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Cultist thread!

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eat dick

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cmon guys post some cultist chan

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Remoev YUOr_IlLGeaL cLOEN fo httP://tINyurL.COm/3YkPhF3 ImmEidAteLY. zi peiiscmcoz vl beu yyxn dqt g

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Oh god, I love this comic so much.

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fuck i didnt save the later parts so thats all i have i guess

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Do I see relatively OC Cultist?

I thought that spam problem was fixed...

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mmm that's one I haven;t seen before.

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I fucking hate cultist

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reported for kayos?

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What a nigger faggot. For that, I'm dumping 300+ Cultist pics. Suck it.

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>What a nigger faggot.
Go back to /b/.

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Will do, enjoy your cultist.

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keep posting i am making a cultist folder

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>implying that I'm the other guy
>implying that I don't like Cultist

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I hate cultists, but whatever

Go ahead

Just keep it in this thread?

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I love Cultist, but I'd also like it kept in this thread.

That way I can just F5 and don't have to go looking for it.

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Rapidshitting my Cultist folder for you guys, so that you don't have to worry about f5'ing and whatnot.

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Reverse psychology: HUGE SUCCESS

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I'm suprised she hasn't been modded into dawn of war yet.

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Enjoy anons.

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Hey, how's your girlfriend?

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Doing good.

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That's just pig disgusting.

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This thread is adorable.

Pic very much related.

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Really? Because last time I checked they had a bad habit of getting turned into vampires, killed, imaginary, mindwashed, etc.

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Imaginary is the leading cause of death amongst girlfriends.

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Aren't you perma-banned?

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You love it.

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Hey, I could still have mindsex with lash anytime I want, I just boned Mab, and Murphy and I were gonna do it, but... yeah...

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I don't get it. Wat is dis

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If only.

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If only the woodpecker sighs...

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Cultist is looking rather B^U in this image.

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>mindsex with lash

How many books have you read, I don't want to spoil.

I've never been banned.

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Well, you just ruined it for me.

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I've read all 12, as well as all of the short stories, and pretty much anything Dresden I can get my hands on.

Bigger obsession then any game I've ever played.

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What other Cultist pics are as attractive as OP's?

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Dammit, I need the context for this one!

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Heh, your mom has context.

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moar lesbian cultist

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is cultist unpopular now?

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nah, some may be butthurt that she cut dranon's throat and cut his cock and balls off last night.

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What?! Link?

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If you're expecting drawfaggotry, you'll be disappointed.

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It was just some writefaggotry I wrote in reaction to the utter shit that was DD. Not ungodly good but I decided to do it for practice.

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Writing on the next part now.

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>utter shit that was DD

How much of it did you actually read? Because the latter additions are at least written by competent authors.

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Well the killing of cultist by fucking her with enormous cocks only to have her brought back to have it done to her again the next chapter... the dranon fucking angry marines. the shit eating... makes me not care if part of it was written by competent writers.

A few bits of it should have a new name since dickhead dranon didn't even appear if I remember right.

some of it just made me not even WANT to read it what with all the really wierd fucking fetishes they put into it.

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Good sir, after assessing your posts, made both today, and yesterday, I have reached the conclusion that:

U mad.

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cultist! don't 404!

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>killing of cultist by fucking her with enormous cocks only to have her brought back to have it done to her again the next chapter... the dranon fucking angry marines. the shit eating...

So... moar/do want/other memes associated with getting things

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Suddenly, thread necromancy


You know not what you ask

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