/ hates on Eldar
>/tg/ has threads about how much they want to fuck a Eldar

/tg/ is tsundere for Eldar.

Don't hit on me you silly monkeighs~

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between the two, the eldar would most likely win

due to her weeaboo sword

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Even in death I still slut it up.

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I'm actually not talking about who would win, just the fact that a relationship where one party is always shouting at the other usually leads to failure.

And death by weeaboo sword.

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I always wonderd why the Emperor gave Custodians pointy helmets like the Eldar

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Best book ever.

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well we know through old fluff that an eldar male can utterly dominate a human female

and give us half-eldar

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Pick one.

The slutty space elves are the Dark Eldar, regular Eldar get space aids know as SLAANESHI if they slut it up

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I can see an eldar pirate and a red corsair type ending up together running a fleet.

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actually this is a misconception, eldar pirates often slut if up like dark eldar

and in truth eldar are the most fiery and passionate race in 40k

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Soul Hunter was pretty good. The Word Bearers books are still my favorite chaos books.


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That a fact?

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Yes. Path Eldar are just massively disciplined. Their depth of emotion makes a human look shallow and weak; it's why they have such massive psychic powers.

Or are supposed to, MATTHEW WARD.

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Well if the Marine was feeling extra heretical after vanquishing the xeno...
Alright. Rule 34.

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They avoided all the messy dating through precognition and walking around inside each others souls, and topped it off by sharing a evening where they fucked up a farseer's plan together.

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If I'm correct the fluff explains their helmets.

1. They are crafted to deflect rounds away from the helmets core and have advanced communication equptment

2. It is supposed to give them a tall and fearsome appearence

3. Presumably the Emperor wanted it to signify an alliance he may have wanted with the Eldar

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Maybe if a Guardsman and Guardian got stuck together, and had to work together to survive something nice could happen.

But Aspect Warriors and SPESS MEHRINS are thoroughly brainwashed into their warrior KILL THE MONKEIGH/XENO mindsets.

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Ive always wondered if Chaos renegades would band together with Dark Eldar, but DE fluff talks about their super mistrust of every living thing even other DE. Makes the Dark Angels look trusting and open by comparison.

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DE don't like chaos, and they are very paranoid, but according to the black library they will use human agents.

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Do they see Slaanesh as some sort of oppressor that they wish to free themselves from? I thought they brought back all the slaves to please him.

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I believe this is a white dwarf short story featuring Vect, it does a good job explaining, slaanesh drains their soul piece by piece and they do what they do just to survive in a vampire like way.

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You'd think Khornates would get along great with all variety of Eldar. Both worship murder, both hate Slaanesh, etc.

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Except it was Khorne that help rip Khaine apart.

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