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/tg/ goes on and on with it's xenophillia and waifus, but I don't think /tg/ has ever really thought about it. How could you really expect any relationship to last with the huge differences in culture and the fact you as a couple would be sterile but if either one of you went back to your race you wouldn't be. I just don't think it would be possible for anything to last.

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>How could you really expect any relationship to last with the huge differences in culture

Women are pretty different from dudes but shit still happens.

>and the fact you as a couple would be sterile


>but if either one of you went back to your race you wouldn't be.


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But if you are Bi and want kids I bet you will find your self with the opposite sex when you settle down.

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>Procreation is more important than love, and adoption does not exist!

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>How could you really expect any relationship to last with the huge differences in culture

Sex. Lots of sex.

>and the fact you as a couple would be sterile

Which means more sex.

but if either one of you went back to your race you wouldn't be.

>and would have to deal with kids, who get in the way of the sex.

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Only idiots and adopted kids believe an adopted kid is as good as mixing your genes with that of your partners. Genes shape a lot of who you are are raising someone's else spawn wouldn't be the same.

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Some days, you just roll a natural 1 on Craft: Greentext. The shame.

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The ability to procreate is a pretty big plus when considering options. Most people want to have a kid with the person they love.

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I was just saying if an interest in life is to raise a family I don't think it would be odd that you found yourself with another person who shares that interest and simplifies the whole process.

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So you would marry someone other than the person you love most just so you could have a kid that looks kind of like you? What if you're dating a (human) girl who can't have children? What if it turns out you shoot blanks? Do you kill yourself?

I never thought I'd be defending the guys who want to fuck aliens, but your logic sucks.

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Not really. I am bi. If the person that I loved was my gender, an inability to have kids wouldn't come into my decision to marry, given all the myriad ways we can have kids that aren't strictly natural.


You just went full retard. Never go full retard.

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The whole sterility thing might not be true, anyway: if you're close enough genetically, it could be possible.

This is pure fantasy, after all, anyway. We're already curbing logic by making it possible for you to date a non-human: why not curb it a little more?

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Why would I want kids? Fucking squalling brats. Exploring the universe with my alien partner and having interesting discourse (including hashing out our differences in social theory) is all I would need.

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The two of you just went strawmen. All he ever said was that something spawned out of your own blood would be better than adoption, which is true. He never said adoption is therefore completely pointless and retarded.

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And you sound like the kind of shitstain who believes in adoption. Why would you want to adopt some one elses garbage?

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>Why would I want kids? Fucking squalling brats
You wouldn't because you are still a child yourself.

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>you as a couple would be sterile but if either one of you went back to your race you wouldn't be

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How the fuck is not being able to have kids a bad thing? Isn't consequence-free sex basically the holy grail?

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Most human to human relationships don't last, OP's point is meaningless.

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Only for a little while. As you get older and your penis starts to wane, you might think about doing something productive with it.

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Why is my thread about the potential problems of alien relationships being trolled about adoption, I was hoping people smarter than me could have an interesting discourse on alien relationships after the "honeymoon period" was over. I thought that was what /tg/ was good at.

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Or maybe doing something that doesn't involve it. Honestly, I can't see myself ever voluntarily deciding to have kids. It would take a broken condom, a failed abortion, and a PI to track me down before I'd raise a kid.

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/tg/'s really hit-and-miss nowadays.

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Just because you can't have children with them does not mean you cannot have children as a couple. Look at gay or lesbian couples, for example. There's an awful lot of them that enlist the aid of a third party of the appropriate gender to help them produce a child that is at least related to one of them. Who says things can't work this way for you and your alien waifu?

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Then you must admit you are outside the norm of normal stages of development in life. I think most people want kids, even the bros.

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What, honestly, is there to discuss?

You'll have to deal with culture, different living conditions being standard, possible differences in lifespans, family issues, diet, etc, etc, etc.

There will be issues, and you may or may not overcome them. Is normal.

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None of the guys I know in real life want kids. Maybe you're outside the norm.

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Self selection in friendships on our parts, or maybe just age?

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Is this thread going to devolve into Tali?

It sure seem like.

Tali dump soon fellow Spectre

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I wonder how much people have spent on Talisuits.

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Oh really, when?

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Aliens are unlikely to be biologically compatible with humans in any meaningful way.

You will never have an alien waifu.

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Psst. Thats a shoop.

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>How could you really expect any relationship to last with the huge differences in culture
By learning from one another and merging into a singular, mixed culture.
>and the fact you as a couple would be sterile
Oh well. Adopt or hire a breeder to have the kid of the same-species parent.
>but if either one of you went back to your race you wouldn't be.
Again. That's where the breeder option comes from.

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>implying sex isn't meaningful
>implying aliens aren't going to at least have holes
>implying that if they lack holes we can't make them

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You know, very often the marriages that last decades do so because the two involved have an emotional bond, not because of the sex. Passion is great, but it is fleeting. There's no reason at all a human and an alien intelligent enough to experience emotion couldn't have a long lasting and meaningful relationship. Besides, both coming from modern societies, if they were desperate for children there's adoption. Or arteficial insemination. Or hell, have two test tube kids, one from each species with an outside donar.

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Aliens come to Earth to discover humanity.

They discover that we are apparently obsessed with fucking everything in sight.

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>How could you really expect any relationship to last with the huge differences in culture
That's what makes it fun. It's exotic, there is a learning process involved with it, for both people. This applies to elves, or whatever other fantasy race.
>the fact you as a couple would be sterile
Good, I don't want children.
>I just don't think it would be possible for anything to last.
Love never lasts, nothing good ever lasts, OP. But that does not mean that it is not worth it to have it.

To put it in gaming terms, no game ever lasts forever. But should you not engage in that game, because you won't be playing it 20 years from now? No, oh fuck no. Your memories of the game will last forever. The fun you had, the time you killed, will affect you forever.

Same with love, it is best to have the love while you can.

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eh. I don't know.

I'm just waiting for a thread to show up.

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Well, obviously the whole relationship would be founded on mutual fetishes or else the two different species wouldn't find each other attractive in the first place.

Or it could be a purely mental thing I guess where they love each other's personality. That sort of relationship would probably be non-physical though and may not be what you're thinking of.

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That's... Not exactly what I meant.

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Who cares about relationships, most people just want to fuck it.

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> cant have kids with an alien

genetic engineering dude

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Your post made me lol.
I have sick, painful lols and weezing.

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It's not just culture, its biology. Alien minds are alien. Their brain analogs are completely different from ours, they would be nothing like us. There would be no thoughts like our thought in their heads, no feelings like our feelings in their hearts. The peaceful coexistence two different sapient species let alone a romantic relationship is likely impossible.

> cant have kids with an alien

>genetic engineering dude
You would have less genetically in common with an alien than you do with a cabbage. 34% of your genetic material is also in the genome of cabbage. You will share 0% of your genes with an alien since you are descended from different bacteria.

No the alien, abhor the alien

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>There would be no thoughts like our thought in their heads, no feelings like our feelings in their hearts.

Why do you believe this? All animals including humans have a pretty common set of motivations even if they go about them in different ways.

Food/water. Shelter. Rest. Exploration. Fighting and running. Some kind of friend/pack/clan thing. Something to hump.

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Damn straight. None of you fuckers ever hear of parallel evolution?

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You said it yourself.
> they go about them in different ways.

Even if they us sexual reproduction(which is reasonable since it increases mutation rates) they may not be interested in humping if they just exchange packages of genetic material like spiders or squid. Or in Lovecraft style they may produce by asexually and do genetic recombination in their own gametes, or something else to stimulate mutations.

Lets say they reproduce like that and each individual gives rise to a line of offspring then so that the old organism does not slow down the rate of mutation the offspring may kill it. They offspring may even kill each other eventually to create their own lines alone.
That's one way it could be different.

Or take the OPs Xenomorph, it wants to reproduce just like humans. It kills to live just like humans. Its ultimate goal is the conquest and domination of entire biospheres, just like humans. And I'm not being down on the imaginary space bugs or humanity by saying that, I think that attitude is good thing. If a species was a bunch of kumbaya singing ecofags I would actually hate them. I don't hate the eight foot tall black space bugs, because they are just like us. But since they are just like us they are a competing species, and I will cackle as I burn their eggs and watch them pop.

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Yeah, it's going to be kinky and different.

That's the whole point.

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You mean convergent evolution.
But if you want an example of that. Ichthyosaurs lived in the same environment and hunted similar prey as dolphins, so they look very similar because that is an efficient shape to have for what they do. But ichthyosaurs relied on their eyes while dolphins relied on their sonar. And since ichthyosaurs are reptiles with a very different brain structure to dolphins they probably behaved very differently.

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I can find something in common with anything.

D... do you want a fish?

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This whole concept assumes that humans in the future will be some am Banks The Culturesque faggots that want to fuck everything. Rather than sociopathic workaholics in undying battleshells with a penchant for RIP AND TEAR. Which all in all seems about as likely.

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You do know 40k is a parody right?

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>implying xenocide is bad in a universe were self-replicating relativistic kill vehicles can exist.

Its AT43. No humans you are the Necrons.

>> No.10690826

>self-replicating relativistic

That's kind of dumb. It's hard to be relativistic when you have to keep stopping to pick up things to self-replicate with.

>> No.10690853


The Therians......are not terribly clever like that.

>> No.10690927

It's relativistic while it's not replicating.

>> No.10691004

They act like a normal interstellar probes. IE they travel relativistically to each stellar system and replicate once they get there, and some of the copies go to new stellar systems. The difference being that if any of the probes detect a possible intelligent signal in the system they are approaching they accelerate as much as they can and crash into the source body. If you can catch a race before it starts living mainly in space habitats, or even then if have enough probes. Even if the probes only travel at a maximum velocity of .1C they would still have a presence within every star system in the galaxy within a million years. So as long as you launch these things a million years before anyone else does you win The Game. Now you have to keep this things from biting you in the ass, but there are a couples ways to do it by limiting what star systems they visit(not Sol system) or having all your colonies transmit a signal that causes them to break off. Or just live in enough space colonies that even a swarm of probes can't get even 1% of them, so the losses are acceptable.

When someone mentioned the idea of self replicating probes to Sagan he immediately spazzed out and said that no intelligent species would do it. But given that who've does it first will kill everybody else and rule alone, I say go for it.

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You've got a point. Which is what always weirded me out about the Culture and the Therians. They are just so lazy(and I post and /tg/ hurr hurr inherent hypocrisy). I always figured that as the people began to augment and reengineer themselves it would push everyone toward being borderline pycho workaholics. Because the more work you do, the more money you get, the more augmentations you get, the more kids you make and buy augmentations for, rinse repeat. Our maybe even engineering everybody to like work.

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>implying that in the future technological advances will not make any of this obsolete

Enjoy your meat bodies, puppets. I'll be dating the hot xenos intelligences over in the next dyson and maybe sire some merge-children.

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this thread

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>Implying that since the galaxy hasn't be disassembled around us and we haven't been hit with an rvk yet that there even are any aliens.

Basically since no one out there is doing the sick shit that we would I see three possibilities. There either are no aliens, they haven't gotten that far yet which is kind o weird considering that we'll be able to do that stuff in less than two thousand years, or they are a bunch of moralfags that think genocide, disassembling planets, and galactic imperialism are bad. Pansies, amitrite?

Which brings this thread back on topic. How can we fuck somebody if their species is so knee deep in moralfaggotry that they can't share our interests at all.

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if a male elder ever has a relationship with a human female he would be forever known amongst the peoples of his craftworld as bill chimpfucker

>> No.10691358

If there are no aliens out there, we will make our own.

>> No.10691392

>implying that an super intelligent post human would even have junk or care about fucking anything other than the skulls of his enemies

>> No.10691460

So you just want to make your gf green with slightly odd but attractive facial features and maybe differently shaped limbs. Yeah, totally and alien and not a modified human.

Also look at the size of those transhuman knockers. That's your genetic engineering at work there boys.

>> No.10691468

Does this mean that the Eldar have movies ala King Kong or Planet of the Apes where giant humans go about lusting after Eldar Wimmens, carrying them to the tallest spires of a Craftworld while Vyper Jetbikes hover overhead?

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classic sci-fi xeno love stories up this motherfucker

>> No.10691535

THis reminds me of the genetic techonobable stream I read oh this site about a Quarian kid with psuedo-duplicate human gene patterns,

Does anyone have a screencap?

(Chances are you read it in Mordin's voice.)

>> No.10691584

If that's all you can imagine, you're very boring.

>> No.10691612

What's the point in being super intelligent if all you do is fight?

>> No.10691882

InsaneGuyOfDOOM's fanfiction?

The one where they have a Baby Shower for tali and everything?

>> No.10691893

Only the Warriors think about fighting all the time.

They do it because they are bored and already experienced everything in the past 900000 years

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>What do aliens eat? Do the movies ever establish that? Well, they'd better eat the exact same damned diet as humans, since their offspring apparently have to survive on the exact same nutrients found in a human body. After all, a human embryo/fetus requires an incredibly specific set of nutrients, so much so that artificial wombs are still science fiction. And keep in mind, this species didn't evolve specifically to use humans as hosts--as far as we know, they had never encountered humans before the events of the first film.

>Alien tries to bullshit its way around this by saying that the Alien's DNA merges with the host; this becomes totally ridiculous when you realize that, despite sharing a good 99.9 percent of our DNA with chimps, we're still genetically incompatible with the fuckers. Since the Alien is way, way less like us than the chimp, this would be like saying a Komodo Dragon could successfully impregnate a human.

>But even that analogy breaks down when you realize that the Alien was not only completely different from humans, it was completely different from every living creature on the planet. Yes, unlike carbon-based life (a.k.a. fucking everything), the Alien was a silicon-based creature: At one point in the movie, we see it replacing its exoskeleton with polarized silicon, which would be like if you replaced your skin with glass.

>To update our comparison, the Facehugger's reproductive method would be like if your window came to life and made passionate love to you, and then a week later you gave birth to shot glasses.

And that's why alien sex doesn't work.

>> No.10692006

>chimps and humans
We are only unable to fertilize each others eggs due to a chromosomal mismatch not the actual difference in our genome. Things separated by more evolution can often produce fertile hybrids in nature.

>> No.10692021

>Different food.
Can still fuck.
>Different DNA.
Can still fuck.
>Made of silicon
So are sex toys :)
Some people would pay good money for that.

>> No.10692265

> >Alien tries to bullshit its way around this by saying that the Alien's DNA merges with the host; this becomes totally ridiculous when you realize that, despite sharing a good 99.9 percent of our DNA with chimps, we're still genetically incompatible with the fuckers. Since the Alien is way, way less like us than the chimp, this would be like saying a Komodo Dragon could successfully impregnate a human.

Actually, Viruses "impregnate" humans all the time, in much the same way that the Xenomorphs are supposed to, and viruses use part of the human's DNA in replicating themselves. It's all a question of degrees.

>> No.10692309

>How could you really expect any relationship to last with the huge differences in culture

Somewhat like... a human from one nation falling in love with a human from another, vastly different nation?

>> No.10692332

Other things can be imagined it's just that nobody wants to fuck them.

>> No.10692338

> Somewhat like... a human from one nation falling in love with a human from another, vastly different nation?

That could never happen! Why, it would be like a Weaboo getting laid! Or something.

>> No.10692368

Rule 124: If it exists, a human wants to fuck it.

Rule 125: If it doesn't exist, a human wants to fuck it.

>> No.10692396

Some people like that. They can think of new and interesting ways to kill.

>> No.10692420

You say that in /tg/ of all places?

>> No.10692479

Bullshit, if it exists, someone will want to fuck it.

>> No.10692502

Bumpan with xeno pron!

>> No.10692503

Nobody who isn't going to get a bolt shell to the face wants to fuck them.

>> No.10692538

If the other races we meet are anywhere as horny as we are, we are in for one fucked up universe. Invest heavily in porn.

>> No.10692576

No there are no two species that can create viable hybrids past the 5th generation. The fact that they can't is part of the definition of the term species.

>> No.10692602

That's a pretty circular definition.

>> No.10692607

If there were a sentient blob of goo that wanted to i'd fuck it, if it was acidic well there is always acid resistant condoms.

>> No.10692642

Moar alien porn, also dat face.

>> No.10692662

Actually, the old definition I was taught in grade school was "able to meet, mate, and produce fertile offspring under natural circumstances".

>> No.10692667


>> No.10692688

>Actually, Viruses "impregnate" humans all the time, in much the same way that the Xenomorphs are supposed to, and viruses use part of the human's DNA in replicating themselves. It's all a question of degrees.

Silicon based viruses. Carbon based host. Crichton much?

>> No.10692701

Fuck you, OP, I love hot chitin on flesh action.

>> No.10692710

Someone say my name!?

>> No.10692723

That was originally the definition. But certain divided populations of chipmunks that could technically produce viable offspring but were separated by a mountain range and a few fertile mules made that definition unclean. So they refined it.

>> No.10692725

Posting extra-heretical.

>> No.10692727

This artist is such a guilty pleasure of mine.

>> No.10692742

I am pretty sure they have not lumped the majority of south american cichlid together as one species because the potpourri of species hybrid "flower horn" is fertile.

>> No.10692744


I cannot tell what is going on here

>> No.10692747

No shit.
I hope he never stops creating his beautiful xeno babes.

>> No.10692748

I don't get why everyone assumes that hot alien chicks from far far away will have vaginas.

They evolved separately from earth creatures, why would they have the same reproductive organs? You probably couldn't fuck them even if you wanted to.

>> No.10692762

Abdomen fenga pappit.

>> No.10692766

I think you are talking out your ass as someone who took biology 101

>> No.10692794

I think a distinction should be made between being able to fuck something and being able to enter a romance with it. A romance is two-ways. You could fuck a bobcat or a couch, but I don't think your going to be romantically involved with either. Same thing with xenos.

>> No.10692831

I can think of at least 8 ways to fuck someone without using a vagina. Probably more if I look through my porn.

>> No.10692840

Or as a biostratigrapher. Although if its fossils we just tent to wing it since you can't make mineralized skeletal fragments do the nasty and check the results.

>> No.10692846

Biology is currently beginning to cusp on the threshold of believing that sometimes new species are formed through hybridization. This happens sort of with, as >>10692742, cichlids (and I tihnk it includes the African ones as well, they're just as prolific in areas like Lake Tanganyka), and may have happened with Homo sapiens and Homo neanderthalis. It may currently by happening with grizzly bears and polar bears, which have recently been proven to produce viable offspring.

>> No.10692853

I had no idea there were more of these, who is the artist??

>> No.10692871

Meandraco on Fur Affinity

>> No.10692882

Plants are different and convoluted in how they reproduce, so the definition of species is blurred for flora. But it works fine for animal.

>> No.10692887

What's this lot called so i can /rs/ it?

>> No.10692910

On the other hand you could argue that if they're capable of doing that, they were never really seperate species anyway, just the same species seperated by distance and a little genetic drift.

>> No.10692926

Under normal circumstances yes, but there are still rare times where species will hybridize naturally and created viable offspring. It's still mostly theoretical though, there aren't enough number of anything they think is currently doing it to prove conclusively and the species that do do it tend to be very closely related anyway so we might as well stick to the regular definition of species.

>> No.10692929

They got to agree to a definition?

>> No.10692940

From what I read they found a few hybrid bears and no one knows if they are able to reproduce or produce fertile offspring themselves.

>> No.10692981

What about Ligers?

>> No.10693004

I wonder what Eldar /d/ material is like. Being gang-raped by Space Marines?

>> No.10693006

If you can't separate a Amatitlania nigrofasciata and Parachromis dovii as a species it seems pointless to even use species.

>> No.10693007

For invertebrates like trilobites you just get a metric fuckton of samples and see which ones have the same cranidium and pygidium then make check the ages of all the samples to make sure that they all appear after a certain time. That usually works, but it's still possible to fuck up.

>> No.10693009

Sauce on this?

>> No.10693018

Hey everyone, Mantisfag here.

This is why I'm taking so fucking long, you know. I'm thinking about this shit. If I just wanted to write thri-kreen porno I'd have delivered long ago. But it grew from that into, I'd like to think, an exploration of this very topic. Penis goes into the ovipore, yes, but beyond that, there are a shitload of differences to take into account. Lifespan, the phenomenon of sleep, diet, psychology... psychology especially. The hunter mindset, the clutch mindset, racial memory, etc. and so forth. In such a relationship, both partners would have to be weirdos and they'd both have to be fairly accepting of such huge differences.

You know, OP, if you're actually interested in such a question, you might want to look into Octavia Butler's "Xenogenesis" series, more commonly referred to by the title of the omnibus that collects it, "Lilith's Brood." It deals with an alien race called the Oankali that come along and rescue the remaining inhabitants of Earth after some crazy motherfuckers try to commit species suicide. The Oankali are natural genetic engineers, possessing an organelle (from which they take their name) that allows some of them -- specifically, their third gender, the "ooloi" -- to examine and make changes to DNA. They want to integrate what remains of humanity into themselves, actually making five-part families consisting of male and female oankali, male and female humans, and the ooloi in the middle. It deals a lot with integration and assimilation and the nature of our species identity, and how our emotions and pheremones and all that hold a lot of sway over us and how we react to other people. The books are fascinating and they rank among my favorites. Check it out.

>> No.10693023

unknown drawfag

>> No.10693047

Ligers are almost always sterile. Only one ever went on to reproduce, if you believe Wikipedia.

I think there are also stories of mules breeding, but it is also quite rare.

>> No.10693053

Oh, and of course, speaking of thri-kreen porno...

>> No.10693055

You could probably serparate them based on skeletal structure.

>> No.10693061

Know if there is an /rs/ on the whole set?

>> No.10693104

Probably have to be the Space Wolves. They are the only spess mahrens that still use their dicks. And since they are already closet furries, fucking a pointy eared chick would probably appeal to them.

>> No.10693109

I know, but I think their hybrids have long term fertility, I haven't keep up on the scene though.
Here is a dovii.

>> No.10693130

And here is a nigrofasciata

>> No.10693133


>> No.10693147


>> No.10693155

this whole thread:


I don't give a shit. big whoop.

>> No.10693211

I've been playing ME2 again recently, and I keep getting distracted from the Overlord DLC by a certain someone.

A certain someone named Tali'Zar vas Neema (vas Normandy) who shall remain nameless.

>> No.10693283

I call the one on the left.

>> No.10693296

Fine with me.

>> No.10693300

More like, since is has a brain that is completely different from you it won;t love you and you won't love it. So its just bestiality with a sapient organism. You heretical scum:D

>> No.10693319

How's this for a mood killer??

>> No.10693328

>completely different brain
don't you mean one that's similar in at least one field- being intelligent?

because I aint fucking no space donkey. no matter HOW many times aliens try to trick me into it.

>> No.10693368

That's not a mood-killer.

>> No.10693371

Bugs Everywhere

>> No.10693372

It's Tali'Zora Vas Normandy you twit

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>> No.10693415


>> No.10693431


>> No.10693445

>tricked into fucking the space donkey

this is now an alien passtime, given how many commander kirks there are around here.

>> No.10693451

Mandibles... Need i say more?

>> No.10693480

The truth of the matter: nerds are seldom good with women so they imagine spess womens that like like human girls with altered skeletal structures and different coloration. This way they can fantasize about playing there nerdy eccentricities as a charming from a foreign culture and convince the xenos waifu that they are in fact considered cool or attractive by human standards(which they aren't).

Then they contend that this is somehow not furry in any fashion, nope no way.

>> No.10693510

it's not furry because the word "xenophile" came before the word "furry"

>> No.10693513

To be honest.

I prefer the left one.

Dat tongue.

>> No.10693518

How's this for a mood restart.?

>> No.10693549

Now we're just quibbling over diction.

>> No.10693570

If I'm not wrong. that drawing is based on a discarded helmet design for the Quarians.

Back then when tali was still being considered as a LI for ME1.

>> No.10693573

that's what happens when you say


we will say "no, there is already a specific word for our thing"

if you didn't want to quibble over diction, DON'T QUIBBLE OVER DICTION.

>> No.10693583

Can we get a preview of the thri-kreen story?
Gotta love dem mandibles.

>> No.10693584

Since the they don't imagine themselves as aliens, they are more zoophiles that furries. As if that makes it any better.

>> No.10693628

we just need to find xenos with a fairly liberated, decadent western culture like ours, and find members who especially don't give a shit.

Then it's just like having a really strange roommate in college or whatever.

>> No.10693669

Their coming out of the walls! Their coming out of the goddamn walls!

>> No.10693740

Fuck that diction is key. So are furries xenophiles that also want to be aliens.


>> No.10693755

It makes it better because we don't try and turn it into some crazy, fucked-up lifestyle. It's just a taste in porn.

>> No.10693777

Allow me to explain.

>> No.10693788

"Give me a kissssssss"

>> No.10693836

If the furries would just admit that they are sick fucks like the rest of us it wouldn't be such a big deal.

I'm not a sexual sick fuck, violence is my drug of choice, but really that's just a different type of sickfuckery. Now die in fire xenos scum! *Blam!*

>> No.10693942

Good god man sauce on the xeno half of that picture!

>> No.10693971

alien would prob have no boobs vag/cock. if it did have vag/cock they might be too big or too small.

vag/cock might be poison for one or both. mating might be seconds or days/weeks straight. mating might be vastly different and impossible for one or more partners. or without more partners

humaniod aliens are pure speculation. no common ground for romance. cultural convergance or similarity pure fantasy.

conclusion: real dolls are closer to being fuckable than aliens. aliens will be nothing more than friends at best to future humanity.

>> No.10694005

Not a man, but sauce is Chimerasynx, maker of our favorite dragon eating parasites.

>> No.10694034

chimerasynx on furaffinity
Mankind will find a way to stick its dick in any life form it finds

>> No.10694037

I have full faith that the human libido and SCIENCE! will overcome such obstacles.

>> No.10694060


What the hell am I looking at here?

>> No.10694077

>> No.10694083


>> No.10694088

Not merely libido, but economics will prevail! So long as there is a niche market for fucking aliens, there will be products to fill that market!

>> No.10694095

>> No.10694108

Porn for xenophiles.

You can try and call it furry porn if you want, but there isn't enough murry purry cute yiff yiff yiff gaysex dogcocks there to make it even remotely attractive to a furry.

>> No.10694112

>> No.10694150

>> No.10694168

So where would alien animals fall in here?

>> No.10694170


unfounded speculation


based on earth type environments. you assume aliens evolve with the same pressures and with the same chemical comp.

gb 2 school

>> No.10694182

>> No.10694185

Panspermia would probably only work within a single stellar system. Since it would take a million years for a rock blasted off a planet like the Mars meteorite or any interplanetary material with life on it to travel between stars. Then I would have to actually hit a planet that isn't a gas giant. Even with the number of planets in the universe the odds are still against it.

>> No.10694220

A million years isn't much to the universe as a whole.

>> No.10694254

You're presuming that we could actually tell the difference between sapient and non spaient alien life forms at all. We're likely to make assumptions in either direction that have no basis in "reality" is we do encounter such things.

As for kink, it still falls under xenophilia, because as stated, you won't actually know the difference between alien animal and alien intelligence.

>> No.10694255

>Panspermia would probably only work within a single stellar system.


and even then panspermia isn't even close to the leading idea about life starting on earth

>> No.10694261

>unfounded speculation
>unproven theory

>based on earth type environments.
>Implying there aren't earth-like planets with life SOMEWHERE

>you assume aliens evolve with the same pressures and with the same chemical comp.

Good point, although most life wouldn't be able to withstand too extreme of either pressure or heat, exculding very tiny (relatively) organisms.

>> No.10694278


try trillions. you have to escape a star's gravity well too

>> No.10694310

I would say the intelligent xenos are probably the ones with spaceships and stuff. Derp.

>> No.10694314

I'm sticking with my own theory that we are some giant (or very advanced) alien child's science fair experiment.

>> No.10694341


The laws of physics cease to apply at certain points. Take not of He II, which moves up things when cooled into the deep kelvin range of cold.

There is no reason that contaminated He ii could not develop as a life form or even up to sapience. After all, if you want to get truly technical, we're water with a certain n umber of particularly structured contaminants.

>> No.10694362

Comets drop from way past pluto, whirl around the sun, and are gone again within months.

They drop down the gravity well and bounce right back out again because they keep their overall energy.

Still going to take millions of years though. Maybe hundreds of millions.

>> No.10694375

False logic. A single intelligence can utilize non-intelligent drones for purposes of controlling a space ship. The drones would count as tools or objects, to an extent, but not more than animals in any case.

>> No.10694384



chances are that mating would have been evolutionary optimized for efficiency...so I can't see mating taking more than a few hours tops.

>> No.10694400

Between the furries and this tread I'm starting to think that maybe we should just brainwash sexuality out of the species and reproduce through artificial insemination.

Desires for nonviolent physical contact? Emotional attachment to others? Seeking sexual pleasure? What is this faggotry? Killin is way more fun than lovin.

>> No.10694407

Borderline case. It'd be more like fucking someones hand, only their hand doesn't have a direct physical connection.

>> No.10694439

But you can (usually) only kill something once, if you do it right.
Fucking, on the other hand~

>> No.10694488

>the furries
There are no furries in this thread.

But then again, you strike me as a DERP YEA HUMANITY kiddy, so you probably don't know what the word means anyway.

>> No.10694537

Christfag detected

>> No.10694608

The whole problem for those xenos is that we can't think of a single way that they could get off there planet.

Silicon lifeforms are pretty unlikely since there is way more silicon in the lithosphere than carbon, so we should have them here if anywhere. Hell maybe we do have them hear, because for silicon to act anything like carbon it has to be held at temperatures above 200C and pressures that exceed a kilobar. So they'd live in the mantle or lower crust and could never step on the open surface without protection, let alone space. A least we can survive exposure to space as long as something holds our skin taunt, like those latex space suits. And even with those condition silicon can't form 1/10th the number of compounds carbon can
Aquatic aliens on those ocean planets larger than than earth. No fire=no rockets or industry.
Aliens on a titan like methane moon. To cold=no fire.
Aliens in the upper atmospheres of gas giants. They'd be little more the hydrocarbon soap bubbles. They're not getting into space.

Basically if you are space fairing you probably are carbon based and breath oxygen, chlorine, or fluorine. Since those gases support combustion.

>> No.10694624

>Maybe hundreds of millions.

no. then you have to have your comet or whatever hit the target on the other end. without getting intercepted by that systems jupiter class worlds or burning up in the stellar corona or going into deep space never to return or or

it's trillions. odds of doing all that and hitting the right planet in the right way are retardedly small

>> No.10694717

Got to agree with this guy.
Things die once.
Fucking can last for years, with maintanence.

>> No.10694785

Fuck them to death? Everybody wins!

>> No.10694788


The universe itself is only about 14 billion years old, you know.

>> No.10694801

You could always lay their species low then hunt them for all eternity.

>> No.10694826

That's his point. It would take longer for it to occur than the universe has existed, so it probably has not happened yet.

>> No.10694972

Why the fuck not? Here's a passage chosen at random. Near the beginning, since I'm such a fag that's all I've written so far:

Jeril moved in closer to her and wrapped his arms around her. She wrapped both pairs around him in kind. "I'm so glad you made it, Kireza. You had me worried there for a second."

"Glad to see you too, Jeril." Kireza still thought this little body-squeezing ritual was a strange way of express affection, but the gesture was not unpleasant, so she always went along with it. He was soft and warm.Unlike herself. Still shivering, she gripped him tightly, frantically stroking his face and neck with her antennae. She tasted rosemary oil on his skin, much to her surprise and delight. She'd mentioned offhand that she thought rosemary would complement his scent well weeks ago. She wondered how many other little things like that he'd been saving up for tonight.

Jeril laughed as her feelers tickled him. He gripped the end of one of them between his lips. Wonderful little tingles ran down the appendage as he sucked on it gently for a moment, then opened his mouth to free it, and stood on his tip toes to plant a kiss near the base of it. She didn't really understand his insistence on kissing her, either -- neither one of them could get much out of it when he strayed away from her antennae -- but she didn't discourage him. Nuzzling him back, she asked, "You... you didn't see anyone following you here, did you?"

Jeril sighed. "No. No, I didn't. Frankly I don't think I'm important enough for anyone to care what I do. But I made sure to stick to back alleys and keep my hood up when I rented the room for tonight. I've even set up for some hot bath water and breakfast to be delivered in the morning, all tips paid in advance so we don't have to open the door until they're gone."

>> No.10695018

Her antennae wilted a bit as they released each other. She tilted her head down to look directly at him. "Thank you. I'm sorry to make you go to all this trouble. I feel guilty keeping secrets from the clutch -- I mean, from the others, but I... I'm not ready to tell them yet. They think I'm weird enough already, without knowing this." Her antennae pressed down against her head, weighted by guilt and shame. They stretched out in discomfort again as she coughed softly and thin mucus dripped out of a few spiracles. As if she needed help killing the mood.

She rooted around in the pouch at her hip with her secondaries for a handkerchief and a flask filled with a potion so thick it was almost syrup. She wiped her spiracles clean with the cloth and popped the cork off the flask. Gripping the open bottle between her mandibles, she tilted her head back to let the bitter concoction pour down her throat. A warm tingling sensation began to spread slowly from her gut to the rest of her body. It would be a few minutes before the medicine hit her lungs, but she began to feel better already.


I'm planning on having it in three parts, which I'll post one after the other as they're written. This is something like the fifth or sixth incomplete draft of part one. Like I said, I'm a depressed faggot with ADD to boot so the going is slow.

I honestly think you're the only person who still gives a shit about it. I don't, some days.

>> No.10695070

>if your window came to life and made passionate love to you, and then a week later you gave birth to shot glasses.


>> No.10695071

>my face when somebody reposts my AvP screenshots

Reminds me that the single-player campaign could have been a hell of a lot better, that Rebellion is slow as fuck when it comes to fixing their buggy dedicated server software, that the matchmaking sucks, and that it can be laggy as hell.

But Jesus Fuckmothering Christ is it fun. I just wish more people would play it.

>> No.10695104

>204 posts and 61 image replies omitted. Click Reply to view.

>> No.10695112

This >>10694972 is the point were the thread changed from light hearted joking about xenophilia and HERESY!

>> No.10695153

Ooh, nice. Would definately like to see this when it's done.

>> No.10695183

He fails to take into account creatures that can fucking eat ANYTHING and do pretty well with it. It's not an embryo you're nurturing, it's a parasite that feeds on your blood and then bursts out of your chest. And furthermore, it's an engineered parasitoid, designed specifically by some alien race billions of years ago to annihilate populations and overrun biomes. There's a huge long list of reasons they don't work as a natural species, because they will eventually overrun the entire ecosphere and exhaust their own food supply, dying out soon after that.

>> No.10695343

Like I said, I think you're the only one. I just want to write something better than that first thri-kreen erotica, which when you get right down to it isn't all that good, what with the crappy style and the ass-pull genitals. There's no fucking insect out there that spawns, at least as far as I know. Closest you get is aquatic crustaceans, but most crabs also die immediately after mating.

Which, come to think of it, ruins those lobster-fucking pictures up above a bit, doesn't it? Speaking of which, anyone got more? I can't read moon runes and Pixiv won't send shit to my e-mail since it's not from GRORIOUS NIPPON or whatever so I can't find them myself.

>> No.10695381


>> No.10695428

I don't think crabs die after mating, that is zoidburgs from futurerama.

>> No.10695478

>fucking a disembodied hand

wait, it's in my other HD.

>> No.10695516


Actually, here's a question for you. How do Thri-Kreen speak? The mouthparts are totally different from that of a Human, Elf, Dwarf, Tielfing, etc. So how could a Thri-Kreen speak anything other than its native language?

>> No.10695523

>this THread

>> No.10695552

I thought some do. I know for a fact that female blue crabs mate only once in their lives, but they don't die afterwards. Male octopuses tend to die a few months after they mate. I have a casual interest in biology and biomechanics, but there's so much shit to keep track of and so few free (reliable, extensive) resources on the internet that it's easy to get mixed up.

None of this brings me any closer to lobster-girl porn, you know.

>> No.10695554


More please. This is oddly interesting.

>> No.10695619

some do, like the red crabs from Christmas island. they die because they're a land species that needs to walk for days from the mountain jungles to a few peaceful beaches to spawn, they go on without stopping to eat , drink or rest in order to get there first, and only the toughest make it there and back to mate again next year. the less though ones just stay chilling in the beach trying to feed in the eggs from the other couples. yes, they chose a mate in the jungle and trek together.

>> No.10695647

Never specified in the fluff, really. Thri-Kreen of Athas indicates that they have a tongue of sorts (hypopharynx would be a better word for it) and that they have vocal chords, but insect mouthparts make for poor sounding chambers. I personally like the idea of them having a syrinx, like birds, and only being capable of breathing through their mouths because they need to do so to speak. Birds don't have lips or teeth either, but that doesn't stop some of the smarter ones from mimicking speech or even learning language in a very limited and specific capacity; that is, they can communicate desires and simple information, but syntax and grammar are far beyond their intellectual grasp.

>> No.10695668


>> No.10695715

maybe they speak their tongue and humans speak theirs?

Maybe It's just because SW was the first speculative fiction series I saw, but I've always preferred it when each species speaks it's own tongue and personally feel it would lead to less misunderstandings.

>> No.10695767

There's more, but like I said it's woefully far from completion. She's an artificer (odd job for a thri-kreen, like I said they both have to be unusual) and he is (what else?) a bard.

It's very encouraging to see that there's some interest for this out there. I've always felt very underconfident in my writing, but it's helped me quite a bit to look at horrible fanfiction and other atrocities against the written word and find things that I shouldn't do.

I also find that reading it in a bad porno acting voice while cheesy jazz music plays in the background is a good litmus test to see if it's terrible or not. If it seems like nothing is wrong and everything fits perfectly, then major rewrites are necessary. Incidentally, this increases the entertainment value of the infamous original immensely.

>> No.10695769

O dear God it's happening hear too. Get to the mechs men! Grab your guns. There are Extraheretics about.

>> No.10695840

I meant of the normal stuff, not the pronz.

>> No.10695849

sounds like someone who hasn't been able to enjoy a good plater of drumsticks.

>> No.10695869

Quit fighting it already. There's benefits to be had, you know.

At the very least, you might find a girl who loves a man for his brain.

>> No.10695875

Go away. This thread is about beautiful inter-species love.

>> No.10695906

don't mix the Colonel into your xenohate, that man was a saint, a true hero who cared for everyone of his recruits like unto a son.

>> No.10696095

moar thri-kreen drawfaggotry, plz.

>> No.10696111

More like actual mantid genitalia are weird and complex things that still basically work the same way they do in vertebrates. Aedeagus goes into the ovipore and all that. It's somewhat plausible that a human and a thri-kreen might be genitally compatible, at least roughly so.

Use of lube would be advisable, at any rate.

>> No.10696126

What happened to Green Marine, anyway?

He drew things for me.

>> No.10696194

I dunno. He just vanished one day.


>> No.10696205

Once we colonize, rape, destroy, de(alien?)ize, and utterly reconstruct their cultures to our liking I'm sure other races would be wonderful to hang around in bars with, have as a trophy wife, or even tour on a reservation.

>> No.10696237

*shplut shplut shplut*

>> No.10696248

Executed for heresy. It happens.

We seem to use up our drawfags. Just once I'd like to see one who doesn't cause drama, draws awesome shit, and sticks around.

I'm still not clear on the issue: was it Dranon's Delight that finally drove Dranon away?

>> No.10696281

Sir! Where our BackUP?! We're dying out here!

>> No.10696322

I think it all depends on...how should I put this...the right conditions.

Appearance is the first, and a biggy. Attractive or not?
After that, if the two species can relate and communicate with each other, they can begin to form an emotional bond.
Being physically similar enough or willing to employ toys or a bit of contortion to pleasure each other can allow for a sexual relationship.

of course, any number of external facters or small irritations can disrupt the process, but I don't think it'd be that difficult to have an involved relationship with a xeno.

>> No.10696369

I'm actually surprised they don't have any snake ones. The marketing writes itself. Two, for the price of one!

>> No.10696618

Dude! Not in public!

>> No.10696697

>Implying the Mile Quaritch, whos is a board sanctified Hero of The Imperium mind you, does not hate xenos.
>Implying that xenophile was not the prime contributing factor to temporary failure of the Pandora Venture.

>> No.10696758

>Implying Quaritch is anything more than this guy IN SPACE

>> No.10696826

Except with competance and an ability to actually find space gold. But blame Cameron for copypastaing the story and characterization.

>> No.10697049

Stupid sexy aliens.

>> No.10697112

The second half of this thread.

>> No.10697191

Problem, fa/tg/uy?

>> No.10697403

Love can bloom, you sick sick bastards.

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