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I am so desperate for female companionship that I would settle for a hideous mutant like Chem-Rat. What should I do, /tg/?

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Go to a community college, take classes, find girls who hold your interest, ?????, profit!

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Sleep with a Chem rat. Is this so goddamn hard for your derpy brain to fathom?

>> No.10654941

Take that flamethrower.
Disregard the "aim away from face" warning.
Pull the trigger / release.

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Derp Hard 2: Derp Harder

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What should you do? Ritual self-immolation.

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I don't see a problem.

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Have you considered settling for real female humans instead? They run wild and free outside your home. There is a very real chance that many of them would, under somewhat auspicious circumstances, even be interested in *your* companionship.

Only a very small subset of these would find the humor in your being willing to settle for a cartoon rat-girl.

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>community college girls
>talking blobs that vaguely resemble human beings

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Wait, Chemrat is a mutant? I thought she was naturally rat-like in appearance.

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Real girls have many advantages, even if they're not shaped like 12-year old boys or hourglasses.

Besides, one of the more traditional, and rewarding, uses of real girls involves them ballooning in funny ways for a goodly chunk of time anyway.

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Best bet for female companionship?

Hang around areas you would normally frequent, FLGS is a good one, if you like the vidya (as many do here), try to get to a lan party.

Trying for run of the mile girls will end in disaster, as they are clingy and chances are will share none of your interests, and may very well steal your shit.

Your gonna have to not mind fatties, and don't use online anything, them girls are desperate as fuck, and in all the wrong ways.

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And this, college girls are some of the worst scum on the earth.

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Heresy exists, OP.

And it is delicious.

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She's a hrud.

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Hey, you said you'd take mutants, right?

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eh, disregard women, acquire currency, etc.

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Go to places and situations where you are likely to meet women. Ask friends if they know any single girls you might like. Try new activities that involve interacting with new people.

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