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Well, SoS is back, time for me to hide under the bed, put my fingers in my ears and scream "LALALALALALALALALALA" really loud for the next 6 months and hope its gone when I get back.

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He is funny if you aren't the one getting trolled.

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He's getting better at not shitposting, too.

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SOS Brigade?

>> No.10686062

He's not as bad as Lace. Although they're practically a single entity.

>> No.10686071

it, FTFY

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>someone I don't like is posting on /tg/! I'm too cool to post here now.

Seriously, get trip filter, problem solved. But given you're making a shit thread about some mean ole tripfag that hurts you by existing, you ain't too bright, is ya?

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>awesome thread about...skub i guess
>SoS comes in and makes some comment about skub
>thread goes to shit
this is why i hate it.

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>only have $5, db

>would watch you eat rather than spend on myself
I have no Idea on the context but how can you not laugh when you scroll down the front page and see something like that.

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just tell me to bug out of the thread, I'll listen

sorry for being a disappointment

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I have no idea who lace is but I am all to familiar with those who complain about him. What does he do? He doesn't seem like he does stuff like zaakhuvan, I'd notice that.

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You know damn well you will cause trouble, why can't you post without your name in threads that haven't gone to shit yet?

>> No.10686191

God damnit, son. It's amusing when threads he post in goes to hell just because people don't like him.

>> No.10686196

Naw don't worry, haters gonna hate.

>> No.10686231

We have. You don't.
Lace creates characters with a metric ton of sexual obsessions and complexes (including several rapists at least one pedophile, and countless crossdressers), giving them very little development outside of that, cybers during campaigns, then posts about it on /tg/ and expects everyone to be impressed with his creativity. He once said that he makes characters the way he does because characters that aren't entirely sexually focused are boring.

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I honestly hate the anons who can't leave these people alone, more. Zhaku behaving? Better fight with him, flee posting? I have to scream he has been banned, despite his admittance and every ones knowledge. YOU FUCKERS FEED THEM. IF YOU DON'T THEY END UP ON TOPIC OUT OF A NEED FOR ATTENTION OR LEAVE!

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Except SOS and Lace don't behave. SOS brings his werewolf persecution complex roleplay into every thread and Lace thinks that we all want to hear about his new pedophile nymphomaniac shit fetishist vampire in unrelated threads.

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Oh wait. I missed your point completely. I should go to bed.

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>Lace creates characters with a metric ton of sexual obsessions and complexes (including several rapists at least one pedophile, and countless crossdressers), giving them very little development outside of that, cybers during campaigns, then posts about it on /tg/ and expects everyone to be impressed with his creativity. He once said that he makes characters the way he does because characters that aren't entirely sexually focused are boring.

Sounds like most of anon honestly. Now I can only assume the people who care are huge faggots too, meaning people who game with him. I don't game with him. not my problem. I don't want to hear about it.

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This thread is about maladjusted manchildren and how much they love to hate on people they think are even more socially isolated than themselves.

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He's a nice guy.

>> No.10686333

I don't care about his fetishes, I just wish he would shut up about them, and stop acting like he's superior because he has them.

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Motherfucker, how many of your tripfag trolling accounts have been successful now?

>> No.10686342

One permabanned shitposting troll fellating the other? More likely than you'd have thunk!

>> No.10686345

My personal theory is it's just one troll who really enjoys /tg/s reactions.

>> No.10686351


More than you think.

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Where/how do I get the 4chan toolbar?

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This is what I meant, if you stopped rewarding flee with any response negative or positive he would contribute or leave. You do realize you are as large or larger troll than he is any time you type a response to him?

>> No.10686374

I dunno, I've got you pegged for about six successful long-term ones so far. But I haven't been on /tg/ as much in the past few months. How far off is my estimate?

>> No.10686380


Six? I haven't got THAT much free time.

A little lower.

>> No.10686411

"werewolf persecution complex roleplay"?

you wake up and decide to 'roleplay' yourself today, anon?

I've been straight with you, not roleplaying

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Troll thread? I must ask a question, are the old guard trolls egging on the Jessica Elwood drama? Some of the bullshit seems like the standard drama or stuff brought with her, but about a third of it seems familiar to /tg/ like the no OC and similar drama..

>> No.10686415

We're talking long-term successful trolling accounts. You were a reincarnation of what's-his-face, that stupid tosser from years back, you're scaredofshadows, and in the interim you've been at least two-three others. What was that tripfag name you had that constantly posted threads with the picture "This is the best thread on 4chan" or some bullshit? That was a good one, it got me fairly effectively.

Saging to prevent bump of shitthread

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I swear SoS you made this thread just to tickle your masochism.

>> No.10686432


I'm not scared of shadows.

>> No.10686452

then tell me how you'd chain me from neck and put me down high-powered silver rifle rounds, sparkleheart

deserve that for being subhuman trash

>> No.10686458

That's what I'm talking about...

Go take some pills and go to bed and sleep out your emo SoS

>> No.10686465

I'm surprised and find it difficult to believe. It has all your hallmarks.
* Constant images used to make the post stand out and be sure to attract attention
* Complete inability to leave threads despite being told to fuck off
* Total resistance to the idea of conforming to the expectations of the board
* Extremely pretentious projected personality with no redeeming features and an obsession with relating the thread topic back to the adopted persona.

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Of course you are. Everyone that a single person hates are all the same person, always. Didn't you get the memo?

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Flee is probably blackheart.

>> No.10686496


Some people are just similar.


No I got nothin'.

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you sure sleep will drain the rage?

>> No.10686523

So flee what is the psychiatric diagnosis? Anxiety and some non standard psychosis that puzzles your doctor?

>> No.10686524

Eat something good for you and take a nap, that's not healthy. The best part about being awake is the ability to go back to sleep and try the whole being aware thing all over again with a better mindset.

>> No.10686530

In six months when you tire of this persona you're gonna show up in a thread and go "LOL I WAS SOS. Oh btw im totally not the new trolling tripfag 'RPinfursuit"

>> No.10686535

I'll ask again: where do I get the 4chan toolbar?

>> No.10686542


Physically and mentally healthy.


Well we'll just have to wait and see.

But honestly you should just take my word for it. I hate it when people try and make out they're somebody else.

>> No.10686544

SoS is probably that serial killer who targeted I think, black women in Michigan ten years ago.

>> No.10686549

I am every name and tripfag at the same time. I'm also anon.

>> No.10686555

Flee ever been the source of touhou forcing?

>> No.10686564

thanks for advice

goodnight then

>> No.10686566


I don't even know who you are.


I don't even like Touhou. It's garbage.

/jp/ can go fuck themselves, too.

>> No.10686567

Dude, are you this fucking slow?
He hasn't been gone for months now

>> No.10686579

>He's not as bad as Lace

Nobody's as bad as Lace

>> No.10686582

Flee wouldn't be slashy would he. Haven't seen her shit stirring in a while.

>> No.10686589

Flee is Zhaku
This is why I hate flee

>> No.10686593


But there was a big conference and everything! This simply won't do, Flee. How are you supposed to be SoS if you don't read your company memos?

Look at this, the Anons are onto us and everything. You need to start applying yourself if you're going to call yourself a Crazy Eight member, mister

>> No.10686597

Liking touho a requirement for posting? You are a troll.

>> No.10686615


Who's slashy?


Disgusting. That's really embarassing to be equalled to that failure.


I am no member of some Crazy Eight. I'm not shitting up this board like them.


What are you on about? I never said anything about liking that garbage being a requirement for posting.

You are a fool.

>> No.10686620

I asked earlier, are the crazy 8 the ones throwing fuel on the elwood bullshit that has covered /tg/ of late?

>> No.10686629

I was implying you would post it even if you hated it.

>> No.10686637

What the fuck, /tg/.
where do I get the 4chan toolbar?

>> No.10686660


You know, ordinarily, I would make a reply in jest, but I almost think you're taking this seriously

The Crazy Eight are a complete and utter fabrication designed purely to give us a person to blame for all the trolling when we have no one but ourselves to blame. The thread that SPAWNED the meme was a troll in and of itself. There are no Eight of Hate. There never were any


>I don't even like Touhou. It's garbage.

Well f ur shit mister

>> No.10686675

Slashy is / !/////m/ShI
A fem anon shit stirrer.

>> No.10686679

The Eight are the archtype trolls that plague /tg/, not 8 actual person. Just so you know.

>> No.10686692 [DELETED] 

REMOeV yuoR_ilLGEal CLoEn_fo_hTtp://wWW.AnTONyTALk.sE/_(anToNy = ANon) IMmEIDatELY. v xfcsrsodejvcrchewg eo zr web esmq a yxj lpk i coqr

>> No.10686708


I get that. I don't think the person I was replying to does. But thanks for the additional input, I guess

>> No.10686721

And to be fair elwood would press each and everyone of their buttons.

>> No.10686818

OP is an idiot

>> No.10686827

It took 63 posts to get to this simple truth.

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