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ITT Orkz Here are my boyz at least some of them.

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Ere's ma Boss wat you fink of em?

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So nobz.

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Old School Weird Boy, but i like him.

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'dem boyz and da Boss is lookin' mighty good, Boss.

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Gotta have a Mek too, kustom force fielded...

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Hey man thanks, first time I have ever posted any of 'em

Def Dread.

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Customized nob into a painboy, a must have imho.

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The painboy, not the custom job...

Also Kans, much better then the dread again in my mind.

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More KANZ!

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Some mega armor nobz.

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The painting is soso, but pretty good for a beginner. I can tell you've been thinning your paints.

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And I am spent with any of my decent looking finished boyz. I got some shitty old gorkamorka trucks that i would be to ashamed to throw up here.

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Thanks? Orkz can be a pain to paint simply because there are som many of them. Really as long as my HQ/Armor is looking the best I'm "okay" with my boyz and even my nobz looking less then awesome.

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And now for just orks in general.

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Www._aNoN_+_c_-_C_+_taLK_.se gr enk vdomiodyl hpwqhb o v nozda

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I like the look on the painboy, gives you the feeling of "Oi you, git over 'ere so dat Iz kan stab youz wiff diz needle".

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Is that a Stompa made out of a Mr. Potato Head?

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Hmmm kind of spent on orks... looking in my /tg folder and it's coming up with sorita/demonette tits and not that much green, a shame really as shame. Also lots of cultist-chan.

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If the jobs on your nobs and boys are quickly done thats really good then.
Thraka looks great, just one mistake on the power cable to the power klaw

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wWw._aNoN_+_c_-_c_+_taLk_.Se f awxqxg v jxs dnftv ev g hrc gx tv chnjb

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Yes, yes it is.

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'e's got teef on his teef. Dat's roight Orky.

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You know what i didn't see that until you mentioned it. Thanks :)
And i didn't say it was a rushed job, just ehn not as much care. If you fully mob up the boys it's 30 boyz a mob and i like to play a boyz heavy army so yeah.

Oh here is a work in progess shot of the painboy...

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DAT GARGANT. Also, is the ballsy nob in the back throwing spears?


What'd you use for the 'urty syringe?

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I know what you men there, and what I've seen of your boyz are better painted then any other boyz I've seen at my LGS. When I get around to painting my boyz I'll be in trouble, I can't help but to put several hours into painting a figure and as of right now I have 230 some odd orks, with only 9 of them started painting, and 4 of the 9 any where near done.

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40k models are the #1 reason I would want to make a 3D printer.

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For the top, the plunger, they are little O rings for something that i stole from my dad's work bench after he was done with them i still got them, just packed up will all my other 40k shit since i moved to this one horse town. Here's a clearer picture of it.

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fucking fungies

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think you clicked on the wrong image.

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That's not very orky at all....

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I wanted to post this

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Just what I needed, another kustomization projekt. Thanks a lot, Josh. ~_^

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... >.< You... you saw nothing. And i think that it is time for sleep since it is 8 in the morning. Also guys it was a pleasure to post something without it instantly getting lost and shoved all the way to page 15.

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Dats about da orkiest ork who eva' orked!

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What did you use for the tubing? I know my brother showed me how to use guitar wire for most of my wiring.

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I know what you mean. I make a serious thread about building/customizing/painting models and I can't keep it alive, but one /b/tard posts some troll crap and it'll stay in the top 3 pages for several hours.

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I did not make it, sorry
I would tell you if I knew

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I need to take a picture of my super nob to show off to ya all. He's my trophy taker, IE he has a chaos base, space wolf cape, ork skull, human head, eldar head, dark eldar head, SM helmet, and gene stealer skull all on a chain being held out in front of him.

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I don't play Orks but that's... beeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaauuuuuutiful.

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how come people seem to dislike ork threads?

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Who dislikes Ork threads? I'm seeing nothing but love here.

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no its the fact that I've never seen an ork thread go to max images and I always have a hell of time keeping them in the first few pages.

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Orks don't have tits, nore do i think that love can bloom between an Ork and an Eldar.

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That is sexy!

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yea but I think that Orks are better/cooler then all of the space marine chapters, except space wolfs because vikings in space.

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also I'm dumping this comic, but one of the pages is out of order, I'll try to post it at the right spot.

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Orks are the ever present threat. Not the biggest, the baddest. They are war embodied. The problem with that is as awesome as them being that is, i guess people just get tired of seeing their green faces.

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Then paint them blue or brown, or just say fuck it and paint them up like the mushrooms from super Mario brothers.

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I believe it was the Deathskulls who painted themselves blue for luck before a battle. Not for during the battle, but so they'd find better salvage afterwards when picking over the enemy's (and their own) dead.

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I'm surprised that no SM or IG have tired to captor orks and either brainwash them into thinking that their tech doesn't work and so on and so forth.

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Not much brain to wash.

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yea but I'm sure there's plenty of psychers that could try it.

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some wip

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Seems easier just kill them than try to destory their self-confidence

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I like it! I think I may know what I'll do about my extra deffcopptas.

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yea but if you can plant a seed of doubt into one there's a chance it could spread. And really what is an Ork if his shoota cant shoot or his trukk won't move.

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An ork that's 3 times your size and anything sharp laying around you. Fuck i wouldn't even let them get near a butter knife.

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True, but you gotta think that some one would try tainting the orks to make them less of a threat.

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last one

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That was great, thanks for dumping bro

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We can make it faster!

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We can make it stronger!

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I've been meaning to hunt down more 40k comics.

Also I had to swear to my buddy that I would mod/paint two models up like the ones in the pic.

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We can make it roight Orky!

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We has the Boys!

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We has the Teknologies!

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In during Orktimus Prime

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We jus' isn't sure if it won't blow up!

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This was the first model I ever painted which is the reason why I forgot to thin my paint. I will fix it after I get my mind around choosing 20 more sluggas or shootas.

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I need to make a model up for this guy.

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yea but when I do it its going to be out of big mek and a nob/warboss

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here's some awesome links for all of ya ork players

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Deff Skwadron! You are the most glorious bastards ever!

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wWW._anoN_+_c_-_C_+_TALK_.SE koym nnahhf h t txulnryunwg ythhvvpvcciqp bfsx

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Oh look even the spam bots love orks

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klassik art

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>File - Save Page As...

I have a box of Orks that should arrive today. This will keep me both entertained and inspired as I glue and paint. Fuck yeah /tg/, fuck yeah.

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Welp I'm all out of ork images. Looks like its time to take a nap. Later /tg/ I'll see if this thread is still alive when I get up.

>138 posts and 108 image replies

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don't forget to mod, ork modding is the best.

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visit www.orkytalk.com ya' bloody gits! An' check out me mighty fine dakka 'ere at megaupload. You can also find sum tasty squig'uns an' sum fine pictars o' fungus.

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Fuck. An Ork thread and I'm not at home.

I am still WAAAGHing.

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No doubt. I intend to pick up the AoBR Dread and Termis and turn them into meganobs / big mek.

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more klassik art

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If you're going to post those gameplay markers, the least you could do is give proper credit to The-Waaagh!

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"Simple request:

Could somebody post me the latest banner .jpg from banhammer-kun's thread? I've missed all of them, and easymodo does not allove larger than 250x250, so if you saved, please post. Thank you.

Image not related "

I posted such message yesterday. And let me tell you about wonderland called Finland. Once upon a time there was a happy neckbeard, and the internet. Sometimes the internet gets some e-AIDS, and my computer crashes totally. The end.

And guess what? I checked the archieves, and anon actually delivered. Too bad it was easymodo.

So...Yeah. Postan again.

PS: Sorry and thank you.

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Well I think that posting them is credit enough, they're created for Ork players.:) but yes, WAAAAAAAAAGH

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An Ork Mekboy finds an archeotech dataslate in a non imperial world with all the heavy metal in humankind's history recorded on it.
He plays the first track on it and is Dethklok song, what happens?

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And a huge Waaaaaaaagh!

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::Listening to Hatredcopter::
" 'Umies 'ave zome green in dem"
::Orky tears::

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This is a pretty easy conversion for anyone to do.

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Orks iz made fer rockin!

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Hey bozz, I's found what choppa us ned to kill all umiez!!

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Goff Rockers...
Haven't seen models for those guys in ages

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>Image limit reached.

And the thread is almost completely filled with Orky conversions.

"Zog me it iz bootyfull"

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Pretty sure I saw em under the collectors section of the GW website's Ork Army.

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Shit, for real?
Gotta get me some of them then

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For real!


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