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can babies be heretics

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Yes. Where do you think they get Cherubs?

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baby cultist of slaanesh, how does it work

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they are born into a world with sin in it, they must be purged

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And how are the babies fighting you, sir?

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Dude, totally. It's not like you start being a psyker at a certain age...

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I can't purge that...

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The emperor was a baby once you know.

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what if it was a mutant?

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The golden throne was originally a Daiper CHanging Station

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they are even in this house __̴ı̴̴̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡ ̡͌l̡*̡̡ ̴̡ı̴̴̡ ̡̡͡|̲̲̲͡͡͡ ̲▫̲͡ ̲̲̲͡͡π̲̲͡͡ ̲̲͡▫̲̲͡͡ ̲|̡̡̡ ̡ ̴̡ı̴̡̡ ̡͌l̡̡̡̡.__

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It's awwwwrrriiigghhhttt?

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rolled 28 = 28

So was Hitler

>Oh yes he did.
>What a prick.

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This being the emperor he probably built it himself, occasionally bawling when he poops his diapers.

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Wouldn't you want to nurse baby emprah with your nipples

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I bet the Emperor was tempted by chaos when he was a baby.

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Calm yourself, Avitus.

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Sergeant Tarkus is right. Your anger will give away our position.

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You will do no such thing, little man.

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We have no need for stealth, Cyrus. A jump, some grenades and we're in.

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Oh boy, I lost. lol'd heartily.

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This thread is babies.

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Would you four just shut hell up? Seriously. I'm sick and tired of listening to you prattle on about this, that, or some other trivial thing every fucking time we have something important to do.

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Bro-fist for doing what i was thinking.

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yo vanilla, hows it kicking?

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Gabriel...is that you?

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Do not turn your Squads against you, commander. Such way heresy lies...

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Damnit Thule, do NOT let the secret babies of Kronus pass your lips!

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Do not speak of the secrets of Kronus my friend...

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What in the Emperor's name...?

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Heresy babies?

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Remind me why I hang out with you guys again?

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They are all nothing compared to my power, and neither are you.

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Cause we still need to kill these fuckers...Commander.

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Ok, I was not expecting that.

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somethign along the lines of them being your space marine squad under your command or somesuch

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>This thread

Fucking babies!

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Commander, I suggest we Exterminate these Heresy babies.

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Dammit, he's doing it again sir!

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Nice tie.

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That's illegal. Don't do it.

And yes, nice tie.

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You think you have it bad? Sergeant Thaddeus is attacking that building with his chainsword....

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Thanks. Got it from dad.

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Thaddeus here! We're getting slaughtered!!

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Silly mon-keigh. While you were dying of old age I was still playing with my exquisitely crafted wraithbone rattle!

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she is pure evil.....EVIL!

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In before age regression and/or diaper fetish.

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how do you know the ultramarines aren't all wearing diapers

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I am glad you are interacting better with your father.......You probably hate the tie, don't you.

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Glasses, tie, cleavage, wild hair, pointy ears, horns...
Covering a lot of fetishes there, aren't you?

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I've always wondered how they pee... or poop.

It brings up questions of whether that pelvic plate is detachable.

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I do, actually. Don't tell him.
How're you handling the whole 'no minions'-thing?

Ehhh. O-kaaaay.

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So do space marines fart or what

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Ah how quickly a thread degrades into troll-playing

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Lack of minions, forbidden to meddle in real-space. I am the universe's most dangerous goldfish right now....Don't tap on the glass.

I have gotten back to my rose garden, I used to be very proud of it...I will have to show it to you some time.

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Sorry. We'll try to be quicker next time.


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I dunno, I think I'm the world's most incapable ball of sentient Playdoh as we speak.

And my fingers may be green from time to time, but chances are I'd just ruin everything.

I concur. The OP was a linguistical masterpiece in comparison.

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Yea we all got messed over bad. Slaanesh says she will turn us all back if Doom makes good. So we have that.

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You have a better plan? At least you can date other people now.

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Eh, take your time, see how things are. Look into teaching miniature painting again.

Have a chocolate-dipped strawberry or two.

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I don't even know if what happened last time works out...

Daemon was just banished.
Somehow returns the next session to kill me, on a ship I wasn't even on.


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Oh I that was the Schrodinger's cat picture.

This Is the one I meant.

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>To the fourthwall.

Well from what I have been told, the daemon was not banished , but retreated into the warp on it's own volition, as for the ship? I have no idea.

Oh and to Zeeny's player, I did not RP the chaos gods, we all got screwed on that one.

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What's going on in here?

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>Sorry I can't talk to Rodney

>> No.10691850

>Sad face
>It's okay...

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It might work, now that my voice doesn't make people shriek and bleed out.

Which is still creeping me out. How do you guys bear sounding like this?

(Whatev, chief. It's all in good fun.)

Heresy, I guess.

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I should hope not!

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It's all heresy, these days. Almost like it's going out of fashion.

Take Dante, one of the oldest living space marines excluding the dreadnaughts. Was all the stuff he did back then considered heresy now? Was what he does now considered to be heresy then?

With such a time-corroded definition of the word, I am baffled at how the Imperial superiors with their augments and bionics and psykery can even call their subjects 'heretics' with a straight face.

And I have a good source saying that more than one High Lord of Terra was 'fond' of the Emperor's Choir boys.

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There was a time when there was no heresy, because there was no Ecclesiarchy, no Church of the Immortal God-Emperor. I wonder what he'd say now?

>> No.10692117

Eh, It is not so bad, you can work on your singing voice now.

(Good to know, I did not want you to feel like playing your character was a chore now.)

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Heresy is the new Black.

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Well, it's usually pretty easy to tell what is and is not considered heresy.

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Wonder if I can find me a spare copy of hunter so I can have a body again...

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... What?

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Heresy is a rather malleable term.

>> No.10692321

There are plenty of Alex clones, just take one of those.

>> No.10692348

There's no such thing as innocence, only degrees of guilt.

So yes.

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/tg/ has already recently established that being 12 is heresy (don't ask me when exactly, I can't find the screencap).

Perhaps other ages are heretical too... perhaps 1?

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The heresy is purged from them when they make Cherubs. 40k supports a womans right to kill her unborn baby because they make good cannon fodder. Today's woman just turns her baby into fertilizer. The Imperium is more enlightened than todays culture.

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Hey, Cletu-- Cleteus. How's the adrogeny treating you?

>> No.10692414


At least the Imperium makes something useful out of them.

>> No.10692418

... Who are you, again?

>> No.10692435


Who do you think?

I -was- a cocaine-addicted Daemon Prince who rode a bike and two trains.

Take a wild guess.



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>At least the Imperium makes something useful out of them.

Ye..e..ss that's what I said. The Imperium is better.

>> No.10692474

Aw, don't be like that.

>> No.10692506


I know, I was agreeing with you.


Don't even speak to me.

>> No.10692512


Latex fetish is superior.


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>> No.10692572

Someone who I shouldn't be talking to...

>> No.10692584

He won't like it but I guess that works.
Lighten up.

Nobody expected them to react THAT badly.

I mean we all knew it would suck but not quite this bad.

>> No.10692597

So... what exactly is going on? Did I miss a scene?

>> No.10692616

You're a ghost. Why are you a ghost?

>> No.10692620

>Yea we all got messed over bad.

Speak for yourselves. I got off scot-free.

>> No.10692630


Nothing happened to you, you've no right to tell anyone to lighten up.

Either way, I earned my daemonhood once, I shall do so again.

>> No.10692646

And to think that when they showed up he was so happy he wanted to kiss me...Chaos gods, what can you do?

>> No.10692677


Cowboy... oh shit you're dead!
Guess when I saying "don't get yourselves killed" probably didn't help.

>> No.10692682


You can earn your own pissing privileges back, I'm doing this for me. The rest of you can rot, for all I care.

>> No.10692683

... You deserved that one.

D-- Cleteus, I'm, ugh... sorry.

That sounds so hollow. I'm not sorry at all.

>> No.10692733


Spare me your pitious insincerities.

>> No.10692735

Yeah I was driven insane and Tarvus ripped my face off.

Then that blue daemon who possessed Karbon's old body finished me.
I am dead.

>> No.10692775

So is that why you haven't moved on to face the Emperor's Judgment?

>> No.10692792


Good. My only regret is that it wasn't me who ended you.

>> No.10692822


Wait is that deamon still running rampant?...

Sorry to hear that shit went down like that. Probably shouldn't try to fight club a deamon.

On the upside if you can get a hold of Necron Lackey I'm sure he can hook you up with a much harder to kill body. If you can put up with no longer having a penis that is.

>> No.10692823

Whatever, hun. I'll be over here, enjoying my immortality. Let me know when you get shot in the face -- oh, wait.

>> No.10692827

Yea, sorry. I'm just riding high on a wave of "not being victimised for once". No doubt I'm going to get beaten down sometime in the future so I'm making the most of it while it lasts.

By the way, Doom - uh - Cleteus, are you actually male or female now? Or neither? It's kinda hard to tell...

>> No.10692857

"My only regret is that it wasn't me who ended you."
And the fact that he is a human, and has no dick, and no coke.......ect.

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I don't intend to die on this task, why, I'm already gathering a warband to bring down a Craftworld.

This will be like the Heresy.

It suits me better than being of the opposite gender.

>> No.10692919

I'll get ready to dance on your grave when you're brought down by shuriken fire.

Say, I'm sort'a free... Wanna play some wargames later on?

You can use my new Shadowsword! I even painted it and the rest of the army as a Khornate warband.

>> No.10692946


Are you allowed help on this? I mean, as much as I'm loving the feeling of actually being more powerful than you, it ain't the same. I might be able to kick a cohort of Daemons together and send them your way. Eldar are too weedy and break too easily to be much fun, but family's family, right?

Cool, sounds like a plan. I need to get back to painting Orks some time...so much fucking Green everywhere.

>> No.10692955


Better that than being a sad excuse for a greater daemon, with no ability to command and no ability to enter the Materium.

Enjoy that sentiment.

>> No.10692961


Craftworld eh? Need a sniper. I always like to play chicken with those eldar snipers. They're so damn flashy, honestly when are they gonna learn to stop using sparkles on their uniforms....

>> No.10692982


Beat's me kid.

Can I spectate?

Or should I say...



>> No.10692984


I don't require your aid.


Or yours.

I told Slaanesh I would do this myself, and so I shall.

>> No.10692988

You are all god damn dicks.

>> No.10693001

(Odd. that style looks like torture device but the sig is weird.)

>> No.10693016


Better hope neither of them get hungry and decide to use your immortal soul as a lunch-time snack.

>> No.10693036

I can feel the jig taking me already!

This one just suits the occasion perfectly: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8e5Gcj9UdPM

Heh. Funny guy. Well, sure. It's just that, uh, I have no idea how to *get* home without help. The whole 'portals everywhere!'-schtic is absent.

>> No.10693045

Ah you are talking to Doom, I can't see or hear him. Anywho, I think Slaanesh forbade him from doing anything not on his own, so you can't help.

>> No.10693079


Laugh all you want, dog, but I asked the Gods to leave you out of our offer so you could care for the child.

>> No.10693088

Seems like a cause for concern.

>> No.10693124

That's what you get for fucking unconscious girls, but I still think you need a good neutering anyway.

I mean, if you're ever given your 'busy stuff' back.

>> No.10693131


In your position, I would be concerned for the Eldar too.

>> No.10693144

remOEV_yuOr IllgEAl cLoEN_Fo Http://WwW.aNtonYTAlk.sE/_(anTONy = Anon)_imMeidAtELY. kx yqeqrv gcvhup uuzuxm jnx r hnkp jdssduqfkk

>> No.10693166


Rest assured, given the chance I would have simply drove over you on my bike instead of touching you.

>> No.10693178

...you know, I never thought the words would pass my fangs, but I think I prefered Doomrider the way he was before. Cleteus is bitter and miserable AND a dick.

Oh, yea, of course. I mean even without your minions you could pop me like a grape, so I ain't gloating too hard.

>> No.10693189

>> No.10693225

... What?
I was talking his inability to pass into the Emperor's Judgment.

>> No.10693244

am I the only who found dawn of war 2 much more enjoyable then chaos rising?

>> No.10693249


I miss Cowboy already. Now I'm just a mortal at a deamon convention.

>> No.10693255


Show a little compassion and you have your daemonhood ripped away.

I begin to see why Horus was able to strike down the Emperor.

>> No.10693314

Sure you would. It's just that you have a weak spot for the unconscious ones, hm?

>> No.10693318

Don't worry to much about me, Slaanesh is fickle, and will forget I am in trouble, then I can vent some of my anger on reality.

>> No.10693353


What can I say.

I am a scoundrel.

>> No.10693379

Cleteus and Zeeny are mortal as well, now. I think Ali and myself are the only Daemons around, other than Fucking Daemon.

Are you banned from taking part in the Great Game? You could go smash up some of Tzeentch's libraries or something, work off the frustrations that way.

>> No.10693397


Soooo... *cough*
Rodney what's up? Been ste- er repossessing other people's cars recently how's that working out for you?

>> No.10693456

I am fine in the great game, but I won't bust up Tzeentch's stuff. I am owed some favors that I want to cash in soon. Tell me what do you think of Valkia?

>> No.10693489

Some of that, there are some real deadbeats, filthy stinking rich, and they just don't pay their bills. Also some marriage counseling, couldn't make any sales at the clothing store, and I'm going to be a career counselor pretty soon.

>> No.10693503

Valkia? I don't know. I guess the more time Khorne's spending with her rather than letting Slaanesh mess him around, the better. Never talked much to her, I get the feeling she doesn't think much of me, and she's never really made the effort to speak to me beyond being polite.

>> No.10693506


Space marines are technically immortal.

>> No.10693533

Stop nitpicking. You're not a Daemon any more, that's what matters.

>> No.10693589


A temporary situation.

>> No.10693597

Well she has something I want, do you think you could get it for me?

>> No.10693599

I retained my daemonhood and passive morphing. I think I would become suicidal if they took away either.

I can't incinerate a hive at will anymore, though.

But I get by.

Cletus on the other hand...

>> No.10693607

>> No.10693621


Yeah... You really seem to get around. So I heard roughly what happened to everyone with regards to DOOMRIDER and Tzeentchnette's "divorce" or um lack thereof? As Keeper isn't around I assume she's still banished? Sucks...

You know she seems to go through hell and back for you guys. No pun intended...

>> No.10693634

how is heresy formed?

>> No.10693651

Depends what it is. I mean, I'll try, but I'm not promising anything.

Oh, uh, my mistake. Still, that's not quite so bad.

>> No.10693661

Um, what? You mean those guys, over there, the big one and the blue one, right?

I don't know what's going on, I missed an episode it seems.

>> No.10693672

Nothing big, just a hand mirror.....it should be in the chest at the foot of the bed, wrapped in red cloth.

>> No.10693688




I get by perfectly, thank you. I have my combat stims, my weaponry and my battle barge.

With someone holding onto my bike, all the rest of the pieces simply have to fall into place.

>> No.10693690


>> No.10693692

Still wondering what I should do as a ghost...

>> No.10693724


Oh hey Cowboy! Yeah if you're still a soul which you seem to be, pretty cohesive I might add. Then it's not impossible for Necron Lackey to make you a sexy new robot body. But as mentioned before you will be lacking a penis.... Unless? Penis gauss weapon perhaps?

>> No.10693725

Hrm. Alright, sure. But if anyone asks, you didn't get it from me, right?

Give me a moment.


>> No.10693741

Cheer up, big guy. It's not like you're bound by physical law--

Oh, wait.

>> No.10693743

You *can't* actually do anything, being a ghost. That's part of, you know, being a ghost.

>> No.10693758

Hello, ma'am. What brings you by?

>> No.10693771


>BLAME reference? If not then BioMega...

>> No.10693778

Hm... just coming by, looking. I believe I found something I was looking for, last night.

>> No.10693781


Get eaten by a Daemon.

>> No.10693793


So the time to complete a task will take a little longer, it matters not.

Enjoy getting home, if Tzeentch, Fateweaver or Tarvus don't show up, though.

>> No.10693807

It's BLAME!, I did some work th-BWOASHIT

>> No.10693830

Anything you could tell a citizen about?

>> No.10693833

If she wants to get home, I can just try axing my way through reality again.

Though I don't think there's anyone here who could actually close the resulting rift.

>> No.10693853

Also, Alis, I've got the mirror. Had to kick one of the Bloodletters at her Flesh Hounds to keep the damn dogs busy, but I've got it.

What did you want it for, anyway?

>> No.10693858

... Did the hair gel already dry this morning?

>> No.10693866

I can be a crafty bitch when I have to.

Also, u mad?

>> No.10693868

Whoa... Ok that's definitely odd. Exploding uniforms and all.

>BLAME! was a great series. Not a lot of dialogue though lol. (50 scenes of walking later...)

>> No.10693872

Not exactly... but I suppose we'll all find out soon enough if I was right. After last night, I only wish I was sooner.

>> No.10693897


Not particularly?

u overweight?

I think so.

On that note, my battle barge has loaded its macrocannons and dreadclaws.

Time to take a craftworld.

>> No.10693901

Well, alright... best of luck in whatever your endeavor might be.

>> No.10693912


That's ominous... Then again there's a lot of that going around.

>> No.10693928


I take it this thread has been successfully HIjacked?

>> No.10693964

Not sure what smoking does to a dis-empowered daemon...

>> No.10693965

Good luck!

Remember, space marine armour is indestructible!
Those eldar Brightlances can't harm you!

>> No.10693973

I shouldn't need luck.
I suppose it is. We'll see, though.
So it seems.

>> No.10693994

You there!
I need you to make a spare body.

>> No.10694003


Good to meet everyone again....
>looks around
Yep I have successfully lost that daemonette that kept eating me....for now

so what is everybody talking about?

>> No.10694006

... What about the baby...?

Ah, I need to head out!

See ya, folks!

>> No.10694014

>Grabs mirrior.

Here put this coin near where you got the mirror.

>Alis hands Khornette a small coin with a tzeentchian symbol on it.

>> No.10694020


what? Why?
You need one?

>> No.10694052

Sup everybody.

>> No.10694056

What about it?

>> No.10694062

So I can take this last word off my name.

>> No.10694075

Oh, good, you're not dead.

>> No.10694086

What does smoking whilst de-powered work with the baby?

>> No.10694094

You are aware Hunter is a Slaaneshi and mutated horribly? Taking his body is a one way ticket to being shot on sight, not to mention your soul is forfeit to Slaanesh.

>> No.10694102

Yeah, just needed to get my wounds healed and some new termi armor. The armor isn't ready yet, but I'll have it when I see that Fucking Daemon.

>> No.10694118

There may be no need, that is what I've been looking for the past few days. And I know it, now.

>> No.10694125

Alright. Be right back.

This better not come back to bite me in the ass, though.

>> No.10694136


you need to posses the current body that I am in...it's the only way I think....usually there's a battle in the center of the mind for who dominates the body....

It happened to me three times before...I lost two of them....before I shot the thing in the face

>to Varity...Keeper said to contact you about her msnm or something like that

>> No.10694158


I am not Slaaneshi...I was constantly being eaten by a Slaaneshi daemonette though...

>> No.10694160

Oh yeah that.

>> No.10694181

Well, that was a quicker conquest than expected.

Craftworld Boogaloo is now mine.

Don't mind me, just passing through in my new craftworld.

>> No.10694184

Oh, he was sure as warp here last night. Frakker gave me the burns to prove it.

>> No.10694189


Do they have any good vodka there?!?

>> No.10694204

Which is why I wish I had found what I was looking for, sooner. At least I can prevent it from further destruction.

>> No.10694239


Oh hey brother.
Well I've gotta run so I'll talk to you all later.

Oh before I forget brother... Its dangerous to go alone against a deamon, take this relic I found during my travels.

>hands him grenade.

I think you'll figure out what it does. If not then read this manual.

>hands holy script


>> No.10694240

It's a daemon. What do you *think* is going to happen to it?

That's cheating.

>> No.10694245

>I'm not in the habit of giving out my MSN liberally, and certainly not on 4chan, of all places. Wait until the thread has autosaged, if it does.

>> No.10694251


I'm sure there's something for everybody. Provided you can get onboard, try to avoid my captives, they're really rather antsy despite my promises of a better future.

>> No.10694265

What did he do? I cant see....

>> No.10694271


Not Slaaneshi...I'm a mercenary....who respawns in his original body everytime he dies....despite whatever mutations are done before I die

Just because I am currently working for her doesn't mean I am a devoted follower...

>> No.10694277

He says he conquered a Craftworld. You, being Slaaneshi, wouldn't you be aware of the sudden influx of Eldar souls?

>> No.10694298


>> No.10694312

Is this what I think it is? If so, then this will do wonderfully.

>> No.10694316


He over-run some bumfuck tiny Craftworld. That said, for one Chaos Marine and his scraped together lackies, that is pretty impressive.

Also, I've put that coin where you told me to. Will you tell me why, now?

>> No.10694337


not your msnm but Keepers (wouldn't mind having yours as well).....either way it's pretty smart not to hand it out on 4chan


Took over Craftworld Bugaloo

>> No.10694354

She wouldn't, if they had their soulstones worked.

>> No.10694363

Idunno, maybe it means it will grow up to be a smoke daemon?

>> No.10694381

Yeah but bugaloo was already almost slaaneshi....

>> No.10694385

A Craftworld?, Full of Farseers, Exarchs and an Avatar? Hahaha. I should have said I conquered Craftworld Croissant, this morning.

>> No.10694394


I wonder....could I possibly overload a soulstone since I can't die?

>> No.10694397

Wait... What sort of coin, and where did you put it..?

>> No.10694424

Some little coin with Tzeentch's symbol in it. Ali got me to steal Valkia's hand-mirror and put that where it was, for some reason.

>> No.10694432


So I was simply bringing them into the fold.

Almost does not mean entirely. When you can conquer an entire craftworld with a few squads of Chaos Marines, then you will have the right to criticize me.

Isn't that right, Farseer?

Yes it is, yes it is! There's a good Farseer.

>> No.10694441

>ohey guys. be on later, also will try and draw something if I can

>> No.10694443


> Yeah but bugaloo was already almost slaaneshi....

You know nothing about the Eldar and their relationship with Slaanesh.

>> No.10694448

Sup guys.

>> No.10694457

... Absolutely nothing.

It's Chaos, remember? 'Aint gotta explain shit.

Oh, Ali, how I wish I could hug you right now.

>Braces for awesome.

>> No.10694482

And I banished a daemon that overpowered a Grey Knight. Does that allow me to criticize you? That, of course, is rhetorical. I intend to criticize you regardless.

>> No.10694504


I'm not gonna be suddenly possesed by this and locked into a corner of my mind, right?


Are you going to take this body or what? I'm waiting!

>> No.10694506

Oh Warp, what have I done now?

>> No.10694512


Oh, it's fine if you do. At least you've earned the right to an opinion.

>> No.10694563

>Alistasia grins the most horrifying smile you have ever seen.

Oh, certainly, you my pet have just started a War.

>Alis slowly unwraps the mirror, it is exquisitely crafted from obsidian, brass inlays cover it's surface and red runes throb like the beating of a heart.

What you have done Is given me the "gift" you father gave to Valkia on the night he first bedded her. He crafted it himself, you know this was the only time in all of history Khorne's lust eclipsed his wrath..........Thank you Khornette, your mother will be pleased.

As for the coin, I grabbed it from Changelings robe, when she whispered a secret in my ear.

>> No.10694598

They are high risk.

THe don't WANT slaanesh to eat their souls but Bugaloo was on the path to ruin as it was.

>> No.10694620

...am I going to get the blame for this?

I mean, if it kicks off a war, and gives Dad and I an excuse to go stomp all over Tzeentch's realm for a while, I'm totally cool with that. But I don't want to get the same treatment Zeeny got.

>> No.10694631


does that mean I get to kill people and watch my vodka stash get bigger?

>> No.10694633

>started a war
Wasn't there a war on anyway or something?

>> No.10694644

You'll probably just get told to stop Changeling up.

>> No.10694659

Aww I was hoping it would manifset as pic related.

>> No.10694684

As the war progresses go on a m"Mission" to "Retrieve" it.

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