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Depends on if you are hungry or not

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who drew this, and where might I find more? It's oddly cute.

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BG is that you?

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Assuming you aren't already far down that path -- turn around and walk away anon. You walk towards ruin and damnation.

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divine powered thri-kreen plz.

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...if you're implying what I think you are... yeah, I've heard of the "Thrikreen Erotica" fic. Not interested in the sex side. But the pictures of one of them dressed in human clothes is amusing. The hats particularly.

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Give in to your lust. It can't be wrong if you feel good.

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>This thread

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>this thread

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You gotta admit this looks oddly adorable.

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I sort of want a thri-kreen girlfriend now.

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Thri-Kreen are not hot

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>this thread

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I can't help but imagine that shes going to bite the head off her mate.

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These two are my favorite. I love her outfit.

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I guess if you were in human-type society, you'd probably want to hide your freakish chitin and surplus arms.

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Doesn't look like much hiding is being done.

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How do they blush?

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But that's not a satisfactory answer! Not a satisfactory answer at all!

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got more?

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Insectoid respiration via distributed spiracles limits realistic insect size, so we might as well posit a closed circulatory system. From there it's not too much of a leap to say iron-based oxygen transport, with a blush visible under mostly translucent (just like skin) chitin plates.

Or we can just say a wizard did it.

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it's a talking giant mantis whose species is known for psychic kung-fu. Of COURSE a fucking wizard did it! Sciences pissed off long ago.

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you must prawn more overlords

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more Bug-chan pics plz.

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there are no more, and there never will be.

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...unless we make them!

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Sorry, we already have a gnoll nurse...

But if you were to eliminate her, THEN we'll talk.

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there could be more...

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and there should be, too.

Bug-chan is too cute for a slim handful of pics and one dirty story.

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i said... never...

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>Bearded female dwarfs.
>Bugs and lizards with boobs.

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and you're wrong, Fry. You're always wrong and always will be.

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I thought you ragequit back to /v/

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what? no, i just find /tg/ requests more retarded :v

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You hurt my feelings. ;_;

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everything is porn porn porn, tl;dr, porn porn porn, some obscure shit, porn porn porn, a billion characters doing a billion things, por porn and more fucking porn :V

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its a pseudo penis :V

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because it's a gnoll and every fa/tg/uy knows female gnolls are all dickgirls.

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...And your point is?

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Because its a gnoll...?

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Oh and what does /v/ ask for that makes them so much better?


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can I request some obscure shit?

I'm thinking Kor droppigs.

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Can I make a suggestion.


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so, anywais, thri-kreens, lets draw some of that

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holy jesus. what is that?


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A Kor is a humanoid that you happen to be not familar with.

A dropping is shit by a wild animal.

It's joke.

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That's Adorable Bug-chan, of course.

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Guys, really? Female insects now? You must really fucking hate yourself if you fall in love with something that gives you head first, and then takes the other head after sex.

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I'd ask you to draw a thri-kreen sucking multiple dicks, but I'm just not a fan of your art style.

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And then the disgusting thri-kreen girl was a delicious confection.

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hey now, you know nothing about arthopods if you think that's the only way things work out.

Also, magic LOL lets you remove that, and insectiod mantibles (which thri-kreen type humanoids have) don't seem particularly good for traditional head.

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I wish it were for that long.....

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you have a better name for her, then?

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Insects, really? Female humans now? You must really fucking hate yourself if you fall in love with something that gives you head first, and then manipulates you for the rest of your life.

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well, i will draw them in an hour or so because of cooking duties, also, if you where on my stream, you could requests pictures live and explain to me wtf are you refering to... anyways, later /tg/

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See, this one I like. It's feasible that a Thri-keen would dress as such while traveling, if only to appear less unnerving to those not used to insectoids.

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But anon Droppigs, so he obviously means parachuting pigs (or orbit drop pigs)

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exactly. that's part of why this one and the one before it are my favorites.

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fuck, I suck.

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more please.

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okay, since "Bug-chan" is, according to some of you, apparently not a good nickname for her (despite Cultist-chan, Cata-chan, Chem-chan and all the other /tg/ girls with similar monikers), what shall we call her?

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But bg, I thought you LOVED to draw porn! I hope your not getting this so called "dignity" emotion that some of the artists have. Nothing good will come of it.

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And I don't see why any kreen would want to date a disgusting monkey that hurls its feces at predators.

Your racism disgusts me.

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You want mainstream stuff? Fine! Barack Obama shaking hands with Superman while Desperate Housewives plays in the background. DO IT

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It's Queblock/Lucid Dakou's character and she's named Kri, apparently.

There's also some thri-kreen porn on his FA. It's inaccurate, though, the ocelli (simple eyes) are arranged upside-down and there are no cerci surrounding the (dripping, pulsating) naughty bits.

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Lucid Dakou? Holy fruits, I KNOW that guy!

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no shit sherlock, well not really love it per se but love the reactions it gets, the problem is that in the current state of pc availability now, since mine died, i just can draw porn twice a day, and porn for /tg/ is not a priority

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Fuck the porn, then, draw more cutebolds.

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*has heart attack.

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Thats some extreme masturbation

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aww chibi thri-kreen, i want one :3

also here:


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> kobold at the front and she is 2ft tall


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is your stream still http://www.livestream.com/blissy BG? haven't seen it actually online in a long time :v

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Thri-kreen are great, but kobolds need love too.

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I'm gonna have to start a thrikreen folder if this keeps up.

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> insect with breasts

/tg/, I am sad. Delicious bugs need delicious flatchest :/

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He linked it

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simply adorable.

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yum yum yummy!

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blargh, didn't see it

have a waifu overload in thanks

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Someone needs to make an animated gif of this. Still.

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It is animated (poorly).

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any more thrikreen?

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What are Thri-kreen anyways, and why is /tg/ so obsessed with them?

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They're an awesome player race from Dark Sun, the most awesome campaign setting for D&D ever conceived.

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They're giant Preying Mantid ninjas. What else do you need to know?

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Mantis people from Dark Sun. They live only 30 years, they don't sleep, they have racial memory, and they hunt constantly.

We're so obsessed with them because they can't help being this sexy, they just are.

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Ovipositors are for laying eggs. Ovipores are where the aedeagus goes. Specifically, just one part of the aedeagus, the distiphallus (pseudophallus?).

I don't know, exactly. You need to take some biology classes to truly appreciate insect porn.

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>You need to take some biology classes to truly appreciate insect porn.

Ladies and gentlemen; the essence of /tg/, distilled into a single sentence.

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I can appreciate porn just fine good sir.

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I would assume that ovipositors would nevertheless be a major fetish in thri-kreen society. You'd have ovipositor insertion, ovipositor-on-female, oversized ovipositor porn, etc

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Like pussy pumps and foreign object insertion. This assumes a level of sophistication advanced enough for them to even have porn, though.

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Well, sure, maybe not NOW, but once they have the internet the sky's the limit.

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With sufficient intelligence and self-awareness, a species will make porn. Even early proto-humans drew titties on cave walls.

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Well this thread just got interesting.

>> No.10718586

They could have porn, they're as intelligent as humans are.

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Next week on /tg/: Moe-moe silicoids

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>no cerci

what kind of monters would amputate a female like that?

>> No.10718801


Perhaps Chryssalids?

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In Dark Sun they never bothered with writing or art because they lived very simply. The closest they got was decorating themselves; those with glossy exoskeletons etched themselves, while those with waxy resinous coatings used paint.

Either way, no writing. Everything they need to know to survive is built into them with racial memory. They don't have much in the way of individual identity. There's the hunt. There's the clutch. There's not much else to care about.

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>bitchslapped by adorable.

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Hot off the tablet, by the way.

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I love you.

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Cutebold AND Lolikreen? You're gonna kill us from cute, man.

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Fucking bird

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posting superior bug girl

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Bugs are inferior!

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I see no dalek-girls.

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animu is inferior here.

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cross-dressing shota grasshopper?

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here you go.

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I love this thread.

>> No.10719654

She's very clearly applying some /ss/ to a grasshopper boy wearing a dress.

>> No.10719701

thus why animu is fail. Thrikreen don't crossdress.

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why not?

>> No.10719860

They just don't... it never occured to them why one would need/want to do so.

>> No.10719933

And this would stop them how?

>> No.10719984

Why don't you wear your shoes on your hands, or your underpants on your head? Because it makes no sense.

Same thing here - the idea never occured to them to do it, or why one would do it, simple as that.

>> No.10720046

Bards sorta like this

>> No.10720047

Wearing clothes =/= wearing shoes on head.

Clothes provide protection from the sun, comfort from the cold, and have pockets. Do not under-estimate the allure and power of pockets.

Crossdressing thri'kreen...

GODDAMIT! New kink! DX

Someone draw this.

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Thri-kreen can't crossdress because they don't really wear clothing to begin with

>> No.10720091

I suspect, if they spent any time around other races, they'd recognize certain patterns in what genders wore what type/style of clothing. A male in a female's wardrobe would, at the least, make no sense to them, if not be outright confusing altogether.

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....or because it's near fucking impossible to tell the gender of a bug...cute pics though I love BG! except the gnolls and scalies...

>> No.10720110


Am I the only one who looks at that picture and thinks that those kids would grow up to be the coolest adventuring party ever?

>> No.10720135

Actually they'd chalk clothing down as another silly thing that soft-shells do. No more retarded than lying down unconscious for hours at a time every single day, though.

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lol notice that the scorpian demon is hitting on the centaur..and succeeding!?

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You are not alone.

They would be awesome.

>> No.10720183

It's canon they wear utility harnesses and such for practical purposes, and sometimes cloaks for protection against particularly harsh weather, but clothing-as-decoration seems to escape them - they typically just decorate their chitin when they want aesthetic variation.

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Actually with mantids you can tell by the size. Females tend to be much larger.

Thri-kreen have always been written as having almost no gender dimorphism, though. I imagine that will change for 4e.

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I see what you did there

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They're pretty cool as is. Besides, you can't put tits on a bug.

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see >>10714392

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Stupid sexy Thri-kreen girls.

>> No.10720347

You can put tits on anything.

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...wat da zog

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>> No.10720456

Cute as long as you don't think about how she got there.

>> No.10720484

I lol'd

>> No.10720553

What's so not cute about that?

>> No.10720589

penis goes into ovipore
aedeagus goes into vagina

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>> No.10720697

>> No.10720762

zombie-dude is creepy, but the rest is cute.

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>> No.10720844

>> No.10720850

pfft, hahaha

>> No.10720871

Also, the way it downplays the terror a creature that can't float or hold its breath would feel sitting on top of a gigantic body of water.

>> No.10720935

technically, she's on the dock... and how do we know she can't hold her breath? Spiracles have the ability to voluntarily close, and that's kinda the same thing.

>> No.10720999

They don't, actually. That's why insects drown so easily and so quickly. And kreen have lungs and hearts, and their blood carries oxygen, but "spiracle" sounds cooler than "breathing hole," so...

And Thri-Kreen of Athas made it clear that thri-kreen fear large bodies of water, since they have no way of holding their breath.

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Draw someone kissing your foreheads to make them feel better.

>> No.10721035

That book also says they also have a crude hivemind, poisonous bite, and other details either unimportant or outright ignored by this thread. Let's move on and get more art.

>> No.10721127

d'awww... yes, do this.

>> No.10721139

No, it doesn't. There's no mention at all of a crude hive mind. They have a clutch mentality and they have common racial memories, so they have a poor sense of personal identity. Thri-kreen psions have a very easy time communicating with each other and might have a level of unspoken communication that could be mistaken for a hive mind by the ignorant, but that's it.

And they've always had a paralytic bite. They create their weapons by mixing plant sap, sand, and their venom together and then letting it cure in the sun.

>> No.10721147

bg's not even posting in this thread, I've just been dumping what thri-kreen stuff I have.

>> No.10721177

i am here now tought... also this thread is weird...

>> No.10721196

whatever. Not important. More art please.

>> No.10721258

Let's meditate on it together.

Also stop putting titties on thri-kreen, that shit ain't right

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>> No.10721291

your FACE is the joke.tiff

>> No.10721338

>mantis style vs crane style

...ooh, that's clever.

>> No.10721372


You sly bastard.

>> No.10721373

Breath in. Breath out. At the feet of my master I sat, listening to the whisper of storm and sand just beyond the hill. Breath in, breath out.

"Together we join in commune, with the world as it is, as it was, as it will be. Today we accept the world and it's place, and breath in, breath out."

The day had been long, and I was tired. My hair was caked with sweat and dirt, and my body burned red from the sun and sand. But I still rested, in the darkened shade beneath the great trees around the oasis.

"Breath deeply. Feel it inside of you, the air - pushing against your organs. Feel the tickle of dust and sand against your senses. The world around you exists, do not refuse anything, accept everything."

Breath in. Breath out. I was tired - I did not sleep much, the Thri'Kreen did not sleep at all, and I wished to please my Master. The few hours I was permitted were deep, my dreams strange, and my awareness quick to come.

And together, we made peace, and let ourselves meditate to the sound of the wind, the wash of sand, and the ache of our bodies.

>> No.10721397

But do you know which is which?

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>> No.10721454

double-clever - mantis is in Crane stance and crane is in Mantis stance.

>> No.10721487

>not breathe

>> No.10721528

Main Entry: breathe
Pronunciation: \ˈbrēth\
Function: verb
Inflected Form(s): breathed; breath·ing
Etymology: Middle English brethen, from breth
Date: 14th century
intransitive verb
1 a : to draw air into and expel it from the lungs : respire; broadly : to take in oxygen and give out carbon dioxide through natural processes b : to inhale and exhale freely

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>> No.10721610


what has alclemy done!

>> No.10721623


>> No.10721680

oh god wat

>> No.10721702

>Alchemist Charizard

>> No.10721748

Yes, you used "breath" as a verb. "Breath" is a noun. The verb is "breathe."

>> No.10721780

I'm a little brain drained at the moment, so, thanks for the heads up. :)

>> No.10721789

Oh /tg/, how'd you know I had a bug fetish?

>> No.10721799

one letter difference. quit nitpicking an obvious typo.

>> No.10721857

Snake here. You're all weird.

>> No.10721893

you have no limbs or DELICIOUS CHITIN... so piss off.

>> No.10721919

Join. The. Club.
/tg/ will fuck anything that can be made tsundere. /tg/ is tsundere for tsundere.

>> No.10721927

It's not a typo, since he made the same mistake multiple times. It's a spelling mistake and I'm pointing out out to him so he won't make it again.

>> No.10721932

But Thri Kreen have spiracles, and thus do not breath or breathe at all.

>> No.10721951

Actually they've got lungs, and two hearts. Although the hearts are in such close proximity to one another and are so interdependent that they pretty much work as a single heart.

>> No.10721994

Perhaps it's the fact they breath through the spiracles instead of the mouth.

I should make a blowjob joke...

>> No.10722038

fact: a thri'keen sneezing sounds remarkably like a short note on a vuvuzela.

>> No.10722065

They'd have to be able to at least expel air through their mouths, since that's how they speak. Also, creating suction is useful to assist in swallowing.

Thri-kreen blowjobs would probably be... interesting.

>> No.10722087

no need to repost the fapfic, we all know about it by now.

>> No.10722102

That's probably the one part of the fic that's... well, "accurate" doesn't really apply, but whatever.

>> No.10722293

ahem. Moving on.

>> No.10722503

To what, exactly?

>> No.10722965

That's why it's so cool.

>> No.10723027

Gecko, is that you?

If so, I need some advice on my, well, gecko. I've taken to force-feeding her since she still refuses to eat but recently she hasn't been opening one eye. When I gave her a soak in warm water to clear up the last bits of old skin she has stuck on her she had no trouble opening it, but now she's back to keeping it shut again. wat do

>> No.10723248

Ya, it be me.

What type of diet to you feed your little one?
What type of vitamin supplements do you use?
Have you contacted a vet? Were any type of antibiotics prescribed?
How well is the little one drinking?
What does it's stool look like? Are there any bits of stool remaining to the vent?
Is the inside of it's mouth dark red/black-ish?
Does it seem to have excessive mucus back-up?

I know...barrage of questions, but I need to know a few things before I can help in-depth.

>> No.10724608

I feed her a variety of foods, or at least I did when she was eating. She's always been picky, but she loves waxworms, crickets, and mealworms. She hates phoenix worms for some reason and won't touch superworms either. Never tried butterworms or silkworms as I can't find anyone who sells them.

What I'm feeding her now is a slurry made from a recipe I found online, which includes high-protein cat food, baby food, mealworms, crickets, PediaLyte, Ensure, calcium dust, vitamins, etc. Specifically this one:


Administered via needle-less syringe right into her mouth. The last time she pooped it was mostly water and urea with a few small solid bits in there. When I brought her to the vet she had flagellates in her gut which he tube-fed her medicine to get rid of. The inside of her mouth is a normal, healthy pink, though she had some irritation on the side I administered antibiotics for, also by syringe. It cleared right up. No mucus buildup as far as I can tell.

This is how she looked a few months back. She's skinnier now. The syringe goes to, I think, 2 CC's. I'm sticking to one of those a day for food for right now because I don't want to overstress her as the last time I gave her waxworms she pooped out their skins undigested, but that was possibly due to inconsistent temps in her tank. I've since relocated it to a more consistent spot.

>> No.10725236

That's terrible. The same thing happened to my leopard gecko about eight years ago. Nothing I did helped, and she died before too long.
Best of luck, anon. Hope your critter fares better than mine.

>> No.10725347

If it comes down to it, I'm willing to end her suffering on my own. I'm not spending $250 on X-rays and bloodwork at the vet for her, no matter how much I love the little critter.

>> No.10726286


Thr-kreen Xiombarg Helot or Ardarvian?

>> No.10728547


>> No.10729756



>> No.10729771

>Lvl 2 Necromancer

>> No.10731170

>well, "accurate" doesn't really apply

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