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I was about TWO minutes away from heading to sleep.
Well, there goes my alertness in Calculus tomorrow.

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That didn't mean stop.

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First Chapter: Part 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/9047710/

Most Recent Chapter: Part Some fucking thing: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10548527/

If you want to find the rest, they should be tagged "Maid Quest" on the archive. Or avatarfaggotry/avatarfagging. Trolls are fun :)


Discussion Thread 1: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10342577/
Discussion Thread 2: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive/10400355/


If you're pathetic enough to follow this fucking shit on twitter, it's at http://twitter.com/maidquesttg


You are a young man who has suddenly come into an unexpected inheritance: a rather large mansion and a sizeable amount of money. However, your rather eccentric uncle has put a secret rider in his will: in order to inherit the money, you must:

1. Repair the rather old and decaying house.
2. Hire a full staff of maids to upkeep it.

At least, that's the basic idea. Things have gotten confused since then.

Alien Repair Bots
Reticulan Combat Android in a Sphere
Demonic Ace of Spades - Alicia's Phylactery
Silver Key
Iron Key
Occult Book
Demon Sword
Prince Philip's Sword of Truth
Alicia's Locket, containing Kat's Love
Music Box

--Your Costumes:--
Magician (Magic Missile, Shield, Ritual Magic)
Bloodline Sorcerer (Reality Warping)

--Unassigned Costumes:--

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Oh pish. All you need to know in calculus is that 1 = 2, and you're all set.

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I'm going to stop checking /tg/ just before heading to bed.
Oh well, grabbing a beer.

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When does this quest end?

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--Mansion Status:--
Facilities: Beachfront property, Huge Yacht ("Kat"), Secret Passages (Connects Master Bedroom to Maid Quarters).
Kitchen: Good (4 of 5)
Decor: Good (4 of 5) - BEING IMPROVED BY 1 MAID
Gardens: Average (3 of 5) - BEING IMPROVED BY 1 MAID
Repair: PERFECT (6 of 5)
Beach: Good (4 of 5) - BEING IMPROVED BY 1 MAID

DEFENSES: Being worked on by 1 Maid and 1 Butler

Reginald, Your Butler (Devoted) - Boon

Samantha, Your Head Maid (Devoted) - LOVE - Boon Activated - TROLLED

Koyomi, your Japanese gamer science nerd. (Warm) - SEXED

- Costume Option: Sexy Commissar - Changes her type from ANGRY/ANGRY to Sexy/ANGRY
- Costume Add-on: Blood Splatter - Causes Fear upon dealing damage to an enemy.

Kristopher, formerly Katherine, the redheaded trap-kun (Distant)

Felicia, the cute catgirl (Warm) - SEXED

Jehanne, the paladin of Bahamut (Devoted) - SEXED

Alicia, the former Demon Queen of Lust. (Love) - SEXED

10 XP

When we left off, we'd been looking in on our maids while we were gone.



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rolled 1 = 1

Gonna roll for it. Seems like the fair approach.

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Whatever we do first, I'd like to end the night on Koyomi.

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we're not back yet, I think.

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Just a reminder: we WERE gonna grab souvenirs for the others.

There's something like 12-13 game days left so we're nearing the 2/3rds marks.

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Might as well carry on where we left off with Jehanne.

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When we last left off, we'd dropped in on Samantha and Reginald as they were working on the defenses of the house together.

We cut across to a person whom we dropped in on briefly earlier: Jehanne, Paladin of the Goddess of Love, as she spends her time in her morning ablutions, bathing herself under a waterfall in a forest clearing.

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I never got to mention this in a previous thread.

Samantha's origin story really bothers me.

If Reginald, her father, was a British commando in WWII, and her mother was apparently an SS officer, this means one of three things:

1. Samatha is 60+ years old.

2. Reginald and Ilsa had Sam long after WWII ended; Ilsa probably reformed or something.

3. The "present day" of the mansion is in the 1960's.

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You're a sorcerous fa/tg/uy who's been to hell three times and lives with a demoness, an Angry Marine, and a catgirl, and you're nitpicking the timescale?

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Normally I'd just ignore it as "it's just an RPG, I should really just relax" but this just... bothered me.

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Don't forget that we recently talked to Walt Disney the Happiness-Lich.

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In that case, assume that Ilsa was born just as the war ended, that it's a May/December romance, and that they waited a long time before they had kids.

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... Okay, I'm satisfied. Thank you.

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Well, it's the beginning of a quest thread, so the only choice is Masturbate.

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Its a sidequest, moron. And we gave Jehanne strict orders to not orgasm unless we were there.

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Anyway. . .

You stand knee-deep in the chill water. Although the weather is turning warmer, it is still rather chilly in the morning, and standing knee-deep in a pool of clear water can be rather chilling to the body.

You splash another basin of water over your body, and recite a short prayer to Sehanine, Goddess of the Moon, between each splash. Though your eyes are closed, your mind is alert, ready to hear your goddess' every word.

What you hear, however, is not the will of your goddess, but something else.

"Pssst. . . are you sure this is the right way?" whispers one man.

"Ayup," says another. "This is the way to that thar house, boy."

"And you're sure there's no one there?"

"If thar is, we got no problem," says the second voice. "Most a dem folks is out of the house. We'll be in an' out in no time."

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Complete morning ablutions as normal, keep an eye out for anything unusual. Then proceed with required tasks. I believe we were to expand the magical/spiritual defenses of the mansion?

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Hey Goshujin, just how fuckrich are we?

Like, we can buy anything we want rich? Because if so, we might want to import a BMP-3 and a 9k22 Tunguska for mansion defence.

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Conceal self and subtly ascertain the intentions of these intruders. Arm self while doing so if possible. If they notice you, be bold and suitably paladin-like in spite of the awkward moment..

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INTRUDERS! do we have any stealthy way of notifying Reginald and/or Mistress Samantha to this?

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Stop right there criminal scum!

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get dressed in our dapper attire. open the front left of our dandy jacket, and look inside at the various whistles inside, each engraved with a breed of dog. After glancing upon the ones labeled rabid st. bernard and starving german shepard, we smile and pick both, then blow the whistles.

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Keep in mind, you are currently Jehanne.

Seems that there is disagreement on whether to rip and tear or take a more stealthy approach.

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Note to self: Get a suite of attack dogs for the mansion premises. Be sure to have both standard, cyber, and hellish varieties at minimum. Recommend also a humiliatingly small but vicious breed for people we want to subtly mock for their weakness.

>> No.10656498


Stealthy. Also, current inventory?

And what about getting some Russian hardware for mansion defence?

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Be stealthy. Is our sword within arms reach?

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Stealthy approach. Leading UP to rip-and-tear. Jehanne uses melee weapons.

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Make sure you do this while blocking their escape.

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Do some sneaking. Go get our sword.

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archived. with a note added for the mistagged threads that messed up the count.

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You make a note to yourself to invest in dogs. Dogs would help the defenses of this mansion.

Your current inventory = nothing.

Your clothing and weapons are sitting on shore, out of reach. The voices are coming from that direction.


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Wait. There was someone earlier making a FATAL character with that na-NO! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

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keep that on the down low, please :)

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Dive SEAL style, take only the sword and dive again

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Any way we could sneak back and grab our sword?

If not, how's our unarmed combat?

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I don't like where this is going. And the fact that the GM just asked this to be kept quiet is even more ominous.

Conceal self. Move behind a rock or something, subtly observe shoreline.

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what about the dagger we hide in our vagina?

>> No.10656630

Sound good or failing that hide behind a rock or something.

>> No.10656631

Get sword. Clothing is optional.

We should at least put the maid's headdress on, though.

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I have no idea what you're talking about.

Sneaking back to get your sword requires a Cunning check. Someone roll 1d6

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rolled 4 = 4


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rolled 4 = 4


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I vote we just stealth to the other side of the pond, and haul (bare) ass back to the Mansion and alert THE TROOPS.

which also means Reggie will see the pally nekkid. ooh lala

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As the guy who just rolled, I'm assuming this is going to end with us using our nudity as a distraction so we can get a blade and SMITE something.

Am I correct?

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>I have no idea what you're talking about.
Whatever you say...

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Sadly, Jehanne is not exactly the most cunning person, and she's not particularly stealthy, either. As you go to get your sword, you make quite a large splashing noise as you wade through the water.

You hear the voices stop. "Hey, what was that?" one of the voices says.

"Mebbe it's a secyoority gard? We shuld go tek a look, hyuk."

Reflecting on the fact that Guy 2's accent seems inconsistent, you manage to get ahold of your sword. However, you figure you don't have much time before they burst into the clearing.

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>> No.10656735


Any good hiding spots? Ambush would be good, these fuckwits don't seem to be the most intelligent of lifeforms.

Also, are you ever gonna answer whether or not we can buy a BMP and/or SPAAG?

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I think we're fucked. It was a good run, Jehanne. We'll miss you. ;_;

>> No.10656774

hide in a bush then smash there shins with our sword

>> No.10656781


Oh, yes. While letting loose a warcry that shall PIERCE THE HEAVENS!



>> No.10656787

Explain to me what these are.

As for ambush spots, they do exist, but you're not exactly the most stealthy person. Paladins are more about going in face to face. You could try, though: you'd certainly have an advantage given the terrain.

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Seriously, are we not going to stop the criminal scum right fucking there?

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>> No.10656808

while I'm at it; ROLLAN FER ATTACK. Though pre-rolling doesn't count methinks.

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>> No.10656833

grab some wet silt/sand to sling in their eyes. should provide us a precious second or two.

>> No.10656834

We don't know that they're criminal scum yet.

Which reminds me: Detect Evil.

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You kidding. The ruffians have funny accents and they are specifically assaulting our paladin alone. Unintentionally, but clearly narrative-intended.

This can only mean one thing: JEHANNE IS FUCKED.

Can we still win one maid shy? ;_;

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Short /k/ version.

BMP == Slavshit Bradley. SPAAG is self-propelled anti-aircraft gun; slavshit version is the ZSU-23, with four 23mm radar-guided guns. if you play any game with ground attack planes, these have trolled you before.

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>"If thar is, we got no problem," says the second voice. >"Most a dem folks is out of the house. We'll be in an' out in no time."
sounds like thieves to me

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There is a difference between Jehanne and them.

They do not have a sword, and they are not backed up by Sehanine.

>> No.10656883


It seems that the vote is heavily leaning towards charging straight in.

You grab your sword and, naked as a jaybird, charge the two chucklefucks as they burst into the clearing. They are treated to the sight of a completely naked blonde woman with a sword running straight at them, screaming, "DEATH TO THE INVADER INFIDEL!" at the top of her lungs.

> Your attack roll: 4
> Their Defense: 10

However, as you come up out of the pond, you slip on a mossy rock and stumble to one knee.

(Jehanne has taken 2/10 Stress).

The two intruders look at each other, then look at you, then they grin. "Hey, Cletus," the first one says. "Did you remember the ROPE?"

"Shure did, Virgil," says the second one. He pulls out a 50 foot coil of rope and starts to advance towards you.

>> No.10656892

The BMP-3 is the latest series of the Russian IFV series, carrying a low-velocity 100mm rifled gun capable of firing Frag-HE, and AT-10 Stabber ATGMs, as well as a coaxial 30mm autocannon, and 2-3 7.62 machine guns, as well a shitton of RPG-5s, 7s, and Man-portable Anti Air in the troop bay. The Tunguska is a short-medium range mobile anti-air system with 8 IR missiles, and 2 30mm autocannons, with a shitton of radar and tracking systems, and the capability to engage ground targets.

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I swear to fucking god, if one more of our maids gets raped...

>> No.10656905

That was your mistake.

And, yeah, rope.

B-bye Jehanne. ;_; I suppose it's okay to say it now but I always liked Samantha better.

>> No.10656914

Do the whole pre-battle moon speech thing

>> No.10656922

>50 foot coil of rope
Just so you know, that'd actually be pretty heavy.

>> No.10656924


>we continue to fail rolls

what is that bitch's stats again?

>> No.10656925


ZSU is outdaded, dude, Tunguskas and Pantsirs are the new slavshit SPAAGs, with missiles AND guns in one package.

>> No.10656945


Next time, we shout STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM. Also, attack Mr. Rope.

>> No.10656956

Would you shut the fuck up? We're not going to lose a maid, especially one this important, on a goddamned SIDEQUEST.



>> No.10656966

As most of the thread seems to favor "give up and die, we're fucked," I'm going to go with the one person who seems to be willing to stand and fight.

"STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM!" you scream, as you slash at the rope in the criminal's hands.

> Your attack: 12
> His defense: 12

He jumps back out of the way as your sword slashes at him, cutting only air. "Whew!" he laughs. "Feisty filly we got here! And a fine lookin' lady, too!"

You take a step back and raise your sword in a ready position, your footing now sure. These are clearly thieves or kidnappers, or worse. . . MOORS. And they are clearly here to pillage your manor!

This cannot be allowed!

>> No.10656971


>with missiles AND guns in one package.

Don't fucking remind me. I'd just polished off an Igla via my signature move of "come in at 30 feet off the ground, below their minimum engagement height," and I was about to do the same to the Tunguska when SUDDENLY GUNS.


>> No.10656980


Any abilities we have? would Reginald be within shouting distance? If no to either, HACK N SLASH OUR WAY TO FORTUNE!

>> No.10656981

Jehanne is currently:

Athletics: 4
Affection: 3
Skill: 2
Cunning: 1
Luck: 2
Will: 1

She'll gain some stat points if she survives this encounter.

>> No.10656983


>> No.10656995



>> No.10656998

>if she survives this encounter.
Please do.

>> No.10656999

Attack aggressively! You're outnumbered, so you should seek to equalize things as quickly as possible.

>> No.10657000


Problem, NATO dog?

Don't mind our new 30mm AA guns :3

>> No.10657011


No, I'd rather lose the maid than call in Reginald for EVERY FUCKING THING.

>> No.10657014

Fuck ropes, we know our way around them.

Back to the pond, rope is useless there

>> No.10657021

>implying they're going to rape her
I swear to god if that attempt at making a FATAL character caused this I am going to hunt you down & shove Jessica Elwood so far up your ass you'll vomit exhibitionist for the next year.

>> No.10657023


>a few samefags want to fap to Jehanne rapefic

my suspicion.

>> No.10657045


Reginald is probably not in shouting distance: you like to use this pool of water because it's nice and secluded, and no one will bother you. If you want to get within shouting distance, you'd have to head down the path some.

As for your abilities, you have three basic ones.

1. CLEAVE: Allows you to attack two adjacent targets at once.

2. SMITE EVIL: Allows you a double-attack against one target (roll twice, take the better result)

3. IRON WALL: Allows you to defend up to two other characters. Not so useful right now.

>> No.10657052


If possible, CLEAVE, if not, SMITE.

>> No.10657056


Huh. Isn't Athletics 4 pretty good?

>> No.10657063




>> No.10657066


>> No.10657075

Smite evil! Smite evil! Smite evil!

Always focus fire in a game system without wound penalties.

>> No.10657078

Well it's pretty obvious we want to cleave them now, but we should try and get this fight moving into the direction of the manor. Hopefully someone will see us and we can get some help.

>> No.10657083


Haven't we already established she's from 4e? Just spend an Action Point.

>> No.10657088


SMITE EVIL on rope guy.

>> No.10657090



>> No.10657098

Fuck no. I just smell a fight we can't win.

>tell us we can attack two adjacent targets
>don't tell us if the two targets are currently adjacent or not

>> No.10657104

If we manage to cut one down the other might choose to flee.

>> No.10657113

I want to go back to the pond and fight them over water

>> No.10657120

It is, but not if you keep rolling 1s and 2s :P


Round 1 attack: CLEAVE

> Attack: 12
> Thug 1: 8 (4/10 remaining)
> Thug 2: 2 (4/10 remaining)

You manage to cleave through both guys, leaving behind large gashes on various parts of their bodies. They shout as they recoil, clutching their wounds.

You now have a clear shot towards the manor.

>> No.10657128


Well, I actually survived long enough to dump my rocket pods on that FUCKING Tunguska, then I limped back to base with significantly less wing on my Warthog.

'Murrica Strong, motherfucker. I'm not talking to you because I... I LIKE you or anything! Damn sexy slavshit...

>> No.10657132

Yeah, I think the protagonist has about a 4 for athletics as well. Reginald is at like 8 or something though.

>> No.10657134


Get Reginald. Interrogate fuckwits.

>> No.10657155

We took 60% of their health down EACH? In ONE ATTACK?

Mentlegen, I think we may have this under control.

>> No.10657165

Yeah, their skill is only 2 across the board. Your dice were simply unhappy the first couple rounds.

>> No.10657169


Drag towards the Manor, call in your wingmen to rope'em from below!

And then... then we can interrogate them. By feeding them to the CROCODILES IN THE MOAT.

.... we don't have crocodiles? Much less a moat, you say? Well, we will.

>> No.10657170

>>10657134 here.

Revising course of action. Tie fuckwits up, THEN get reginald and interrogate them.

>> No.10657172

>You now have a clear shot towards the manor.

At the very least get to a choke point where they can only come at her one at a time.

>> No.10657175

Don't get cocky, kid. These two thugs probably have backup, or their next roll will be a crit rope hogtie.

We need to get backup.

>> No.10657176

Incapacitate them, then bring them in for interrogation.

>> No.10657204



>> No.10657210


yes, listen to this man. our dice luck sucks.

>> No.10657222


I'll see your gunmaid and raise you one magical gunmaid.

>> No.10657241


You decide to take these fuckwits down to the manor. Making an Athletics check to drag them down to the house. . .

> Your Athletics: 8
> Dude 1: 2 0/10 Spirit
> Dude 2: 6 0/10 Spirit
> Dude 1 and 2 are both under STRESS EXPLOSION (panic).

You punch them each in the head, put them in headlocks, and drag them down the mountain path towards the manor.

A few minutes later, Reginald and Samantha are treated to the sight of you walking down the mountain path stark naked, with a robber slung over each shoulder. As they look up and gape in surprise, you dump them on the ground in front of them, dusting off your hands in satisfaction. "These curs attempted to rob the manor, and offered violence to my person. I gave them the rightful wages of such sin. What else should be done to these ruffians?"

Reginald thinks for a moment, then shakes his head. "Well, lass, we could either call the police, or we could just take them out back into the woods, have them dig a pit, and shoot them. What do you think, love?"

>> No.10657268



>> No.10657271


>> No.10657296

Interrogate them first. After we finish with them have them stripped, drugged, and bound in the woods.

>> No.10657316

Should probably see where they got their info on the manor from, and if there might be other nasty surprises from their friends.

>> No.10657320

We're Lawful Good. Let us do the Lawful thing and call the police.

>> No.10657325

>Call the police


Take them out back and play Rally Vincent style Russian Roulette with them until they talk. Then off them anyway.

>> No.10657327

remember to break all the bones in there hands, that will stop them from stealing stuff

>> No.10657347

it's also lawful good to hand them over to the head maid

>> No.10657357

No objections against shooting them, but interrogation comes first.
Why did they tought the mansion would be easy prey?

>> No.10657359

... Oh, boy, those guys are screeeeeewed....

>> No.10657360

Did Reginald's expression betray ANYTHING when he saw Jehanne stark naked?

>> No.10657364

after her back story that could be fun.

>> No.10657368


"These criminal scum deserve no more and no less than death," you sneer. "Let them die like the dogs they are."

Upon hearing this, the two robbers start to wail in terror, pissing themselves and hugging each other, weeping like babies. "PLEEEEASE DON'T KILL US!" Cletus wails. "IT WARN'T OUR IDEA TO ROB YER PLACE!"


"What man in the dark sunglasses?" you ask, putting your hands on your bare hips.

"The man in the ol' Bar X bar-be-cue and bar!" Cletus whimpers. "He came to us and said he heard we was house robbers, and he had a mark for us! Said that the place warn't guarded, and that the owner was out of town on a trip!"

>> No.10657369

"Whoa... Haven't felt THAT in a while..."

>> No.10657376

of course not, hes a gentleman.

>> No.10657386

Reginald's face is a cool, composed mask as usual, although you do see his eyes occasionally flick over to glance approvingly at your naked body.

>> No.10657391

I'm sure a lot of the stuff we do at the mansion is illegal, so no police.

Interrogate them as to what they hoped to find in the mansion.

>> No.10657401


>> No.10657410


>the owner was out of town on a trip

... well it would appear we've got a snake in the grass.

>> No.10657416


Just as planned. And let's not forget the picnic basket we were supposed to take to Koyomi. The girl must be starving, although she may not realize it.

>> No.10657431

>I'm sure a lot of the stuff we do at the mansion is illegal
Not to mention the amnesiac underage girlboy who may have been reported as a missing person.

>> No.10657443

Where IS our mansion? How the hell did we get bona-fide rednecks with a bona-fide redneck name like Cletus all the way out here?

And who the hell answers "YES" when someone says "I HERD YOU ROB HOUSES"?

>> No.10657451

like the stolen xeno-tech?

>> No.10657464

You and Reginald glance at each other, then back at the two thugs. Reginald gestures to you, then walks over to out of earshot of the two thugs.

"Jehanne, love," he says, softly. "Who besides you and me know that the young master is out of town?"

"I don't believe that this is a secret, sir," you say, "although we have not been advertising that my liege is away from the manor, everyone who has spent any time here recently would know."

"Or, I suppose, anyone watching from the shore could have just seen him leave on the yacht, too," Reginald muses, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

>> No.10657477

we need Koyomi to make some sentry bots

>> No.10657494

To think, it wasn't that long ago we bribed a milkman to keep him from going to the police after we brutally beat him. Now we're just out and out murdering some guys. I think surviving hell three times has made laws seem trivial to us.

>> No.10657498

with cloaking fields

>> No.10657531

Why DID we beat the fuck out of the milkman again?

>> No.10657539

That just means that someone has been watching. Is the mansion naturally obscured from casual observers? Or is it in an open space?

>> No.10657541


>> No.10657542

"Mayhaps young Koyomi should manufacture us some mechanical hounds with her Scy-ence, so that these things shall not plague us any further," you muse.

"That's certainly not a bad idea," Reginald agrees. "That does, however, leave the question of what to do with these young fellows, however."

"I do not believe that calling the local constabulary would be. . . prudent," you point out. "Many things happen at our manor that may be misconstrued as illegal behavior."

"mmmm. . . yes, misconstrued," Reginald nods. "That's the ticket. For instance, young ladies walking around stark naked in broad daylight for all the world to see. That would certainly break certain public decency laws, I'm sure."

>> No.10657544

And tentacles.

>> No.10657559


That's why I love this quest.

We should get Carmine to come interrogate these guys. Between her SEXY stat, and her ANGRY stat, she ought to have them singing like fucking canaries.

>> No.10657565

Blush and excuse self. Finish our bath and get dressed.

>> No.10657567

because he forgot to bring Skim milk or something.

It involved Carmine.

>> No.10657582

It's private property. Public decency laws don't apply.

>> No.10657589

> It involved Carmine.

Let's be honest, this is the real reason why it happened.

>> No.10657593

Go with this for now.

>> No.10657602

Don't forget to stutter cutely while we do this.

>> No.10657612


"How could a young lady enjoying the fresh morning air be considered indecent? These laws make no sense."

>> No.10657639


Let Reginald handle it.

WW2 SAS DEFINDENTLY knows how to handle things like this.

>> No.10657647

>stutter cutely

Would Sehanine approve of us being ASHAMED of our magnificent paladinly beauty? No she would not.

Fuck the law, we will be fucking naked!

>> No.10657649

Interrogation by Samantha and CARMINE: Good cop and bad cop... er... bad cop and worse cop...

>> No.10657653

We were trying to get are Carmine's good side, and the fastest way to an Angry Marine's heart is through the brutal beating of a milkman with a golf club.

>> No.10657662

Goshujin-Sama, would you mind checking for some replies to the twitter feed, please?

>> No.10657663




>> No.10657670


"O. . . oh. . . oh yes, I'm so sorry," you stammer. "I was so caught up in what I was doing that. . ."

"Don't worry about it, lass, it happens to all of us. Why, there was once a time I was caught taking a crap somewhere in Holland during The War, and I wound up killing three krauts with a roll of loo paper, with my pants around my ankles the whole time," Reginald says, dismissively. "In any case, you should go get your clothes. I'll have the young lady in yellow come down to finish with these scum." He kicks one of the robbers in the side with the toe of his patent leather shoe.

As you walk away, you hear Samantha clear her throat. Glancing over at her, you see her shake her head disapprovingly. "Maid Jehanne," she says, softly, "You are out of uniform. We'll. . . discuss that. . . at a later time."

>> No.10657673

the good cop being Carmine of coarse

>> No.10657702

>"Maid Jehanne," she says, softly, "You are out of uniform. We'll. . . discuss that. . . at a later time."

>> No.10657703


Oh my, I wonder what our punishment will be? A spanking?

>> No.10657713

I hope she brings the handcuffs from the interrogation.

>> No.10657729


And with that. . . would you like to continue with Jehanne's side quest, or switch to Carmine? i.e. would you like some more introspection about Jehanne, or would you like to switch over to interrogating these thugs?

>> No.10657735

Sam isn't that boring.

It should involve at least five bottles of baby oil.

>> No.10657736


Depends, does the introspection involve our punishment for being out of uniform?

>> No.10657742

Considering that Jehanne is a masochist, that would be at least as much a reward as punishment.

>> No.10657749

If you want it to, yes.

>> No.10657753

so ok, we are going to interagate them for more info on the "guy with the black sunglasses" right?

>> No.10657760

If we do the introspection do we still get to do the interrogation? If we can do both, then why not, but if it's one or the other then definitely the interrogation.

>> No.10657761

I never said anything about it being vanilla...

We could be bound&suspended and she could use a good leather bound paddle.

>> No.10657766

I think you're going to get an overwhelming case of DO WANT on the possible Sam/Jehanne shenanigans.

>> No.10657768

I vote switch to Carmine.

>> No.10657778

You can still do both, but it's just a question of time. I'm probably gonna end early-ish tonight, so you might not have time to do both before I quit for the evening.

>> No.10657787

But for now lets switch to ANGERY mode,

>> No.10657796

May as well finish Jehanne's sidequest, then, that way its nice and squared away.

>> No.10657816

That's a good point, we might as well finish before going onto something else.

>> No.10657819

Although we really didn't get any insights on Jehanne, she's had a lot of character development already.

Let's switch to Carmine.

>> No.10657824

Let's do Jehanne. Then Carmine, once Jehanne is done.

>> No.10657827

Just write the damn lesbian sex scene already.

>> No.10657830

Let's switch to CARMINE! Partially because CARMINE pisses off our poor GM, partially because our GM seems to do surprisingly well when he's engaged COUNTER-TROLL mode, and partially because I don't doubt his ability to characterize CARMINE.

>> No.10657841

I feel like our time with Jehanne has been less insightful than our time with Reg and Sam, so I'd like a bit more Jehanne, please. It can be the punishment scene, but I'd much prefer more character building.

>> No.10657846

a pack of invisible wolves

>> No.10657871

Sadomasochistic lesbian sex builds character.

>> No.10657885


so... the krunt?

>> No.10657912

Seems like it's moving towards sticking with Jehanne, so we'll continue.

You head back up the mountain, blushing crimson all over, and make your way back up to the waterfall, where you left your clothing.

Arriving there, you find your clothes right where you left them. You take a moment to get dressed again, and to sheathe your sword at your side.

Taking a deep breath, feeling yourself once again garbed properly for your position, you're about to head back down to the manor when you hear a soft cough.

Your Lady, Lady Samantha, has followed you up the mountain, and is standing nearby with her arms crossed, smiling softly. "Well, Jehanne," she says, smirking. "Mind telling me how a paladin of the Light was caught out by a pair of common thugs?"

>> No.10657928


Bow our head and give a full report to our mistress.

>> No.10657929

Push her in the pond.

>> No.10657934

Goshujin - twitter again, if you don't mind. Direct replies are not functional.

>> No.10657942

Did someone just say something about The Crunch?

>> No.10657955

I love /tg/

>> No.10657967

As out-of-character as this would be... let's push her in.

>> No.10657969

We don't have to be submissive to this bitch.

>> No.10657980

"I have no excuse, mistress."

>> No.10657997


You're both fucktards, learn2RP.

We're a masochistic submissive alone with our mistress... Which reminds me, we need to also beg her forgiveness for being out of uniform.

>> No.10658001


Bow respectfully and then PUSH HER IN THE POND

Then sit on her face.

>> No.10658003

Assuming "caught out" means "caught nude"

"Caught? Nonsense. I was merely taking advantage of the confusion and overconfidence I knew my nudity would inspire in them."

>> No.10658004


I also really want to, but this would fuck up the triangle relationship dynamic something fierce. If Alicia were here maybe they could cat fight or something.

>> No.10658015 [DELETED] 

That's almost as stupid as the "Let's throw the trap at the giand squid!" so sure, why not.

>> No.10658030

This, then give a full report.

>> No.10658040

We don't really know how far Jehanne's submissiveness goes in this relationship. For all we know, they always tease each other before Sam takes over and it's srs lesbian bznz.

>> No.10658054

Seconding pushing her into the pond.

white dress + wet Samantha == sexy.

>> No.10658060

No it wouldn't. Jehanne is clearly in a state after having been ambushed and humiliated by a pair of fucking rednecks in front of her peers.

Either Legs is going to give us the best sex EVER IMAGINED or by Sehanine, we're going to take it by force.

While resisting the urge to orgasm of course.

>> No.10658061


Earlier in this ingame day, she was tied to an X-frame with a vibrator up her pussy, probably first thing in the morning. I'm betting Jehanne is pretty submissive in this relationship.

>> No.10658066

>If Alicia were here maybe they could cat fight or something.
That’s pretty much bound to happen sooner or later, and boy will it be a spectacle.

>> No.10658067

I like this compromise! Let's push our mistress into the pond!

>> No.10658068

so MUCH this!

>> No.10658080

Make report. I don't think it's submissive here necessarily so much as she's acknowledged Samantha as her lord's future wife.

>> No.10658085


. . . okay, here goes.

You bow, respectfully. "I have no excuse, mistress," you say, softly. "I was caught off-guard."

"Well," Samantha says, sniffing derisively. "That doesn't say much for you, now, does it? Letting yourself be caught out like that. . ."

Slightly irritated, you attempt to push her into the pond. . .

> Your Athletics Result: 12
> Her Cunning Result: 9 (4 Stress /10 Spirit)

With a sudden squawk of surprise, Samantha goes into the pond. SPLOOOOOOSH!

>> No.10658087

The vote seems to be in favor of wet Samantha.

>> No.10658097

Trollface her.

"I'm sorry, Milady, were you saying something?"

>> No.10658111

You misunderstand me. Some people are submissive only in the bedroom, and during normal daily activities are not submissive, some are even quite assertive.

>> No.10658114

"Oh my, you should be careful mistress, the stones around the pond are really slippery."

>> No.10658119

"Anyone can be caught by surprise. Now what were we talking about?"

>> No.10658122


Delicious. Our Lord's behavior is leaking over to us.

>> No.10658126


>> No.10658128

I was going to suggest a witty line, but the rest of /tg/ has it covered.

>> No.10658129

I honestly didn't think it would work. Holy fuck. Sehanine must be trollfacing right now.

>> No.10658130

Say this.

Oh! I see you have been cought off guard!

>> No.10658133

Jehanne won't be able to sit for a week after what she'll get for this.

>> No.10658141


>"You let them catch you off ARRRGH POND"


>> No.10658169


Samantha comes back up out of the water soaking wet, glowering at you angrily. "That wasn't very nice of you, Jehanne," she growls. "Now look at me, my dress is all soaking wet. . ."

(Samantha has suffered UNIFORM DAMAGE to Apron, Blouse, Skirt, Stockings, and Underwear. -5 to all die rolls.)

"I'm sorry, miss," you say, blandly. "I'm afraid that the rocks around here are quite slipper. You must have been caught off-guard. I'm not certain how that happened at all." You give her a winsome smile, somewhere between a sweet grin and a trollface.

Samantha glowers a bit longer, then just starts to laugh, shaking her head. "All right, Jehanne," she says, giggling. "You got me there. But don't think this doesn't mean you're going to get away with this. You're a maid, after all. . . and you failed in your duty. That means you're getting discipline." She wags an eyebrow at that last word as she wrings out her wet clothes.

>> No.10658177


Is she actually into pain-play though? I know she scourged herself, but I can't remember if that actually got her off. I thought she was punishing herself in an unpleasant for her way, otherwise it would have been meaningless.

I thought she just liked being dominated and submissive. Denied release, tied up, maybe a little spanking, but not too much, having her partner command her, that sort of thing.

A spanking, paddling, or caning that bad might actually be a total turn off.

>> No.10658183


We should offer to lick our Mistress dry. After all, we got her wet.

>> No.10658184


"I will accept my punishment" and try to hide the fact that our loins are dampening rapidly.

>> No.10658185

"Can't wait, Mistress.

How do the defenses look?"

>> No.10658190


Yay for us.

>> No.10658193


Pick up the rope those chucklefucks dropped earlier and tie up Samantha with it.

Then ask her for instructions.

>> No.10658195

We don't get a description of Samantha covered in water? What happened to your awesome descriptive skills, Goshu? I want more obscure old video game/literature references!

>> No.10658200

Everybody wins in this situation, everybody.

>> No.10658209

You know what? I'm going to say THIS.

It is about time we spruced this relationship up a little bit. Plus I want to see Samantha go all helpless deredere mode.

>> No.10658211

tongues do not work that way

>> No.10658216



>> No.10658225


Alright, I'm gonna need a brofist right here.

>> No.10658248

>Is she actually into pain-play though?
>Her cheeks are flushed, by the way, and she is trembling not only with fear and pain, but something resembling pleasure.
Likely, since this was her reaction to self-flagellation.

>> No.10658268

>But don't think this doesn't mean you're going to get away with this.

So... we ARE going to get away with this?

>> No.10658273

>what is Jehanne into.
She's a masochistic submissive size-queen. See early threads for proof.

>> No.10658280


Dude, Sehanine must fucking love the young master. He's a total troll, but he delivered a totally awesome paladin, gift-wrapped and straight from Hell, to her doorstep.

He's also saving a girl from horrible demonic possession through the power of LOVE and just won't stay dead.

>> No.10658290

Of course, some people in this thread seem to have missed the "submissive" part.

>> No.10658291


>machoistic submissive size-queen

did somebody say DRAGON RAPE?

>> No.10658293


Seems like it's leaning towards going back into the Submissive state, so. . .

You nod and bow to your mistress. "That is right and proper, of course," you admit. "Do you need some help getting dry, mistress?"

"Of course," Samantha says. "Help me out of these wet clothes." She starts to tug at her soaking wet maid uniform, which is clinging to her body quite nicely. Through the soaking wet cloth, you can see that she's wearing a lacy demi-bra. It's black.

She starts to unbutton her blouse and dress, and you help her out of the soaking wet clothes, hanging them up on a tree branch to dry. She strips down to her underwear and sits down on a rock before unclipping her garter belt from her stockings and starting to roll them off her long, shapely legs.

You glance over at her enviously, rather jealous of your lady's smooth, perfect skin. Her hands, you see, are long and elegant, and her every movement is graceful and smooth.

You look down at your own hard, calloused hands, with their short-clipped nails and the scars across the knuckles and backs of your hands from training. Unconsciously, you realize that you've been folding your hands in front of you this whole time. Being around Samantha always makes you feel so awkward and crude, like a trained bear in front of a graceful swan.

>> No.10658294

You know, I think it's about time Jehanne paid Sam back for what she had to put up with.

Tie her up, take her inside. Put her on the X-harness.

You know the rest.

>> No.10658296


He must be some kind of poon-Lich.

>> No.10658301

That explains why she's smiling on us right now.

We must give EvilDomme!Sammy the sloppiest, cutest, most disgustingly romantic lesbian sex in the world.

>> No.10658320

He also almost made the totally lovestruck trap kill himself though.

>> No.10658321

Poor Jehanne...

>> No.10658326


>He must be some kind of poon-Lich.


>> No.10658330


>> No.10658334

I doubt you would, but again I'm going to say TIE HER DOWN AND THEN love her tenderly. Really tenderly.


>> No.10658340

Okay, there is a request to tie Samantha up. Do this or not? VOTE NAO

>> No.10658341


"Oh God, Jehanne, the way you tongue-fuck my ass is so sweet..."

"T-That's because I love you, my Lady."


>> No.10658346

Take that beauty for ourselves!

Dominate for the first time!

Experience something new and wonderful!

>> No.10658349


Bow our head, and wait for our next order, unless there's more undressing of Sam to do.

>> No.10658350


>You look down at your own hard, calloused hands, with their short-clipped nails and the scars across the knuckles and backs of your hands from training. Unconsciously, you realize that you've been folding your hands in front of you this whole time. Being around Samantha always makes you feel so awkward and crude, like a trained bear in front of a graceful swan.

She- she- she doesn't know she's beautiful! T__T

>> No.10658361


>> No.10658369


Sehanine demands passion. Let us show the dommebitch what she's missing.

>> No.10658372



Instead, just tell Sam about our insecurities. Sure to result in DAWWW.

>> No.10658375



>> No.10658379


>> No.10658382

THIS THIS THIS!!!!!!!!!!

>> No.10658385

We feel insufficient.
We shall seize on her beauty. FOR THE GODDESS!

>> No.10658392

do eet!

>> No.10658399

Don't do it. Jehanne is masochist and has been for as long as we've known her. People saying we should tie Sam up are forgetting which character we're playing.

>> No.10658401


The young master is going to spoil her to an amazing extent when he gets back.

He is going to tell her how incredibly beautiful and sexy he finds her. Then he is going to kiss and nibble every one of those scars. EVERY ONE OF THEM.

Then she is going be loved tenderly, followed by getting fucked most forcefully,as the young master indeed acts as the young Master.

>> No.10658402

Don't, not like it matters I can almost hear all the anons faping in advance to Sam getting dominated.

>> No.10658409


>> No.10658416



>> No.10658417


>> No.10658422

Don't. Not in character.

>> No.10658423

an opportunity to troll our selves, say this was on the masters orders

>> No.10658426

Do it!

Imagine getting home to find her as a dom.
Shit would be awesome.

>> No.10658430

Don't do it.

>> No.10658436


We can dominate Sam all we want when we're back to playing the lord o the manor.

>> No.10658441


We tie her up, and then go all heart-to-heart WHILE making her head explode.

>> No.10658444


>> No.10658448

As much as I would like to say we should, it's TOTALLY not in character.

>> No.10658455

Do this instead.

>> No.10658459

I think it's perfectly in character for Jehanne to tie up Samantha once or twice. This woman is a fucking warrior who CLEAVES and SMITES through shit, and even subs and doms occasionally switch places for fun.

It'd be out of character for Jehanne to do it all the time, natch.

>> No.10658461

Do it. Jehanne finds Sam irresistible.

>> No.10658465

Can you people seriously not wait until the main character gets back?

Don't do it. Stay in character.

>> No.10658467

Everyone saying it's not in character:
it could be.

Goshujin is, in fact, capable of justification.

>> No.10658468


... WhaT?

>> No.10658469



>> No.10658471

Bull. We are a paladin of Sehanine. We must inject a little ♥ into this relationship. By force.

Also Sam deserves it.

>> No.10658477

There are times to troll; this is not one of them.

>> No.10658481

It's not about dominating Samantha.

It's about having Jehanne decide to dominate.

>> No.10658495

So true.

>> No.10658496

Don't do it.

>> No.10658499

Tying our mistress to a rock, stripping her naked and then divulging all our personal shortcomings and being all "I'm not good enough! ;_;" with her while making her CUM WITH THE FORCE OF A THOUSAND SUNS is not trolling.

>> No.10658512


>> No.10658513

She's a paladin of the goddess of love and smex.

That means she pursues love and smex with FORCE.

Do it!

>> No.10658524

No, but it is fun.

>> No.10658536

Thread's autosage. And I think G-sama is dead. Or asleep.

>> No.10658545


>> No.10658547

Siding against people who think "smex" is a fucking word is reason enough to not do it.

...oh, and also that Sam isn't beyond having Jehanne sold into slavery or dumped off a bridge just because she looked at her the wrong way.

>> No.10658549


Or just writing a FANTASTIC lesbian sex scene.

>> No.10658553

Jehanne has always had issues with self image and self esteem. She only became a paladin in order to penalize herself for what she saw as her own flaws. Up until last week she was still constantly flagellating herself.

What part of that adds up to her being dominant in an S&M relationship again?

>> No.10658560



>> No.10658566

Goshujin calls it smex.
Read the archive.

>> No.10658573

It's narrow enough so that I'm going to argue it this way. . .

> Your Athletics check: 16
> Samantha's Cunning check: 15 (Stress 9 / Spirit 10)

On an impulse you can't quite understand, you grab the dropped rope and, with a single deft motiion, form a lasso from it. Just as Samantha finishes taking off her panties and putting them up on the branch to try, you grab her from behind, loop the rope around her, and start to tie her up. . .

> Your Skill check: 10 (9/10)
> Samantha's Skill check: 15 (9/10)

You attempt to get the rope around Samantha, only for your mistress to easily slip the bindings. She turns to you, eyes wide in shock. "Jehanne?" she gasps. "What are you doing?"

"Mistress," you say, softly, "You are growing far too tense. You are starting to behave less like a leader, and more like a tyrant. As a Paladin of Sehanine, I cannot allow you to pursue this course of action. I must cleanse you of these evil impulses and bring you back to the path of light!"

>> No.10658579

I suppose that means that I completely tuned that bit out on account if it being fucking terrible of him.

>> No.10658584

Religious epiphany involving Samantha's thighs.

>> No.10658590

that's out of character knowledge. Jehanne has no clue about that.

>> No.10658595

>Sam isn't beyond having Jehanne sold into slavery or dumped off a bridge just because she looked at her the wrong way.
Yes she is. She'd punish her but nothing beyond that for just a little transgression.

>> No.10658601

Forcibly restrain her!

>> No.10658620

... and then find out the young master isn't the only one who always carries an ass-cannon.

>> No.10658626

New thread

>> No.10658627


Sir, you have my attention.
Please continue.

>> No.10658628

Stop this shenanigans. Accept the punishment so we can move onto the awesome interrogation scene.

>> No.10658649

If Jehanne attempts to dominate and gets counter-dominated, that's just fine.
And we all know that, if Jehanne can't take Samantha, that's exactly how it's going to go down.

Though, honestly, I'm rooting for Jehanne. She could use this. It'd do her some good.

>> No.10658654

Also, we need this thread updated in the archive and the new one archived before a troll does it first

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