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Know what we need? Warmachine thread. How's this armylist for someone's who's just starting out?

Points: 25
Captain Kara Sloan (*6pts)
* Cyclone (9pts)
* Defender (9pts)
Long Gunner Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Trencher Infantry (Leader and 5 Grunts) (6pts)
Reinholdt, Gobber Speculator (1pts)

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Not bad, but fairly jack light. I've always thought they designed Sloan to make the Gobber feel not craptacular but there are still times where the Squire's a better fit for Sloan. That said, being able to cap bitches at range many time in a turn with a rifle that sees all, hits all and creates clouds of ash from its victims is pretty boss.

See attached 35pt Tier 4 Darius list for fun in the sun

* Thunderhead
* Centurion
* Hammersmith
Captain Arlan Strangewayes
Sword Knight
* Sword Knight Officer & Banner bearer
Sword Knight
* Sword Knight Officer & Banner bearer

The sword knights dont get to marshal anything, but they don't really need to. Each jack gets a dedicated repair squad (each jack gets a half-jack, then the thunderhead gets Strangewayes and the Hammersmith gets Darius) The immovable object/ unstoppable force combo works really well to position enemies up for the Sword Knights to make their flanking ability really really mean. All this and Full Throttle, too. Have fun kids.

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Forgot a pict of the man himself.

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Drop the Trenchers, take another jack, perhaps? Can't remember how much a Hunter is off the top of my head, but long range gun + double control area for allocating focus + immune to free strikes makes them a pain in the rear to chase down.

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Is it better to take Gun Mages or Longgunners

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prolly the longunners for sloan. but that's personal preference.

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I was toying around with this Tier 4 Kraye List

2 Hunter Light Jacks (+1 to Starting Roll)
2 Ranger Units (+2 Wall or Forests)
2 Cyclone Heavy Jacks (with advance deployment)

This leaves me with 3 points left, thanks to the Rangers getting a 1pt discount for being in a Tier 1 Kraye list. I was thinking either Field Mechanics or a Gun Mage Solo.

What do you think?

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Bumping with glorius Khador titties

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Not being familiar with Cygnar at all but would OP have what it takes to hold objectives in scenarios?

To bring more sexy into this thread.
Goreshade the Bastard
Bloat Thrall
That's 15pts but I think I could use a Slayer in it but there are no points left. Or more infantry and I don't want go the Bane or Tartarus route.

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>To bring more sexy into this thread.
>Bloat Thrall

If you were into zombie inflation, maybe

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>implying that undead elves don't make all the girls wet

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I thought Stupid Sexy Undead Elves was more Everblights side of things...
As judging from his selection of Warlocks THE GUY IS QUITE CLEARLY MAKING HIMSELF A HAREM.

There is ONE male Warlock in that entire faction... and it's basically him.

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Ah sorry,should've posted that list to /d/ then.

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Mother fucker..

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I know right? The guy basically acts like some kind of 15 year old teenager.
And impossibly old and evil 15 year old teenager, but still.

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I mean he's got:

Blind Chick
Older Woman
Hot Twins

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Hey. You. Zerkova.


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Problem Comrade?

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*cough* horseface! *cough* Worst model PP ever commissioned *cough*

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We cant all be pretty.

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I'd pick up Gun Mages with the UA and a Hunter to get marshal'd with. Hunters only ever need 2 focus and with the gun mage UA they really only ever need 1.

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Like you're a fox

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Not even close.

Aslynn D'elysse is a pumpkinhead who can scratch her own kneecaps while standing upright.

The Khador Winterguard are all leatherfaces.

The Black 13th are teenagers compared to the rest of the line.

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Taking Kara Sloan at 25 is a huge dick move. She's one of the most boring casters to play against, and every single game will either be her killing your caster with her feat, or not killing you caster with her feat and then dying.

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Try marshalling a cyclone to the gun mage officer. 2d3 shots of snipe/thunderbolt a turn is pretty great, and you even get to boost one shot for free.

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High Exemplar Gravus is a dragoon that can't ride a horse.

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I took the Cyclones because I liked the models, but also because of Krayes Guided Fire... so no to the Field Mechanics?
I am taking a lot of Jacks here.

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Okay then, how bout this guy?

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If your just talking general jacks then why not nemo the amount of focus he can get with his arcane accumulator along with a journeyman and a couple of units can easily run 4-5 jacks

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hell could even add a squire

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problem Komrade?

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He's pretty cool, but use your trencher smoke wisely to protect his large base.

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>Vlad not using Blood of Kings at every opportunity

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May as well post in here instead of making a new thread, what does /tg/ think of my first cryx army? 35pts.

Bane Thralls (6)
Satyxis Raiders (6)
Sea Witch

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Sounds like his new Warlock is female too. Named Bethayne.

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Looks good to me. You might want to drop a bone jack to beef out one of your infantry units.

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While we're at this, I've been playing with this list for a while. It's treated me all right, but some ideas to improve it would be welcome.

Lieutenant Allister Caine
Trencher Infantry
Sam MacHorne & The Devil Dogs

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Sam's a cool character, but her unit is way to specialized and expensive IMO. I'd drop her for some Gun Mages or Long Gunners.

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Sam is awesome if you give her a Mule to marshal. Pronto is that awesome of a drive. The DDs are also pretty cheap and make a good fodder/bodyguard for a ranged jack. In general I think marshaling any heavy melee jack is a waste, so DDs + Nomad isn't doing much I'd agree. Also that list is using Caine. A Deadeyed Mule with Snipe and Pronot is pure viciousness. Crit Devastation is arguably the best critical effect in the entire game.

Drop the Lancer. Caine has the ranged amplifier so he doesn't need nor want one. As per above use 2 points to upgrade your Nomad to a Mule. Use the other 4 for something like filling out the trenchers or bringing those gods of the battlefield the Black 13th.

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Bump and Grind

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More Kara Sloan

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I don't think dragons care about sexy elf babes, seeing as they're asexual in the IK and all. I think it's Thagrosh's doing. Horny bastard.

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I see what you did there

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goreshade in an undead elf, everblight has blighted elves

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Constructicons, bump this thread and form, DEVASTATOR!

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Ditch the Trenchers (unless you own the minis and just want to use them, in which case they are fine, just not super optimal). Use the points on a Squire and whatever jack with a gun is 5 points...Hunter maybe?

And since someone always asks, yes you kan has Reinholdt AND the Squire...and should.

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Is it worth getting Banner/Officer combos for units?

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My fucking Mangler can't seem to not die. Like, second it get into combat the dice gods go "you know what? Fuck you, buddy; everyone's rolling all 6's all the time against that thing". Seriously, it keeps getting killed by infantry.

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How's the Squire hurt Reinholdt? Reinholdt doesn't attach. He's just there. You can have BOTH.

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>Seriously, it keeps getting killed by infantry.

I take it that's bad?

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If you've got the points, then sure, but if you have to make a choice between Squire or Speculator, Squire's the pick 9 out of 10 times.

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>Captain Kara Sloan

Wow, that's a kickass looking warcaster. Havn't played the new Warmachine or seen her before, what's she do well?

40k hate me at the moment (Sister of Battle player) so I'm thinking of picking up Warmachine again an she looks bloody cool (I go for cool before powerful in any game)

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Almost always; yes.

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Her gun is crazy huge

How can she even shot it?

>> No.10729609

does any one have a scan of Kara Sloan's card?

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She has the biggest phallic symbol in the game at the moment. A rifle with a ridiculous range, decent power, RAT to be reckoned with etc. etc.

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Does that have something to do with the fact she trained under Siege?

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An 8 point Heavy warjack getting whacked by infantry every game? Yeah, that fucking sucks. In 5 game it's literally made I think 3 attacks.

>> No.10729711


So, she's a sniper warcaster? Good at taking down other warcasters?

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>Pouches on pauldrons

He is channeling pure 90s there.

>> No.10729880

Me and a guy in my playgroup determined that pauldrons were an indicator of *ahem* size of manhood for warcasters.

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Don't think too hard about the Harbinger, however.

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Dear god, he could win a pauldron-off with Manius Calgar...

>> No.10729932

Training under Siege is more like why she's plays like Siege, but worse in pretty much every area

>> No.10729961


Wose in pretty much every area? So she's not a good warcaster. Nuts, I was planning on starting a cynar gunline based around her and a couple of ranged warjacks.

>> No.10729982

And inside those Pouches?


I meant it as innuendo

>> No.10729985


As a side not to this, what warjacks make for good longrange jack hunting?

>> No.10729995


Funny you should mention that...

>> No.10730016


Oh? That's a...light warjack, isn't it? Is it good at taking out heavy ones, like those monsters of khador jacks?

>> No.10730049


Yes. It's gun is POW 6 armor piercing, with a range of 14.

>> No.10730050

The hunter has a crappy power gun, but halves the armor of Medium and Large base opponents.

>> No.10730055

It hunts the most dangerous game of all


>> No.10730097


So it's an exclusive jack hunter. Sounds like what I want.

Suggestions for making this force?

>> No.10730119


I dunno, I don't know Kara's spell list or stats. I'm downloading the Cygnar forces book so I can give you advice. I will say that the Hunter can very frequently be run attached to a Journeyman Warcaster as it only ever needs 2 focus, which frees up more focus for your caster to do things.

>> No.10730120

I call for Gristle and Flay

>> No.10730143

Oh man if PP starts making the Grymkin in WM/H I'm going to twitch.

Mind the Cult of Cyriss needs to come eventually somehow first. Before they EVER consider that. (I hope)

>> No.10730152

As a starter player her power level won't matter. I can advise against gunlining; it's a boring enough game that people WILL refuse to play you.

>> No.10730153


Like most of the monsters in the monsternomicon, slightly retarded in concept.

>> No.10730166


Bunch of scrubs if they won't play against you.

Then again, I play Menites, which has probably the easiest answer to a gunline ever.

>> No.10730173

Mainly if you do a rolling retreat gunline. A round of shooting before going in is a bit different.

>> No.10730175

Anyone know where I can find the Khador book?

>> No.10730184


Wargames is much more fun with compelling (ie fluffy) females.

>> No.10730190

Pretty much. The moment you move to within 5" of your table edge I just pack up my models and call you a douche.

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Khador simply doesn't care, unless the enemy caster is behind said line, then it's mortars and bombards to infinity and beyond.

On a related note, I think the WG sniper team is balls. At least on paper, a field of suppressive fire is pretty awesome.

>> No.10730203


Maybe a slighty more proactive line then?

Hunter Jacks paired with those cynar knights with the big swords? I think they are actualy just called sword knights.

Sorry, new to this.

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>"Full Metal Fantasy" ad campaign for 4 years.
>Release plastic figures and bow head in shame.

>> No.10730216


This is why you play objective games. As a Menite, I'll tell you, try to play attrition and I'll win every time. Objective games force opponents to the middle of the table. Mosh Pit from the rulebook is a good one to start with.

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Question: Is warmachine just a shitty copy of Warhammer, or does it suck as something else, too?

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>> No.10730247


Well, I fucking hate Alexia's fluff, but Sorscha is pretty cool. Feora's a huge bitch but we love her anyway. Haley...eh, I guess she's cool.

Sam MacHorne, however, is awesome.

>> No.10730249


...because you are a faggot.


>> No.10730258

No one understands what you're saying.


Anyone up for a game? VASSAL.

>> No.10730262


Option C: It is a better, more tightly balanced game than Warhammer. Whether you like the fluff is up to you.

>> No.10730271

You are the reason that we have to play scenarios instead of good ole fashion 'caster kills. Because fucks like you would rather kite for hours than admit defeat.

>> No.10730298

Implying objectives and scenarios are bad in wargames
40k isn't balanced? Since when?

>> No.10730305


I always thought that whole model was a little weird. I mean what are the guy's at the bottom doing? Making sure she doesn't float off back to Menoth?

>> No.10730309


I don't think you understand how silly that is. You're complaining that some people would play to win. That's what I would call being a scrub.

>> No.10730316


Every game should at least use Killbox as a scenario.

Very un-restrictive scenario. You have a killbox. End your turn with your warcaster/warlock not within the killbox and you lose.

So repeat after me. ALWAYS KILLBOX.

>> No.10730317


>40k isn't balanced? Since when?

I almost raged. Well done.

>> No.10730321


40k not balanced?

Deamonhunters player here...fuck you guys...

Yeah, balance is an issue for some armies in 40k...

>> No.10730322

Speaking of Sam, I got a question bout Ord.

If Khador's Russia and Cygnar's England and Llael's France

What's Ord meant to be?

>> No.10730329


You're right. I should play how you like to play instead of kicking your sorry, tactics-free scrub ass.

Oh, he wants to charge? How quaint. Shoot him.

>> No.10730331


It's pretty much small skermish Steampunk-Hammer

the army sizes are relatively small and the game plays a lot like Mordhiem. this is a oversimplification of course, but a lot of it holds true. the main turn off for most people was the attitude of the players stereotype of being angry in your face nerds about their brand new game.

>> No.10730344

Forgot my pic

>> No.10730345


Truth. Warmachine players are annoying as fuck.

>> No.10730349


Well, I was referencing her HUGE pauldrons after that comment I made.

In the setting, she's so charged up with divine energy that she would float away if she wasn't held down. She has to concentrate or hang around indoors to not float. Or it might just be an excuse to put her on a large base because if you could hide her behind shit it's be stupid.

>> No.10730370


Llael is Belgium. Ord is... like Tortuga if it was attached to Europe.

>> No.10730383

Every warmachine player I have ever played with has been helpful and fun. to the contrary every Warhammer 40k player I have ever played with attempted to insult my ignorance of the rules of the game until I quit. By the way, the former is a number in the dozens, the latter is 3 jackasses. I'm sure there are decent 40k players out there, I just got the unfortunate circumstance of getting the dicks.

>> No.10730385

This guy chiming in again. I am going to say ONE SPECIFIC situation. This is the extreme.

Regular Caine. Mark I. Last man alive. Shoot Shoot Teleport. Shoot Shoot. Teleport. Shoot Shoot. Teleport.
Toss in some advances so you always shoot the thing you want to shoot from max pistol range. THEN teleport directly away.
Never get corned.
Always run.
Nickle and Dime. Do 2 points to a juggernaut and keep it up till it dies.
Spend 5 hours with only Caine on the table.
Refuse to surrender.


Fact: In the history of Warmachine/Hordes there has been broken ass shit. It's been fixed for a reason. Anyone that does what I said above is a FUCKER and should be BEAT.

>> No.10730386


So let me get this straight. The divine voice of Menoth, the phyisical avatar of his burny self... is basically a human helium baloon?

I can practically hear Cryx or Everblight sniggering about this.

>> No.10730394

You want to play Warmachine? Alright

No Ranged
No Magic
Caster Kill Only
Final Destination

>> No.10730402

I would, but I only know the bear basic of the rules and I got no idea how VASSAL

>In the setting, she's so charged up with divine energy that she would float away if she wasn't held down.

She's like a thankgiving day parade balloon of holy might.

I'm amazed there isn't any inflation fetish work of her yet.

>> No.10730405


They can keep sniggering. She's charging up Cataclysm.

>> No.10730464

My experience is that some people are fuckwits no matter what system they are interested in at the time.

The current club I belong to is filled with nice engaging people. We recently got a number of new people and it's generally gone the same way. "Hello, are you new? Welcome. Need any advice? Pressganger should be along soon." Pressganger shows up, or someone else gives them a demo game. They have fun.
Fun is had. Mission accomplished. Good day.

My understanding is that Menoth has an agreement with other Gods/forcesthat be/whatever that he will not step onto Cean.
So being a Lawful god. And kinda a gaming douchbag in a way /tg/ would love. He decided to fill an 11 year old girl with his magic might and make her FLOAT. So she never technically touches the ground and she becomes effectively his mouthpiece.

>> No.10730482

Why is Cloud wearing a dress again?
And while wearing his Shin-Ra uniform, that boy must've been a closet homo.

>> No.10730500

I come from a world you may not understand, you can take your robots and shove them.

>> No.10730510

There are douche bags in every community. Granted the age and maturity level have more to do with it than the system. But when you look back to the original advertising Privateer Press did and even when i talked to them back in 2004 at Mega-con. It was as if they were catering directly towards the twits.

The hard on for metal figures alone put me off. I kept thinking that some of the most fun I had with wargames was building and customizing them, and metal figures seriously limited that. All the armies were going to be near identical and even the paint schemes were strongly regimented.

>> No.10730527

Okay, so in reference to the guy earlier who wanted to play Kara Sloan, I'd say that rather than running a Cyclone and a Defender as her battlegroup, run two Defenders instead, they make less attack rolls and therefore will require less focus.

>> No.10730559


The Skorne theme song should go to the tune of 'Land down Under.'

Molik Karn approves.

>> No.10730575

I'm inclined to agree for slightly different reasons. Cyclone provides some nice anti-infantry in dual covering fire. This is the main thing your going to do with one.

With Long Gunners and Trenchers I feel you have plenty of shots against infantry. While two defenders should be better anti-heavies then defender/cyclone.

Alternatively you can drop the Trenchers to bulk up the Long Gunners. Possibly adding the UA. And then add some solos or lights.

Have Covering fire keep stuff from engaging the long gunners. Have the Long Gunners move up to maintain pressure. Rather then run away. Spend some turns advancing and shooting.

>> No.10730577

Generally I just have a gentleman's agreement with my opponent on no kiting forever; best advice I ever saw on Caine was "play 1 turn past everything going to shit, then thank your opponent for a good game." Now, if you think the other guy is going to douche around, lay down a scenario. They shouldn't be needed, but I do know some guys who you have to say "scenario or no game." It's sad; they aren't even that good at the game, but insist on taking the fun out of the game. Nobody wants to spend a year nickel and diming down the enemy 'caster who is camping focus. It isn't fun, and you're an ass if you do it.

>> No.10730591

I'll come in here to say drop the Trenchers; they are expensive enough that you need a solid plan to use them. Gun Mages with the Unit Attachment are also a solid choice. Same with Precursor Knights for screening your ranged troops

>> No.10730597

Molik Karn is alot like Karchev or Butcher,
He doesn't approve, he kills.

>> No.10730615


Man does he need an epic version that's a warlock.

>> No.10730624

>whiner should read pg 5

>> No.10730641

I'd check out Page 5 of Prime mk2 if I were you. Rules 4 and 5

>> No.10730661


You know, honestly, if someone can't deal with pCaine teleporting around - they should have brought ranged troops. He's not *that* hard to get to.

>> No.10730664

rules 4 and 5 don't mention anything about whining

>> No.10730686

Or you know... not everyone likes to tailor lists against your opponent

>> No.10730724

Circle can pull similar crap like this still. Kaya's beasts run in, eats a model, then spirit doors out. If they get hurt, they run and heal until they are full again.

>> No.10730742

Here I have a copy just for you.

I have quite fortunately, never had to deal with the Caine scenario, the "Only Butcher" army, VP sniping or any of the other various bullshit that existed in the before days. I have not had to look my opponent in the eye; ask if he was going to be a poor sportsman; and pack my stuff up while he claims to have "Won by concession"

>> No.10730754

eh, pKaya is pretty terrible gamewise, but yes, it's a good reason to use a scenario. Part of the issue is that the current steamrollers are pretty mediocre for the most part, especially with the recent change giving a huge advantage to the winner of the starting roll

>> No.10730780

i want to get into warmachines/hordes but can't pick an army. its between cryx, skorne, and everblight. help me decide?

>> No.10730783

Where is the 4chan version

>> No.10730799

What kind of playstyle do you want? Legion is really beast heavy; they hit fast and hard, but are a bit of a glass cannon faction. Cryx is very tricksy, while Skorne is about overbearing force and movement shenanigans. Of course, individual 'casters can change a huge amount, but that's the basics

>> No.10730802

Was in MKI. Consider that this usually happens after the armies clash and it isn't "My entire army against him". We are typically considering a heavy, a handful of infantry, and a warcaster of various health.

He'd be 12" + teleport range from whatever he shot. He's likely shooting something at the edge of your army. In MKII that's 20". In MKI it was even bigger.

It's pretty plausible for a game to devolve into that. And I've heard a number of stories of it occurring.

>> No.10730818

Uhhhh. Haven't seen anyone modify the MKII one yet. There's one of the MKI one.

However considering, I myself, scanned that. Specifically FOR 4chan. That's the MKII 4chan version.

>> No.10730850


i'm an aggressive player, i like teh zergling rush. i like to get beefy units out as quick as possible in RTS games, as well as harass from the first minute or two of a game. speed and damage are great, but the whole die in one hit thing kinda blows.

also the two people i will play mostly against play menoth (sp?) i definitely don't want to be them since mirror matches are boring.

>> No.10730885


also can hordes armies stand up to menoth from war machines? ive been reading the books and the rules seem to favor warmachines use of focus since you don't need your creatures alive to get it (unlike fury).

>> No.10730896

well then I think you're 4chan mk.ii version is dildos

>> No.10730904

General consensus from most forums is that you have to play at 50pts to be competitive against WM.

>> No.10730905

Fury is a far more powerful system, since your beasts can use it to do stuff without taking away from your 'caster's pool. To make up for it, beasts generally die faster and the 'casters have weaker feats. It is a balancing act, but Hordes is just as strong as Warmachine

>> No.10730912

Sounds like Skorne. Oddly enough.

Cryx generally isn't the meatiest army in the game. It's got speed and mobility. However it bends more toward high damage melee, assassination delivery systems, and potent magics.

Legion is Glass Cannon, that gets to ignore a lot of special rules and terrian. (High mobility + see through a lot of stuff). More about alpha striking an opponent and not taking a lot of damage in return.

Skorne on the otherhand are. Well kinda Khador like. Which means, sorta slow and able to take punishment while dishing it out. However, I've seen a number of Skorne lists able to really punch a guy in the face early on. They do have a lot of speed up in MKII so ya.

It's hard to find "Fast, High Damage, AND meaty" all in one package.

>> No.10730958

k. May I ask why?

It can be hard to see the difference sometimes. And be weary to deal with constant balances against hordes. However, as an excellent example of fury vs focus.

Dire troll Bomber. Able to throw out two AoE 4 AoEs. It has fury 4. Which means it gets to throw out the AoEs and if they clip anything, boost blast damage. Huzzah.
If it was a warjack it would SUCK. Low range and too focus hungry. You feed 3 focus to it and if it doesn't hit anything? You just WASTED 3 FOCUS!

So I would not directly compare warjacks to warbeasts.

>> No.10730959

>My understanding is that Menoth has an agreement with other Gods/forcesthat be/whatever that he will not step onto Cean.
So being a Lawful god. And kinda a gaming douchbag in a way /tg/ would love. He decided to fill an 11 year old girl with his magic might and make her FLOAT. So she never technically touches the ground and she becomes effectively his mouthpiece.

HA HA OH WOW. What is it with Fire/Sun themed gods constantly wearing the trollface? That's like something the unconquered sun would do.

>They can keep sniggering. She's charging up Cataclysm.

Yes, because the god of death is going to be in trouble if somebody kills all life on the planet, and not in fact, massively powered up.

>> No.10730966

lacks originality

>> No.10730984


skorne it is then, i really like their models. especially their warbeasts.

can they stand up to menoth? i will be doing low point games for quite some time. it can take me weeks to paint a model to a standard i am happy with, and i don't buy new models until old ones are finished.

im planning to get 1 warlock 2-3 beasts and maybe 1 infantry unit (5 or so models) and maybe a solo to start. one guy i will play against has a small number of models as well, but the other player has quite a few (including duplicates of some warjacks, not sure why.)

>> No.10731010

Should be able to. Skorne MAY have a high learning curve though. So beware.

I don't play them and MKII really changed them. So it's hard for me to say.

I'd so some proxy work.

>> No.10731017

Skorne can stand up to Menoth fairly well; I regularly beat Menoth's face in with it. Really, you can pick any of the 9 factions in this game, not counting Mercs, and they are all well balanced against each other. There are some slight imbalances; a lot of the top tourny players agree that Menoth is probably slightly ahead of the curve at 50pts, but that's why Nationals are done at the 35pt level. Unless you guys are both super Warmachine geniuses that can get years of experience within a few months it won't matter. Just play your best and have fun

>> No.10731068


im pretty good with rts strategy, but I won't be playing at 50 points or prolly even 35 for some time. like i said im a methodical painter. as long as i'm not at a disadvantage for doing hordes against menoth ( and as long as i won't curb stomp them either) i think ill try skorn. the basilisk and titan models are some of the neatest figures ive ever seen, just wish they were a lil bigger.

>> No.10731552



>> No.10732113

>> No.10732547

>> No.10732562

No, it's: "You! Yes, you! You are dead!"

>> No.10732660

>> No.10732747

Surprisingly few own paintjobs in this here thread

>> No.10732877


>> No.10733085

How good are StormKnights anyway?

>> No.10733590

Expensive in points, but they hit hard.

>> No.10736725


Buy Molik Karn, a Titan Gladiator, some Paingiver Beast Handlers, and the warlock you like to start. That's a good start right there.

>> No.10736961

Pirate Queen Skarre
10 Satyxis Raiders
1 Satyxis Sea Witch
1 Satyxis Raider Captain
6 Satyxis Blood Witches
1 Satyxis Blood Hag
1 Skarlok
1 Necrosurgeon with Stitch Thralls
1 Seether
2 Deathrippers
1 Gormon Di Wolfe

>> No.10737126


That list sucks. It could never beat anyone serious.

>> No.10737193

Looking to get into this, don't know what I should get. The zombie pirates look really cool. How do I go about fielding a zombie pirate crew?

>> No.10737220

It's one unit, is in Cryx, but I'm not sure as to which casters synergise well with them. Skarre herself *is* actually a pirate, so if you're going for 'hot pirate babes, zombie pirates, and OGRE pirates' she's a pretty good choice.

>> No.10737251

The Revenant Crew is a pretty unkillable tarpit, especially with their captain on the table.

I'd recommend learning the basics of how the warjacks work before expanding to infantry units, though.

>> No.10737254

Basically they get ripped and pissed as fuck and rape and pillage.

>> No.10737262

Yeah, she seems pretty cool. I still kind of prefer Rengrave and some of these fellas. Also, Wrongeye and Snapjaw, just be-fucking-cause.

>> No.10737294

Lich Lord Terminous synergizes well with the revenant crew. Other than that, I'd say they're pretty useful with any other warcaster, except Mortinebra who would really prefer those points be spent on more helljacks.

>> No.10737315


>> No.10739473

Which unit of zombie pirates? The Revenant crew isn't that strong and you have to really know what you're doing to use them, but Blackbane's Raiders are nasty as hell in anyone's hands

>> No.10739577

Really? I find Blackbane's Raiders really underwhelming.

>> No.10739765

Blackebane's are incorporeal, so unless you're facing down ATGM or Aiyanna&Holt, you'll be able to tie up or at least get the alpha strike on a large part of their army. Revenants, on the other hand, are a weaker tarpit than Mcthralls + necrosurgeon, cost more, and hit nowhere near as hard.

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