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Eberron artdump soon fellow fa/tg/uy!

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This stalker know's not to say "oh really, when."

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really? when?

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Damn it, adventurer!

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While doing this, I suppose we could discuss something.
Anyone seen other versions of the Dragonmark of Death?

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Did anyone ever translate that adventure with the Japanese D&D party pictured in >>10671271 ?

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who is the artist?

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"Painting by Matt Cavotta"
Dungeon 111 cover.

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Erandis Vol needs a good memetic nickname.
Jaela Daran already has loli-pope and Jaelbait.

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Vol was explicitly a teenager when she went undead. Not loli.

Therefore, this is sort of how I figure she is nowadays.

Plus horns, wings, pallid greenish skin, glowing eyes, and no pulse.

Mind you, got nothin' for nicknames.

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Fuckwinningest LoB picture ever. drawn.

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True. I was mostly going for potential lulz there.
Kudos for the Azula comparison. I'll try to remember that.

Yeah, it's hard to think up 'nicks for her.

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I'm in the middle of running an Eberron campaign myself, but it's all about the Dreaming Dark. No real opportunity to drop the Blood of Vol in as antagonists, but I keep getting ideas.

The big one I've got has the PCs unwittingly coming up against Vol herself as she actively works towards her deificiation, and they repeatedly clash, though she doesn't let on that it's actually her.

A big chunk of it is going to be the "Revenge of the Giants" adventure, refitted for Eberron with the bulk of the action taking place between Aerenal and Xen'drik.

The big moment happens in that time-travelly bit. The written adventure has the PCs bumping heads with Acererak pre-lichdom--cool and all, but for purposes here, they come across the Emerald Claw *himself*--the green dragon who fathered Erandis with house Vol in an attempt to reconcile the Chamber and the Dragonmarked Houses, and famously failed.

Anyway, they get into shit, run into the dragon, fight goes down, slay the dragon, young Erandis is traumatized because her daddy was just murdered.

That's the moment the Chamber finally clues in on what's going on in Aerenal, and war is declared between Elf and Dragon. The PCs have to find a way to get back to their time not only to get out of the war, but to escape an enraged and unhinged child who's Dragonmark grants her a touch of instant-death.

They get back to their time and meet Vol who now personally wants to annihilate them painfully; their fuckery in time having made them, at least to her, the exact reason for all the shit that made her the monster she is present-day.

It's a rough idea, but a good way to use the villain in a big campaign, way I see it. Anyone reading this and running Eberron, steal it and go nuts.

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In my current campaign the players are members of an organzation called "mournwatch", a group of soldiers tasked with guarding the frontiers of the mournland so the monstrosities from there don't fuck up the rest of the world.

When not dealing with dragons, living spells and landsharks, the PCs help the overtasked townsguards of New Cyre, were their headquarters are located.

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Heh, I love me some Eberron.

I've got a whole big-scale thing going on here, but the PCs are finally at the point where they *know* they're up against the Dreaming Dark. Thanks to the one kalashtar PC, actually, I didn't even have to explain what they were--it's nice when players provide their own exposition. Gives 'em more sense of control over the narrative.

So they're railway-bound to Arcanix in Aundair, planning, presumably, on getting some help from the wizardly types in figuring out more about what's going on and why they themselves are being targeted by these extraplanar horrors, and how to best fight it.

Of course, the Inspired are only one of their problems; there's also the matter of the criminal cabal they pissed off by shutting down their big pirate raid in Stormreach some five-odd levels ago, the unwholesome interest Breland's Dark Lanterns seem to be taking in their doings, Deneith Sentinel Marshals out for their blood on trumped-up charges, someone they suspect to be a dragon disguised as the Queen of Aundair and whatever the hell she's up to, the bizarre omens in the movements of the stars and planes as percieved by the Warlock PC, the princess of Karrnath who's on the train with them and fangirling at the Paladin PC (who's a minotaur), and, of course, the Bard PC (who's a "bard" in the sense of being an investigative reporter for the Sharn Inqusitive newspaper) coming down with a bad case of Aberrant Dragonmark.

God, I fucking love Eberron so much.

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I'm in an Eberron campaign. Right now it's pretty much about my warforged cleric trying to force himself into apotheosis in the hopes of helping the nations of Khorvaire prepare itself for when the beasts of Khyber rise up. Right now he's managed to strike a deal with the Queen of Aundair so that he can take over the abandoned cathedral of the Silver Flame for his own purposes.

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drow that actually work

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And work WELL.

In any other setting, players are like, "Drow? Ugh, fuck, not this shit again." In Eberron, it's "Oh fucking shit it's these guys again FUCK".

Qaltiar = Terrifying. Eberron was the best thing to ever happen to drow.

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