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Why are 40k artists so damn retarded. Or is this stupidity just required inn all GW artwork?

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...Why would you put a scope in a flamer?

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I was wondering what you where complaining about.

Then I saw it.

I laughed.

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combi-bolter, bolter underslung

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you have no idea how far and how straight that thing fires.

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It's a Combi Melta second, Bolter first. The Scope is for the Bolter, or dead on Melta-Gun shots.

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I was kind of squinting to work out what was wrong with it.

Then I saw it, and burst out laughing for a bit.

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Scope feeds into their black carapace auto sense.

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the scope is futuristic and can see through the iron site

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it's so he can see the heresy burn in MAXIMUM DETAIL

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Because it is a combi weapon. Duh.

wait a minute...

Oh. Oh fuck okay that's really funny. Holy shit. Fucking laffo.

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Ok, here is a though, I mean reasonable though.
This man is missing half his face right? Its made of gold or brass or some shit.
The use of his right eye could be completely gone. So, what is on his weapon? A sight, a scope, or a cybernetic interface so that his right eye can see from its POV. Sounds good to me.

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>Or is this stupidity just required inn all GW artwork?
>stupidity just required inn all
>required inn

I will admit, this is a new one.

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It's the fact that the iron sight completely obstructs the view of the scope.

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Tycho isn't missing half of his face, jus the half under the mask is frozen in a rictus grin due to Weirdboy voodoo.

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...Except the iron sight is right in the way.

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If it is a flamer, prometheum reacts on contact with air- Flame not required.

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Lol, the artist wasn't paying attention.

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The scopes point of view is an upright piece of iron.

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The fore sight obstructs the optics and there's no rear sight.

The person who drew that picture has never fired a weapon in his life.

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That's not even a scope; the only Space Marines that even know what a scope is are Scouts with sniper rifles. Beyond that point, scopes are crutches used only by inferior troops such as Guardsmen and rebel scum.

Look at that gilded, intricate armor. Look at the gold half-face mask. Look at the pretty little wreath in his hair. That bolter attachment is obviously a reinforced mirror so he can restyle his hair in battle.

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Space Marines are fucking stupid. They're nothing but food that doubles as a toy. The Hive Mind told me so.

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This is odd...

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you're looking at art that's marketed to a teenage demographic with fantasies of hyper masculinity.

the problem isn't that the art its retarded, its that you don't comprehend why its retarded.

really you're just lucky the marketing department doesn't decide its a good idea to make bolters shoot dicks.

>I did sir, Matt Ward is on the phone right now! We'll have phalluson-pattern bolters before the year is out!

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It's a pity because this would be an awesome picture if not for that one troublesome derp.

Speaking of such things, anyone have the kneeling Templar with the backwards chainsword?

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Doesn't help that the scope just looks right at the iron sight.

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>Implying this kind of stupidity isn't inherant in most artists, regardless of subject.

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>The fore sight obstructs the optics and there's no rear sight.

>The person who drew that picture has never fired a weapon in his life.

Guns. They make you realize you don't have x-ray vision.

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Space Marines use scopes all the time.

Also, Tycho styles his hair with the blood of his enemies, he isn't a pretty boy.

Troll fail.

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It's his tactical dildo holder, not a scope you noob. Everyone knows Space Marines don't use scopes.

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It's been a requirement from day zero.

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You're worrying about it. Stop.

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Mat Liefield and Rob Ward. Like Alpharius and Omegon. Names exchangeable, fates forever intertwined.

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Maybe the iron sight purposely obstructs the scope
So he doesn't have to look at Xenos' face while he kills them

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The iron scope obstructs the other scope.


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That's 2nd Edition; I've still got my copy of it.

But believe it or not, that bolter is less retarded then the origjnal one.

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There's a hole in the ironsight.
Your argument is invalid.

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I see a folding part which elevates the scope. SCI-FI WEAPONRY.

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To be fair, that's true of almost any weapon design, ever. The Rogue Trader-era bolters looked awful beyond comprehension.

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Where did you find that artwork OP?

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The guys name in OP's image is Captain Erasmus Tycho of the Blood Angels.

And his weapon is a bolter-melta combi weapon, dont ask me why the melta is on top and has a flame starter at the end because it's just the artists own ignorance.

Kick ass art though, hard to believe someone from GW has this kind of talent.....

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Having both irons and a scope lined up is something that is done in this day and age, it's called co-witnessing. That front sight post is too large to be practical though also there don't appear to be rear sights which therefore renders it useless.

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It is nice art, but forever ruined for me thanks to OP.

*shakes fist*

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What's up with those red circles with the ribbons coming out of them? Why do I see them everywhere?

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They are purity seals. Presumably, Imperials attach them to things to make them purer.

/r/ that drawing where the Marine has his purity seal on his bolter's magazine.

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Purity seals, they do nothing but get in the way and make you look more retarded.

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Purity Seals. Markings of devotion to the God-Emperor and Chaplains dictating how pure you are. Some are even oaths or mottos of the moment.

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Not to make them purer; when a tech priest examines a piece of equipment, he'll attatch a purity seal to it to say that it's not heretech or corrupted.

It's like a little certificate of not-Heretical.

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wax seals

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I really don't like this artist, in every single artwork he does of marines some MAJOR anatomy issues always arise. Now marine anatomy is really off I get that, but the other artist that does a lot of work for GW makes it look fuckawesome, aka space wolves cover.

Check out page 4 of the BA codex, same artist as OP's pic. Dude's leg is on sideways in the foreground.

Page 44, same artist, skipping death company.

He can't even get the Blood Angel's chapter symbol right without it looking like an Ultramarines upsidedown Omega.

I can forgive the early artists, as they usually were not artists but the same guys who were writing the rules, but this guy should not be making money doing this line of work.

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They're like prayers and blessings sealed with wax on the armour

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>my face when the iron sights have a hole

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What's the deal with the fucking cup?

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/r/ing the op pic without the red circle

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Blood Angels holy relic. Gives them Feel No Pain and Furious Charge.

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Forgot image

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Adrian Smith should do all of GW's art from now on. Fuck Blanche

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Instead of drinking wine that represents the blood of Jesus, they drink blood that represents the blood of Sanguinius.

Blood Angels have this sorta on-again off-again vampire thing going on. Where instead of drinking blood from a seduced woman's neck, they go into an incurable berzerker rage and want to rip heretics' throats out with their jaws. It's a gene-seed flaw that makes them relive Sanguinius' final battle as if they were him.

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Hey, check out the wings on the chapter symbol for the blood angels in that pic. Looks like the Ultramarines had the greatest lasting effect on the Blood Angels after Sanguinius died afterall.

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How did I not notice that.
yessir, this is teh dumb

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This is Imperially dogmatic as shit, you're going places.

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>Fuck Blanche

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The Bolter the Marine on the left has was designed by the same guy who made OP's.

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thank you, have some Deathwatch

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Blanche is artistic management I think, he isn't going any where..

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Holy fuck his body's proportions are ridiculous.

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Smith is the only artist who's images stay accurate to fluff

(plus he puts insane detail into his work)

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This is a flamer, the artist obviously does not know how a meltagun works. Melta weapons are LAWLS HEATRAYS

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He's a Space Marine,what do you expect?

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would it be an oxymoron to say that I would like to see something like 40k, that's based on harder science yet still tackles the same themes?

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why do those Ultramarines have a blood drop in the middle of the U, and why is their armour red?

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What makes guys like this better than anyone else?
Do they shoot better? Does that even matter when basically all weapons do splash damage?
Are they better at CQC? Does that matter when everyone has guns?
I don't understand.

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Holy short arms Batman!

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finally someone fucking noticed

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It's an X Ray scope, clearly it can see through the iron sight, because it sees only the heresy in the hearts of its target.

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>Do they shoot better?

>Does that even matter when basically all weapons do splash damage?

>Are they better at CQC?

>Does that matter when everyone has guns?

i hope that answers your questions

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Come on dude. Some chicks like to play hyper feminine things too. It's fun pretending to play something you will never be. Like a superhero or that shit.

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Auspex? Maybe? No. Who am I kidding. Fucking Blood Angels. Only they are this fucking dumb.

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Melee matters when most guns can shoot - at maximum - 200 meters. Which is actually about the range of a fucking crossbow.

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They are superhuman supersoldiers... thats basicly it. When everyone else will drop trow and run, they don't. they need little sleep over extended periods and little food as well. they are able to withstand alot more damage to their bodies and their armor makes them even more tank like. their reaction times and such are much much higher then the rest of humanity's.

that explain it well enough for you?

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Anyone have anymore of these pre-made Deathwatch Character Sheets? I have Final Sanction, but I keep hearing there's more out there.


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rolled 7, 4, 3 + 4 = 18

no one else notices that the guy's armor is basically the anti-emperor's armor?

his right knee is of a screaming bloody tortured face, the emperor's left knee was of a human's face shouting out/singing.

the face and the golden olive leaf crown are also emperor only accessories...


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