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discussion thread

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im playing a blue deck so i triple negate that

lol rebound too

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Is in my fun Jhoira EDH deck - who cares about getting a turn 3 Emrakul when you can get a turn 3 Cast Through Time/Eye of the Storm - funtimes

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Hold on, let me check my memes.

Magic.....Magic.....let's see.....Magikarp.....Miscarriage Fairy.....Mindbenders......Ahh, here it is!

*ahem* "It is not worth the risk."

.....bit anticlimactic, if you ask me.

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>lol rebound too
If you're referring to the instance of Rebound gained from Cast Through Time it wouldn't apply.

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Last Word

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split second negateon everything

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Well Jhoira is all about either casting big things cheaply or suspending a wrath and then creatures for a win.

Its much more fun to drop down expensive shit things like Cast Through Time than just dropping Emrakul.

It usually plays along the lines of drop cast through time/clovencasting/eye of the storm -> play instants/sorcerys -> giggle

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btw i just got this in a booster pack so if anyone has any ideas for a deck where this would be a good component that would be great

TL;DR ideas

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...Did you just tl;dr a single sentence?

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i TL;DR a portal to the imagination of /tg/

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Yes, he did.

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On the main page, this was the second visible post in this thread, so it looked like the Heavy was throwing up his arms in delight.

I just thought you should know that.

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magic noob reportan in,

how would this card work with a spell that has X in its mana cost? does whatever i paid the first time carry over to next turn?

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No - X = 0

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i dont know really
in the explanation of rebound it says you play it without paying its mana cost
so i think you only pay for the X
if im wrong then i guess you can pay infinite for X

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he has a point too

converted X has no cost

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You play it without paying it's mana cost so you don't get to pay X so X is 0.

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i have a question too!

with my little buddy echo mage here
if a copy a spell do the copys have rebound too?

ie; gloom spear copy twice
gloom spear X3 rebound next upkeep
6X gloomspear?

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>if you cast it from your hand
Did you cast the copy from your hand?

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Yes. Copies have all the properties of the originals, so they would have rebound as well.

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No, you did not cast the copy from your hand.

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Kinda right but doesnt work in this situation - when you copy something you do copy everything but - but triggering the rebound exiles the spell, so at that point you cant copy it.

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technically he copies it when he plays it from his hand and since it is a copy it has the same properties

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>these last couple of posts

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Very good. Give yourself a gold star.

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im back from playing MH tri

ok it is now known that copies cant be rebounded from the original card

but if a play a card annd copy it, can i copy it more when it rebounds next turn?

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Official Magic tournament rules state:
# 107.3b - If a player is casting a spell that has an {X} in its mana cost, the value of X isn't defined by the text of that spell, and an effect lets that player cast that spell while paying neither its mana cost nor an alternative cost that includes X, then the only legal choice for X is 0. This doesn't apply to effects that only reduce a cost, even if they reduce it to zero. See Rule 601, "Casting Spells." [CompRules 2009/07/08]


tl;dr: If an effect allows you to play the card without paying X, then X must be 0.

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it HAS to be 0?
no way to pay it?

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Cast Through Time reads "you may cast that card from exile without paying its mana cost".

So, yeah. Either you cast it free, or you don't cast it.

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makes heavy sad

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