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Many were disappointed at the handful of Chapters that would officially be in the Deathwatch book (only 6) and others especially so that their favorite chapter(s) were not included.

Well, Final Sanction has finally given us a look at just how much a Marine's chapter does for him, and it honestly doesn't seem like too much. A Chapter Demeanour suggesting their general behavior and a special ability tied into their chapter's background.

Here are five of the six chapter's Demeanour's and Abilities, courtesy of Final Sanction. For some reason the six pregens include two Ultramarines, leaving the Black Templars out. Kinda lame.

Anyways, take a look. Not that big a difference. So it should be easy to create new Demeanours and abilities for your favorite chapters.

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Chapter Demeanour: Honor the Codex

In all of their duties, from battle to study, the Ultramarines are thorough, analytical, and attentive to every detail. They are slow to anger and rarely make a rash decision. By constant recourse to the articles of faith enshrined within the Codxe Astartes, the Ultramarines are able to face any eventuality with well-practiced battle drills and established doctrine.

Chapter Ability: Favoured Son

Ultramarines consider themselves a pure expression fo the Codex Astartes and among the truest of the Emperor's sons. This pride and unshakable personal belief often manifests itself in their leadership abilities and the example they set to other members of the Adeptus Astartes. A Battle-Brother of the Ultramarines Chapter may re-roll any Fellowship Tests when dealing with either Space Marines or members of the IMperial armed forces (i.e. Imperial Guard, Imperial Navy, etc.)

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Chapter Demeanour: Fury of the Wolf

The Battle-Brothers of the Space Wolves are ferocious and aggressive warriors. Though far from mindless berserkers, they are certainly possessed of a feral exuberance for battle. They have an overriding sense of duty and honour, and are driven ever onwards by a strong desire to right the many wrongs that have befallen the Imperium of Man since the heady days of the Great Crusade. Space Wolves exhibit a fierce sense of loyalty to their comrades in arms and this is on occasion extended to their compatriots in other branches of the Imperium's military.

Chapter Ability: Wolf Senses

As part of the genetic gifts of their Primarch Leman Russ, the Space Wolves have almost peternatural senses that exceed even those of other Space Marines. A Battle-Brother of the Space Wolves Chapter may re-roll any failed Perception-based Tests and counts as being able to see normally in total darkness. However none of these bonuses apply if the Space Wolf is wearing a helmet for a sealed set of armour.

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Chapter Demeanour: Son of the Lion

Although only the upper echelons of the Chapter are ware of the awful truth of the Dark Angels' past, even those newly recruited are possessed of a secretive, even introverted nature. The idea that outsiders are not to be trusted is drilled into the recruits from an early state, and they are tested continuously to ensure their compliance until it becomes second nature. Afterall, a brother who cannot be entirely trusted to keep the Chapter's secrets is unlikely to advance through its ranks.

Chapter Ability: Stoic Defense

Dark Angels are stubborn in attack and intractable in defense, holding their ground against even the most furious of assaults. Once per combat, a Battle-Brother of the Dark Angels Chapter may enact a Stoic Defence. The Space Marine gains 6 Temporary Wounds and his maximum Movement Rate is reduced to /12 his Agility Bonus, rounding up (most Space Marines with this ability hold their chose position and do not advance or retreat!). Unlike normal Wounds, these bonus Wounds are removed when affected by the Damage of any successful attack, and are always removed first before applying Damage to the Battle-Brother's normal Wounds. These bonus Wounds are also lost if the Battle-Brother leaves his chosen location either involuntarily or by his own choice.

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Chapter Demeanour: The Red Thirst

Deep within the psyche of every Blood Angel is a destructive yearning, a battle fury and blood hunger that must be held in abeyance in every waking moment. Few Battle-Brothers can hold the REd Thuirst in check unceasingly--it is far from unknown for Blood Angels to temporarily succumb to its lure at the height of Battle.

Chapter Ability: Blood Frenzy

Blood Angels possess a savagery in combat that has its roots deep in the history of their Chapter. It is a trait that can serve them well in close quarters combat where strength and speed are vital. Once per combat, a Battle-Brother of the Blood Angels Chapter may summon up a Blood Frenzy. While under the ffects of this ability, the Battle-Brother may re-roll Damage dice with melee weapons. In the case of melee weapons that inflict multiple dice of Damage, all dice or none must be re-rolled. In addition, such is the brutality of his attacks that he scores Righteous Fury on a dice result of 9 or 10 rather than just 10. This ability lasts for one round.

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Black Templars are Imperial Fists descendants. Just use those.

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Chapter Demeanour: Aspire to Glory

While fierce upon the field of battle, STorm Wardens are no less committed to the tenets of personal honour and obligation. AMongst the STorm Wardens, one's word is his bond, and honour is paramount. A Storm Warden is slow to make friends, but esteems and protects those who persevere to become companions. Most Storm Wardens enjoy debate and crafting points to support their arguments, although some outsiders see these tendencies as quarrelsome or insubordinate. However, once a course of action has been agreed upon, a Storm Warden will set asie any dispute and carry it out.

Chapter Ability: Thunder's Call

Storm Wardens often choose to prove their honour and bravery by facing foes in single combat and duelling to the death. Once per combat as a Free Action, a Battle-Brother of the Storm Wardens Chapter may isue a Thunder's CAll against any single enemy which can both see and hear him (though it need not be able to understand his language). As long as the Battle-Brother takes no Actions other than melee attacks against the target or moving him into melee with the target, and none of his allies attack the target, he gains +10 to Weapon Skill Tests against it. In addition, as long as the Battle-Brother is engaged in melee combat with the target, it suffers -10 to make attacks against anoyne but the Storm Warden and must pass a CHALLENGING (+0) AGILITY TEST to move away.

This ability lasts until either the target is dead or withdraws from combat (I.e. it retreats and combat ends) or the Battle-Brother withdraws from combat.

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Problem is the 6 chapters in DW are:

Space Wolves
Dark Anges
Blood Angels
Black Templars
Storm Wardens (original chapter)
Anyways, those are the 5 known now. So what can people think of for their favorites?

For example, while I can't think of fluff to write for it, for the Salamanders I could see their Chapter Demeanour being "Defenders of the Weak" and their chapter ability being related to flamers and melta weapons. However I'm hesitant to tie abilities into specific weapons. So instead I think something related to tech-use would be good instead, to represent their ability as craftsmen.

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Aren't Blood Angels (and descendants) extremely rare as deathwatch members due to being generally mistrusted by the Inquisition due to Black Rage?

also: lol @ Red Thirst

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A bonus to melta and flamer weapons sounds good. Aren't they big into hammers as well?

>> No.10654742

Blood Angels, Dark Angels and Templars are all pretty uncommon in the Deathwatch due to not playing well with others, as far as I know.

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Reading up on the Salamanders on the Lexicanum.

Maybe they get to reroll with fellowship for the common people? The dregs, the manufactoria workers etcetera.

And for their combat ability... I got no clue man.

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That won't stop FFG from letting people play as all the (arguably) most popular chapters.


You only get one chapter ability. Ultramarine's is Social based, while everyone else we've seen is combat oriented.

>> No.10654961

Salamanders are master metal smiths, and would likely know the in's and out's of any Imperial weapons. With this knowledge, they could push their weapon to it's limits without causing any damage to it

>> No.10654967

replace bolter with flamer for free?

>> No.10655058


I figure almost any normal mission will begin with the GM giving a briefing and then having the players select whatever they want/can reasonably carry from the Astartes arsenal.


This is why I think giving them a tech related bonus (free reroll to tech-use maybe?) would be good.

>> No.10655067


Maybe something akin to the techpriests 'bless' ability for firearms?

Prevents jams and such?

He rerolls to hit?

>> No.10655259

Well, what about some other chapters.

Iron Hands
Imperial Fists
White Scars

Blood Ravens

>> No.10655296

>Implying Salamanders know tech better than the Iron Hands

It's their whole shtick!

>> No.10655352

Iron Hands may be better all around, but Salamanders are the undisputed masters of weapon/armor crafting.

>> No.10655387

there is some thing wrong with that sheet

>> No.10655476

why no salamander deathwatch?

>> No.10655639


I was thinking their ability should tie into their augmetics somehow.

>> No.10655650


Like I've been saying, it won't be hard to whip up a quick Chapter Demeanour/Ability set for whatever chapter you want to play as.

>> No.10655719


It should probably have to deal with their class as well.

A deathwatch Salamander Techmarine for instance would be more tech or something, while a salamanders tactical marine would have something different.

>> No.10655777

I raged hard when there were Storm Wardens instead of Iron Hands. They fill the tech support role PERFECTLY. Iron Hands have been getting shafted so much lately.

>> No.10655837

is that even possible in Deathwatch?

>> No.10655849


Chapter Demeanour/Ability doesn't play into class.

In Final Sanction, the Dark Angel provided is an Assault Marine, while the Blood Angel is a Devastator. Meanwhile their chapter abilities might be better suited if they were swapped.

However both can use their abilities well in the right situation (Assault Marine jumps into enemies and activates stoic defence. Devestator is pressed into close combat and uses Blood Frenzy to prove his Combat Knife is perfectly lethal to his foe).

I kinda like that the did this, even if its not "optimal". It'd be boring if every Dark Angel kill team member was a Devastator, or every Blood Angel kill team member an Assault Marine.

Heck, maybe that is why they were seconded to Deathwatch, both because their skill stood out in an area their chapter normally isn't considered "super awesome" at, and because they didn't quite fit in because of it.

>> No.10655879


Personally, I like what I've seen of the Wardens so far. I like that they both gave a "nobody" chapter some representation and also finally gave the Calixis a its own home-team chapter.

>> No.10655906


Not quite..... part write - part fluff that I've come across (Part White Dwarf/Unforgiven) indicates that the DA like to send a small amount of high initiative high ranking brothers rather than a large number of normal marines as a means of keeping watch for clues as to the location of fallen and to determine if said brothers is appropriate for indoctrination into the "Order" (A unknown organization to the Imperials created by the Unforgiven for those times when deploying large numbers of clearly identifiable marines wouldn't be in their best interest. The DA's isolationism as far as I can tell has very little to do with it .

>> No.10655928


Known "classes"

Tactical Marine
Assault Marine
Devastator Marine


So, yes, there are tech marines.

>> No.10655949

By that logic, we should have gotten a Black Templar who wielded a Missle Launcher.

Pic related; the dude with the missle is what that Templar would look like.

>> No.10655999

Yeah, there was one in one of the Sandy Mitchell Inquisitor books.

>> No.10656017


Hey, I'm just saying it gives them a bit of character. Instead of "Oh another blood angel who loves to chop people into meaty chunks".

He's also got the Logic skill, I found that amusing for some reason.

>> No.10656042

>Tactical Marine
Shooty marine
>Assault Marine
Slashy marine
>Devastator Marine
Even more shooty marine
Healer Marine
Psyker Marine
Tech cultist that needs to gtfo to Mars

>> No.10656094


And what happens when you need to fix something?

Shooty and Choppy are only the solution to any problem if you're an ork.

Not everything is gonna be combat. Even the sample mission has moments where a softer touch is needed. Deathwatch Kill Teams are eventually gonna need to fix something. Even if its just their equipment.

>> No.10656227


I love the fact that TWO of my favorites are in - Black Templars and Dark Angels, respectively.

Wow, im really looking forward to this, which surprises me, because ive gotten so fed up with the space marine fluff.

>> No.10656288

I suddenly wish to make a Blood Ravens Devastator Marine who will of course wield a MULTILAZOR solely to troll my GM, well that and there aren't exactly any other gatling gun style weapons in 40k that a DW marine would have easy access to.

>> No.10656291


I brought up the idea with my RT group.

... they wanna stick with RT...

>> No.10656334


I don't see how a Multi-Las is trolling, it seems a valid weapon choice.

But for rapid-fire killing, whats wrong with the Heavy Bolter? Or does it have to LOOK like a Gatling?

>> No.10656377

Welp TG, lets do some homebrew.
First up, Angry Marines, Lazy Marines, and Pretty marines

>> No.10656393

There is the Assault cannon but that's hard to use without termie armor.

>> No.10656396

There's a joke behind the multilaser thing, if you don't know.

>> No.10656422


Oh, is a DoW joke or something? I played the games, but never really paid attention to the memes and stuff.

>> No.10656429

Did everyone forget allready that FFG has CONFIRMED that the first supplement will have a CREATE YOUR OWN CHAPTER creator?

>> No.10656461


Chapter Demeanor: The well-intentioned "white man's burden" of the British, but applied to every human who isn't an Imperial Fist. Stolid and unflappable, IF marines take even the most lethal situations in stride.

Chapter Ability: ...I got nothing.

>> No.10656465

Oh, I don't doubt that they will.
I'm just impatient.

>> No.10656467


I vaguely remembered, but if what we've seen in Final Sanction is the extent of the Marine's Chapter's influence, then I don't think such a thing is needed.

Besides, thats the first supplement, which won't be out for a while, meanwhile some people might want to play their favorite chapters right away.

>> No.10656491

It seems remarkably easy to create homebrew chapter traits, I like this.

Anybody know what would be in line with Imperial Fists? I was thinking something along the lines of increased skill/special attack with heavy weapons or something akin to what is written for the dark angels.

>> No.10656538


>> No.10656540

When is this coming out, anyway?

>> No.10656657

So what was so major about the multilaser mehreens Goto wrote?

Why is it such a major issue?

>> No.10656676

no fucking clue

also eldar kidneys

>> No.10656687

>Space Wolves and Dark Angels in Deathwatch killteam

I'm sure that'll end well

>> No.10656721

>read through thread
>no mention of Raven Guard

Another sad, sad day in the Imperium.

>> No.10656749

Chapter Demeanour: Study the World, Teach the Word

The space marines of the Mentor Legion are renown across the Imperium for the lessons they teach to the armies of mankind in the heat of battle and the lull of peace time. Their lessons, given to those who's need is most dire, come from the accumulated study of the entire chapter, who have dedicated themselves to gathering knowledge since their inception. The Mentors Study. They do not shy away from intense, even borderline heretical, studies, such as the study and modification of sanctified technology, archeotechnology, and, some would whisper, xenotechnology. These rumors have attracted the attention of many in the inquisition, but the Mentor's battle record is beyond reproach, and thusfar they have managed to escape too much scrutiny.

Chapter Ability: Sacred knowledge
To be a Mentor is to know more than your fellow man, and to teach them, that they may better serve the Immortal God Emperor. Any Mentor old enough to leave his chapter and join the Deathwatch have no doubt dedicated much of their life to study, and as such enter play with a forbidden lore as a trained skill.

>> No.10656882


I like it.

>> No.10656895

Eh, no matter what they did there would have been fanboys going "Why didn't you do x?"
Really, this is a good baseline, and, if I don't say so myself, a very good depiction of Ultramaheens. Not super ward marines, but 'by the book' marines

>> No.10656921

I was thinking of giving them a 'you know how to make random machines just WORK" skill, but I thought that
A. that might be game breaking, or at least slightly overpowered
B. It's much more mentorish for their power to be "I know things."

>> No.10656958

Chapter abilities:

Salamanders - They know their weapons so well, that they can automatically achieve max damage on a single damage roll. (and roll for righteous fury as normal) i.e. if they have a PF it would be 2d10+14 = 34 damage and 2x righteous fury... Take out a lot of wounds, would that.

Imperial Fists - Double the number of melee attacks for one turn. Player may reroll every die one time for one turn.

Are these too strong?

>> No.10656959


Mentor marine licks blood. Isolates enzymes found only on a specific island on that planet.

Everybody wins.

>> No.10656975

And on that day, Batman installed the Bat-Computer into his brain, and never had another issue lasting more than 2 pages.

>> No.10656982


I'd change it to 'Spend a fate point' to activate the ability once per session.

>> No.10657019

What about his burgeoning bicuriosity about the Joker?

>> No.10657032

seem a little over powered

>> No.10657046

Iron Hands, social rerolls with the mechanicus?

"We need to borrow this titan" (67)
"No... Dear Omnissiah no! Why would you even..."
"Keys are in the glove box, remember to tip your princeps..."

>> No.10657049

Marines can do that anyway, they've got an implant.
Salamanders are way to fucking powerful

>> No.10657060


Not bad. however their ability just being a free skill is something of a waste if you ask me.

Maybe a +10/20/30 to Lore tests?

>> No.10657072

>>10656958 34 wounds

So, it would only take 3 hits from that PF to kill the Broodlord. Sounds about right, actually... (80 wounds)

>> No.10657082

rolled 6 = 6


Yes, but can he identify the obscure planet its from? From memory?

>> No.10657092

Burn a fate point.
Consider that in RT (a similar game), you can burn a fate point to keep someone from dying as a priest. Now, DW is more powerful, I bet, but that should give you an idea of what we're looking at

>> No.10657123

I didn't want it to be too powerful...
Maybe negating the penalties from not having a given lore specialty? To represent that he just heard it somewhere during his training?

>> No.10657144


You could probably call in a fire support mission for that.

With the horde rules the fire support eliminates 1d5+2 hordes from a given area. Plus each surviving horde group must roll as if each is at 50% strength.

>> No.10657161


Oh! How about *All* lore skills count as basic skills?

All of them.

So basically you're rolling at half Int to have a chance of knowing almost any fact (modified by difficulty, of course).

>> No.10657182


That, I think would be better.

>> No.10657184

That's a good way of doing it.

>> No.10657229

Space marines have a brain implant that makes them remember every single detail of everything they ever see or hear. Forget what it's called.

>> No.10657236


They're recolored Blood Ravens, which in turn were recolored Dark Angels with less personality.

Chapter with a past/dark secret lost to everyone but the chapter, guarded closely.

Not a fan of Dark Angels, definitely not a fan of their 2nd and 3rd generation of inbred offspring.

>> No.10657259


That may be so, but not every space marine chapter reads as extensively.

But who knows.

>> No.10657290

Perhaps they do have perfect memories, but few battle brothers will commit to memory the workings of a las rifle, or how to improve the power couplings by modifying the STC model with a 68 jigawatt power converter.

>> No.10657314


Oh come on, that doesn't make them copycats. Yeah, its the worst part of their fluff, but the reasoning for it is understandable.

By doing that they avoid stepping on GW's toes and give GMs an excuse to do whatever they want with the Chapter.

Warrior Monks with a liking for civilized debate and discourse, who highly value the concept of personal honor and one's word, and also a habit of carry Claymore "combat knives" into battle does not seem like a copy-cat of the Blood Ravens.

>> No.10657377

Care to provide a reference for that?

>> No.10657383

And what is your sauce on all this, OP?

>> No.10657397


It's their "thing", though, and it's a cop-out that's been done twice before. It was barely interesting the first time, even less so the second.

I would like them a lot more had aforementioned cop-out not been a part of the Chapter.

>> No.10657415

Nevermind. I fail hard.

>> No.10657455


wait what?

>> No.10657481

>>10657455 >claymores >wait what?

claymore = combat knife, but 2 handed and +4 damage

>> No.10657490

Oh shit!


Get a decent pdf copy while its hot!

>> No.10657535


I need to register? <_<

>> No.10657549


No, their "Thing" is Honour and Debate.

And Claymores.

And The Once and Future King (Chapter Master).

>> No.10657573


No confirmation, just throw in some junk info. Just keep hitting accept/continue even if it asks for credit card and stuff (its free so it will keep going).

>> No.10657578

...So, claymores then. As in honest to god, scottish highland claymores...

>> No.10657583

probably the deathwatch home page or Final Sanction

>> No.10657635


Whoo okay got it.

>> No.10657652


Well, I'm basing this off the sword the Warden Marine in the piece of art in >>10657314

And the fact the Pregen Warden Tac marine has a "Sacris Claymore".

Also, they're Welsh, not Scottish.

>> No.10657677



>> No.10657697

>Welsh Space Marines
>my face

>> No.10657701




Do you read or just type?

>> No.10657715

jpeg scans were posted yesterday, i think soemone did pdf on megaupload, of around 50 Mo...
I do have have the jpegs. do you want i upload them here ?

>> No.10657728


Oh, and for reference, a regular Astartes combat knife is listed as 1d10+2, Pen 2. So the Sacris Claymore is 1d10+6.

Also with their Unnatural Strength x2 and +2 SB from power armor they add +10 to that. So the Warden is swinging his Claymore at 1d10+16...

The Dark Angel with the powerfist is even crazier, especially if he uses his jump pack to add force.


I just provided a link to a legal download, check >>10657490

>> No.10657746


>> No.10657769

>Do you read or just type?


>> No.10657792


Meant the other guy, not you AAW. You're a good guy.

Its just, as soon as a book cover pops up, its DURR SCAN!? Yeah.

>> No.10657834

>Welsh Space Marines
>my face
fuck you

>> No.10657886

Downloaded it. Thanks AAW.

I'll reupp it someplace else for people.

>> No.10657907

Man, its so nice to have a decent PDF now. I don't actually have to squint to see through the weird rainbow pattern from the original scan (though I am still greatful to anonymous for the scan).

I hope I can convince my group to let me run this as a one-shot. I know our GM would appreciate the chance to take a break and be a player for once.

>> No.10657922


Hope you did't use an actual name, it tags whatever name you used into the lower left corner of every page.

>> No.10657945

>inb4 Welsh Space Marines fuck sheep

>> No.10657951


Of course I did.

I am 'fadfafa gfdgafga'

>> No.10657953

I'd kill for one of my players to volunteer to run this. We're just about finished with the first campaign for Rogue trader, and I know they're going to want to shelve their characters to play this for a bit. I wanna be the guy, damnit :(

>> No.10657983


You are also a member of 'I DM all the time' group.

I feel your pain.

>> No.10657986

So, /tg/... let's say I want to play space marines on the tabletop.

Counts-As Black Templars, or Vanilla marines with...?

>> No.10658019


I've been toying with ideas to run DW for a while. Becoming increasingly interested in it. Mostly to see if they can make it more than just a combat fest. So far Final Sanction is proving that they can, to an acceptable extent.

Its also very similar to how I figured a mission would go. Modestly open ended and with a kinda "FPS game" style action plot. (Republic Commando was one of my inspirations as far as ideas go).

>> No.10658024

if you had actually paid attention to my post you would have seen me cursing at him for making fun of the Welsh

>> No.10658172

30 minutes for a search able, or if you don't wanna due the whole registration thing...

>> No.10658186

Now that's just silly.

How would a Space Marine shag a sheep?

>> No.10658203

You're right of course.
They'd have to find a grox, sheep are all but extinct

>> No.10658593


searchable PDF.

There you go, special thanks to AAW ,who found it in the first place.

>> No.10658632

Thanks chum. Got it from RPGNow myself and didn't enjoy seeing my name glaring at me from the bottom of every other page. Going through now and trying to rip the art. Seems that alot of it is cut into pieces though, so that'll take time.

>> No.10658900

Annoyed that all the text and logos are part of the image, but what can you do?

>> No.10659050

>> No.10659110

>> No.10659176

>> No.10659208

>> No.10659248

god i think i could almost fit my head into the barrel of that gun

>> No.10659250

>> No.10659341

Rest of the art can wait. Borders are merged with it and it's time for work now.

>> No.10659616


>> No.10659890


>> No.10660167


Thanks for providing alternatives.

>> No.10661061

is it safe?

>> No.10661601

Drive Thru RPG has it up now too.


>> No.10661712

>Notices x2 Unnatural Toughness and Strength in both sheets
>Assumes Space Marines now get these be default
>Remembers that max damage a Harlequin's Kiss can do is 18pts

How is anything going to kill these things? With demons you usually have to think your way through, but now... Movie marines anybody:s

Seriously if a Harlequin can't take out a Marine then something is very wrong!

>> No.10661908


1d10+8 Pen 10.

So their power armor isn't even counted.

So getting hit by the Kiss is 1d10 wounds (the +8 accounting for their Tgh bonus)

Seems decent. A few hits and they're in trouble.

>> No.10662159

I'll give this a quick shameless bump before bed. Not that I really expect it to be here when I wake up.

>> No.10662197

Combat servitors with multimeltas. The Rogue Trader's best friend.

>> No.10662332

The whole Deathwatch RPG has gone straight past me, how long has this been out ?

>> No.10662397

It's not; this is just a preview/quickstart adventure.

>> No.10662462

There better be some Imperial Fists

>> No.10662522

Ah ok, thx man ^^
. . . als no release date yet ? :P

>> No.10662639

But.. But.. I wanna play a Salamander. More precise, a member of the Prometheum Cult.

>> No.10662869


>> No.10663462

I think we're looking at "this year." Probably in Fall/Autumn, possibly early Winter.

>> No.10664531


Like I said earlier in the thread, won't be hard, it seems, to do up other chapter.


IIRC the only sure thing is it will be out this year.

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