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Today I played the first part of the introduction to the deathwatch RPG game. Here's some highlights:

Space Wolf shooting at two suiciders with his bolter; full 4 burst fire. First shot hits as normal, second shot righteous furies... 6 times. The third shot hit as normal and the last one also righteous furies... 5 times.

The space wolf did over 50 damage for the second and last shot; he was laughing as he kept rolling 10s.

Blood Angel with heavy bolter rolls a 12 on a point blank fully automatic shot, he has a degree of 9; all of his rounds hit. DM said to not bother rolling and just said this; that horde used to be magnitude 37; it is now magnitude 7.

Apothecary gets a degree 2 perception roll as he walks into PDF base, pinpoints the single infected officer who is right beside him; backhands and beheads the officer.

Dark Angel rigged the door with 6 krak grenades so that when they were breached they would blow outwards; with the door. He had to taunt the mob for about 2 turns, but they finally fell for it.

Also Space Wolf went into a basilisk and closed the doors; took off his helmet and grinned at the unarmed crew with bolt pistol and combat knife out. They broke without him even making the intimidation test. He ripped them apart and one came and and died of fright.

We're now off to find the Broodlord!

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Sounds good, I think the best highlight I've heard so far is the Space Wolf getting pounced in melee by a genestealer. With no time to draw his melee weapons the play has the Wolf make an unarmed melee attack.

Righteous fury out the wazoo.

Ended up describing it as the Space Wolf grabbing the genestealer mid pounce and snapping it's neck.

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>>backhands and beheads the officer


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Promethium. Duh.

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What Chapters are included in the game besides the big-name ones?

Do other chapters (Salamanders, [anything you make up]) get special rules or gifts?

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>He ripped them apart and one came and and died of fright.
>He ripped them apart and one came
>and one came

Aside from that, I enjoyed your post.

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Don't you love automatically confirming righteous fury?

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Probably meant "came out"

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Well, I played the Final Sanction adventure yesterday, and I must say, it rocked! I played the Apothecary, the rules are pretty much Dark Heresy, although the GM allowed us to have the Lightning Attack talent against the Hordes and Human Rebel Leagers and Generals.

That may have been too much, but damn if we didn't have many moments of awesome. I had one, while the poor Space Wolf got chewed up in the beginning, but he made up with breaking a random Genestealer before we had to leave. The Blood Angel Sepheran was death on legs to the Hordes, he had the most Righteous Furies. He was the first over the palisade in Chapter One and stood there, bullets splattering like raindrops as the poor peons explodes in showers of gore as each heavy bolter shell ripped the crowds apart.

Skold (I forgot his name, so I called him Brother Wolf which stuck. I got named Brother Apothecary) went over to face the 7 foot Rebel Leader, but that's when the Heavy Weapons Team decided to show their face, cutting the Space Wolf down, and putting him with a single Critical Wound disabling his gun arm. However, the Leader still needed to be taken down, and so I had my first moment of Awesome. Immediately after Elyas decided that HE was the well placed explosive, and rocket jumped into the building the Heavies were using, power fisted the main support pillar, rolled a critical success on a dodge to rocket jump out of the crumbling structure. We gave him that one. It was a wicked visual.

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As for me, the Rebel Leader was going to finish Brother Skold as the mighty marine struggled to get up. "Not on my watch," I leapt over the barricade, drawing my Chainsword and Combat Knife in each hand. Interposing myself between the huge goon and Skold, I slashed with the chain sword in my off hand, doing minimal damage to his chest. Flipping the knife in a reverse grip, I hit his head with a Righteous Fury, decapitating him. As for my third motion I threw the knife up, injected the Space Wolf, giving him back 2 wounds, then catch the blade and proceed to drag my Battle-Brother back to the makeshift base.

Meanwhile Sepheran was single handedly wiping out the rest of the Hordes. Each wicked burst was wiping out the entire Magnitude 40 group without even allowing them to get a chance to break. The player decided to walk forward as he did so, while the spent rounds continued to bounce off his power armour. Now, the GM decided that the Assault Marine was behind them so using his Power Fist and Bolt Pistol took out half of a mob, and they broke. The Bunker Busters show up, and go down to the Blood Angel's superior weapon, one action. And I think the GM made that group a Magnitude 50 group.

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That was the best part of it imo.

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As for the Breaking Point that was Skold's show. Standing with no more than 2 woulds (He forgot about his Fate Points) he HOWLS, practically drawing everyone's attention, and the remaining 2 Hordes open fire on him, and can't hit him, despite all the blood and armour bits shredded. Let's see if I remember what the player said... “I AM BROTHER SKOLD, AND YOU CANNOT KILL ME! YOU SEE EVERY SOLDIER HERE? THEY SURVIVED THE WORST YOU THREW AT THEM! AND NOW ARE UNDER OUR PROTECTION, AND BY THE EMPEROR'S GRACE WE WILL ALL END YOU! RUN TO YOUR FOUL MASTERS AND TELL THEM WE ARE COMING!”


And we proceed to mop up the encounter.

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Would anyone be willing to play am game?

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Is this out yet? What the fuck man. Checked online the other day, store says NOT OUT YET LULZ.

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"Deathwatch: Final Sanction" a sampler/demo of the game has been released, it contains cut-down rules, 6 pregens and a sample adventure. I've been wanting to run it for/with my group.

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Deathwatch = Exalted, Spess Mahreen edition.

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My face when I realized that when this comes out, my entire group will want to play Angry Marines.

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You still around?

If so, through what medium? I got dibs on the Apothecary.

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>"Not on my watch,"
i guess he was...out of time

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>I guess he was...

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Is that even possible? If so... holy shit.

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> Out of time.

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1) Are there Techmarines in DW?
2) Anyone have cropped picture of DoW 2 Apothecary?

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Classes in Death Watch

Tactical Marine
Devastator Marine
Assault Marine

No Techmarine or Librarian in Final Sanction though, I guess they're too complex for a quick demo game. The six pregens consist of:

3 Tactical Marines (Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Storm Wardens)
1 Assault Marine (Dark Angel)
1 Devastator (Blood Angel)
1 Apothecary (Ultramarine)

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The only chapter in the base book that hasn't had its own dex at one point or another is Storm Wardens, which are made up by fantasy flight. However, the wardens are made using prototype chapter creation rules, which will be in a later supplement. As for your other question, yeah, chapter is quite important. It determines special abilitys, psychic powers, unique talents, chapter relics...yadda yadda.

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>No ultramarine brother-captain leader
What the fuck Matt Ward

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Chapters in Deathwatch

Space Wolves
Dark Angels
Blood Angels
Black Templars
Storm Wardens (FFG Original Chapter)

Hopefully it won't be too hard to make up rules for other chapters. I've already got some ideas for Salamanders and Mentors.

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They do, however, have an ability called favored son, which makes space marines and other imperial armed forces love them, because everybody loves ultramarines.

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Brother Ketchupsword forgot his Psychic Hood again.

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Yup. Here is the Tac Ultra.

Yes the stats seem low. Don't worry, they're still fucking amazing badasses. And these are simplified cut down sheets/rules too.

>> No.10704616


Signs point to all Storm Wardens carrying swords instead of combat knives. The Tactical Warden pregen carries a "Sacris Claymore" instead of a Combat Knife.

"Secret past" Cliché aside, I'm loving these guys so far.

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Pic related. Imperial reaction to Ultramarines based on Favoured Son.

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I'm still here. Would anyone else like to GM, or would it be me?

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My god, those stories of this gave me such pleasure to read. And that's just a dumbed down/cut down version of it right? Looking so fucking forward to this.

>> No.10704672

I rarely get to be a PC. Would you mind?

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>one came

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The pregen gives you several opportunities to overawe people too. I pleased they managed to make it more than just combat.

LOTS OF COMBAT, yes, but there are still things to do other than shoot someone.

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I do like how it doesn't say they are the true expressions of the codex or favored or whatever, just that they THINK they are, which gives them obnoxious levels of confidence. It's a nice interpretation of wardian madness.

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I think they have some sort of organ implant that makes their sweat smell like daisies.

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Well, first we would need three more people. I Would like to be a PC.

>> No.10704740


Are you guys serious about this?

I might be interested.

>> No.10704741

Yeah, I'd like to know too. I've never done this before.

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Think of it as written from their perspective. The Chapter Demeanour is basically "This is the sort of general attitude you and your chapter have."

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That actually does fit with the fluff, it's not really Ultras are BEST kind of stuff.

They really were the most influential of the marines, after all.

>> No.10704805

By the way, my GM/pal threw together a version of Final Sanciton with the extra two FFG website pregens added (The Ultramarine and Storm Warden Tacticals)


>> No.10704810

Yeah, and it's good. I like them much more as confident and a little condescending rather than Just The Best And Everyone Wishes They Could Be Half As Good.

>> No.10704830

pdf? sounds good!

>> No.10704832

ALright, I would like to play, can I get a name from everyone else who would play or GM?

>> No.10704835

Me. Want to be PC.

>> No.10704848

Ok, how many of us are there in this thread who want to play, and already understand the DH/RT/DW general rules system?

>> No.10704855


TDC reporting. I've never GM'd so probably not a good idea for me to be one.

Shall we post contact information?

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whats the dark angels special rule? im actually interested in what they put down for him

>> No.10704863

I'll go by FF-Syk. It sounds stupid, but it's got a boring explanation and I'm not imaginative enough to come up with a better one. I'm the guy who called dibs on the Apothecary.

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id love to jump in but dam its late on my side

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I've read DH up and down but never got a chance to play it with a group. Never done Rogue Trader.

>> No.10704906

Everyone know the SupTG IRC?

>> No.10704919

I can find it.

>> No.10704942

holy shit, this is the complete opposite of a Dark Heresy story

>> No.10704944

I would love to play, but have never played RT or DH before.

>> No.10704954

Is there anyone who is willing to GM? Its not that different from DH, at all. Anything different is posted in the front pages of the pdf.

>> No.10704959

How many of you have read the actual adventure.

Cause fuck it, if you're willing to put up with me, one wiht minimal GMing experience, I'll give it a shot. Someone's gotta step forward, might as well be me.

>> No.10704971

You're the reason things get done on /tg/.

>> No.10704995

I haven't read anything about Deathwatch since that long-ago interview.
Just finding sup/tg/'s IRC now. If someone knows it, be kind and blurb it here and save me some time.

>> No.10705001

Interested parties, preferably people already familiar with the FFG 40k RPG system. Report to #Deathwatch on suptg IRC server.

>> No.10705053

Alright, lets do this of the java irc on suptg


>> No.10705082

Thank god

>> No.10705102

what's the chapter demeanor on the Dark Angels


>> No.10705134

Got 3 potential players and a lurker. Need at least one, preferably 2-3 more.



Although only the upper echelons of the Chapter are aware of the awful truth of the Dark Angels past, even those newly recruited are possessed of a secretive, even introverted nature. The idea that outsiders are not to be trusted is drilled into the recruits from an early stage, and they are tested continuously to ensure their compliance until it becomes second nature. After all, a brother who cannot be entirely trusted to keep the Chapters secrets is unlikely to advance through its ranks.

>> No.10705233

Got 6. I guess we're really gonna do this...

>> No.10705540

Has anyone actually gotten a female to play this?

The lact of female PCs in Deathwatch would make that.... unlikely (because most people would want to roleplay themselves with a tic when trying something new)

>> No.10705967

female, gamesworkshop, lol

>> No.10706129


hey, this is RPGs. where the ratio is 2 to 1 for mens to females or something.

..... except that whole team is MANLY MEN WHO FIGHT AND SHIT AND DON'T HAVE CHA.

>> No.10706272

Technically I guess you could make a sister of battle character with custom made stast and demeanor and shit but it would probably have to be weaker than the spess merhens and that would make the females angry.

>> No.10706720

Did someone say Angry Sisters of Battle?

>> No.10706777

Old spice
Hello Sororitas. Look at your man, now back to me, now back at your man, now back to me.

>> No.10706900

so no Grey Knight psyker on loan?

>> No.10706966

Pulling the same stuff as RT seems sound. A rank 5 Sister of Battle (Inquisitor's Handbook), given power armor, would be pretty badass. Not quite unnatural toughness badass, but still a serious force to be reckoned with.

Fluffwise it might be a little awkward, but, eh, Ordos Xenos and Ordos Hereticus could probably find a reason to get along.

>> No.10707103

Do not ask this question. There is a 20 page monster rage thread on the official forums about "No female character options? How dare you!" Opinions range from "female marines are totally doable" to "there are no female marines, period" and all in between. Both camps have mixed genders.

If I was to put non-marine character into Deathwatch I'd probably go with a career which isn't combat focused. A Stormtrooper will be constantly outshined. An Inquisitor or Interrogator could lead, direct and generally abuse their lore and social skills much more while also being able to fight. A stealth specialist might also work. If the player is flexible they might also be up for switching characters now and then. Different missions, different characters commanding/in need of protecting/etc.

>> No.10707725

Hey, our Apothecary just had to leave, anyone interested in taking over? We're still on the intro fight (sadly that might be all we do at this rate...).

>> No.10707892

Currently the Apothecary is DMPCing.

>> No.10707929


Not that different...?

So is it possible to incorporate rules from DH into DW and vice versa?

>> No.10707956


>> No.10708016

LOL! I totally saw the first pic like that.

>> No.10708033

Is it bad for me to want to see an angry marine fuck an angry sister of battle?

>> No.10708382

Nevermind. We're done for the night.

>> No.10708547


im tempted to buy a space marine command squad, and a deathwatch conversion kit, so my players can all build their characters and paint them. Would there be any point? could the game benefit from miniatures?

>> No.10708582

it cant hurt

>> No.10708601

Dunno, but that would be fucking awesome.

>> No.10708622

Minis and a mat help keep track of things like cover and what not.

>> No.10708625

Since it seems like combat is a big part of the game. Yeah, I think miniatures would be helpful if you use battlemaps etc.

>> No.10708657

my other comment
Well its not like im gonna play battletech on my craptons of battletech maps.

>> No.10708706

fuck the deathwatch artwork is several orders of magnitude better than standard 40k shit.

>> No.10708935

He's just a lexicanium ranked librarian. They don't have psychic hoods. At best, they have a few cables running from their armour to their heads.

>> No.10709378

Fantasy Flight Games are pretty good at commissioning awesome art. It's not always incredibly detailed like this is but it almost always looks cool.

>> No.10709450

>Storm Wardens
>secret past

Turns out the Storm Wardens are SECRETLY BLOOD RAVENS

>> No.10709485

So can I play a female space marine?

>> No.10709503

No. You can play a bolter bitch, though

>> No.10709526


Plus, IIRC a couple of their artists are secret /tg/ browsers.

Hence how LIVII and Taldeer get mentioned in one of the books, along with Acolyte Grendel.

>> No.10709532

Bolter Bitches don't become parts of deathwatch squads.

>> No.10709542

SoB? really?

>> No.10709550


Would there be any merit in a female Techpriest over a normal Techmarine? Either fluffwise or stat-wise?

>> No.10709567


To be at the level where you'd be co-interacting with Space Marines, you'd probably be at least Rank 5 I'd think though.

>> No.10709588

wait so Deathwatch is playable with Dark Heresy?

>> No.10709592

The problem is, due to the different character progression in 40k RPGs, they are more or less incompatible.

A level 5 character normally beats the shit out of a level 1 character, due to skills and talents advantage. Even SMs will have problems when confronted by characters with 2-3 attacks per round, step aside and all that shit.

>> No.10709594

>wait so Deathwatch is playable with Dark Heresy?

As RT is. Same core system just turned up a few notches.

>> No.10709597

Only characters in Deathwatch are Space Marines. They are all male. There's nothing to stop you from inserting a high-powered female character from elsewhere though. An Inquisitor often has reasons to accompany a Deathwatch Kill-Team or send someone in their place. I'm guessing an Ascension grade character wouldn't be out of place; they've have a much broader range of skills and more training than a starting Deathwatch marine. That'd be balanced by them probably be far more squishy.

>> No.10709604


Well, it uses the same ruleset so yeah. Space Marines all have monstrous stats and DeathWatch auto-critical against Aliens (which implies that the Grey Knights would auto-critical against Daemons) and they all come with Boltguns or worse as standard but yeah.

>> No.10709612

fluff is not a problem, just wondering about compatibility.

>> No.10709614

The worst thing about the incompatibility is, judging from the introductory kit, they'll crank this one up even more in DW, for no reason.

DH: ~200 XP per evening, skill costs 100.
RT: ~500 XP per evening, skill costs 200.
DW: ~1000XP per evening, skill costs 500?


>> No.10709627

it's very easy to to use one in the other. as long as you dont care about character balance (should never be an issue outside of D&D) or you put some work in and exp the others up to a some what equal standing.

>> No.10709633

To keep them balanced at their core but not slow the progress of one games characters down.

>> No.10709637

I expect them to stick with 500xp per session with advances costing between 100 and 500xp, usually around 2 or 3 hundred. That's the route Ascension took and I'm wagering that starting Deathwatch characters will "count as" rank 8 DH/first rank Ascension ones in terms of XP.

>> No.10709643

relativity, what else?

>> No.10709646

>shouldn't be an issue outside of D&D

Every game puts at least some semblance of an attempt towards balance to ensure that players don't outshine one another too heavily. You sound like a faggot.

>> No.10709653

But the point is, they are not balanced. DH characters at 14k XP are vastly superior to RT characters at 14k XP. They will have double the skills and talents.

>> No.10709661

What do blood angles get?

>> No.10709664

what demeanour would bluhd rahvens have?

>> No.10709666

Ideally you should design the non-marine to cover non-marine tasks. A sage can handle all the lore stuff, a Magos handles tech tasks and so on. What a non-marine tasks is depends on what everyone else is playing but the Ascension character should take on the role of a highly specialised expert.

>> No.10709680

Did the truth hurt you that much. Need some thing for that bleeding arse of yours?

>> No.10709699

And they will have played 2-3 times as much. Which aint exactly fair.

>> No.10709700

They're also have a weaker stat line though, lack special abilities and so on. It's not perfect but there shouldn't be too many issues unless you've got conflicting roles or inter-party strife breaks out.

>> No.10709710

>What do blood angles get?

Acute 90 degree right angles.

>> No.10709720


>> No.10709731

>blood angles

Mocking typos is a traditional game.

>> No.10709749


As are highly obscure Lovecraftian references.

>> No.10709765

You must have at least one NPC named T. "Kelly" Lee in your next campaign.

>> No.10709786


It'd probably make a better name for any new players I need for my Blood Bowl team, the Innsmouth Shadows.

>> No.10711434

>> No.10712905


a w e s o m e

>> No.10712947

Ultramarine not leader
Blood Angel not melee psycho
Dark Angel not sitting back with a plasma gun
Space Wolf not stealin the limelight

You fink GW is tryin to tell us sumfin?

>> No.10712968

There was a game going last night on irc. I had to go to bed though, how did it go?

>> No.10713018

If you mean the game that >>10708382 ran then they got a few rounds into the first combat then everyone fell asleep. It was going well, just started too late. I think he's going to run it again some time.

>> No.10713279

>> LIVII and Taldeer get mentioned in one of the books, along with Acolyte Grendel.

Which ones?
Because I don't recall anything like this.

>> No.10713334

Taldeer is never mentioned. LIVII gets namedropped once or twice in Ascension (as in "a quote is attributed to an assassin with deisgnate LIVII").

Grendel got a full page of fluff as a report written by one of the Tyrantine Cabal. Radical's Handbook, near the back.

>> No.10713355

Grendel deserved it.

A fucking scribe that rips-and-tears goddamn demons, armed with nothing but his faith and supernatural luck.

>> No.10713364

Time to dig them out of the storage box.

>> No.10713380

Some fluff pieces in the form of transmissions are prefaced "code 5up/tg/green".

>> No.10713416

Preview for Tattered Fates, I think.

>> No.10714337

But it's LIIVI.

>> No.10714422

Hey, do you guy think we'll be able to play different models of PA in future editions?

>> No.10714502

I misspelled it, but it's in there.

I've got a feeling that there's more than one type of power armour in Deathwatch. Older models, artificer armour, etc.

>> No.10714523

I hope so, looks like, 8, or 9, is it? IDK anyway, is in. Since some of the models have neck guards.

Hope some of the older versions get put in, IDK why, but I like the more square look.

>> No.10714573


Different models?

You start out with bog standards Mk VII Aquila armor. I know Artificer armor exists. I'm sure armor upgrades will feature.

Wargear is a core component of the Space Marine experience, I'm sure there will be plenty of wargear. Which reminds me, I made this up:


Chapter Demeanour: Defenders of the Weak

Chapter Ability: May reroll Tech-Use when dealing with items of Wargear. Weapons wielded by a Battle-Brother of the Salamanders never jam (but can overheat).

Too powerful? Also, shit, I'm surprised this thread is still around.

>> No.10714600

Death Watch is gonna be awesome, what can you say?

IDK, I'm just liking it cos I love SM's style, and I hear they're trying to put a bit of character back into SM's. Which I love. I think that is why I prefer HH fluff sometimes.

>> No.10714709

Loose the "never jams" bit I say. It'll probably overlap too much with the Techmarine's abilities.

>> No.10714794


Hmm, yeah I figured that might've been too much. There was also this:


Chapter Demeanour: Study the World, Teach the Word (someone else came up with that)

Chapter Ability: To a Battle-Brother of the Mentors, ALL Common Lore and Scholastic Lore skills are basic skills.

>> No.10716049

That doesn't align with their secretiviness.

>> No.10716113


Is the ability fine though? Demeanour is easy enough to change, given its just fluff text.

>> No.10716195

Why does the ammo feed into the very front of the gun?

It's a waste to have all that behind it if there isn't barrel back there.

>> No.10716204


>> No.10716305

The page after the LIVII quote was a vindicare on a ledge above an eldar.

>> No.10716429


>> No.10716612

OP Here, good to see that you guys are making this an awesome DW thread. I remembered to mention that we've found a Mk. 1 Land Raider; next week we'll be finishing the campaign and I'll post if anything suitably amazing happens.

>> No.10716628

1) It's a man.
2) The quote barely mentions the actual quote

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