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Admit it /tg/, you wished the movie ended this way.

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No. No I do not.

I wished it ended with Exterminatus and I'm not even a fan of 40K

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My own clone.

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Now none of us three will be virgins.

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No, all three of you are still virgins.

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I wish it ended with Pandora

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Na'vi sex trade.
go on.......

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Man, you guys sure are butthurt. Oh look! An Ewok!

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Nah, I just think it'd be a pretty cool continuation of the plot.

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I kinda wish that happened.

I wish, mid-battle, one of the humans looked up and was like


and then THE FUCKING ROBOTS messily and gorily eat the goddamn planet and add it to their von-neumann horde.

then the next movie is about humans fighting off the cybernetic menace. they use navi DNA to produce mind-linked supersoldiers to battle the robots on more even ground.

it is a blockbuster.

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You know, I'm betting most, if not all, of the people butthurt about the resolution of Avatar are the same losers who wrote masturbatory fanfics where the debris from the Death Star wiped out all life on Endor.

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>masturbatory fanfic

I'm sorry, what happens in yours? the deathstar is somehow cleaned up entirely before it hits endor?

some kind of rebel garbage-crew was created specifically to keep little bears from dying en-masse?

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havn't even seen avatar, no greater loss from what i can tell

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Actually, I go with what Lucas said:


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I would like to ask you- how?


because if so, I gotta say fuck him. you have to at -least- give a psuedoscientific explanation for why it didn't kill the planet.

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I'd actually imagine most of it would have actually burned up in the atmosphere, the station did seem to be vaporized in the explosion. So I doubt very few terribly large chunks actually existed.

But you know, that's just me.

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Dude. Lucas himself said Endor wasn't rendered uninhabitable. What more do you want?

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so you have a whole moons worth of matter burning up in the atmosphere? I don't need to tell you the tremendous ecological damage, heavy/acidic rains, and greenhouse gas released from that.

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an explanation other than

"it was a plothole guys, ignore it"

because that is exactly what it sounds like.

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and this is where it always goes. some science-illiterate guy screaming about how there should be no science anywhere in fiction.

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yeah i think this is what happened and also some large bits could have gotten caught in orbit as opposed to falling.

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All the matter collapsed into a large moon. Around the moon. Around a planet.

Bad End, Ewoks still alive.

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What? No. It's Star Wars. The one with lighsabers and the force and sound in space.

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They cared about it like 3 parsecs ago dude.

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>no science, it ruins my perfect story environment

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dude just cause a space station blows up doesnt mean the nearest planet dis unless its in orbit of aid planet, but the deahstar wasnt in the plane's orbit.

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>Measure of distance
>Han Solo used it as time
>So confused.

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yes it was

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>he thinks everything should be hard sci-fi

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It was in Orbit, and there's really no frame of reference so you can't exactly tell whether or not it's actually in its Atmosphere, or just simply orbiting the moon at a further distance. Hell, if that's the case then it probably has a shitload of ship debris just orbiting around the planet, waiting to get picked clean by salvagers.

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>all science fiction should have wizards and swords.
>I mean lightsabers and jedi. and phasers.

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I treat all the Starwars movies as non canon.

Canonicaly Darth still lives. He killed the Emperor and now rules the Empire. It is a great place that is slightly Authoritarian but still free. The rebels got fucking stomped.

All is well in the Empire citizen

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I wish it ended this way

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I'll second that.

I am SO TIRED of the plucky underdog winning against all odds because "plot".

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Hail citizen.

All is well on the evening watch.

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it is good to hear, fellow imperial

I shall now exchange currency for goods and services and pay the appropriate taxes on these things, such is the cost of safety.

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But wouldn't you likes to hear takings it easy first?

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The reason the plucky underdog wins is because of dramatic tension. If the side that had the upper hand curbstomped the other, no one would see that because everyone would see the ending coming from a mile away.

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>ending coming from a mile away

by your logic nobody would ever go to any movies, because it's always THE PROTAGONIST WINS.

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excuse me motherfucker

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But the protagonist faces challenges. When one side curbstomps the other, it's boring as all fuck. That's why Hellsing sucks ass.

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>this thread

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that's what happens in all of the last blockbuster movies.

it's what happens in the MAJORITY of movies in fact.

if the evil empire won, for ONCE, nobody would see it coming. it's so unusual.

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You really think many people would enjoy a downer ending? Get outside your own fucking head.

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>implying bad guys winning is a bad ending

You're not very good at this are you?

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>really think many people enjoy downer endings?

I don't know, in other times and places there were whole genres about sad endings and tragedies. and then they all dried up, and turned into protagonist wins, all the time.

I challenge you to find me a movie where the evil empire/established power was the main enemy and it still was in power/the main enemy by the end of the movie.

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>Implying LOLBACKWARDSDRACULALOL was ever in question regarding it's shittiness.

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Good at what?

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being well read.

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Exactly, there was once this guy named Shakespeare... you might have heard of him before :/

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i dunno, seems to me like a lot of fucking people enjoyed this movie

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That wasn't a downer ending.

That was a bittersweet ending.

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You really think there aren't anymore stories where the antagonist loses, and it's still got a fair amount of tragedy?

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so who says the bad guys winning is a downer then?

if the bad guys have any kind of human motivation, it will at least be bittersweet.

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The Empire Strikes Back
The Life of Joseph Stalin

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okay, that's not a movie which is what we were talking about.

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I thought it was a downer. Personal opinion I guess. D-FENS will always be my favorite movie character of all time, which is why I was all "man fuck this shit" when he got shot.

"I would've gotcha"

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>actual example
>part of a trilogy in which the empire dies
>something from history

so, out of three examples there is exactly one fictional story there in which the evil guys win, and it was made long prior to 1984.

my point stands, there aren't movies like that being made any more.

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Star Wars.

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>star wars
>empire gets fucked, rebels win, become new governing power

I fail to see how the empire won.

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Macbeth may or may not count, since it's the evil kingdom dying and being replaced by virtue.

Of course, Macbeth is a terrible play so there's that.

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>this thread, from start to finish

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You didn't say "wins."

>I challenge you to find me a movie where the evil empire/established power was the main enemy and it still was in power/the main enemy by the end of the movie.

Still in power. Still the main enemy. Still the fucking Empire.

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the empire won in the empire strikes back

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okay, fine.

let me change that last word from "movie" to "story", because at the end of the trilogy the empire is stomped.

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I would, but after an entrance like that you're supposed to SAY something.


OKAY. now here is the plan. we'll go and fuck megaman. in the eye. and he'll be dead.

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Consider this, he got intentionally shot so that his little girl could actually benefit from him, even in death.

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Okay, fine. You won't listen to Pharaoh Man? Will you listen to this corgi?

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Might be a little old, but my first thought was the Illiad. Achilles is the main character, Patroclus (Achillies' boyfriend) gets killed on the battlefield by Hektor..... then Hektor somewhat becomes a protagonist before Achillies kills the fuck out of him. In the end Achillies is killed and Troy is sacked, while Agamemnon is pretty much going "all according to plan".

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listen to him about what, taking a bike ride?

the doctor said I should stay inside and not do anything for a few weeks while surgery sets.

why do you think I'm trolling here and not outside?

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see? these stories USED to get made.

they don't any more.

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You know what? Fuck this shit.

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O rly? Picture fucking related.

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You know what? Fuck this shit. Here is your modern tragedy ending: EVERYONE IN THIS TOPIC, MYSELF INCLUDED, GETS RAPED.

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That's a bit like saying if someone killed the president that America wouldn't be a world power anymore, dude.

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how so?

the rebellion becomes the primary ruling faction in the galaxy and calls itself the republic.

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> I challenge you to find me a story where the evil empire/established power was the main enemy and it still was in power/the main enemy by the end of the story.

Also about half of all science fiction written works, since sci-fi is so fond of technological dystopias where human life is permanently devalued by technology. And enough animes for someone more weeaboo than I to hit the character-per-post limit just from writing out the titles. And "The Watchmen," if you regard Veidt's evil corporate empire and his eventual plans for world domination under his benevolent guiding hand as an actual empire.

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Fuck the little girl. It was a heroic thing to do for D-FENS but he was still way too cool to die.

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so we've established that movies are mostly if not entirely devoid of this, since we have to choose examples from every other fiction?

>> No.10647629

The Godfather

>> No.10647655

Dark Knight. It's a Wonderful Life. The Crow. Saving Private Ryan.

>> No.10647659

now finally, HERE are some decent examples from relatively modern history.

any more?

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Excuse me, but wasn't the whole point of the attack on Endor to shut down some sort of huge forcefield projector?

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I feel dirty for asking, but what's the source on this? The deviantart account is shut down.

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Hail citizens. Soldier of the Imperial Legions here. I bet you are all super loyal to Emperor Vader!

I for one am. Now who would like to sign up to be a stormtrooper. Its a great career choice with many skill sets you can learn. From here, you can go anywhere!

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Talking about the, yanno, movies here, bro.

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I've called a mod in to kill this thread. Let's just pray he/she/it/whatever comes.

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You missed the point, which was that he came to understand the only thing he had to offer her was his death and the life insurance money through it.

The entire time he only wanted to see his little girl, and the entire time he played himself off as not having done any of the stuff you saw him doing earlier.

He just wanted to make his little girl happy somehow.

Whether or not dying worsened or achieved that is your opinion.

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I loved the fact that his right eye has stayed blue.

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That is retarded.

One story from the old years is like that, and you take it as a qualifier of the entire storytelling period?

That's like pointing out that 1984 is a downer ending, and because of it, most fiction during the time must be as well.

Anyways, The Great Gatsby is a more recent example that comes to mind.

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The Matrix, Mad Max, Generic Slasher Movies

>> No.10647734


The Departed is another movie that comes to mind.

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You missed the whole point.

In the end of the movie, that final part, the man finally discovered who he really is, what his problems are. Finds out that he can't really make his wife and child happy, that the way he is prevents him from doing so. So he does the only thing he can: sacrifices himself so they can get the insurance and at least be well off. It's the only sacrifice he's able to make for his daughter.

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Why do i have the feeling someone just overpainted another comic?

The hair of the two in front looks nothing like that of Na'vi and the two in the backround look like they have been put in without care.

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Great Gatsby is NOT recent.

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On the RPG end, Persona 3 ends with the big bad of the game merely sealed away, not killed, because humanity is unable to overcome their desire for death. And by sealing it, the main character ends up more or less dead.

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>you missed the point

No, I got the point. I understood all of that shit. I still didn't want him to die, though, because I thought he was an ultra-cool character.

Just because I don't want my favorite character to die doesn't mean I 'missed the point'.

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Porn posted.

Devolves into discussion about modern movies.

Never change /tg/

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It's 85 years old, and the issues it deals with are still quite applicable to American culture. It's fucking recent.

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To be fair the Nav'i traps only have hard-ons, it's not like we can actually see their dicks or anything.

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He wasn't an ultra cool character, that is the point.

He was crazy, unhinged. His descent into madness and his anger at the world was in a large part unwarranted and his own fault. You're supposed to sympathize with his plight, but not with his actions.

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I still want the porn, but no one will shut up about the damn movies!

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Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Mostly Harmless.

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Idiot. There's a difference between not being strictly scientifically accurate and ignoring something huge and obvious like the impact of a small moon crashing into the surface of a planet.

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>this whole thread, my original derailing post included

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>He wasn't an ultra cool character, that is the point.

Are you seriously trying to tell me that I can't think he's ultra cool because the director didn't intend me to?

He's cool because of the way he dealt with the situations. Everyone's been stuck in a situation where they just want to explode. D-FENS sees a society that is unfair to him and reacts violently toward that society, the way all of us have wanted to do one time or another.

He's cool because he stands up for himself and what he believes and doesn't mold into a perfect, happy little citizen. He's cool because he has the raw balls to beat up two gang members with a baseball bat.

If the 'point' of the movie is that I'm not supposed to like D-FENS as a character then FUCK that shit.

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Actually, most of the Death Star's mass got blown into hyperspace. Quite a few chunks ended up on Mon Calamari, for instance.

>> No.10647942


The Rebel fleet vaporized the big pieces of debris, the little stuff just burned up in the atmosphere. Also they have a big party on Endor immediately after the Death Star exploded, so obviously there wasn't any significant damage caused to the planet. The "Endor got fucked by the Death Star's explosion" fan theory is the most idiotic I've heard of.

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>> No.10647987

>implying metal vapors settling over a planet isn't disastrous

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>> No.10648014

okay, troll here

since it seems like you're done listing things, I can come clean that I was simply trying to extract some good bad-end movies to see.

thanks gents, I'll look into this one especially

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Oh yea, it's cool to do things like that, to stand up for yourself.

And then you realize just how dangerous he is. The man holds up an entire fast food joint because he's angry at not getting breakfast. He explodes because the food doesn't match what he believes he does, and really, people only mistake getting shot out of luck. He blows up a portion of road because the construction makes him angry, and manages to not kill anyone again out of sheer luck. When someone rightfully regards him as dangerous, he explodes on them for thinking so. It's never focused on, but he might have killed a man because after he was in the wrong, he blew away the man's golf cart with the medicine to save his life in it.

Hell, beating up the gang members gets half a dozen people killed or seriously injured.

If you think someone like that is cool, go ahead. But the point of the character is that while standing up for yourself is good and all(look at the cop, who also learns to not bow to others) doing what he did in the name of personal freedom is insane and dangerous.

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I fail to see how the rebels won. Leaders may be gone but they still have the rebels outnumbered by the millions. Just appoint a new leader based on votes, kill all the rebels, and live happily ever after with all them moneys.

>> No.10648060

escape getting shot, whoops.

>> No.10648075

>this thread

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>Implying that canon at every level doesn't explicitly state "Endor turned out just fine," which overrules any Empire fanwank you might have going on.

>> No.10648105

>implying canon is a concrete arbiter of physics or what actually happened

>> No.10648119


Vader and Palpatine exerting their power through the officers, making them all lose focus on their deaths, and the fact that their base troops are clones which probably can't be replenished with the Emperor dead.

>> No.10648123

Well, then the Imperial leaders all started fighting each other; it still took a while for the New Republic to really form, though.

>> No.10648127

God damn it, Sauce!
I don't care about fucking endor, I just want my trap porn!

>> No.10648136

>implying that canon isn't what actually... wait, what?

>> No.10648167

you heard me.

>> No.10648187

Original derailer again. Fuck you all, I'm going to /b/.

>> No.10648189

I don't think it's trap porn, the one on the left is female and one on the right is clearly male.

>> No.10648201

troll here

I have used your derail for my own ends.

>> No.10648649

Fine. I still want my porn!

>> No.10648955

And i belief someone just painted another porn comic over to make it look like Avatar porn. The hair of the girl and trap just don't fit.

>> No.10649162

I too.

Personally, I strongly approve of this. Anything that ends with the oh-so-holy Na'vi humiliated, broken, or dead is something of which I approve most heartily.

Plus, delicious shota.

Seriously, where's the rest?

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