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Mandalorians > SPEHS MAHREENZ

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yes. your point?

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Only if Karen Traviss is the author.

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Matt Ward says otherwise

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Whats a Mandalorian? Is that like a bunch of Boba Fetts or something? He was kind of a fuckup you know.

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Fanfic Wank-Off!

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Where are these colored pics from the Blood Angels codex coming from?

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I Lol'd

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Imagine this, Boba Fett's armor was incomplete and he was a roguish character. Give him the full armor, better equipment, and the discipline to fit into an army of similarly equipped and better trained bastards, and that is the Mandalorians. An army of militarized and at one time knighted Boba Fetts.

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They're those people with armour that deflects light sabre rounds or something right? I don't know my Star Wars fluff well but I know Boba Fett had a suit of their armour.

Boba Fett was cool and has a big cult following but I don't think he could beat up a two hearted acid spitting silverback gorilla wearing a tank.

So I assume Mandalorians can't either.

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Someone who knows their shit

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Jaster Mereel willingly left Concord Dawn to follow in the footsteps of his spiritual liege, Marneus Calgar.

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I had the weird recollection that there was some unit in 40k that just SCREAMED Bounty Hunter/Mandalorian to me... now I cannot remember.

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In b4 "I'm going to pretend that the laser weapons in the setting I prefer are more powerful."

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Anything > Space Marines

As long as you shoot beyond two feet of course.

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Yeah but half a fuckup is still a fuckup. Hey those clone guys on the other star wars shows are like Boba Fett right?

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What laser weapons?

SW guns are plasma based, Roughly as good as a hellgun or hotshot lasgun.

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Now that I think of it closer to an old hellgun.

Not the new hotshot.

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Honestly I don't see what's so bad about Traviss, sure the characters are a bit cliche and not quite flawed enough but they are still better than the average jedi.

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Because Boba and Jango Fett were expert bounty hunters solely on the basis of luck.

Durr mandalorians are shit, Traviss is a fuckwit


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Does Boba Fet have a missile? The other Boba Fett had a missile.

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SW has far superior tech to the Imperiums; that is, they have tech that is equally destructive, but far more reliable, smaller, and more efficient. Plus - lightsabers. Kicking the living FUCK out of Power Weapons since the age of Darth Bane.

Oh, and the Jedi don't suffer perils of the warp.

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I would guess a power field would work just as well as another saber blade.

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Can starwars stop time? or use telleporters?

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not at fuckin all, they have this

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Also. Can Starwars deal with dominantly projectile based weapons. All their tech is based on fighting enemies who use pre-dominantly laser and plasma tech. OH SHIT THE ENEMY IS USING GAUSS CANNONS TO ATTACK OUR SHIP WHAT DO WE DO?! SW shields are meant to deal with lasers and such, not weapons like gauss cannons and the like. Suddenly... Mass effect vs Star wars. inb4lolololol my universe is better than yours.

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In 40k, planets communicate by unreliable warp-travel and smearing animals on walls.

Enough said.

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SPACE MARINES > shitalorians

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No they deal quite well with projectiles.

they do have particle shields for solid objects.

Hell they have shields that can hold gasses and allow solids through, and some of them are speed relevant.

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Space Marines < Pretty much anything

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Aren't the Mandalorians extinct? Doesn't that seem to indicate that they're garbage?

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Mandalorians are more interesting than Space Marines. Who gives a fuck about power levels?

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>my face when people are reasoning with physics in the Warham or the Starwar universum

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Not really they dissolve every now and then, sometimes for several hundred years but they always come back.

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Mandalorians are not a single race

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I dunno, Lasguns are described as being able to blow the arm off of an unarmoured target.

And the weapons only get more powerful from there.

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The real problem I see is heavy bolters. Most Star Wars armor is hardened against projectiles, but we're talking normal infantry weapon projectiles. Not mini-rockets.

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Furthermore lightsabers aren't the only weapons that are good at cutting through stuff, there's power/phase weapons which can cleave through tanks and stuff.

Also I'd like to see a Jedi block a melta.

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It's rather debatable, high quality commando armour is capable of stopping shattergun rounds (IE Railguns) however that armour is insanely expensive (Costs more than a tie fighter) and the mass produced armour is likely considerably weaker to maintain low cost.

Furthermore since enemies seem to be using blasters as the weapon of choice, it seems obvious that they'd skimp on kenetic protection for greater energy protection.

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In tijuana you can pay to see that for 2$

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that's not a melta

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Yeah he blocked a shot from a grenade launcher, not a melta, which are heat weapons capable of cutting through TANKS.

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Same armor was pierced by stone-tipped arrows.

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How does he even move his fucking arms?

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Futhermore certain marines would be able to easily cut through mandos/jedi.

Librarians, Grey Knights, Reasonable Marines, ect.

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He dosent.....

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to add to this, http://s661.photobucket.com/albums/uu334/paulsongames/Star%20Wars%2040k/

the helmets in question are part of the normal CSM sets I think, if not, then the 1k sons

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Power armor.

The armor is powered.

It moves with him.

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Perhaps, but also
Klingons > Mandalorians

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Mandorians cannot be superior than Space Marines.

They're from Star Wars.

The only good thing that ever came out of Star Wars were the Death Star and Darth Vader.

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Some power weapons ARE lightsabers. In the first Eisenhorn book, his sword was basically a lightsaber. Then it got destroyed and was never mentioned again. In any fluff. Ever.

But it's still canon.

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Plastic Vader was pretty fucking kewl tho. Emo Vader not so much.

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Fuck you, Jolee Bindo deserves a mention!

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Mandalorians have the uncanny ability to pierce through the Jedi Plotanium/Mary-Sue armor.

And expose them, for what they truly are: Faggots in bathrobes, swinging lightsticks.

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Fuck Bobba Fett and his pansy ass jetpack/pistol mandalorians.
REAL Mandalorians have huge guns/robot mounts and that means they have huge guts.

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When written by Karen Traviss, yeah.

Up against Matt Ward, however and they'll soon be recognizing Marneus Calgar as their Spiritual Liege.

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Mandalorians are like the mongols of the star wars galaxy.

Why the hell did that idiotic bitch try to make them appear as the ideal culture?

Damn you Karen Traviss! turning a whole kickass culture into a mary sue.

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The basilisk wardroid: Just seeing one hurts like hell.

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>this thread

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Haven't you heard OP?
Now Mandalorians are peacefull hippy faggots.

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Need I remind you all that Force Storm > Mandalorians.

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*puts fingers in ears*


Is Karen Travis behind 3d starwars series?

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If it contains mandalorians and its incredibly retarded karen traviss is definitely in it.

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I thought she left due to these new peaceful mandalorians not being enough like her mary sues.

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>>Aren't the Jedi extinct? Doesn't that seem to indicate that they're garbage?

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How can Mandalorians be mary sues? They're like the Orkz of Star Wars.

At worst, they have the "rule of cool".

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Peaceful mandalorians?


... allright, I lost it for a moment. Please elaborate on this.... mandalorian kind of things.

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>*puts fingers in ears*
*plops his ballz on your head*

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Star wars cgi saturday morning series.

Mandalorians turned peaceful and rejected their old ways and banished those, who didn't conform.

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"Now we are good lol! we love jedi and stuff. War is gay"

Like that? mother of god...

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à la warcraft orcs.

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....why? I mean, mandalorians where a whole culture of blood knights, fighting for the sake of fighting and screwing people over.

Why is that characterization not good enough? I mean, from a writing point of view, they would work as a wildcard, being able to be on the protagonists or the antagonists' side, and switching sides at a moment's notice.

Keeping them true neutral is much more interesting than turning them nuetral good. And if they are lawful good I swear I will go and kill the producer with my bear hands.

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You know, the show is made for kids. I'm sure the "humane mandalorians" are more appealing to children than the "neckbeard-friendly variety".

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Modern tv is turning kids into pussies. In the 90s asshole mandalorias would have been aired.

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Clone Wars is a farce.


This is the only acceptable interpretation of Mandalorians. Trust the voice of Bishop from Aliens.

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>Asshole Mandalorians

This came into mind

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Holy shit are you a werebear?

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" I am here to kick ass and drink blue milk. And I am all out of blue milk"

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No dude. I have bears in the place of hands.

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A single faction. Alpha02 overthrows them later

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What actually happened in that episode was they introduced the Death Watch, who were "real" Mandalorians. IIRC one of em also kicked Kenobi's ass.

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it was more of a draw really

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And even the true Mandoe agreed with the deathwatch that day.

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there was so much rage over that guys light saber on /co/

>> No.10650161

is that a black light saber?

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I say only this: Ke nu'jurkadir sha Mando'ade.

Too bad Geroge "fuck the fans" Lucas puked, shat and pissed all over Karen Traviss' cool mando'ade.

I wish she had gotten to finish the Republic Commando/Imperial 501 series. A love teh series but it feels bad that we will never get to know if Sev survived and what happens to Darman and his son.


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Look at the shape.

It was gonna be a Beskar/cortosis blade
but :Luckas wanted his sheshull lightsabers to be left unchallenged by non-saber blades in film/tv.

I liked the series, she left the characters too perfect but they were still fun.

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>faggy bobba fett armour.

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Yeah she did an awesome job with the mando'ade. Giving them a culture and a history in a way I haven't seem any other writer do before or since.

My copy of Triple Zero is about to fall to pieces because i have read it far too many times for my to count.

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That was my favorite of them too.

Don't gush too much though this crowd isn't her biggest fanbase.

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Well screw them. It's their loss.

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Nah, /tg/ is mostly of the opinion that the Republic Commando books were boss.

What they unequivocally hate is her ham-fisted Mandalorian insertion into the NJO books and the equal rendering of Jedi into useless blathering idiots.

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It's better to acknowledge her failings along with her good stuff.

>> No.10650673

I really like how she wrote the Null ARCs. I'm amazed how she made them superior to the Alphas and Commandos but still managed to avoid any Marty-Stu tendencies.

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According to me Star Wars would be awesome if it wasn't for all the "HURR DURR I'M A JEDI" fuckwit characters.

The best Eras in Star Wars are from Clone War to early Rebellion. The time when Jedi's were getting their collective butts kicked or were almost nonexistent.

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Jedi are overused, yes and poorly implemented by bad authors.

I could definitely go for some Jedi whose rigid adherence to their order's teaching cause problems with regards to military operations and negotiations. Good-intentioned idiots, more or less, but the Jedi are always supposed open to learning and judging things on their own merit.

What annoys me about Traviss' interpretation is that she goes well above and beyond what is necessary to establish the Jedi as blathering, gape-drooling knuckle-dragging fuckwits who can barely dress themselves in the morning, have never developed proper cognitive thought, and are in capable of coming up with a solution to a problem without sucking off a Mandalorian (or clone). This completely ignores half of the Jedi discipline - the introspective, thinking side that is downplayed in favor of the flashy KILL SHIT WITH LASER SWORDS side.

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Aka "Darksaber"

It was going to be a vibroblade, but George Lucas and his infinite wisdom stepped in. He said "LIGHTSABERS ARE THE BESTEST WEAPONS! NO OTHER WEAPONS CAN STAND UP TO THEMS!!!! LOLZ!!! VIBROBLADES???!!! WTF? NOT IN MY STAR WARZ!!! LOLZ!!! MAKE IT A LIGHTSABER, OR YOU'RE ALL FIRED!!!!"

>> No.10650915

I like KOTOR era, Jedi everywhere and they're not Mary Sues. They're getting fucked over by fucking Republic Troopers tackling them, kicking them in the face, and being bad asses.

>> No.10651498

That's TOR 300 years after KOTOR.

>> No.10651519

So? Everything's better than Spehs Mahreenz. They're the Wesley Crushers of the 40k universe, crammed down the collective throats of it's fan-base.

>> No.10651565

Also who drew this?

It looks like fan-art but I can't read the sig.

>> No.10651660

The artist is Korris on the Star Wars Artist Guild

That's the old version of the pic. Heres the new one

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