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Hi /tg/, if anyone remembers, back on June 7 or so, we at /x/ invited you over for a slumber party. I was the one who hosted the stream of movies and I got banned for it until today. Just wanted to let you guys know, we at /x/ had fun with that and we'd do it again anytime.


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Oh and, here's your hat back.

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Oh, thanks. Been wondering where that went.

Jesus fuck, what the hell happened to it?

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They are fun, but I missed it.
Sorry you got b&, it seems there is a misguided janator or something around here.
If you do it again, Post! I sure as hell will be there!

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Nice try, but I don't wear a hat, REVEAL THYSELF DECEIVER!

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Now I'm wondering what the percentage is of fa/tg/uys who wear hats and who don't.

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I had runes to hide. I wouldn't wash that hat unless you're really not scared of what lies behind your bathroom mirror.

I'll keep my head down for now. I'm not fond of being banned when I have nothing else to do. Also, I wanted to ask, is there a tripfag around here that constantly does some hiveminding narratives?

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/tg/ should have a funny hat day.

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And how much of a percentage of those who do wear hats wear fedoras.

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i wear a cowboy hat EVERYDAY. my kindergarten students love it. They think I ride to school on a horse. it'd break their little 5 year old hearts to tell them i don't own a gun.

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I own three fedoras of different colors.

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yeah those were good days. Sorry to hear the /b/ invasion /x/ <:C

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I'm suddenly fearful to send my kid to school.

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Everyday is funny hat day for /tg/ because you know that at least some anons will be wearing funny hats while posting.

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I usually wear a Cubs hat?

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MOTHER FUCKER, I will MAIL you a gun just so you can bring them joy! >:|

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Well, they're only black, dark grey, and light grey. But still.

I need a brown one.

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They seem to have stopped for now but none of us are holding our breath for long. This respite is welcome but it only makes us more paranoid.

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You poor soul.

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If I wore a hat I would never wear a fedora, unless you're Harrison Ford wearing a fedora marks you as douchebag supreme. I would however, consider wearing a top hat, or stove pipe hat.

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I wear an Akubra.

No, not indoors.

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It could be worse. I could be a Mest fan.

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Got two flat caps, a pork pie, one WWII furshanka (Soviet combination cover), one ushanka (big furry Russian hat), an engies cap, a WWII jeep cap, a hungarian stahlhelm, and two vietnam-era steelpot helmets (one redone to look WWII for reenacting).
Anyone else half as crazy as I am?

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Wearing a hat inside makes you a bad person.

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Then buy a gun as soon as possible, I would recommend a Ruger Vaquero, looks and functions exactly the same as a Colt Single Action Army but much easier to find, cheaper, and Ruger revolvers are built like tanks as well as having an awesome warranty.


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This thread is now about hats?

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Grade 1 slouch, Grade 2 slouch, Beret, Giggle hat, Tankies cap stolen from the yanks.

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Hey, who's the chick in OP? Artist?


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Guess you wouldn't have been around for this so I'll fill you in.

/x/ is with /k/ now.

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Now? This thread has always been about hats.

/x/? What /x/? I recall no /x/ in this thread.

Move along...

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And that makes a difference in the likelihood of some anons doing it why?

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I still miss /ck/.

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No we're not... They come to help once in a while but officially we're not with /k/. /x/ has always been clinging to /tg/ even when you guys were messing around with /s/.

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I like you anon whom I would assume is either an Aussie or Brit, those are nice hats. Any military hats you're looking for?
I'm currently looking for a proper WWII NKVD furshanka to finish off my Politruk impression and for being a jackass about town on Victory Day. I currently have a plain old infatry officer's furshanka for my infantry officer impression.

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/tg. - hats

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It doesn't. I just thought I would point it out.

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I own an Indiana Jones Fedora, a wicker Panama, A Straw Panama, I have a Ranger (Think Stetson, but the crease doesn't run along the entire hat) my grandpa's Army Barret, a cloth fishing hat, and 3 baseball caps, each with it's own story.

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I don't think so Tim.

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That's /x/tan.

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fuck i missed

/tg/ - hats

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Aussie, actually other than the stolen Tankies Cap, all my hats were issued.

Not that I can wear the Beret anymore.

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/x/ and /tg/ are both virgins. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

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A real soldier then? I'm just a crazy collector who punches people for calling him a Nazi while bedecked in far, far too many Red Stars and Hammer & Sickles.
I would guess that Aussie soldiers get berets like most other modern militaries and with special services and such?
I found that hilarious. Thank you anon.

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When outdoors, I often wear a green alpine cap.

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fa/tg/uys don't go outside.

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We've both known /d/ long enough to know that isn't true.

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Actually we USED to give them to everyone. SF just wore different colours. (SASR fawn, Cdo Sherwood Green).

They changed ASOD so now no-one bar SASR, Cdo, Tankies, and some of the RARs can wear them.

>Red Stars and Sickles

Try being a Left-wing liberal in a military establishment.

It's... interesting.

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Thanks for that, /x/
Good times, and we appreciated it.

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Aw, I wasn't at the party.

Sorry about you getting b& though. I guess that's the risk of being the party host.

Next time, I hope you're behind 7 proxies.

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Would you really call anything /d/ does sex?

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My sun-burn and I take umbrage to your statement. And demand it be withdrawn at once.

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Awww! That's ridiculously cute.../tg/ showing emotions...

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How often do you guys see any ambassadors from /x/ come over here? It seems like they're few and far between, in fact I feel like I'm the only one to have done it in a while.

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No one invited /d/ anywhere... /d/ just shows up.

>> No.10660792

was meant for >>>10660714

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Holy shit, that got a seventh page?

When did that happen?

>> No.10660813

This is the first sign of the apocalypse, right?

>> No.10660841

I don't know but keep going, these pictures are making me "squee".

>> No.10660858

I think that's the last page it got. I heard rumors around /x/ that there were a few more but no one is willing to verify.

>> No.10660890

fi/tg/ents do, however.

>> No.10660891

This is the only one I have that hasn't been posted yet.

>> No.10660897

I wouldn't know, I had seen the first six not all that long ago, and searched all over for more, but found nothing.

>> No.10660924

I have that one already. Aw.

And fi/tg/ents? When did that happen? We over on /x/ are still pasty basement dwellers.

>> No.10660956

Huh... /x/tan is a Sacrier

>> No.10660978

what is this from?
could you please post the first six so i have context?

>> No.10660980

We have some weird freaks that seem to enjoy sunlight and exercise.

I'm not really sure what to make of them.

>> No.10660998

This concept scares and confuses us...

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Sometimes one of us gets crazy and wants to be able to do the crazy stuff our characters can.
It rarely ends well, but it does lead to occasional bouts of outdoor activity other than larping.
/co/ usually puts us up to it, or we may be nerd-raging at /k/

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i enjoy exerdise and sunlight, i just don't have the time to engage in them

>> No.10661032

i must be more tired than i thought

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I thought /co/ was still doing the voluntary house arrest thing as well. We know /k/ goes out to at least test their weapons and sometimes to join the military but we never really thought that any of us would ever leave the safety of our homes. I mean, we put up all those safety circles for a reason.

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Don't mind the pastiness, so long as it's not under direct sunlight it looks good.

As for the fi/tg/ents, probably best not to ask.

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Just because /co/ stays in doors as well, doesn't mean he doesn't try to talk us into some bizarre things.

>> No.10661094

Oh please post more of these! Anything with /tg/ or /co/ in it intrigues us in /x/.

>> No.10661097

Saftey circles?

How do you expect to gain xp from those?

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I don't really want to think of the product of a /tg/ and /fit/ sleep over...

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>> No.10661119

We thought you'd like it... This way when you're sleeping, the monsters in the shadows can't get you at your most vulnerable time.

>> No.10661125

Sorry, I don't really have anything else.
This is all I've got.

>> No.10661144

Thank you, that's very considerate.
Anything to keep them out of the fridge as well?

>> No.10661146

I love you.

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Why is /tg/ a hipster faggot? Where's the neckbeard? Why is he so thin?
I wish people would stop drawing misleading pictures.

pic related, it's /tg/ personified.

>> No.10661162


that's /y/.

>> No.10661165

Well, that's why we bought a ton of salt. Just make a circle around the fridge and your frozen pizzas will be at ease.

>> No.10661174

Speak for yourself, I actually shave regularly.

>> No.10661181

bulkout form is fatguy for comedic purposes

>> No.10661185

For that story it made more sense for White Knigh/tg/uy to be the younger variety of nerd. Y'know, the scrawny college junior that looks like a high school sophomore type.

>> No.10661194

Got anything that'd prevent mother from turning the lights on at exactly the worst possible time while running a game?

>> No.10661195

mystery solved. partially

>> No.10661203

Same here, also not even remotely fat.

Though I'd say that /tg/ pictured with /x/ isn't too /tg/ looking. I'd rather see /tg/ as an average guy.

>> No.10661210


A long time ago, someone did a survey of /tg/, including many pictures submitted, and found that the vast majority of /tg/ers a scrawny hipster faggots.

I guess that puts your kind in the minority. Interesting, huh?

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>> No.10661222

I was just about to ask about that. It raises more questions than it answers though...

Lock the door? Or better yet move out? We actually decided it'd be better off living on our own where no one erases the symbols we've put up all over the place.

>> No.10661233

Thanks for the laughs. Also, delayed post due to spider in my hair.

>> No.10661238

/tg/-tan's supposed to be 20-something. drawing styles/quality vary, etc etc

>> No.10661256

I love tg's face in the last 2 panels.

>> No.10661259

How do you get spiders in your hair?

>> No.10661261

So, is anyone else intensely turned on by that red eye?

>> No.10661270

Hey /x/, I'm working on a gift, do you prefer Fairy Tales or Urban Legends?

>> No.10661274

this was never completed due to the artist losing her hard drive.

>> No.10661285

Who's hatguy?

>> No.10661302

He would appear to be an imperial commissar from warhammer 40,000.

>> No.10661305

Commissar Fuklaw. Ask 1d4chan. There's a board-tan page there too.

>> No.10661308

They lose their grip on the ceiling and get buried in my thick hair.

Urban legends, definitely!

You guys have some awesome pictures. I'm F5ing at the speed of light.

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>> No.10661326

Hatguy... perhaps a unique hat man (hat men being a sort of Shadow Person, which are themselves most likely a sort of Slender Man)? It might be trying to get to /x/ by mimicking Fa/tg/uy.

>> No.10661327

Holy shit, /tg/ is hung like a horse.

>> No.10661342

now i've got that song stuck in my head :/

>> No.10661352

Sometime Wednesday, Wednesday on the west coast of the U.S. that is...
Gift from /tg/ coming.

>> No.10661364

Commisar huh. Hrm...ideas...

>> No.10661367

Actually, she accidentally wiped her hard drive when she was messing around with her computer. Luckily a friend had saved the pic, but she had lost interest in the project altogether. It was supposed to be a gift for /tg/ on Valentine's Day.

As a bard, this makes me happy

>> No.10661372

tags, blah blah. No way I'm posting everything here, too much stuff and last summer board-tans were deemed not /tg/ related

>> No.10661396

I'm not nearly as good as what she's got done there but I could give it a good old /x/ try?

>> No.10661399

How disappointing. What is she doing these days, furry porn?

>> No.10661451

If you're volunteering to be the drawfag, that'd be great

Not really sure. After she got tired of working on the board-tan stuff, she hasn't really communicated. I assume she has personal things she needs to attend to.

>> No.10661458

I am. Lots of weird stuff and I'm loving every minute of it.

>> No.10661467

That's the offer. Like I said, I'm not all that great but I'll give it what personality I can.

>> No.10661493

if you get stuff done, there's a thread on plus4chan that doesn't go away http://plus4chan.org/boards/coc/res/19568.html

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Thank you. Seems like I have to be glad she didn't drift off into anyhting too unsavoury.

>> No.10661506

Anytime /x/. We poor awkward souls have to stick together after all... I.... well... souls in the metaphorical sense at least. Ghosting it up together would be fun too though, I guess.

>> No.10661530

You don't have a rebirth contingency set up?

>> No.10661549

Well if we ghost on /x/ our plan is to try to come back to give the rest of the board proof of existence after death.

>> No.10661565

>> No.10661620

>> No.10661647

As long as it's sincere...

>> No.10661669

I'm just imagining ghosts trying to roll dice and play d&d with the living humans now.

>> No.10661751

I can't believe I missed a hat thread....

>> No.10661856

Does anyone else imagine /tg/tan to have dirty blonde hair?

>> No.10661893


I do, it's because most artists don't shade the hair at all when doing black and white art. Since it's left at the lightest shade possible, I automatically thing blonde.

>> No.10661922


I dunno, after seeing this one I always assumed his hair was brown.

>> No.10661932


Same. But mostly because I have a friend whom that could be drawn from.

Not me though. I have dark hair, and a nice goatee with a 'stash.

>> No.10661938

He got updated a bit.
He looks like Scriptarius now. Basically the same but with blondeish hair.

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